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Jul 16, 2018
Rinar (All reviews)
Mild spoilers below, maybe?

The stupidity haven't changed from the first season. I'm sure (at least I'm hoping) the manga and entire idea has a clear message in mind but the execution is just really terrible here.

The pacing gets a bit faster and newly introduced characters get ready for battle earlier than before but in the end it doesn't really matter. Characters are still uni-dimensional and their relationships sucks for the most part. One woman asks the MC if he needs anything because she's here to help. He asks if he can fuck her. She gets angry... but then goes along with it and say something read more
Jul 16, 2018
Melonchans (All reviews)
I loved this anime, and plan on reading the manga to catch up on the entire story soon.

I am a huge fan of the slice of life genre, and this anime captured it very well in my opinion. The art style was simple, yet cute. The characters interactions with each other was well done and extremely enjoying to watch.

Overall, this anime is great for winding down after a long day of work, or even after a shower or bath. The story line is fun, and involving, but it is very easy to leave off after an episode or two and pick it up read more
Jul 16, 2018
Nate515 (All reviews)
You can cut this anime series down to 30 episodes (mostly from the middle of the series) and STILL display enough of Sara's suffering to make a point - that it's a hard-knock life, for .... uh, ahem...that song does stick doesn't it?

It's dragged out way too long and I ended up skipping through part of several episodes just to get to the conclusion.

It started out as something interesting, but became something rather painful and aggravating to watch. The balance is off. Extremely cold-hearted, evil people all congregated under one building and supportive characters that lacked voice and power to make much of a read more
Jul 16, 2018
Nate515 (All reviews)
Btw, harem should be included in the genre.

Even though it takes a very serious tone towards political and corporate corruption, it throws an over the top, too-farfetched-to-believe character. A number of cringeworthy scenes 'trying' to show how desirable the main character is, problems and solutions that fall into place all too perfectly well, and 'coincidental' and 'fateful' encounters that magically work in favor for our righteous hero slash salaryman.

Yes, Kintaro is destined for greatness, loved by the heavens above, inevitably admired and cherished by everyone, even his enemies ... and the anime tries to ham it in every chance it gets.

Even with read more
Jul 16, 2018
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
I really did enjoy the story of this anime. It wasn't overly complicated, which is difficult to find, at least for me. Especially since the simplicity was accompanied by a genuinely good story.

The only negative thing I'd have to say about this anime is that I wasn't crazy about the character designs, but once I fell in love with the characters themselves, that was a small thing to overlook.

For a romance/slice of life anime, personally, I'd say Just Because! exceeded my expectations. It had the right tinge of drama without being overly tragic, and the relationship building was pretty realistic for the most read more
Jul 16, 2018
Mekronid (All reviews)
This anime is based on the Douluo Dalu novel.

It seems to be translated as "Soul Land" here but the original translators called it "Combat Continent."

Doulou is the name of the continent, and according to Chinese dictionaries, "dou lou" means "to bring to light" to "shake out" or "to squander." Dalu means "continent." So the name of the novel is literally "Doulou Continent." Making my amateur transliteration "a continent which squanders and oppresses but also brings forth the light." Chinese is pretty interesting for fitting all that in a title.

Point is, we know the story is excellent because it originates with Doulou Dalu. A few important read more
Jul 16, 2018
Krwawy94 (All reviews)
Black Clover is not bad at all. Story is good, types of ability are very interesting. Comedy moments are not bad too. Whole Black Clover is correct good anime, but is one reason why people give so low score. This anime was advertised as great title or new legendary title. From begining people search reasons to hate this anime. But when you look at this with neutral perspective, you will change your opinion. Story is better than Fairy Tail, types of magic are better than other similar animes. One thing is not stable, and this is animation. In one episode animation is very good, but read more
Jul 16, 2018
Sharkas99 (All reviews)
not much to review about, great anime in all aspects, as other people mentioned character backstories could have been slightly better. but other than that its amazing. the story is great and takes quite a twist. it may be similar to other past animes but if you look past that you will see an amazing story. the art is beautiful, the animation quality is top notch. fanservice is little and only ound in the first couple of episodes. i geuss this anime is all about whether you like the genre or not. why the reviews are either really good or really bad
Jul 16, 2018
Kazooo (All reviews)
Bruh, dont get me started on this show. The first few episodes were interesting, and the plot is pretty exciting. But the more i watched, the more i started to hate a specific charachter in the series. I would get frustrated over how stupid this is. And the more i watched the show the more stupid it got and annoying. Its kinda like the opposite of steins gate. Steins gate has a slow start and a very good enidng. This shit fest has a interesting start and later on i wanna kill myself for watching or the character. Spoilers Ahead, the charachter is the pink read more
Jul 16, 2018
fantaby (All reviews)

Wotakoi is a slice of life, comedy and office romance anime that you can enjoy at anyday.

What I liked about it is:

- Its not your typical high school love story, but more like a mature comedy where the characters are adults. Its a cozy romantic comedy in everyday life. I recommend it if you want to enjoy something easy and slow while being very fun to watch.

- The relationships here feels real, and there is development. You will adore the characters and enjoy things with them. Specially if you either enjoy games, manga and anime ofc :D.

- I think the voice acting read more
Jul 16, 2018
KreatorX (All reviews)
[SPOILER FREE REVIEW, because Anti-Spoiler-Brigade-Master-Race, and because spoiler-douches are douches]
[ Also, pointing out an important thing : reviews are meant to be subjective ]

To begin with, consider trying this show if you are a fan of 'isekai' or 'Different-world' trope :)

Re:zero is a show that has the potential to polarize audiences for all reasons possible. However, I'll get straight to the point as to why it manages to be enjoyable. There are plenty and obvious flaws in the show which you can immediately find out during the course of the 25 episodes, but I feel they were left intentional in order to serve as advertisement read more
Jul 16, 2018
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
Rainbowfootsteps (All reviews)
I watched FLCL in preparation to watch its much-hyped sequels. Unfortunately after watching the original, I won't be touching alternative or progressive with a ten foot barge pole. FLCL is a compilation of random nonsense and crude sexual humour, that is made no better by its suggestions of deeper meaning.

Story: 1

FLCL eschews the ordinary practice of, you know, having a plot. Obviously there is one hidden deep under the nonsense, but it's inconsequential and drives the show no more than the character's own emotions. There's nothing inherently wrong with lacking structure or plot - nichijou is a prime example of this. However FLCL isn't a read more
Jul 16, 2018
ThePolychromatic (All reviews)
Before I even start, let me say that I watched this show without any prior knowledge to the source material, other than it exists.

Story: 9
I'm a sucker for stories that focus on humanity and it's ugliest forms. In my opinion, this show captured that incredibly well. Not to mention the rawness of the emotions I felt from it. A common criticism about this show is that it relies too heavily on sex and gore, and while I absolutely understand people who feel that way, I think it fit the theme quite well. Demons are not only about destruction, but also fulfilling their desires, which read more
Jul 16, 2018
maljester (All reviews)
As a short ova follow on to the main show of The King's Avatar Aka Quanzhi Gaoshou Tencent has done a great job, The story follows on and leaves you wanting more.
My one major bug bear is the about of product placement that they are contracted to put into this clearly heavily sponsered show, this really breaks up the flow of the episodes and is completly unnecessary they could easily slide it into the story with a few lines of dialogue and just altered a few of the key visuals job done and much better show.

Other than that love the are style and the read more
Jul 16, 2018
nuanimal (All reviews)
Amagi Brilliant Park is an enjoyable and well structured, but unusual, slice of life show. With a diverse set of characters and some humorous moments, it tells a story well without cliches but never really a mounts to anything special or memorable.

The story kicks off at rapid pace and should have roped you in by the first episode. Seiya Kanie is an intelligent, but arrogant and narcissistic high achiever. Sento Izumi a somewhat cold and brash girl, who's interpersonal skills involve winning people over with violence. Izumu convinces Seiya to become the manager of the a failing amusement park - which is the home to read more
Jul 16, 2018
jem_jem10 (All reviews)
I have watched all the seasons of Cute High Earth Defense Club
and personally this is my most favorite season.

First, since I'm a hardcore fujoshi(yaoi lover a.ka. Boys' Love
Fan), I enjoyed watching it because of the ships and this has
more fan service than the previous ones which is a good thing
for me of course.

Second ,the music. The opening and ending theme is good. I
especially liked the "Are you happy?" transformation song
because it is so catchy. I never skipped it even once. :)

Third, the animation. It is greater than the first 2 seasons. It's
more colorful and the read more
Jul 16, 2018
AussieBoy159 (All reviews)
Disclaimer: I'm only 4 episodes away from finishing

Well, after skimming over some of the reviews for this anime here on Myanimelist, I must say I'm very pissed off with the lot of you. This anime I found was fantastic. One of the best I've seen in a long time. A lot of you are simply hating on it because it has similarities with other stories and such. Personally, I feel these weren't rip offs, more less inspiration. This anime bought me tears, happiness, sadness, anger, and all around beauty. It explains the freedom of humanity and our natural instincts. It goes through morals of freedom read more
Jul 15, 2018
Briry (All reviews)
I love the Fate/ Series. Even when a given show or game has been bad, I've usually been able to find an objectively redeeming part to it that I can say made the experience worthwhile. Unfortunately, Fate/Extra: Last Encore didn't really have anything like that. If you look at the art, in still frames it could look quite captivating, but when you watch the animation, you can see so many cut corners and lost opportunities. If you listen to the music, it was okay... but that's it. It didn't feel like it was tailored to the show like the music in other Fate/ series did. read more
Jul 15, 2018
NeuroTypicalCure (All reviews)
The anime is mediocre from the start, it jumps in without explaining and you'll get confused at first.
First episode isn't that good except for the surprisingly realistic battle.

It's really special, it uses time as a resource to really add weight to everything that happens, events aren't rushed just to keep your attention.

There seems to have been a low budget, and they handled that perfectly, it didn't feel like there was filler at all, everything was balanced and they focused their efforts on the most important parts.

One of the best things was that everything everything was REAL, for example: the dialog made it so there didn't read more
Jul 15, 2018
AnimeFan48 (All reviews)
Story: again like the Anime no real story here just that Nishikata and Takagi also with Mano and Nakai go to a swimming park well for obvious reasons to swim also the 3 other side character girls are there Mina Sanae and also Yukari basically there part is that Mina and Sanae want to teach Yukari how to swim and also for Nishikata and the others the usual with takagi teasing him and another stuff as well (dont really wanna spoil the OVA even though i kinda did but oh well) all in all its just a swimming park OVA.

Art: art is pretty decent here read more
Jul 15, 2018
CrunchyRin (All reviews)
Disclaimer: This is a simple review of the anime with overall comments from me and mine alone, please take this review as a grain of salt as I have not read any books about this (LN or Manga)

The Story itself, IF you've watched the Grisaia series it's pretty much like this, Cold as Ice MC with no emotion regarding about anything to faze him, but the difference between the two anime series is that in this series the MC is portrayed as normal with basic human courtesy and decency to the opposite sex, unlike in the Grisaia series.

I've been comparing this to the Grisaia series read more
Jul 15, 2018
ArmouredGorilla (All reviews)
1) Did they continue there series a mere 13 years later? Yes
2) Did they follow straight on from the story and expected you to remember what happened way back when? Yes
3) Was I confused when i started watching? Yes
4) Did i then have to go back and watch all of full metal again before i could watch this? Of course

5) Was it worth it? Hell Yeah

So Basically.....
If you haven't watched the previous series you probably won't have a clue whats going on
If you saw FM a while ago it may be somewhat difficult for you to follow whats going on and your probably gonna read more
Jul 15, 2018
mistnlove (All reviews)
I really enjoyed this series. The story and characters were interesting and memorable and there are many mysteries that make me want to know more about it such as who is Yato's father, is Yato really responsible for making Nora a nora, what happened in Yato's past and how has he managed to exist for so long? The art is lovely and the sound is good. The cleansing sequence is a bit repetitive but cool.
These mysteries and many others are never answered. It's obvious that the story is meant to go on but I've found no mention of plans for a third season. The show read more
Jul 15, 2018
AnimuMessiah (All reviews)
In short, this is a damn good show that combines elements of survival, mystery, and military history into a very fresh series that I am REALLY hoping to see more of. In addition to providing an interesting, continuous story that will keep you interested in the events of the show, Golden Kamuy has some really great characters that seem to develop in an organic way. Particularly noteworthy was Asirpa, who provides lots of depth, comic relief, and cuteness. Saichi seemed very one-dimensional at first, but is showing more and more depth as the show progresses which is a very good trend.

Another thing (possibly the main read more
Jul 15, 2018
MikeAlphaEcho (All reviews)
One Room is a rather simple anime, that tells the story from a first-person perspective. As a short the plot is rather simple but still strong.

As the protagonist is a literal insert bank you can feel like you really are a part of the story, he doesn’t even have a voice. This show was Clearly it was made for truly enlightened individuals so they can experience what it's like to have a 5 year old ask you maths questions that you still don’t know the answer to.

one of the greatest features of this show is the constant police sirens you will hear outside your read more
Jul 15, 2018
Pockeyramune919 (All reviews)
Originally from Anilist:

Junk Boy is a 1987 ecchi OVA produced by Victor Entertainment. Having no Wikipedia nor TV Tropes page, I think it's safe to say I'll be reviewing another obscure anime today.

As an aside, while I don't want to get into the habit of spoiling anime in my reviews, as this is a forty-five minute OVA, its almost inevitable that I'll spoil most of the anime if I describe anything. On the bright side, knowing the plot doesn't detract from much in Junk Boy's case.

In the first minute or so of Junk Boy, we are treated to no less than four pairs of bare read more
Jul 15, 2018
Ajin (Anime) add (All reviews)
edicoo (All reviews)
When I read aAjin's summary I really thought i would actually like this anime, but after watching it I just couldn't stop thinking how it was bad. (No spoilers so don't worry)

Story (5) : Well to me the idea of the anime seems pretty cool and as I said I really expected to like it, but there was simply no way that it was good. Everything that happened was expected and it wasn't "catchy". The thing that surprised me the most about this anime was that I finished watching it. .

Jul 15, 2018
Yurimassis (All reviews)
Ao ler todos os comentários e reviews de Darling in the FRANXX fiquei com a nítida sensação de que ninguém entendeu. Então antes de mais nada peço desculpas pela pretensão e por escrever em português, mas preciso mesmo dar minha opinião.

Esse não é um show ordinário, comum. Trata-se de um esforço ousado e brilhante da Trigger, ou mais um, que pela diversidade de temas deve escapar ao otaku genérico. Não é um shonen de mechas. É um show sobre crescimento, amor e generosidade, sobre auto-descoberta e fé, e sobre questionar a realidade até o fim. E é muito read more
Jul 15, 2018
Ben-To (Anime) add (All reviews)
Pele936_--_WwW (All reviews)

When you begin watching this anime you will have to swallow a very large stupid pill.
With that said, this anime is literally about a dude growing some balls as he discovers that the fights for half price bento are more than just pointless fights. After much time, he discovers the fight is a means of satisfaction, like a fight club, in which the winner is rewarded with a wonderful, and delicious prize.

The premise of this anime is literally beating the shit out of each other of food. With that said, THE ANIMATION OF THE FIGHTS IS THE BEST read more
Jul 15, 2018
NeuroTypicalCure (All reviews)
I did not have to force myself to watch this like with Evangelion.
It's enjoyable, pretty and juggles with my emotions.
For me, that's all that matters.

Who cares if it has elements from other popular anime, there's demand and room for more like them.

There is a lot of "love" in this anime, so if you like romance-y anime with a sprinkle of perversion and action in between, watch the first episode.

If you like to nitpick and deconstruct anime, read the bad reviews, this isn't going to be your thing.

I have respect for the creators doing this with limited time and budget so i just enjoy the ride.
Jul 15, 2018
Aspection (All reviews)
What every review won't admit: this show is average.

Gonna keep this to the point. It seems most people compare this to Evangelion or Gurren Lagann, but I couldn't help feeling I was watching an Eureka Seven alternative. I throughly enjoyed Eureka Seven (while not typically enjoying mecha animes), so that was my bias after the first few episodes.

Story: 2
This was is no way interesting, let's get this straight. The premise had potential, but in the end this show offers as generic an ex machina plot as you'll ever find. Predictable, weak character development, terrible world building, inconsistent pacing, incoherent & vague themes & ideas, read more
Jul 15, 2018
PyraXadon (All reviews)
I feel like SAO gets more flack than it should.  Yes its subpar writing and questionable character choices leave a lot to be desired, but given its impact on the anime community by popularizing the medium during its run in 2012, it's time we let up on the abuse, right?  No?  Ok...  Alright how about this, we have an alternative version to one of the more disappointing arcs in the series that's actually good.  Sound good?


Rather than focusing on the series's resident (insert adjective here) god of gaming, Kazuya Kirigaya, GGO alternative instead focuses on Kohiruimaki Karen, a nineteen year old college student who has a read more
Jul 15, 2018
earl_of_sandvich (All reviews)
"Can I put 'love' to words, when I don't know what 'love' is?"

The episode begins with a stirring operatic aria accompanied by an orchestra. At first I thought an actual opera singer was doing the vocals, but nope, it's TRUE. Dayum, that gal has pipes. Since her voice acting resume is probably nil, Yoko Hikasa voices the part of Irma, the singer.

This episode is an anime original, and is positioned between the first arc and the second, indicated by Violet's limited emotional expressions and her military report "letter". As a transitional episode between those 2 arcs, it's pretty good, and something I wish I'd seen read more
Jul 15, 2018
arekkusu_desu (All reviews)
Now and Then, Here and There (may be referred to as NTHT from now on) is an original series from studio AIC, a studio known to put out questionable anime when it comes to quality (Blue Gender and Aa! Megami-sama!, but Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari and Amagami SS). Yet this show has a striking, fresh setting, pretty straightforward and easy to follow plot and cool military designs. You don't always see such a survival-based setting in anime, plus the water-based technology is something I really haven't seen in other series. What's more, the shows comes from the post-Evangelion era of strange, experimental productions. This hot read more
Jul 15, 2018
levantinh (All reviews)
Art 9/10 : 3D or 2D, it's doesn't matter. Many people hate the 3D animation and i just don't know why. The action is very-eyecatching and only 3D can do that.

Sound 9/10 : I skipped all the opening and ending so i have no idea about it. But the action theme is amazing.

Story 10/10 : I watched 2 seasons in a row so of course it's 10/10

Character 9/10 : All the characters had unique personalities. Even the three mafia guys.

Enjoyment 10/10

Just finished 26 episodes in a round and jump right away to MAL, i thought this show was already at 9.x/10 but read more
Jul 15, 2018
Taeyn (All reviews)
18 Solid episodes in all I could think was "Wow, what a fun character drama with great art, heart tugging moments, music to jam to, and a mysterious world that has so much potential." Yes, it was derivative of older mecha-animes, but it was doing a great job of making me care. I think a lot of us cared about this world and its characters, as seen from the response from episode 19 onwards.

I don't think it's fair to completely write off the work that was put in this series before the awful exposition dumps by slamming this show with a 1, but I read more
Jul 15, 2018
Ryeong24 (All reviews)
Pertama-tama, maaf karena review ini berupa curhat yang ditulis dalam bahasa dan bersifat sangat subjektif oleh seorang introvert. Review ini nggak penting, sih.
Sebenarnya aku nggak mau kasih penilaian begini juga.
Aku sedih banget liat nasib Ryou di sini. Dia yang pertama kali suka sama Tomoya, dia yang pertama kali nembak Tomoya, dia yang pertama kali pacaran sama Tomoya. Coba pikirkan perasaan Ryou!!
Kyou apa mah, sejak awal nggak berani bilang suka. Nggak berani ambil tindakan, mempertahankan cowok yang disukainnya. Begitu udah diembat si adek baru dia sok sok ngedrama. Aarrghh.
Terus Ryou ngasih aja pula! Anjir! Tomoya juga kalo dari awal nggak ada rasa read more
Jul 15, 2018
sean12263 (All reviews)
'Erased' is a decent story that could have been greatly improved if it had further explanations.

'Erased' is a quite interesting concept that sort of reminded me of 'Detective Conan' due to it having a similar concept. (These two series are still very different so don't think this will be similar) However, there is one massive flaw in this series. If there was more explanation for everything the series would have been so much better. Many things were left unexplained that could have made the series a lot more interesting. This was the first time I ever found a show where the live action was better read more
Jul 15, 2018
Isuca (Anime) add (All reviews)
JAMPS (All reviews)
If you like ecchi, just watch it. The story is bare-bones.

The animation is stiff, rushed, choppy and basic. And mind you i watched the Blu Ray version. So don’t expect anything from that department. It is as average as it gets.

The main character, Shimazu Sakuya, has a recurrent trope where she constantly hits the other main character, Shinichirou Asano, for whatever reason. I found it surprising that for an anime that lasts 10 episodes, Sakuya's behaviour gets annoying and repetitive extremely fast. Looking like she won't be able to break out from her psychotic tsundere personality.
This makes her character unrelatable, repulsive and appalling to withstand.
Definitely read more
Jul 15, 2018
Mikasabestowaifu (All reviews)
SAO Alternative GGO: A fun series that served as the opening act

SAO Alternative GGO had only one function: to warm up the public for the arrival of the main dish of the franchise, Alicization, which is coming in October. And the series fulfilled.

The novel written by Keiichi Sigsawa (known for novels like Allison and its sequels "Lillia and Treize" and "Meg and Seron", which resulted in the anime Allison & Lillia) and supervised by Reki Kawahara (creator of SAO) was never ambitious nor did it seek to overshadow the original story

Therefore, it was foreseeable that after the announcement of the start of Alicization for next read more
Jul 15, 2018
A-Critical-Otaku (All reviews)
I poorly have words to say how pathetic this Anime turned in the second season. And the third is coming this year.
I thankyou the first Arc of this Anime for beeing the gateway of the Anime world for a lot of people, and I reject, spit, and insult the rest of the Anime, including this awfull second season for beeing the exit door for a lot too.

The Story: Nothing but a simple, badly crafted, and horibble story using video game elements and creating some more girls for the Kirito's harem, and involving more rapist villains.

The Art: The animation and read more
Jul 15, 2018
AnimuMessiah (All reviews)
I'm not sure if the show was written with the assumption that the viewers read a lot of material from the manga, but I'm just a show watcher so keep that in mind with this review.

So, after such a long hiatus I'm very shocked to see that the show failed to learn from the mistakes made in season 2, which turned a pretty great setup from season 1 into a confusing series of fights with pretty graphics. While it looks great and has some great fights, TG:re is confusing and frustrating. I don't know where my season 1 tokyo ghoul storyline went, but I miss read more
Jul 15, 2018
MissAnime (All reviews)
Well, I admit since it's a remake of the original anime it does look a far better version -quality wise-, the story has been hugely diverged from the original story and I don't understand the concept of making new special episodes that are just an altered story remake (and not a better alteration).

I suggest since they seem to be interested in making some more money, at least they should remake the full anime keeping the story intact. seriously it pissed me off!

the story order has been messed with, the characters that were in the main anime are removed from main events such as Sanosuke and read more
Jul 15, 2018
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
DNGlist (All reviews)
this is an anime that managed to make my stomach hot while following every story line. even this atmosphere has been felt since the opening song. for character recognition is good enough, they have their own characteristics so it is easier to be known in 12 episodes despite their numerous numbers. for the story I think it's pretty good but it can actually be simplified if it turns out the characters want to show the true ability from the beginning, but of course it will not attractive right? Music support can be done very well and I think this is the best point of this read more
Jul 15, 2018
AryDob (All reviews)
So im a big fan of bacanno so i had similar expectations from this one and it kinda met them but not really. For me the show breaks down in 2 halves and while i did enjoy the first hafl the 2nd one really just fails as a story.

The good: The characters are fun, music is amazing and visually its unique and exciting to watch with good fight animation. The first halves story is also told in a unique manner where you genuinely wanna find out wtf is going on and having all the pieces of the puzzle join is satisfying.

The Bad: here comes the read more
Jul 15, 2018
sean12263 (All reviews)
This is by far one of my all time favorite anime. 'Angel Beats' is one of those anime that starts off extremely goofy but eventually, as the series develops, it reaches deep inside the characters emotions and tears apart their backstories they must overcome creating a masterpiece. If you like to see shows that really get inside peoples heads and emotions, this is the show for you. 'Angel Beats' is quite silly at times but also serious during other times. Even though I highly recommend this show as it is just so heart gripping, there is one thing I would like to warn you about read more
Jul 15, 2018
AryDob (All reviews)
Pretty good tear jerker anime, however relies too much on melodrama and does not close some of the plot lines when it comes to the romance elements.

what i mean by too much melodrama is that some scenes are a bit over the top in conveying the emotion of the characters and in that regards the series does not feel realistic or i would say genuine.

Last point is that the mc kinda acts a bit aloof and not really bothered by how the other chars are feeling (which kinda makes sense narratively but imo the show takes it a bit too much to the extreme).
Jul 15, 2018
YoRHA404O (All reviews)
Soooo... apparently some teenager REALLY liked Evangelion and has parents rich enough to land him A1 to product his fanfiction. The show for me started as one having weird, even clickbait concept with meh execution. But the longer I watched it... damnit. Some stories ended too soon leaving writers having to fill the time with some... questionable choices.
Wordbuilding is garbage, most characters are meh, the show is as edgy as Linkin Park (aka it's great unless you already went thru puberty) and has more plot-holes than medium to low budget porn. Oh, and the plot twists. Just kill me.

But I'm glad the show exists, read more
Jul 15, 2018
Xnovazero (All reviews)
This is the most unique show I've ever seen. Story and Setting elaborate precisely, and it is solid style.
I'm surprised that Madhouse made this show in good meaning. There is a strong impact potentially.
Nevertheless, I think that this show's attraction can't communicate by above. Let's talk this show right away.

In the near future, Mankind continued to become evolving by prosthesis technology called "Texhnolyze".
However, many violent organization including Organo devastates the city in order to new revolution.
The person who appeared in there is Ichise. He lost right arm and left foot in a certain affair.
Ichise came to life barely by Texhnolyze, and he moves for stop read more
Jul 15, 2018
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)
The real world is a tumultuous place. The life of a worker can be rather stressful in the wrong situations. The people in your life can be unbearable little shitstains that make you wanna beat them until they beg for mercy. The days are long and arduous sometimes, and the work can just keep piling on until you back breaks. It becomes such a blessing we always have resources to help keep our sanity at bay. We all have hobbies; we all have friends. We all have a reason to keep going with the cycle of days that make up the majority of our lives.

Aggressive read more