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Oct 28 2022, 11:20 AM | Updated Oct 28, 2022 11:22 AM
*I think I understand what was wrong with the first one I posted, I will leave that one up unlisted on my profile *full* and create this more streamlined and reasoned stack, explaining each inclusion.*

Akira Toriyama is one of the world's most renown creators in the world of manga, but did you know many of his other more niche works have also received anime adaptations?

The main purpose of this stack is for those who love Tori's work, to be able to easily find his lesser known works.

Specifically to spotlight adaptations of his manga, that are still relatively niche and unknown.

As these all fit that criteria and are not simply anything he hand a hand in creating, this should be allowed, as I understand it.
Chokin Senshi Cashman
OVA, 1997, 1 ep Me:- Author:6
From the recently localised Akira Toriyama's Manga Theatre which compiles some of tori's oneshots. Not exactly a stand-out but worth getting to after watching the others.
Go! Go! Ackman
OVA, 1994, 1 ep Me:- Author:7
Also from the Manga Theatre, one of the more recognisable however, had several japan only video games and various other appearances. The designs and characters would fit seamlessly into the DB world & canon. This and Pink are probably the most essential viewing of the standalones in this stack.
OVA, 1990, 1 ep Me:- Author:8
Another one shot from Akira Toriyama's Manga Theatre. Short fun animation.
Kosuke-sama Rikimaru-sama: Konpeitou no Ryuu
OVA, 1988, 1 ep Me:- Author:7
Anime only original, but essentially a prototype dragon ball. We see a dragon like Icarus and Kosuke himself comes across as a rough draft he made when sketching out the idea for DB's protagonists. Interesting to see these designs used, as they were obviously eventually polished to become designs that did make into Dragon Ball.

Pink Mizu Dorobou Ame Dorobou

Pink: Water Thieves Rain Thieves

Pink Mizu Dorobou Ame Dorobou
Movie, 1990, 1 ep Me:- Author:8
The last Manga Theatre entry, and one of the most enjoyable.
Dr. Slump: Arale-chan
TV, 1981, 243 eps Me:- Author:-
These are debatable inclusions as Dr. Slump is actually his first popular work, and his second most popular next to Dragon Ball. However as I am sure there are still a huge number of Dragon Ball fans who haven't seen this, I thought it a worthy inclusion.
Dr. Slump
TV, 1997, 74 eps Me:- Author:-
The later continuation of Dr. Slump, still a major Tori work, and only really recommended following the above original series. The only inclusions in this stack that aren't standalones and therefore require more time investment. There is also large number of movies/specials for both Dr. Slump entries.
Jikuu Bouken Nuumamonjaa
OVA, 1996, 1 ep Me:- Author:7
A Chrono Trigger promo, which would make this another questionable inclusion.
But decided to as you can see a lot of DB reminiscent designs and is only a short 15 min OVA.

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