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Mar 23, 2017
TevishSzat (All reviews)
Some shows are about what they make you think, offering a deep, detailed story and well-detailed, nuanced characters of whom you get fantastic studies. Other shows are more about how they make you feel, and play on your heartstrings (or, in some cases, strike your funny bone) by putting the right notes in the right places with expert timing. Angel Beats! is more of this second type. That's not to say the story is bad or the characters are flat (As you can guess from the overall rating, I rather liked it) but the show is driven forward not by the story read more
Mar 23, 2017
Erol (All reviews)
TLDR – Bizarre premise, incredibly funny, interesting characters with great ambitions. Art and animation for a Silver Link show is great, Music is also great. Up there for perhaps anime of the season.

Imagine Sakamoto but a jackass. That is basically the introduction of the main character of Masamune-Kun no revenge. I know this sounds like it would turn you away from him but it only results in you acquiring a love-hate relationship with him. It’s also good because the main girl of the anime is the exact same and therefore you would be a hypocrite if you liked her but not him.
It’s weird to step read more
Mar 23, 2017
Animex95 (All reviews)
Its probably high time that i should give a piece of my mind on this anime. Many complained the oversexualizations and shock values the anime presents. Many said it was bad, it was all over the place but in my opinion...that is where it shines the brightest. The story was so bad it was a brilliant roller coaster shitfest that would leave you craving for more at the end of every episode...well at least for me.

Cross Ange was a disaster of a storyline that combines action, sci-fi, mecha and ecchi all together in one. Despite having only 24 episodes, the pacing was so well done read more
Mar 23, 2017
TheHardcoreAnime (All reviews)
Where to start with Uta no Prince-sama... An anime that's about composing music and trying to be an idol with the most annoying main character on Earth and the only reason I had to put this anime on pause. Will I drop it? No... But only because I'm waiting for something interesting to happen, though something tells me it won't. I've seen about 5 episodes and I've already had enough of it. The only thing that's good about the anime is the male characters. Even the animation is pretty horrible, even when they're singing and dancing, which is supposed to look good.

This is the read more
Mar 23, 2017
GoodEyeForHentai (All reviews)
Pre-review TLDR:
Kidnapping netori rape hentai done incredibly well. One of the more plot-focused OVAs out there and this one is certainly worth checking for the plot, the characters, their interactions and just how things end up after everything.

If none of the things I mentioned at the first line are your thing, then probably stay away from it because it gets a teensy bit heavy by the later parts. But if you can stomach such things then probably head on and watch it for the plot if anything. And for the ones that do like the stuff I mentioned, then brace yourself and get to watching read more
Mar 23, 2017
Cinefil_original (All reviews)
I got a notification saying "Bleach Colourful has just been added to the data base" which got me hyped up so I hurried and checked it out only to find out it is an old OVA which I've already watched long ago,

My hopes got crushed, thank you MAL.
Since I have seen the show so long ago I will write an ambiguous review.

The story revolves around this festival in which the Captains of the 13 squads will take part, showing their troubles while coming up with ideas for their costumes (or something like that).
As expected, this show features the same characters found in the original series, read more
Mar 23, 2017
regularfanb0y (All reviews)
Just a heart warming anime series <3
Heart warming art style. Cute characters. A little bit disappointed that there's almost no story at all, just daily things about cute witches who want to get on well with human society. If you want to relax after work you should watch this anime.

- Story: 4 (like i said, a slice of life anime with no outstanding details)

- Art: 9
Peaceful rural area with no annoying fanservice things like boobs, lolis, booties, pantsu,.... this series is really make me smile whenever i watch a new ep.

- Sound: 7
Nothing special but remind me a lot of things read more
Mar 23, 2017
regularfanb0y (All reviews)
Honestly, this anime is not my taste.
It's a good show for average daily entertainment though.
At first, giving Shiro appear as a little cute cat, talented in art yet lack of living knowledges, need of cuddling and caretaking. Turnout, she is a genius, she's just flawless, she can learn everything in a short time. How the fuck she's like 2 yrs old kid in the first 4 eps ? It's like she's just pretending. This Shiro is like the Shiro in 'No game no life', same name, same abilities, same boredom to me. Looking to 19 ep left, i thought this's gonna be a read more
Mar 23, 2017
Its-Maki-kun (All reviews)
On March 22nd, 2017, Sword Art Online The Movie : Ordinal Scale came out in my country and I decided to watch it on the premiere day which was pretty hard to come by since it was full booked for some reason. Yep, Sword Art Online hype made this anime movie sold out on the very first day it released in the theater where I watched. Luckily, I bought the ticket a few days earlier just to earn the best seat in the house.

Moving on to my review. I would say when the story itself isn't very upstanding, the original character isn't very outstanding too, read more
Mar 23, 2017
NastyNaptime (All reviews)
This show started out pretty good. It seemed like a simple slice of life show, the dragon spin was cute. I don't normally watch Moe stuff, but I wanted to give it a try. The first couple of episodes were enjoyable. the OP is really catchy, the character designs are nice and there were some nice attentions to detail that I really appreciated, the bookends being old irons for example.

Then the show indulged itself into pedophilia shit, and I can't express how disgusted I am. My biggest problem with the show wasn't even the disgusting twister scene, no. My disgust with the show, the read more
Mar 23, 2017
SZAList (All reviews)
At first i was not expecting much from SAO yet again because i did not really like the anime series that much with it's lack of development and plotholes. But then after watching the movie at the theater, it turns out that i was somewhat wrong. Some of you guys might understand this.

Story 4/10
Then again it's SAO. Plotholes and utter bullshits will happen otherwise. It really is decent and there is really nothing special about it. The pacing at the beginning were very very slow then it excalated quickly during the final 30 mins filling the plotholes when in the beginning you were like, "What read more
Mar 23, 2017
Rhapsody- (All reviews)
This is a story about... ¿revenge?

Masamune-kun no Revenge is definitely an anime that gives to talk. Just by reading the synopsis you are attracted and curiosity makes you watch it, ¿and what do you find? Masamune wants revenge, ¿why? Because his feelings were rejected as a child. ¿How will he do that? Wasting his life in finding the chick that rejected him to waste even more time in make that she love him and then breaking her heart ¡Wow, how mature of his part!

It is understood that this is a romantic comedy, so as such, the plot should not be taken so seriously, but that read more
Mar 23, 2017
Cutiecat0110 (All reviews)
This looks and feels like one of those video's that's played on repeat in museums where you can leave kids to stare at it for a while while the parents actually look at the exposition.

The narrator talks about the constellations, how our ancestors saw figures in the starry sky and how they are still the same compared to 2000 years ago, and then strays off to focus completely on the story of the constellation Libra.
It's honestly hard to not spoil anything cause there barely is any story to it.

It emphasizes the whole "the gods have left us humans cause we are bad and should read more
Mar 23, 2017
Oshiroibaba (All reviews)
This.. This was a waste of my time. I've watched hundreds of horror/suspense movies and anime. This was without a doubt one of the dumbest things I've watched.

First off, You should watch Corpse Party: Missing Footage, That adds about 1 minute of backstory and 10 minutes of grunting, screaming, crying and brutal gore.

There really is little plot in this, I feel it could have been solved out in 2 episodes lasting 20 minutes each if that. It is interesting to see what happened, however, they never fully tell you why. You learn little bits and pieces and you need to put them together read more
Mar 23, 2017
Septillion (All reviews)
TL; DR IBO S2 is disappointing.

The second season of Iron-Blooded Orphans is a disjointed sequel that is disappointing to say the least. None of the emotional weight that the first season carried managed to make its weight into the second season. Rather than being a meaningful continuation of a remarkable series, IBO S2 ends up becoming a predictable series that at times can almost seem like a chore to watch.

My biggest complaint would be the show’s attempts to generate an emotional response. In the first season, the audience was introduced to a group of battle-hardened child soldiers bent on forging their own path. And like read more
Mar 23, 2017
canyouread (All reviews)
All aboard the hype train! Fans have been anxiously waiting for this since it first got announced back in March 2016, myself included. Expectations rose, excitement heightened, and the internet blew up once they caught wind that there was going to be an SAO movie. With such high expectations and hopes, did Ordinal Scale live up to the hype? Let's find out.

Story - 8/10
I'm assuming that everyone that's reading this has already watched at least the first arc of season 1. If not, turn back now. The story is good, adaptively creative. Basically, what that means is that the director took an existing plot and/or read more
Mar 23, 2017
Crusader_8 (All reviews)
If you really want a good dystopian story, watch literally any other show featuring a dystopian society.

This show is bad. I give it a 4 for "decent," but this is quite charitable only because I know people will watch this under the belief that it is deep and thought-provoking. However, the only thoughts that provoked me during this show are "why is the writing so awful?" and "why are the characters awful?" Overall, I didn't really see a point to the story or any *meaningful* or worthwhile message that the writer was trying to convey. And if there was a point, it was definitely off read more
Mar 22, 2017
camay1997 (All reviews)
Action junkies will find Bakemonogatari lacking. But I've been expanding my palette and this satisfied on all levels. It contains several interesting and diverse characters and a plot that focuses on the emotional motivation behind the supernatural events rather than battling the monster of the week. The art is great and surreal, giving atmosphere to this supernatural tale. It's smart and complex and for a more mature audience which was what I was looking for when I started watching it.
I have one overt complaint that though. That is the tremendous volume of text in this series. It's already subtitled so I have to read the read more
Mar 22, 2017
orkuncan (All reviews)
İts literally like 7.5 well i just voted 8 .

Story is not a story we usually see and it grows like you would expect , overall it might have been boring for most people but like this kind of shows .

To be honest for characters they really look cool ok but way too coloful and some of them are kinda gayish bro . While other people complain about harem and ecchi genre animes i think this one lacks screentime of female creatures in general :D but gotta give credits to head manager/warden and Hajime's meetings , it was fun

Art like i said was colorful read more
Mar 22, 2017
jjang4814 (All reviews)
Another gracious piece of work to show high budget graphics and bouncing boobs aren't what makes a great show.

I can't say that edged 3D graphic is enjoyable at first sight and is probably the reason why majority of people ignored this show as I did in the beginning. However, soon after its release, Kemono Friends became such a huge phenomenon internationally that I had to hop on as well and soon the graphics wasn't discomforting anymore.

Just as 'Steins Gate' did, watching about 3 or 4 episodes makes you absorbed into seemingly childish lighthearted plot. However, the constantly reminding ominous background setting in the back read more
Mar 22, 2017
camay1997 (All reviews)
Main protagonist with a mysterious past, check. Cute little sister with a brother fetish, check. Buxom love interest lacking the powers of other characters, check. White haired friend of our main protagonist turned enemy, check. New character with unexplained ties to our heroes, check. Cute mascot to sell toys, check. Character with unrequited love for main protagonist, check. As you can see it's very cliched and all that's fine. The characters are designed great and the animation is smooth and fluid. I enjoyed this anime way more than I ever thought I would. But I have two major issues with this anime that lower its read more
Mar 22, 2017
camay1997 (All reviews)
Beautiful but not perfect sums up the praise pretty well. This series is gorgeous. So gorgeous I question my people were so impressed by the motion picture Avatar. The backgrounds, the foreground the characters everything is just very pretty and detailed. The story centers on everyone's favorite type of character; a rich spoiled pampered princess with no cares or woes in this world. She's in love with one of her two bishonen childhood friends, Su-woon. Su-Woon to avenge his father kills yona's father the king to usurp the throne.Yona flees the castle with her other bishonen childhood friend Hak, the spear wielding thunder beast. Eventually read more
Mar 22, 2017
telerabies (All reviews)
the problem of hentai anime is that they are borderline anime, mostly fantasy service or appeals to certain fetish. The genre lacks nourishment. There are only a few exceptions in which the scenes are so captivating that the viewer's sexual desire temporarily recedes. Kite (1999) was one. And for a moment, this anime is.

The story and characters are very interesting in this hentai. Honestly I was quite surprised that the story did not haste into and the sex scene does have a narrative reason to be there.

(and the system won't let me submit the review because not enough words)
(and the system won't let me read more
Mar 22, 2017
snapler (All reviews)
Rate a 6
English Dubbed ( i say English dubbed but understand this is a non vocal anime show. The only spoken words are in the intro the rest is either captions or music.)

Generally not a continuation based show but when needed they will keep in mind where they left off and remind you if you forgot. This is show is more see what happens before taking action. A waiting game if you will. Not like a mystery where you can keep going looking for clues.

Basic. Not terrible like that of a child not a great like that of a pro. When it comes to certain read more
Mar 22, 2017
camay1997 (All reviews)
I’d like to thank Cr’s Queue Review for getting me to watch this series. It works, I actually tried it based on the video. That said, I came into it with an open mind but was skeptical. And in the end, concluded it’s good but not for me. Don’t get me wrong, it has good art and character designs. I found the story innovative and interesting. It’s a great diversion from the clichés that have plagued anime for the last decade. My issue with this show stems from the fact that it does everything good enough. There’s action, but not always. There’s comedy, but not read more
Mar 22, 2017
numbersixes (All reviews)
Zhen Hun Jie (Rakshasa Street) retaught me the meaning of ugly crying. If you have to watch a Chinese/Korean anime series for the Anime Watching Challenge, take a chance on this one, honest.

Story: 8 for Very Good.

As was said, the episodes are short but the story still progresses, with a plot and a sub-plot that are both engaging. Both with twists, both easy to understand with a bit of thought.

Art: 6 for Fair.

Nothing too memorable. The 3D and 2D animation together: that needed some work.

Sound: 8 for Very Good.

Giving this an 8 for the soundtrack. I really liked the music, especially through the title read more
Mar 22, 2017
keyzc (All reviews)
I like its simple lively pastel-colored arts animation and upbeat music. Who would've thought that there would be a space-themed school anime that also talks about business and politics in a straightforward manner? It really does start slow and I wasn't able to connect with the characters that much that I would've like at least one character that would make a good impression on me or create a memorable moment right from the start, not in the last 3-4 episodes, However, Classroom Crisis managed to focus on its overall message it wants to present with only 13 episodes. Thumbs up!
Mar 22, 2017
HDMaster (All reviews)
This is my first review on this site, so here goes nothing.

I'm going to start by saying that I didn't expect to enjoy this series. It didn't even look like the kind of thing I'd attempt watching. But enjoy it I did, immensely so.

Story: 9/10

The story was a bit convoluted, it wasn't exceedingly easy to follow, but for me that is not at all a turn off. I only mention it because I assume it is a turn off for others. In any case, it possessed a good, thoughtful plot that made at least some sense as it went from point read more
Mar 22, 2017
Firebolt13 (All reviews)
This show honestly defied all expectations I had of it, which is to say I absolutely expected nothing out of it from the start. I am not a fan of fan service in anime since most times I want to enjoy a series for its story instead of its tits and ass. When I first heard of Keijo i think my jaw almost dislocated with how fast it dropped. A show where well endowed girls battle each other in skimpy bathing suits with their butts and breasts? It might have been the most ultimate level of fan service I've seen in read more
Mar 22, 2017
Immortalbear (All reviews)
Anime remains the best visual medium for showing fantasy.While Game of Thrones is a great live action television series, the series always struggled to make its fantastical elements realisic. The production cast probably breathed a big sigh of relief when they killed off its giant at the end of season 6. Western cartoons tend to have good animation but are always focused on kid audiences unless they are adult satire. Only anime can show fantastic elements and remain believable. Sadly there are only a few quality fantasy anime (Berserk, Magi, Fullmetal Alchemist). Why? Because crap like this clogs up the works!

Story: 3

The premise, originally starts read more
Mar 22, 2017
3xTripple (All reviews)
After 9 years, MAL suddenly decided to add an old OVA to the database. If you're like me, you probably just had your Bleach hopes and dreams crushed after finding out. Sadly, this not something new. It's been around since 2008. It's basically just a gag bit about the captains of the soul society thinking up ideas for the Jump Festa.

Story: 5/10
The bleach characters are basically just thinking up ideas for the Jump Festa. You can see the characters (mainly the captains and vice-captains) and their individual personalities acting all goofy, but it's really not that funny or entertaining in my opinion.

Art: 3/10 read more
Mar 22, 2017
namv22 (All reviews)
This is the typical stereotype of anime, girls wearing clothes that show their body for the fan-service and fighting monster

It's like a kind of mahou shoujo anime but with mecha and futuristic monsters

You might think: 'What if this show is good, how about give it a try?", my answer is DON'T

It might caught your interest at first but soon got boring just after 2 first episodes

But hey it's your own choice, don't take advice from a guy who got triggered by the story of Kuzu no Honkai, I still hate that anime

Tried this anime and I made a face that just like my friend when read more
Mar 22, 2017
TakamiKaribuchi (All reviews)
Holy knight is short series that leaves out to still be learned about the story. I would still say it's good though.

The synopsis actually give a really good description of the story. Shinta goes to special school and ends up meeting a transfer student, Lilith. She starts trying to hang around him a lot and starts mentioning a ritual that requires Shinta. I'm leaving out some of the story because I give too much information, I'll be mentioning almost everything major that happens in the two episodes. These 2 ovas do leave a lot of detail out and it should read more
Mar 22, 2017
KiritoXxS (All reviews)
Revenge, Love, i believe these two words describe the Anime, Masamune-kun no Revenge has a story that i've never seen in a while, i won't spoil too much but give me a chance to try and get you watch this show.
(i decided not to watch the whole series before i write this review, by the time i write it there are already eleven episodes out.)

Story: I've watched many different kind of Anime shows, Masamune-kun no Revenge has something new in it, having the protagonist be for the first time (for me at least) introduced in such a way is something different and nice, how read more
Mar 22, 2017
Touch (Anime) add (All reviews)
itsafunkything (All reviews)
Touch is a very endearing story about growing up and love. As I searched for what to watch next, this came across my radar few times but passed it because it was about baseball - a sport which I had no idea about and still understand only basic aspects. Luckily, after watching Slam Dunk I decided I enjoyed sports anime and decided to give this a go. I'm so glad I did because this anime has a special place in my anime experience. Touch uses baseball to tell a bigger story about growing up and love. Synopsis is pretty accurate where Tatsuya takes a back read more
Mar 22, 2017
PipeBoss (All reviews)
Sometimes is hard to adapt a novel and more to adapt a novel designed for a video game.

The story messes with the psychological of the human mind. Plays with the emotions and the lack of decision from the main character Makoto when he wants to pick a couple. In this "adventure" a lot of persons are involved, hurt, and confuse their feelings during the entire animation. I understand that sometimes our feelings could mess in a bad way but give me a break this was too much... fantastic but possible in particular societies.

Makoto gets involved in a love triangle between one student that he read more
Mar 22, 2017
daimonfo (All reviews)
I really wanted to like this anime. Sadly, the more I watched of it, the less I got into it until the final episode where I was happy to have watched it... because I didn't want to watch it anymore.

Its not a bad anime, but I think that somewhere along the road it became a disaster. The story stopped making sense, the characters were flipping out for silly reasons and did things that at the end of the episodes made no sense.

What killed it for me was the story. After episode 6 or 7 the anime turned into another anime that I didn't sign up read more
Mar 22, 2017
JLeMasonry (All reviews)
Scum's Wish (Kuzu no Honkai) is a fantastic anime about terrible people. Its story is surprisingly deceptive, and surprisingly headstrong in its delivery. Scum's Wish will take no prisoners, and it's not afraid to show you a world that's more like our own than any I've seen in anime to date.

To cover all the necessary aspects beforehand: Scum's Wish has a decent - perhaps even moderately good - soundtrack. Its music complements each scene well with dramatic effect and necessary tonal shifts. Its art style is more unique than most, engaging with in-screen boxes and out-of-sync sound bites, although I must admit that, like read more
Mar 22, 2017
lordfriezer (All reviews)
I'm sure a lot of people who've watched this movie had seen it in a movie theater, and I'm no exception. This is the only anime movie I've seen in a theater, and you always know that the loud sound and big screen made everything better. So lets dive into this review.

So the plot really is not anything original. So there was this new VRMMORPG game released and it's called Ordinal Scale which is why this movie is called SAO Ordinal Scale. And just like SAO, there's some dark motive behind this game. When SAO survivors get damaged or die against a boss in the read more
Mar 22, 2017
(Anime) add (All reviews)
typewar (All reviews)
Contains a few spoilers..

In this series, I felt like the only drawback was the story. The main concept was cool and interesting, but they could have shown it off in a whole different way. Example: The series could have started off showing Fear's previous life. And then she could maybe in some way meet Haruaki. That would been a nice start.
Going further, it would have been nice if some romantic was shown.
I really disliked the ending because of the "help" they got, and how the main characters didn't manage to kill the "Final boss" while they had the perfect moment to do so.
Finally, I would read more
Mar 22, 2017
daimonfo (All reviews)
Its been a while since I wrote another "review". Oh well...

There is nothing wrong or right about this anime. Its another harem where MC is being liked by everyone and is the best because the writers said so. The story is sort of interesting and there is potential here, though I feel its squandered on the harem genre.

I liked the characters though there is nothing special about them. The MC is also nothing special, maybe the whole reading books is kind of cute, in a nerdy way. I like it, its nothing special.

You aren't missing much by not watching this, but its a cushion anime read more
Mar 22, 2017
okabekun (All reviews)
well anyway from the story it looks like interesting and not only looks it is interesting if you tried first ep i mean I didn't see that coming from a romonce anime and with saying from the first ep it was surprize XD well i liked the whole anime and enjoyed it and the the character development was not bad to tho i think it was little fast but anyway its only 13 ep so yeah it well be fast XD
and the story was really good I really liked it tho i can see that this is not the end maybe i well try read more
Mar 22, 2017
91 Days (Anime) add (All reviews)
Hotaru16 (All reviews)
Ok, this is my first review I've ever made and never thought it would be for this genre, but I needed to. (Also forgive any mistakes since I'm not a native english speaker. Thanks~)

Story ~ 9

Mafia themed anime is not rare to find, but still 91 Days outstands. Seems a bit cliché the story of a person who search revenge for someone he loved and that's what 91 Days revolves around but, be patient and watch it to the end. It. Worths. It.
The plot got darker (althought, it's refreshing to see a little humor time to time between dense parts) and it's a lot read more
Mar 22, 2017
larkinsmithx (All reviews)
The release of sword art online saw a whole wave of these MMO RPG genre shows which I don't entirely despise, but generally dislike. This show was no exception. Firstly, the character design was decent, I liked most of them and especially enjoyed it when megumin would make an appearance, being the shows most likeable asset. However each episode felt as if it was going nowhere and each episode I also came to realise the lack of anything. The animation was terribly lazy with way too many still frames, the op was generally bad. And I found myself bored by the end of each episode. read more
Mar 22, 2017
PyraXadon (All reviews)
Ah, Konosuba. The fantasy RPG parody that swept the anime community by storm with its bizarre mix of problematic characters and real world cruelty put in a fantasy setting ushered in a new thing for those in the anime community to fawn over. Many were swayed into the cult of explosions, and no one still likes Aqua. So it was natural that a second season would be coming in order to keep the hype train rolling. Though shorter, how does season two compare with its season one predecessor? Um...well...

Story: Konosuba. Boy dies in a hilarious accident, transports him and read more
Mar 22, 2017
ToujouKirumi (All reviews)
Pan de Peace! is a very sweet anime, sure I can understand why it's boring and yes I thought it was pretty boring too, but Pan de Peace! Does a good job at being what it is, sweet.

Story - 5/10 - The story is nothing, it really isn't anything. It's just about a group of girls eating bread and then talking, it's so basic and simple but it works out with how the show is structured. Is the simple story bad? Not really, other shows work with a simple story really well, but the problem with Pan de Peace!'s story is that there is no read more
Mar 22, 2017
wyxchjtr47 (All reviews)
Story 9/10:
The plot is very simple: beat the best teams in the country. As a basketball player and fan, I feel like this anime’s plot captures the concept of having fun competing. What I enjoy most about Kuroko No Basuke is that it has what people clicked to see: basketball. It doesn’t pad out its run time by trying to shove exposition in our face, instead we mostly are getting prepped for the next game to be played. Episodes that allow us to cool off from the action in between games are entertaining because the utilize the colorfulness of the cast. Otherwise, action is 70% read more
Mar 22, 2017
WTDauntless (All reviews)
That's literally what I define a "Fail-Ambitious" project: those kind of things that are made thinking to create a masterpiece, and then fail really hard, so hard that even a blind guy would get how bad is this show by only listening to the dialogues...
The artwork looked to be good even if computer based, a rare thing that deceived me, but the more episodes I would watch the more I would be disappointed.
The story has no sense, character are so freaking stereotyped and poor characteryzed to make me ill.. overall a boring show that made me mad for losing 12x24min of my life...
Mar 22, 2017
Gattmartna (All reviews)
A series that has been lost in the sea of Anime shows over time, this review should bring back up to the surface for a brief time so let's get started.

The Story involves a tribal group that have become at odds with the current empire and than are brought into a plot to revive the legendary demon king rumored to bring destruction to all. that plan backfired and instead the demon king allies with the tribe as their new chief and plot to reestablish a long forgotten nation and bring down the current government to be rid of it's influence and corruption while facing a read more
Mar 22, 2017
Fuuka (Anime) add (All reviews)
cookiedestroyer (All reviews)
[spoiler free review]

The story is okay but nothing outstanding.
The art and sound (especially music) is good.

What I didn't like?
All the drama is so forced and it's somehow painful to watch.
I never experienced this before: I want to see how it ends but I have to pause sometimes because I need a break, the behaviour of the characters is often awkward and just stupid.

The genres look interesting? Here's what to expect:

It's indeed about music. MC learns to play his instrument in a very short time. That's not how it works, but alright.

A lot of forced drama with really childish arguing.

Can't disagree but it makes a read more