Phiore's Clubs

Phiore is part of 53 clubs
  1. ♥Roxas FanClub♥
  2. ♥Shinda Sekai Sensen♥
  4. All the Hot Guys from A&M (AHG)
  5. Angel Beats!
  6. Anime Afterlife
  7. Anime Fans
  8. Anime Land
  9. Anime/Manga Characters FC (A/MC FC)
  10. Candy Workshop [CLOSED]
  11. Card Geeks Club [C.G.C.] CLOSED TILL December!
  12. Card☆Outlaw
  13. Clannad
  14. Courage and Honour[RP]
  15. Dream Workshop
  16. Enter... Into the Inevitable
  17. Erza x Jellal
  18. Fairy Tail RP
  19. fairytale wonderland
  20. Family of Addicts
  21. Final Fantasy VII
  22. For God's sake bring back downvoting so we can filter bad reviews from good ones
  23. Graphic Workshop Center
  24. I have no idea what this club's name should be, so I am just making it long. It is better when this club's name is weird, right? As some of you may know, my clubs are not popular at all, so I hope this club will be the most active and popular in MAL!
  25. iCards
  26. J♥kers Parade Club
  27. Kingdom Hearts club
  28. Kingdom Hearts Organization
  29. Magical Girl Romance Club
  30. MAL Helpers Club (M.H.C) [CLOSED FOR THE TIME BEING]
  31. Marry a Character (M.A.C.)
  32. Midnight Madness (hiatus)
  33. Neko-Mimi Lovers
  34. Otonashi Fanclub
  35. Otonashi X Tachibana <3
  36. Request a Signature / Avatar / Profile Picture Club
  37. Suits and Military Uniforms are Sexy Club
  38. Summer 2017 Anime Group
  39. Tenshiholics Anonymous
  40. The Dark Side of the Cards ( C.D.S)
  41. The Official Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu RP
  42. The Other Side
  43. The Royal Arms Tournament
  44. Touhou Cards Club (T.C.C.) [INACTIVE]
  45. Ultimate Anime Challenge
  46. Visual Novel Petition Club
  47. Vocaloid Cards Club
  48. Wonderland of Roses
  49. Workshop
  50. Xbox Club
  51. Your Family RP.
  52. [HIATUS] Yukiyo Club♥ (YC)
  53. ~Request Paradise~