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Preliminary Spoiler
BNA (Anime) add (All reviews)
Jun 4, 2023
in my honest humble opinion, BNA was fine, its not bad, yet its not the greatest. My complain is that the whole thing feels rushed.

The animation is alright, but I feel like its missing something. Its just, too bland, too simple. They just need a little bit more time to add details, and stuff.

The story was definitely rushed. The biggest flaw about the story is they don't really elaborate more on the "lore" of the anime. They suddenly jump from one scene to another without any context.

The characters are fine. They probably need a little bit more polishing. There are almost no character ...
Jun 4, 2023
I love this anime,
I watched it 3 or more times, guilty pleasure for me. Simple rom com plot with good main character dynamics that people should seek in real life, good art style and animation that creates wholesome atmosphere, music is really memorable (banger for me) and found myself laughing or heart warmed most of the time (cried twice).

However, side characters lack detailed story and character development, and the story feels a bit rushed compared to manga. Manga dives deep into side characters, or Miyamura and Horimiya relationship even more than anime, but with its own problems. Manga may feel elongated, but I prefer ...
Jun 4, 2023
OP edgelord MC done right. Kaze no Stigma is what teenage wet dreams were made from in the late 2000s. Kawaii tsundere gf, overpowered too-cool-for-school MC, magic, monsters, and plenty of justice porn involving one's childhood bullies (including family and friends), objectively speaking there is nothing remotely ground breaking or crtically aclaimed about this anime. Yet it does what it was created to do well -- that is, to be a teenage self-insert in a world of magic and monsters.

Plot 7/10
The plot is sectioned into 4-5 episode subplots that pretty much continues from start to end of its 24 episode length. Credits for being ...
Jun 4, 2023
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable is the worst part in the Jojo's franchise and one of the worst anime of all time. When I first watched this after coming off the flawed but enjoyable adventure that was Part 3 of JJBA I expected great things as Jojo fans sing the praise of this part all across the internet but in Part 4 I only found utter boredom and disappointment. To explain why I feel this way towards one of the most praised anime seasons ever let's dive into each detail starting with the terrible and almost non-existent storyline down to the plain ...
Jun 4, 2023
Good movie, from start to finish, mainly thanks to Furuya, an interesting character with his many identities, but who had few appearances in the main series, so I'm glad he was the protagonist of a movie, I love him! The action scenes were thrilling but a little surreal and sci-fi. All DC films have always been a little unreal, but this one probably surpasses them, and in my opinion clashes with the main series which, in its "unrealism" always tries not to lead too much to science fiction. Ran in this movie she is particularly obsessed with Shinichi, I think the movies make me tolerate ...
Jun 4, 2023
10/10 animation
Nice, catchy music

Erratic pacing
Convoluted ending
Underdeveloped and bloated cast
Underdeveloped romance
Plot heavily relies on poorly explained magic shenanigans
Jun 4, 2023
This is actually a very funny show in best tradition of Gintama.

Unlike Ginatama that mostly satirizes pop culture trends and such this one hits heavily at social issue instead. Issues such as high housing prices are well represented in this show. It fully supports my anti-boomer stances as it depicts fights of younger generation to wrestle out property from the old people.

Unfortunately it is very small, but these four episodes are fully worth watching.

Quality of animation is average, but story does makes up for that.

Yes it is in Chinese and not Japanese. I would say that Chinese are good a humor.

Also who calls a girl ...
Ao Ashi (Anime) add (All reviews)
Jun 4, 2023
Is it the best thing ever? Obviously not, but a good sports show is always welcomed. And this one is a good sports show as it has all the elements going for it.
In a sense it's a typical story. A poor boy from a backwater place gets scouted randomly by someone who recognized where his talent lies. What is enjoyable about such shows and stories is how much importance they give to training, teaching/couching and the results those bring out of the person. It gets trough broken dreams, broken hopes, failures and victories and does so well.
It goes through internal issues between teammates and the ...
Jun 4, 2023
Have you played online games where the social component is important? And did you have the feeling that you will live your life in this game, find your love, ignoring the conventions of the game? If yes, then .hack//Sign will seem very close and familiar to you.

This is the story of people who want to believe that the game is more than just a game. And literally, story lives on this faith. The characters here are not just invented images. First of all, these are people who control their avatars. At any moment they can leave the game, and for them it will cease ...
Jun 4, 2023
Preliminary (3/12 eps)
Whom was 'Otonari ni Ginga' created for? Answer: 90% the creator himself; 9% sad mangakas across Japan; 1% regular consumers.

This work of fiction reeks - and I mean REEKS - of self-insert fantasy. Concisely for those who don't know, that means the author wrote himself as the main character. See the plot here: a mangaka in need of an assistant gets a docile, 19 year old girl to live with him as his assistant. Not only is she docile, she is devoted, gifted, efficient, eager to help, a fan of his for some reason, never frustrated nor angry - in fact, outright flawless - and ...
Jun 3, 2023
Evangelion is pretty good. Yeah, I don't think that's a significant hot take unless you just hate this show for some reason. Now when I first went to watch this show for the first time, I had only kind of, maybe, somewhat heard of it before but couldn't recall where I first heard the name. I felt the same way before I watched Cowboy Bebop for the first time. The only thing I was certain about was that it was a mecha anime, and it was apparently one of the most classic anime of the 90's. The only other mecha anime that I had seen ...
Jun 3, 2023
As a football enthusiast, this is a really nice anime to begin with. I particularly enjoy anime that features a character who is trying to develop but is still in the learning period, but he overcomes and outperforms others. The characters in this anime are fantastic. It's simple to connect with the characters, and the animation is excellent. Without a dull episode, every episode is fantastic. This anime did a good job of making me wonder what would happen next and demonstrating that "if you believe you can achieve anything you want." I completed this anime on June 4th, 2023 and am looking forward to ...
Jun 3, 2023
In the 90's, there was a trend of wacky fantasy adventure comedies. Gokudo is one of them. The story is mostly a series of excuses for jokes and wacky antics, because of this there tends to be a lot of plot holes and throwaway story elements. Some arcs also suffer from pacing issues, for example the china arc drags on for too long, while the introduction feels like it was written on a crack overdose. But what about the jokes? The humor is very obnoxious most of the time and only one or two gags made me chuckle, this comedy just isn't funny..

The characters are ...
Jun 3, 2023
Preliminary (8/12 eps)
Starts with MC sob story of his life, then isekai depicts wonders of alcoholism. Drink to forget your problems and miserable existence while having fun. That story mostly ends with excellent first episode (spoiled by MAL synopsis, do not read it).

After that it continues as a nice story about how to build a Cult and live a peaceful life in otherworld. As MC tries to pull it off in hostile environment, his peaceful life is in constant danger of destruction by "Capital". Main antagonist society structure reminds of some kind of absolute extreme utilitarian tyranny with no explicit parallels to human history (well, you will ...
Jun 3, 2023
Preliminary (10/12 eps)
This anime is different from every single romance anime I've heard of. Most have a kind of character that's very typical-- like a tall guy, a short girl, and there's some element of dominance between them that remains the same each time (the man being the strong protector type or something.) This is of course a generalization.

This anime was great BECAUSE it was unique in a beautiful way. The main characters are deep and you can watch Ichikawa struggle with feelings of insecurity in later episodes, while Yamada has a lot to her (such as moments of bursting into tears, snacking whilst being a model, ...
Jun 3, 2023
Preliminary (8/12 eps)
Man, it hurts watching something associated with Konosuba be THIS unfunny and boring.

I gave the first few episodes the benefit of the doubt - I hoped things would pick up, that the quality of writing and the jokes would improve... that at least SOMETHING interesting would happen. But nah, this shit is straight-up ASS.

Go back and watch Konosuba again, if you disagree. The writing is crisp and the pacing is snappy - The show has momentum. The jokes are funny and the situations the characters find themselves in are always hilariously ironic. The Megumin show, on the other hand, just meanders and weighs you down ...
Jun 3, 2023
Well damn, they really just went in here stepping their whole game up

I got into the Utapri franchise via the rhythm game (English version discontinued now, curse you) and then tried the anime, didn't like it at all, but stuck to it - something had to be here. The new course kicked in when S4 started, and ever since then, I am fully on board: The Utapri franchise has been soaring for me once they did what was possibly the smartest move in their branding: no one *really* cares about the otome cishet romance aspect with a girl that has soup bowls for eyes, we ...
Jun 3, 2023
(this is a review of the english dub of Super YoYo)

"This is why beginners look so foolish!" - Kogure Chuta

Super Yoyo (original: Chousoku Spinner) is truly one of the greatest pieces media created in modern times. Inspiring the masses to play more YoYo and striking fear into the heart's of supporters of the YoYo devil this series truly impact any- and everyone who watches it.

Story: 10/10
Super Yoyo is an anime about Shunichi Domoto, a young student who enjoys helping out his peers with their sports related struggles, succeeding at everything he tries but never settling down into one discipline to focus on. After one such ...
Bleach (Anime) add (All reviews)
Jun 3, 2023
For anyone who enjoys action anime, this is the stuff to watch. Bleach revolves around Kurosaki Ichigo, a regular always-grouchy high-schooler who for some strange reason is able to see the souls of the dead around him. Although they are not usually dangerous, there are some called 'hollows' that aim to eat the regular ones, and on one fateful night, his entire family is put in danger by them. A death god, Kuchiki Rukia, happens to be there to battle these creatures, and after a dangerous mistake she is forced to give her powers to Ichigo in order to defeat the monster.

Henceforth, Ichigo has to ...
Jun 3, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Nonsensical at first glance anime. A lot of fanservice. MC is somewhat normal which helps a little to ease into the story. Everyone else looks like a psycho when you compare them to the protagonist. Took me at least three tries to watch it to get past second episode. From the beginning It looks like there is no plot. Just battles, "cool" stuff and boobs. It looks like mish-mash from bunch of genres, jarring for my taste. Too much seemingly unmotivated actions without any explanation.

Story does kinda make sense the more you watch it but the core concept is not that good (harem builder) and ...
Jun 3, 2023
(English isn't my first langouge so I would be glad for correcting my grammar and spelling errors)

Well... I truly loved this show.

I loved the characters diffrent personalites, it gave great contrast. I loved how the show didn't portraied them as generic cute anime girls whos only task is making watcher thinking how adorble they are. Yes, of course they are cute and adorble! But it wasn't theier only trait, creators made me belive that they could be real people. They have theiers own worries, goals that weren't something great like bringing peace to the world but wrere preaty simple like doing things you truly love ...
Jun 3, 2023

March comes in like a Lion was given as a recommendation from a friend as I really enjoyed Your Lie in April. I really connected with Your Lie in April since it was about the Piano and Violin, both of which I play.

I could not connect **as much** to this anime since I have never played Shogi, but this anime does a good job connecting me to Rei. I really saw Rei, his struggles, and what type of person he is.

The Story: About Rei, a Middle-School Shogi prodigy. He goes through a lot of things, and he is also taken care of by the Kawamoto ...
Jun 3, 2023
The feeling of emptiness after finishing the Legend of the Galactic Heroes OVA is definitely rough. Luckily, the prequel side stories have been adapted to anime, being a nice complementary material to the original series with the same care for detail and engaging stories.

This OVA focuses on the beginnings of Reinhard's career in the military, showcasing events such as Reinhard's first frontline expedition and encounters with future allies and foes. Reinhard's loyal best friend and ally Kircheis is also the main protagonist of one of the stories, giving more background to his feelings towards Reinhard and Annerose and his personal thoughts.

The series is divided into ...
Jun 3, 2023
One of the best works of dystopian fiction I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Title has a neat dual meaning. The beginning is incredibly well-done. While many write off the ending as "convenient", the commitment to the final decision involving one of the main trope characters arguably denies that. Fumiyuki did an awesome job with the OST as well.

My only rationale for not rating this 10/10 is due to the ending being on the weaker side, as well as the characters beginning to make less-believable decisions that I feel were not objectively cohesive with their originally defined predispositions. Kurita's characters usually appeal to me ...
Jun 3, 2023
It's pretty common for sports anime to take a few episodes to get into gear. Since the protagonist is usually a novice, albeit one with some special skill that gives them a natural advantage, they usually need to get some training in a sport's fundamentals under their belt before we see much action. While not veering much from that formula, Iwakakeru does get off to a surprisingly brisk start. Novice Konomi is taught the basics and engages in a climbing showdown against a rival in the first episode. That said, it's probably also the show's weakest episode, so I'd recommend not deciding whether to continue ...
Jun 3, 2023
Alas, it continued to be good.

Sailor Moon S is the third season in the well-loved anime, famously known as Sailor Moon. It was refreshing to see our main character, Usagi face challenges she had never faced before and we the viewer can see her growing as a person when she steps out of her comfort zone. It also had a beautifully done emotional ending as well.

The art is a very aesthetically pleasing 90's anime vibe. I love the attention to detail that every character has more than one outfit. However, it was a little hard to tell the difference between Moon with her ...
Jun 3, 2023
Exquisite! Transcendent! Magnificent! Sublime! Stupendous! Extraordinary! Unparalleled! Ineffable! Resplendent! Superlative! Prodigious! Enchanting! Majestic! Breathtaking! Captivating! Spellbinding! Sensational! Astounding! Unrivaled! Grandiose!
Are just some of the words that fail to fully describe the masterpiece that is Renai Flops: an anime that smacked me right in the face with its wild rollercoaster ride. It was as if I had incarnated into Chris Rock's body as Will Smith slapped him at the Oscars (sorry for using this dead joke, but you should get the idea). Oshi no Ko? Attack on Titan? Farmland Saga? Chainsaw Man? Bleach? All inferior; RENAI FLOPS is the true GOAT of modern anime.

Should you ...
Monster (Anime) add (All reviews)
Jun 3, 2023
My opinion on Monster might seem controversial to some people, but I don't really love this show. The reason why is pretty simple: It's just not for me.

And the thing was, I went into it with a lot of high expectations and I thought it was going to be a personal favorite of mine. But once I started the show, I just didn't feel that way anymore. Because I did not get hooked at the beginning at all, in fact I thought it was so boring. I'm not even ashamed to say this, but there were some episodes where I nearly fell asleep. At ...
Jun 3, 2023
Mixed Feelings
The idea of making Moriarty the protagonist of this anime was very good, but the beginning did not please me, it is convoluted and has many unnecessary plots to introduce the secondary characters and deal with Moriarty's objective, which could be presented in maybe two episodes, it took four.

As soon as Sherlock Holmes appears and a tie begins between him and Moriarty, the anime starts to get really good and takes that feeling to its last episodes, the interaction of the two characters together is very good and the game of intelligence and strategies that define most of Sherlock's works are also very nice to ...
Jun 3, 2023

Genre- Magic, School, Fantasy, Isekai, Action, Adventure.

Being born the strongest doesn't mean anything if you lack the power to protect yourself. If being strong, means having the whole world treat you as their enemy, it seems like a better option to stay back in the crowd and conceal your powers. Never again stepping out of the shadows to help anyone ever again.

Seika dreamt of having power. A power that would make him the strongest exorcist in the entire world and a power that could help innocent lives from meeting seamless ends. But with this power came the ...
Jun 3, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Forget LoTR... because this here is the ultimate drinking game challenge! You see - the humble game, in spite of its ultimate purport, must not lay the player to ruin (read: on the floor) in the space of a few hours, for that would constitute a plain old piss-up - but neither can it overly entertain, at which point the undertaking is jeopardised through detraction. Kurau Phantom Memory is, as an unsuspecting anime fan might find out, the perfect tool for the job, with enough writing mishaps to fill an abandoned diamond mine and spanning what seems like four times the amount of airtime over ...
Jun 3, 2023
I guess you can say this anime didn’t really live up to my expectations. The first half was pretty straightforward and understandable with the two main characters being swapped at birth and then now their parents decided that they should put them in marriage. It was a pretty interesting way to start off and gave me hopes that this could be a fun romcom about how these two were swapped at birth, but are now being put together to marry but when I continue to watch through the first half of the episodes, then the second half it began to fall flat.

For the typical ...
Jun 3, 2023
Mixed Feelings
This was an interesting watch to say the least. It's a very standard 'beginning of zombie outbreak' story with an unusually light-hearted tone. The main two girls being a manzai comedy duo does at least offer some justification for the light-heartedness. Speaking of the main duo, their friendship is both the most developed and most enjoyable part of this OVA. Their comedy routine wasn't particularly funny but personally I felt that made them more charming. The side characters are given personality and fleshed out about as much as they can be in only 35 minutes. The writing is competent and tight, but there isn't much ...
Jun 3, 2023
Miru Tights is a bit of an outlier in both the slice-of-life and ecchi genres. I wasn’t sure what to expect of this series beforehand, but it was definitely worth the watch.

The episodes are very short, clocking in at a 4-minute format. But in return for a short runtime we were blessed with some of the best artwork and animation I have seen in anime in recent years. The visuals are outstanding and a breath of fresh air in terms of visual style. I checked out the original artist, Yomu, after finishing Miru Tights and I can see now how faithful the animation studio was ...
Jun 3, 2023
Prison school is about 5 boys trying to graduate from highschool in a school that was once a girls school. This is a pretty typical setting for an ecchi anime but the difference between Prison school and regular ecchi anime is that the story focuses on the aspect of being imprisoned and the followed urge to achieve freedom. Which is why this anime also includes complexity in its storytelling.

Prison school is a well executed mixture between comedy, ecchi, romance and drama. Even though Prison school contains a lot of scenes filled with curiosity, it is able to convey a dramatical storytelling. Especially the relationships ...
Jun 3, 2023
Before watching and just reading the synopsis and watching the trailer, I already felt that this anime was very good and perfect, the visuals were very beautiful and the characters were made very interestingly, the backsound was also not too much maybe because it was accompanied by a mystery story. Because this is a Mystery Anime, there are many questions that I want to find out the answers to and maybe those questions are just theories because there is no truth told in the Anime Story, the most questions I think about are about the 'Urashima Tunnel', but that's enough for me to think about ...
Jun 3, 2023
Pole Princess!! has been a surprisingly rewarding breath of fresh air, in short :)

For anybody willing to take a minute or two to look into what pole dance is nowadays (away from strip clubs) or anybody interested in performing arts, I think you'll be richly rewarded if you give this niche anime a chance. Anybody who lacks the maturity to either try to understand or accept the creators' vision will probably be better off sticking with the run-of-the mill stuff everywhere else.

Story - 9/10

In the context of a short series, I'd say the story is about right, in terms of complexity and depth. I've given ...
Jun 3, 2023
Mixed Feelings
if you want a satisfying good ending then just finish the anime on Season 4 and skip the Season 5, but if you want a good ending with absurd and boring storyline, antagonist with an advanced version of Mimasaka, and cooking with a weapon and clown outfit then just watch Season 5

And also on this season, i feel they better change the title to Shokugeki no Nakiri instead Shokugeki no Souma.

But even though I don't really like this season, the last song in last episode was a good though (Its Season 1 OP but with Piano Ver.) i would like to add those song ...
Jun 3, 2023
Mixed Feelings
The second season brings more characters, which I thought was unnecessary for the plot and even made the main story worse because several of these new characters did not have a very good deepening, which meant that in the end several characters were left aside and without any purpose.

The interaction between Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes is still great and even better than the first season, they manage to transmit a feeling of friendship and love that maybe is the purpose of the anime, and for me that was the highlight of the anime, I even wish they had more time together in the end.

The ending ...
Jun 3, 2023
I was introduced with this anime a year ago but didn't gave interest to watch it because I thought it's another isekai harem anime, thanks to its poster with Hestia's big OPPAI and some weird shorts but after more than a year in 25 may, 2023 when I didn't had anything to watch and I was just scrolling shorts then I saw a danmichi edit of Bell's battle. So, I started watching Danmichi just to kill time and as expected it has harem setup in 1st season but I like Bell's character development too much so i continued to 2nd season, In this season story ...
Jun 3, 2023
The 1st episode is criminally overhated. If You seen Future Diary/Mirai Nikki then the first episode of this anime should mean nothing to you and it shows, this anime really just sets up the theme of this world and its characters. I find they done the theme well personally, I don’t know why people dislike it. When I first saw the episode it really seemed to impact me personally and I found out easily that the tone of the anime’s world is going to be dark, melancholic, hopeless, bleak.

After the first episode, Everything gets better, the main character is a chad in armor. ...
Jun 3, 2023
As someone who typically isn't drawn to moe anime, Bocchi the Rock surprised me in the best way possible. It managed to break through my preconceptions and captivate me with its relatable characters and unique animation style. Do you want a delightful series that stands out from the crowd by seamlessly blending comedy, relatability, and heaps of wholesome goodness? This is the show for you!

Bocchi the Rock revolves around the journey of a young girl named Bocchi, who battles social anxiety with a passion for music. The story follows her as she strives to overcome her fears by immersing herself in challenging social situations. As ...
Jun 3, 2023
You'll be on the edge of your seat as Tokyo Revengers Season 2 continues the popular anime series. This new season picks up where the first one left off, delving even more deeply into the compelling worlds of time travel and gang warfare.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 has compelling storytelling that skillfully combines dramatic action, moving character growth, and surprising plot turns. The show deftly juggles elements of mystery, suspense, and a hint of romance, creating a compelling and satisfying viewing experience.

The animation is still excellent, with explosive fight scenes that are expertly choreographed and visually stunning. It is impressive how well the characters' different personalities ...
Jun 3, 2023

The story of Hotaru no Haka is captivating, set amidst the backdrop of war and the constant threat of invasion. We are introduced to a brother and his younger sister, experiencing both heartwarming and challenging moments. As the plot unfolds, it takes a progressively darker turn, showcasing the harsh realities of life. The story stands out as a sad tale, but it avoids clichés and instead presents a realistic portrayal of sorrow. This authenticity adds to the overall impact, evoking a deep sense of sadness due to its realistic nature. As someone with a younger sister of the same age as Setsuko, the protagonist's sister, ...
Jun 3, 2023
This anime certainly wasn't one meant to deliver much of a story. Yes, there is a plot, and yes, it does explore the plot, but it more so explores the cast. The first tag is comedy, and that is pretty much all it was meant to be. The "plot" is mainly just there to serve as a basis for the jokes and comedy that comes with it.
What makes this show funny is just how weird the cast is. The main character, Yuuko, is in extreme poverty. When she learns of her family's history from her mother, she accepts what comes with it. Oddly, even ...
Jun 3, 2023
I review both seasons as a unit. The second season is slightly better, but they are highly similar structurally and stylistically.

Viewers delight in tightly knit plot. They love a studiously assembled edifice, free from contradiction, a perfect deductive construct. I studied math; I sympathize.

Code Geass throws a decisive middle finger at that sensibility. Contrast Hunter x Hunter's reverence for reasoning (https://myanimelist.net/reviews.php?id=452920). Togashi creates an entire board game to avoid polluting his story’s logical integrity. His Gungi games are beyond critique, for no human knows Gungi strategy. Code Geass’s characters play chess games with boardstates that make no sense. They flaunt the rules with their ...
Jun 3, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (8/? eps)
In this season we get vase breathing bubble boy and Oppai breathing cleavage girl.

To be real tho, imo this season falls pretty flat compared to the Entertainment District, the pacing is very sluggish.
We just be getting backstory after backstory, to the point that even vase breathing bubble boy decided to hang out upside down for 3 years contemplating life.
It’s been 8 episodes and we’ve seen like 3 Hashira breathing techniques, and only 1 of those was Oppai breathing. Speaking of which, Oppai breathing cleavage form hasn’t gotten her backstory yet, so that’s probably gonna take up another episode.
On the up side, the fight ...
Jun 2, 2023
Most people might find this specific anime hard to watch at first,the male character is extremely toxic, and the relationship itself also starts in very toxic way. But somehow all of that made the anime really entertaining to watch. For example I think it was really interesting how the teenage "first love" experience of a lot of us was almost perfectly displayed: you are in love with someone that doesn't loves you back, but you can't get over it, because this person is constantly giving you signals that they might like you, that you might be special to them, but they get you all hyped ...
Jun 2, 2023
There is no amount of words in this world that is able to describe this series. They answer just enough questions to keep you interested and leave you with wanting more, so so much more. If you are a creative person this will ignite that light inside of you of wanting to build and expand upon what little we were given in the grand scheme. Such a beautiful and interesting world and cast of characters.

The use of 3d animation is done in a stunning way and for the best, this is one of very few series id say is better for it being 3d ...
Jun 2, 2023
Preliminary (9/12 eps)
I don't actually review anime but here it is. This review is done after i watched ep 9.
'Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu' with great adaptation is absolute banger with refreshing story and animation, tones, lightnings gives the touch to it. The story is refreshing and touches the feelings of the youthful romance. The amount of work they gave making every scenes is fine 10 for me. Love its Ending and Opening, its too sweet to skip every time i watch.

I love how the main character is (emo) like struggling to understand his true feelings. And how the relationship slowly builds up with no ...

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