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Special (6 eps)
Scored 7.70
312,349 members
TV (12 eps)
Scored 7.51
1,623,542 members
TV (12 eps)
Scored 8.50
3,109,552 members
Scored N/A
156,492 members
OVA (1 eps)
Scored 7.70
317,066 members
Special (6 eps)
Scored 7.39
126,030 members
TV (12 eps)
Scored 6.91
229,949 members
TV (12 eps)
Scored 6.75
2,338 members
TV (11 eps)
Scored 7.17
306,426 members


One Punch-Man add
Scored 8.75
462,258 members
Fire Punch add
Manga (8 vols)
Scored 7.89
165,181 members
Punch↑ add
Scored 7.84
2,747 members
Punch! add
Manga (3 vols)
Scored 7.28
2,989 members
D.Gray-man add
Scored 8.28
154,404 members
Free Punch add
Manga (1 vols)
Scored 7.54
5,055 members
Shinwa Ponchi add
Manga (2 vols)
Scored 6.62
1,264 members
One Piece add
Scored 9.22
589,334 members
Punch Line Max add
Manga (2 vols)
Scored 0.00
845 members
Punch Drunk Love add
Scored 7.11
473 members




Colored Pencil Animation Japan
(Colored Pencil Animation Japan)
11 Anime titles
13 Favorites
Aniplex of America
(Aniplex of America)
241 Anime titles
220 Favorites
Kadokawa Animation
2 Anime titles
60 Favorites
Geidai Animation
92 Anime titles
32 Favorites
Geneon Entertainment USA
(Geneon Entertainment USA)
177 Anime titles
27 Favorites
Nice Boat Animation
(Nice Boat Animation)
13 Anime titles
24 Favorites
7 Anime titles
275 Favorites
209 Anime titles
1,109 Favorites
Samsara Animation Studio
(Samsara Animation Studio)
2 Anime titles
22 Favorites
34 Anime titles
201 Favorites
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One Punch-Man
Calling all Super Heroes as a Hobby!! For those who love One Punch-Man, this is your place!! Meet new people who share your excitment for One Punch-Man!!!
1803 Members
Active Mar 26, 2022 4:20 AM
One punch man manga
one punch man discussions about the manga chapters and any other one punch man topics you find interesting and have questions about
15 Members

One Punch Man Club
"Just an average guy who serves as an average hero." A club for all things OPM!! ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨
39 Members
Active Mar 17, 2022 9:21 PM
One Punch Man! FC
Wanna be a Fan or a Disciple of Saitama he is looking for some If you want to be then ~|Join|~
3 Members

ONE Rakugaki Fan Club
A club created for fans of ONE and his manga, such as One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100, Makai no Ossan, and some of his various other works.
4 Members

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