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Oct 17, 2017
Helpnowz (All reviews)
Dragonball Kai is remake but it's better than Z.
The story of Dragonball Kai is speed up much more better.
I liked Dragonball Kai was because it followed the manga more than Z but when you watch second time you must be boring because 70% of story is same like Dragonball Z.

I was disappointed by the visuals of Dragonball Z remake ,I think this should be upgrade art and sound more than Dragonball Z but sometime is feel very classic when you what it second time.

In my conclusion Dragonball Kai is the classic cartoon remake you must watch it when you love Dragonball read more
Oct 17, 2017
misterferrari (All reviews)
Wanna watch a depiction of the reality in the samurai age? Then Shigurui is the right anime for you!

It basically follows the harsh reality of a sword style dojo, with the detail that the master has dementia.

In the first episode, you'll not understand what are those two crippled samurai doing there, in front of the feudal lord, having a sword battle, but it will all get explained during the show.

We'll see the challenging of the dojo by a outsider and how they treated them.
The story is mainly a tale of taking control of the dojo, revenge the power of the feudal lords, it will read more
Oct 16, 2017
Springball64 (All reviews)
I would definitely say that this anime easily cracks my top 10, probably makes it's way into even the top 5. The reasons are fairly simple:

This anime was thoroughly enjoyable with its characters, in both personalities and development. It was quite interesting to learn new details about my favourite characters as the season progressed and definitely made this a truly extraordinary experiment.

The story was without question a 10/10 in my humble opinion. It was really well executed and any issues that I had with the first season with pacing, or plot arcs that I didn't really care about were all solved completely in this season. read more
Oct 16, 2017
YourWaifuIsShit6 (All reviews)
You like harem? check
You like MC who is not afraid to make a move? check
You like a touch of yaoi? check
You like... im out of ideas so heres my rating of this anime:
Story: 8/10
Good concept. the execution was ok i guess
Art: 6/10
Pretty good but i kinda think they look like eggs
Music: 10/10
Probably best op this season. The ost is also pretty good but i think i gave this rating mainly because of the OP and ED.
Characters: 7/10
I dont know, i just cant feel myself connected with the characters.
Enjoyment/Overall: 7.75/10
Recommend watching this one although it might need a season 2. I enjoyed this read more
Oct 16, 2017
YourWaifuIsShit6 (All reviews)
This anime is really touching and really intense. I love this kind of anime. From the 1st ep, i was already captivated and i ended it in just 1 day. I think i need to sleep my head isnt functioning well.
Here's my rating:
Story: 9.5/10
Good and interesting concept. Makes you think too.
Art: 9.5/10
I think it gradually changed a little as the show progresses but great art overall! ( I wouldve given it 10/10 but its not fair to other animes that have real 10/10 art [Shinkai animes])
Music: 10/10
Great op and ed. The ost is great too. I have it on my phone thats how read more
Oct 16, 2017
YourWaifuIsShit6 (All reviews)
Finished this in just 4 hours. Eeeeeeee i really can't say anything about this. This show is mediocre/average for me. Didnt really feel anything about the characters, the story is confusing and plotholes everywhere.
Enough talking here's my review.
Story: 5/10
Would've been enjoyable. The concept is ok and all but the pacing is retarded that my brain can't even comprehend
Music: 4/10
Meh, i always skipped the op and ed. It didnt really piqued my interest.
Art: 7/10
Its good, but not great.
Characters: 6/10
What needs to be said is said already.
Enjoyment: 8/10
Not gonna lie, this show is pretty funny. This is the first time i give an enjoyment rating in my read more
Oct 16, 2017
Mariecat1 (All reviews)
As a romance entitiled "Love", this fails on every level. The concept is too broad and the creator managed to make a story featuring a girl?...defacating?...Well, it's up to the viewer's interpretation and that was mine. I could have given this a higher score if this was entitled "poo". Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as the creator couldn't think about a more appropriate title and just thought "oh imma name this, Love."

Sadly, Romance is non-existent. There was no sound, or the silence was the sound. Anywho, 2deep4me *tear*. There was a character, and I could not resonate with it. Well given it's read more
Oct 16, 2017
-Vishi- (All reviews)
Boku No Hero Academia

Where to even start…

Well I’d like to debut by saying that this review will be covering both seasons of the show. Although it has been confirmed that the series is to continue for yet another instalment, I seriously doubt it’ll change much of what will be said within this opinion piece. In a nutshell: Boku No Hero Academia just doesn’t cut it, for me at least, and I would like to explain my reasoning, so here goes: The reason why this series falls short is because it’s a shounen.

-*Wait Vishi! Is that the only reason why you don’t like the show?!?*-
Ok, read more
Oct 16, 2017
Pwincesslyena (All reviews)
The anime is an unforgettable experience that will leave you baffled and bewildered. Nothing makes sense at all, but suddenly everything makes complete sense. The anime comprises of 12, 3 minute shorts with individual plot-lines, although with enough creativity they all link together. Animations are smooth and generally look great although made on a budget.

By episode 6, the studio released it was running out of budget and decided to make a couple cutbacks but still managed to deliver a quality and creative episode. The studio saved their money for episode 9. Arguably an experience not even money can buy.

10/10 would die again
Oct 16, 2017
koniiichiwa-sama (All reviews)
Damnit. why. why the hell. i loved where the anime was going i thought this anime was a 8 or 9/10 but then..... those last few episodes. WHY. JUST WHY??? first off the breakup with kuroneko was part of what ruined the fucking anime. then kyouske turned down ayase (that was the one hope i had for this anime and it didnt happen, IT WAS THE ONE THING THAT WOULDVE KEPT FROM THIS ANIME BEING SHIT) ok honestly the anime wasnt that bad. but the ending was terrible. like all of a sudden the creator was like, Actually ill make it so that kirino gets read more
Oct 16, 2017
zannett (All reviews)
This was surprisingly good, and I say this as a frank critic of SAO.

Before I start, I want to make clear that SAO: Ordinal Scale comes after SAO II, which of course came after SAO. If you have not watched either, obviously this movie is not for you.

To give Ordinal Scale a little context, SAO was first adapted in 2012 and its premise offered immense allure: a VR game series revolved around a battle of swords, set in a beautiful world with the specter of death. But the Aincrad arc failed to truly fulfill the potential of this premise--the author has essentially decided to retcon read more
Oct 16, 2017
InkSpider (All reviews)

NOTE: This review applies to the first 2 seasons of Code Geass. I do not plan to watch and review Season 3.

The Positive Side: Code Geass takes place in an alternate future, wherein Britannia (Great Britain with mechs and Nazis, basically) has conquered Japan. Lelouch, an exiled Britannian Prince, seeks to topple the Britannian tyranny to avenge his mother and create a kinder world for his blind younger sister, Nunelly. He is aided by a mysterious power called Geass, which allows him to give irresistible orders and bend other people to his will.
Code Geass has an intriguing premise and some very strong read more
Oct 16, 2017
elledriverxc (All reviews)
I wasn't planning on writing another review for a while, but Binbougami ga!? surprised me enough (in all the right ways) that I thought I'd put pen to paper to quickly plug the series. If you're on the fence about watching this (as I was) I'll say it now: take the plunge. Every single episode made me laugh out loud, and 11 or 12 of the 13 episodes I could genuinely describe as 'outrageously funny.'

Though Binbougami-ga!? falls short of a being a true comedic masterpiece, it still left me feeling like I had hit the comedy jackpot. Sure, there are underdeveloped/extraneous/trite characters I feel read more
Oct 16, 2017
Injenss (All reviews)
Lovely Complex is a personally important anime for me. It didn't just expand my horizons in anime, but in all forms of entertainment. This anime was the first piece of entertainment that ever showed me that you could be enthralled in a story that didn't have guns, kung-fu or explosions. 10 years ago, I thought that liking an anime like this was too "girly", but I figured I'd give it a try and was drawn in immediately by the humor and characters. Risa, in an odd way, reminded me of an ex that I had just separated from. (She was also read more
Oct 16, 2017
Mayoiga (Anime) add (All reviews)
Injenss (All reviews)
The only thing worse than a bad anime, is an anime that tricks you into thinking its going to be good, and then after you've invested 8-9 episodes worth of time into it, it just spits in your face and crumbles into a festering pile of maggot droppings. That is the Lost Village in a nutshell. It drags you in with the mystery of what could possibly be going on in this village, and what happened to the previous inhabitants. And then when you find out what's going on, and watch it all unfold, you realize you wasted time that could've been read more
Oct 16, 2017
0MAN0 (All reviews)
Your lie in April is a totally fine series, but it's overrated. For a drama, so many of the characters are forgotten or undeveloped, and the story takes no consistent direction. The show knows how to hit beats, but is often far too heavy-handed in its approach to certain scenes, themes, and metaphors. The art suffers often and doesn't deserve praise just for looking 'movie-like'.

Story: 6
Art: 8
Sound: 9
Character: 7
Enjoyment: 7
Overall: 7

[Story: 6]

Depressed piano player tries to bounce back and start competing again due to his introduction to a positive, enchanting girl.

The story at least has a real sense of structure and pretty decent forward read more
Oct 16, 2017
kokuborou (All reviews)
Hibike manages to charm you from the first episode with its vivid character art style , interesting concept and well handled drama atmosphere.

Hibike is an coming of an age story told through music and gives a glimpse to its audience about the brass band music world.
The first season provides the setting for our story and our main heroine Kumiko as a high school freshman joins the Concert Band club. There her ordinary life takes a different turn as she encounters different members of the concert band , young people with ambitions and a certain goal ahead. This experience changes her as a person read more
Oct 16, 2017
Otakanime (All reviews)
School days is a highly impacting drama with fun and warm-hearted comedy at its beginning, characters that remain on the guilt of every young man or woman and a developing that takes your heart off your chest with a psychologic turn on events from classic harem shit.

Makoto is a troubled character discovering how he is actually handsome and appealing to girls, he knows them cause she has lived with them all his life and in that position, all his actions are what a hot teenager, on his own, would do, then sure he learns the consequences of his actions, and thats why School Days read more
Oct 16, 2017
olly18 (All reviews)
Okay this is one of the most love-hate animes i have ever seen so many people hate and so many love it now I'm in the love part and here is why

The story is pretty original but to me thats a good thing sometimes it better to go with the basic plot that people can understand than divivng into some stroy that people won't be able to understand basically Ouma Shu is the wimpy highschool kid who is pushed aroud cause he doesn't have it in him to stand up for himself.
His crush the famous singer Inori is a memebr of a terroist group read more
Oct 16, 2017
olly18 (All reviews)
Okay now where do you even start with this anime from the first episode its gives you a really good feel you meet the three Main characters Felicta Liberta and Nova Felicta father is putting up her hand for marriage to the winner of the tournament both Liberta and Nova are in love with Felicta and they dont ant to see her unhappy so the fight in the tournament to save her sounds like a good plot right but it went horribly wrong

there was a major lack of any character development for anyone besides Lirberta and Nova but even that wasn't enough so for the read more
Oct 16, 2017
olly18 (All reviews)
Besides the fact the anime stopped following the manga and went its own way it was still one of the most enjoyable animes out the characters are great and very easy to like the art style off it just stands out so much so overall i enjoyed it loads and think its a fun anime for everyone
The plot isn't the greatest out there but the characters no doubt make up for it

The only problem i have found with it is that it never followed the manga so we never actually got to see Soul become a death weapon and anyone who has read it read more
Oct 16, 2017
Gamers! (Anime) add (All reviews)
mugen-taro (All reviews)
uh, i gotta say this after all:

the first episode making me excited about this anime, but then after finish watching it, uh..

whats the point of the "misunderstaning relationship" part that almost took the whole episode if in the end they just moving on like nothing happen after episode 11? i mean theyre not even know if they are misunderstood cmon atleast showing what really happen to every character about that misunderstanding relationship

and about talking the main character hes to gloomy, his pessimistic about himself is just making the story poor and that making me so grunt,

the story should be more interesting if the misunderstanding part read more
Oct 16, 2017
Vanilla_san (All reviews)
Gender blender hentai...basically the guy transfers his soul to the girl using a mobile app (hentai logic) and enjoys the pleasures of a woman.

He'll transfer his soul to a total of 4 girls over the 2 episodes. Episode one is completely dedicated to playing with his imouto while he have fun with 2 of his classmates and a goddess (who gave him the soul transfer app) in the final episode.

Imouto - 9/10
Classmate 1 - 5/10
Classmate 2 - 6/10
Goddess - 7/10

Didn't really like the art, especially in the 2nd episode. This is just your average hentai which won't give you the best f*p but is lighthearted read more
Oct 16, 2017
Suga_Kun (All reviews)
Being someone who actually kind of liked the live action movies, it was simply impossible for me not to like the actual thing. One thing that Attack on Titan has it going for it is the whole mythology behind the main plot. There is a huge base of information layered down so that the actual story to flourish. Plus, the action scenes are enough to keep it interesting till the very ending. Another plus was the fact that some episodes could keep you at the edge of your seat, like when that female titan appeared. You just want to keep watching. To both of them, read more
Oct 16, 2017
snapler (All reviews)
Rate a 3
English Subtitled

Confusing at first but after watching you get the basics. Nothing more than the basics though. I suppose if you were japan origin you might understand more of the inside jokes at the very least.

The ending was another bizarre turn of events. The only way it makes sense was that figure at the end was the boss. Otherwise it seems like a war of at least three sides.

Also, had hypocritical turns of events. For example say the main character is put to sleep. The only way to awake her is by a knock on the head. As the story progresses other characters read more
Oct 16, 2017
Ajin (Anime) add (All reviews)
JohnPerez (All reviews)

Ajin is an anime about persecution and strategy, all with a bit of suspense and drama. CGI animation can be quite annoying, and in my case, I did not get used to it in any moment.
The story is very good, it can pass emotion and catch the viewer, besides presenting a morally ambiguous protagonist and one of the best anime villains that ever existed. Unfortunately there are some flaws in the script. But nothing that does not make the anime reach note 8 ... except the CGI animation that becomes uncomfortable.
7 is a fair note, because the anime is very read more
Oct 16, 2017
madjr (All reviews)
Note: this is a review in progress. As I watch more episodes I will update accordingly. I saw others gave it a 1 in the reviews so I was curious to see if this really is "the worst anime ever" or deserving of just a 1...

I want to make this as fair as possible and keep it short (I will just stick to a quick summary for now)

First: This anime is not going to win any awards, but doesn't seem to be total trash either. I've seen much worst. This one is pretty plain or normal, nothing ground braking.

If you would like to try it read more
Oct 16, 2017
Trigun (Anime) add (All reviews)
triguned (All reviews)
Man when you watch this show. It's really straight up comedy for the first 12 episodes. There is very very minor details within those 12 episodes that mention his past or foreshadow things to come but not really a progression of story. I personally was a tiny bit agitated about it but the show was really so hilarious and light, it really didn't matter. I feel like the writers dragged out the light-hearted part of the series to really flesh out his morale. His belief is the main focus of the show and for good reason too. For one, its non-negotiable. When the odds are read more
Oct 16, 2017
Tyrule (All reviews)
This is one of my first reviews.
First of all let me say this may have
very small spoilers and etc.
OK,So A Silent Voice is about a Boy who
is perhaps living with guilt and the weight
of his past and facing all the karma he gets back. Not gonna say
much more than that.

A school where most students,
like in the real world, don't really accept someone
for being what many consider diffrent. Nishimiya Shōko is a girl who
gets bullied by a boy for being deaf,other students feel
like shes holding the class down,her teacher never
really makes and effort to help her with his lessons which sorta ticks read more
Oct 16, 2017
Tyrannicswine117 (All reviews)
Warning possible Spoilers

Earlier this year we got Scum's Wish, which delved into the darker side of romance, however now it seems during the summer season we got another anime that delves into a darker aspect of romance, except this time it's a little bit different.

Story (8/10)

The story is set in a world where Japan assigns people together when they become 16 years old, for Yukari Nejima this is a bad thing since he loves someone else that is until he encountered his assigned wife.
Now the best part about the story is how random and unexpected it is, because I was expecting another casual love triangle read more
Oct 16, 2017
AmaterasuYou (All reviews)
Garbage anime. The plot was looking good in the first few episodes but by the end of the show it turned into a parody of itself.
The characters are nothing special, none of them get any development, except Ban and King, all the other characters feel bland with little to no depth to them.
Meloidas, "captain" of the "seven deadly sins" is a pervert and that's pretty much all we get to know about him. The main characters are called sins, because, hey it sounds cool!


This is just another mediocre anime with fanservice to hide the terrible writing and "cool" character names to conceal the read more
Oct 16, 2017
JackDarkSama (All reviews)
This Review Contains Spoilers!!!

Story: 8/10
The story is very good because the Good guys are Bad guys and the Bad Guys are Good Guys.
I like too that Esdeath a cold heart killer had her fisrt sight of love from Tatsumi Smile and Fighting Skills.
The only thing i dont like is that everyone die.

Art: 10/10
This is only my 2Review but from all animes i see almost all have a perfect Art (There are animes like beelzebub that have a little error in 1 part or other but that isnt a BIG trouble) so what i am trying to say is that for me all animes i read more
Oct 16, 2017
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)
*this'll be a quick one*

The One Year War; the most brutal and devastating war in the history of mankind. There are lots of stories to tell from this horrifying time-period, with spectacular battles, devastating physical and mental ramifications on its combatants. In 9 minutes, we get to see some of what Gundam is perfectly known for, with Zeon grunt pilots being tossed around in the final battle of A Boa Qu as the Gundam approaches.

To make this clear, it is mandatory that you witness the events of the final few episodes of the original Mobile Suit Gundam or see the finale of the compilation read more
Oct 16, 2017
DrTenmarulez (All reviews)
Honestly, if you're looking for an anime to make you laugh your butts off this one for you. It's a hilarious story about a main character who's just simply an idiot, interacting with various different ones, each character has its own wits, funny scripts and just jokes. I enjoyed this as a good relief, watching something that makes you laugh is healthy every once and awhile, I recommend this if you're looking for a meaningless humour.

It's quite entertaining as well, so I don't think you'll be ending up regretting this.

Oh did I mention how much I love Sayaka? They'll introduce you to such read more
Oct 16, 2017
vaikepois (All reviews)
First things first. My "reviews" system is explained on a blog entry. Which can be found through my profile.

A trademark magical girl anime, I liked it. Especially considering I have soft spot for magic that consists of circles and runes. And aside that soft so charm type magic but thats another topic. Anyhow, the story was okay. It wasn't anything special or bad. It was fine, maybe back when it aired it was great, but I picked this franchise up just recently so it didn't impress me as much. Probably biggest complaint of the story was, that it felt quite moronic at times.

Again, not sure read more
Oct 16, 2017
Nana (Anime) add (All reviews)
Ankithadam (All reviews)
The story is about 2 Nanas who meet accidentally and they become really good friends.
Its really good anime which depicts the life of celebrities the difficulties they face and the past which lingers.
Its is also a story about how the small steps we take in life might change our whole life. Its also makes you think about future and the present situations and analyse properly so that our lives may turn out to be better without hurting our friends and families much.
Its not a homosexual movie which i thought after reading other reviews and was not interested to watch but it is not that sort read more
Oct 16, 2017
AlchemizedChaos (All reviews)
Samurai Champloo is a decent anime. It didn't really have much of an impact on me, but it was good fun to watch.

Story: 5
So this is an episodic anime about a girl, Fuu, who works at a tea shop until one day, a mysterious samurai known as Mugen comes in and picks a fight with the other samurai who are harassing her.

After fighting them another man, a rogen, Jin comes in and starts a fight with Mugen. They burn down the tea shop and then Fuu has nowhere to go so she hires the two as her bodyguards. They leave for a journey to find read more
Oct 16, 2017
Tenkensmile (All reviews)
Let me sing my praises to UFOTABLE - for managing to perfectly adapt the Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works visual novel (VN) into a two-season anime series! The GLORIOUS artwork, animation and soundtracks easily put it among my top 3 favorite anime series in this decade!

My favorite character is Archer: the unique design, the calmness, the no-nonsense attitude, the sarcasm, cynicism, assessments of others, and even "old-man talk" (haha). I love every fight that Archer engages in in this anime. Even though he's not a 5-star Servant in terms of power, he manages to pull win after win against tough opponents by utilizing tactics -- read more
Oct 16, 2017
Tenkensmile (All reviews)
Let me sing my praises to UFOTABLE - for managing to perfectly adapt the Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works visual novel (VN) into a two-season anime series! The GLORIOUS artwork, animation and soundtracks easily put it among my top 3 favorite anime series in this decade!

My favorite character is Archer: the unique design, the calmness, the no-nonsense attitude, the sarcasm, cynicism, assessments of others, and even "old-man talk" (haha). I love every fight that Archer engages in in this anime. Even though he's not a 5-star Servant in terms of power, he manages to pull win after win against tough opponents by utilizing tactics -- read more
Oct 16, 2017
Akikan! (Anime) add (All reviews)
Socom16bro (All reviews)
Come here for the fantasies, not for a revolutionizing experience. Akikan is an anime where each soda can is a guardian to the one who drinks it. This anime is very generic but it does serve its own purpose of fulfilling anyone's twisted fantasies(including mine!). It's hard to go wrong with having someone be protective by your side as long as you live. The music for the first OP is pretty good(the second one isn't as good) and the plot by itself is excellent, though it can be better executed. I wish they would make another season of this and I will one day go read more
Oct 16, 2017
Socom16bro (All reviews)
Plot was pretty good and artwork was pretty superb. However, that's as far as I can go with this anime. In general, the plot was not very well executed. The MC is a butt-hurt little boy who was pissed by the fact that his girlfriend rejected a guy who tried to steal her away from him. Shows no gratitude for the fact that she did not dump him for another one. Furthermore, in other scenarios, he is not very direct with his responses, almost to the point of incompetence. There are much better anime out there like Clannad and Tsurezure Children.
Oct 16, 2017
SmokyChip (All reviews)
With 30 minutes to kill, I decided to indulge myself in a comedic anime, hoping to have some giggles before I rest for the night.

Plastic Neesan is an anime that is short and sweet. Simple yet delivers. Comedic and unfiltering.

Overall, you'll find yourself enjoying that 30 minutes before you move on with your life.

※ Strength ※
- No filters. This anime clearly has no filter when it comes to cussing, sexual innuendo and maturity. That alone stands out from plenty of the animes I watch, let alone comedic animes. This is definitely a plus if you are a fan of these.
- Physical Appearance. I personally read more
Oct 16, 2017
TheStrongestHero (All reviews)
One Punch Man’s story is simple- The story of an average guy who’s a hero for fun. Now what makes this unique is that this show is a parody. For people new to that genre, it’s an imitation of other work. Basically what this anime does is it makes a parody out of shounen genre, where you have a male protagonist who gets beaten down, and then trains or in some other way defeats the bad guy. Here, the MC is just over-powered to the extent that he gets depressed there’s no one strong enough to challenge him. You might think that such a strong read more
Oct 16, 2017
spacestargirl (All reviews)
To make an end is to make a beginning

Shinichiro Watanabe reinvented history with Samurai Champloo. It’s a stew of anachronisms with varying degrees of out-of-“placeness”, more like out-of-time. It could easily be titled as it’s recap episode, the Disorder Diaries. It feels like disordered a mixtape full of remixes of Japan’s past,.

It is set in a post-war period. A period of rebirth and transition, of moving on and creating new beginnings. I think this is one of the reasons why I’m bothered by the ending, it just feels too much of a beginning and lacked closure. Samurai Champloo left me with a lighter, but harder read more
Oct 15, 2017
K (Anime) add (All reviews)
B1obug (All reviews)
I've attempted to watch this show three times but when I get to the third episode, it just doesn't retain my interest. the art is what has made me try multiple time to watch the show but it just doesn't work for me, kind of like Durarara. I just can't get through it, it doesn't even make sense to me cause ill watch any crap.
Simply put i go in looking forward to some good fight scenes but the characters didn't hold an iota of connection to me, it made me find the fight scenes disinteresting.
I didn't even know what the hell was happening, i had read more
Oct 15, 2017
EriitoSenshi (All reviews)
This is my first review so let's go lol.

No Game No Life was a series that I really enjoyed and loved. It's a 9.5/10 in my book. Sadly, there's no sequel appearing in the horizon, but we can all hope.

But that's the main series. I watched No Game No Life: Zero in theatres. It was a movie that caught my attention, required me to think to understand the story, was very funny at parts, was suspenseful at parts, was sad at parts, overall it was an amazing movie, which also scores a 9.5/10 in my book.

Story: 10/10

The story really made me think to understand read more
Oct 15, 2017
piscis_natat (All reviews)
Darker than Black involves these characters that are called contractors that each have there own special ability(exempli gratia electricity). These contractors fight against the main character who is also a contractor.

Story consists of basically 2 episode story arcs. Each story introduces a villain that has his own unique power and the main characters have to stop him usually. Most of the arcs are interesting while some are boring.

Majority of the show takes place at night. The animators did a pretty good job and transcribing a dark, brooding atmosphere. However the animation will rarely wow you like a show like mob psycho 100 will. read more
Oct 15, 2017
BriefEd (All reviews)
How much do you love watching a hungry person shine with bliss as they enjoy an outstanding meal? Your answer is probably also how much you'll enjoy Isekai Shokudou.

Most of the time when a story goes far off the tried and true paths of the countless already told it ends up tangled and stumbling but this is a wonderful exception. Seems odd how all it centers around is showing a glimpse of some human, elf, dwarf or other being and their struggles and joys in another world and culminates in their finding of a mysterious door that takes them to a fine but affordable little read more
Oct 15, 2017
aLooser (All reviews)
If your parents give you psychological trauma that makes you a mute, the best recourse is to invite them to a musical about your damaged psyche. At least, that is one of the silly things that this anime portrays.

The past couple of years, the high school drama/ romance genre has really been booming. Most of them combine pleasant visuals with a traditional story progression that possesses one dramatic twist. Anthem of the Heart checks off both of those categories, but something just seems to get lost in translation for the story and characters.

Anthem was oh so close to being really good, but contrived story developments read more
Oct 15, 2017
PkFreezeOmega (All reviews)
I finished this a while ago and still have anger and regret, so here's a review
Short hand: If you liked the first season, join the likely growing number of people who will pretend this doesn't exist.
This contains spoilers, which are crucial, due to the ending of the show affecting it's most important characters.

Story: 3
Genesis told a standard, regular fantasy story and did a good job with it. Angels and demons live with humans and a 3rd party will kill them all, but is sealed...but now it's gonna wake up etc. etc. What made it great was that it took everything in stride and either went read more