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Today, 12:41 AM
Nyanko Days (Anime) add
Basically Nukoduke, but gayer (+1) and not really about the cats themselves/the interactions between owner and pet; rather, it's more about the human characters.

At 2 minutes long, the episodes are unfulfilling and relatively uneventful. The main character, Yuuko, is relatable to anyone who was more of an outcast at school, and her relationship with Azumi--the popular girl in her class--is cute, but both these characters and their interactions feel to me like they lack depth. I'm really hoping this changes, but at the time I'm writing this, it's just a shy girl and her popular, near-perfect girlfriend, with not much else defining them other than their mutual love for cats.

I do recommend this anime. With that said, don't expect much other than sheer cuteness going in, because that's all it really has going for it at the moment. This is something you watch after a hard day to have a short little break from life and indulge in tiny cat girls. (though, 2 minutes per week... maybe wait until the series is finished before watching this)
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Today, 12:18 AM
Seiren (Anime) add
Recently, I read a manga about a geezer becoming young again through "magic". It was essentially a pseudo-reincarnation. Easiest way to spot a power fantasy.

Anyway, geezer decides to drown us in nostalgia by setting up and ruling a dungeon like in RPGs of old. He summons a hot demon to oversee the construction. The hero (female) arriving to stop him is won over within a chapter. "Ugly" slave girl given to him as tribute is made beautiful in one fricking panel. Sounds typical? It is. Except he bangs all the girls.

And boom, best harem MC ever. This turd is essentially Kirito in every form, but that one is bland writing, while here we have 'nothing but respect for this MC'. That is honestly the top comment on a chapter on Kissmanga. With 200+ upvotes. Just because, sex.

This just shows the mentality regarding bland MC's. If you want to check out the manga, I don't blame you, honestly.

So, Seiren. I could say it is a sweet romance. I could say 4 episodes is just right, without pointless rivals and irritating love shapes. I could say the art is decent, and the girls cute.
On the other hand, I could say it is nothing new. The girls all fall neatly into tropes we've seen before. I could say the characters are inconsistent wrt personality. I could say there is no romance or drama for a lot of the runtime, potentially making this a snoozefest.
I can say a lot of things, but most of them would be invalidated by the herbivore of a MC.

Dull, self insert MC's are the cancer of today's anime for many. Not the self-insert part, mind you. Onii-sama has 4k favorites. No, having a dull MC is the death knell of a show nowadays. Seiren is no different. Hard to care about his romance when the character is the definition of 'boring'.

Apparently, this sells in Japan. So we'll get more of such shows. There's nothing we can do. Or is there?
You got me, this is not a review, but a petition for everyone to buy 10 copies of Inferno Coppu. If it succeeds, studios take notice of it and we get more MC's on the level of Inferno Coppu. If it doesn't, you have 10 copies of the greatest thing to ever come out of the anime medium.
It's a win-win honestly.
Till this revolution occurs, the only winners will be the studios making money of average titles like Seiren.

Say no to mediocrity. Buy Inferno Cop today.
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Today, 12:14 AM
ēlDLIVE (Anime) add
ēlDLIVE is probably the shittiest show I have ever watched till this day, and I watched School days, Bloodivores, Shuumatsu no Izetta etc. But this is cringiest to the point where even I, with abnormal tolerance for cringe can't stand it any longer. Animation is shit, sound can't be that bad so it gets mediocre, characters are so cringy, poor and annoying that it gives me cancer. Even Gucchi, who I thought was going to be the bad guy who is not a fucking joke ended up being as cheesy as everyone else. Don't watch this unless you want to experience a total garbage of an anime.
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Today, 12:02 AM
Initial D First Stage (Anime) add
Initial D the first stage is one of those Solid VERY GOOD shows. It's got decent art, interesting characters and an excellent soundtrack not to mention it covers the rise of a legend. Akina's 8 6. Also It might have been my first introduction to one of my Favorite Voice Actor's Josh Grelle. who plays The main characters Best Friend Itsuki.

So if you're bored and need something to watch but don't think older animation is worth your time well, Get over yourself hop over to Hulu or Funimation and have a hell of a good time, trust me.

And hey if you still don't believe me. Check out my Discussion and Review for Initial D's First Stage on my You Tube Channel, Thom Talk Stuff.
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Yesterday, 11:54 PM
Drifters (Anime) add
Ah Drifters. You know what happens when you finish Hellsing and just can't quit that craving for Kouta Hirano's style of badass action, story and psychedelic Illustrations. You check out the newest Anime Adaption of his work Drifters.

This is one of those Alternative History Fantasy series. Hirano- sensei-senpai-sama....Kun takes badass warriors from actual History and throws them into and Alt Fantasy world where two sides clash It's really damn good. Plus you've got punk rock Intern of Evil Easy facing off with the most epic Social Worker of all time Murasaki. If you love a lot of heavy action, Gore, Blood, and epic one liners. You should really give this show a go.

And, if you have seen it already. Check out my Discussion and Review from my You Tube Channel Thom Talk Stuff.
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Yesterday, 11:53 PM
All Out!! (Anime) add
aehm ...

No quite Kuroko CGI and camera angles or Hajime no Ippo yet i find myself at 9 am on a rotten monday strangely not annoyed by anything at all after three episodes; which, after passing on 10 others after 5-10 minutes of the first eps is a welcome relief on this broke soon to back unemployed hunting for needle in a haystack jobs without an electromagnet-day.

Considering the fact that im an overstimulated quality junkie with mutant alien blue blood this probably means i should be able to finish the whole season unless they resort to below the belt or panties comedy after a few for lack of inspiration or ratings. I dont know if these series are done when they're released or not. Im new to the scene but as old as saint seya and hokuto no ken
whcih actually taught me my first french since the only place to see was french tv just like the only place to find goldorak was luxembourg. See im losing topic again, i always do that. Too much in my head and brainfog. i think there's a rumble in the jungle downstairs
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Yesterday, 11:35 PM
Gin no Saji (Anime) add

This show somehow makes farming super engaging, so props for that right off the start. The story centers around Hachiken, second son of a upper class family. He chose the school only because it was literally the farthest away he could get from his toxic home life (which they only get into in the second season).

So, knowing nothing about earth science, dairy science or agriculture at large. The show mostly follows him learning about the farm life, and all the modern science, business and labor that goes into it. And it this sounds boring I promise it's not.

Yes this is a slice of life in all means, but, I just found myself drawn in to the characters and where it as was going.
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Yesterday, 11:27 PM
Absolute Duo (Anime) add
Cool thing about this anime. It was chosen for me by my poll on Google +. I watched it for my Daily Anime Ratings Collection.

We've all seen this kind of anime before. It's a harem anime. With a high school setting and weapons made of spirit. Ya know it's been done before. Like a lot. But ya want to now what makes this anime worth watching. The Relationships with the characters. It's what defines the series itself.

Why do the characters push themselves to become better? Their Relationships.
Why does the Antogonist push forward with his bitterness? His Lost Relationships.
And what makes this show stand out? Yeah I think you got it.

IF you have seen this show before I'd love it if you checked out my Discussion and Review for the series on my Youtube channel Thom Talk Stuff.
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Yesterday, 11:18 PM
Nanatsu no Taizai: Seisen no Shirushi (Anime) add
Ya know I really wish I could have given Signs of a Holy War a better score but I'm bitter for how damn short it is. The show was a lot of fun. Not a Season 2 as advertised by Netflix. More of a season 1.5. The series was mostly episodic with not a lot going on. Kinda daily life in Liones before the journey continues.

If you have completed these episodes. I'd love it if you checked out my Review and Discussion from my You tube channel in the link below. I could really use the support and constructive criticism from the fan base to get better and keep putting out good content.
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Yesterday, 11:00 PM
Hataraku Maou-sama! (Anime) add
I talk about this series all the time. I usually Call it a mix between a working sitcom and a fantasy Dramedy. You've got the Overlord Satan Conqueror of the world working at a fast food Burger Joint. Then you've got the Lovely red head hero who's come to end him once and for all, working at a call center and struggling desperately not to become a love interest. Tsundere's right? I'ts not like she likes him or anything right? BAKA! The show just has it all in my opinion. An amusing and interesting plot, Fun characters you can't help like and Douchey characters ya love to hate. It's an animated sitcom full of a lotta laughs, a little action and a whole lot of fun.

Hey, If you've already watched the series check out my You tube discussion and Review for the series. In the link below. Boy, I hope that's aloud.
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Yesterday, 10:41 PM
Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace (Anime) add
I write this review with gladness and joy knowing that the Lerche A team was working on worthwhile projects like Assassination Classroom and MonMusu while the Lerche B team was indulging themselves on dollar store mystery novels and power fantasies when they decided to, for some reason, combine the two and animate it. I am willing to say that Seiji Kishi probably just glanced over at Ranpo Kitan's script and waved it off while looking at more worthwhile projects, while the writers took that as a go-ahead and told the animators to get to work. But nonetheless, here we are, with a mystery show that holds an extraordinary ratio of "piss you off" in contrast to mystery. Ranpo Kitan is a disgrace to Ranpo Edogawa's work, and if you are thinking of watching this show because you are genuinely curious, I beg of you, the cat may have come back after satisfying its curiosity, but it remained mentally scarred of the horrors it witnessed as a result.

Story: 3/10
If there's one thing that Ranpo Kitan's story had in common with a regular story, is that I felt a sense of exhilaration when I finished it. This exhilaration is, of course, less because of excitement that I finished a story, but more because of gratitude that I finished this story. The plot is paper-thin, with the script writers probably just looking up "really really cruel deaths" on Google and thinking of a real life situation where that could happen. They then had to think of some extremely weird and convoluted way that those deaths would happen, while the main characters are somehow so enlightened in the art of investigation that they can come to a logical conclusion through threads of evidence that don't even tie together. Why this show even bothers trying to be all mysterious is the mystery element, as after the second episode, the ending is usually right in front of the viewer's face as the genius detectives do it again! By somehow tapping into the element of luck itself and hope that their theory, based off of nothing other than logical fallacies and insufficient evidence, works out in the end, which usually results in a confession from the murderer. It's like clockwork, if the clockwork squeaked really loudly and should probably get fixed since it gets more and more annoying at time goes on. The only reason this section is not a 2 or 3 is because of episode 4, but more on that in the Character section.

Art: 6/10
I really do wonder if the character designers are full of people who unironically say "the dick makes it better" when mentioning feminine-looking characters, because that is the main character. Yoshio Kobayashi looks like someone you pull out of a trap doujin and stick clothes on him. And if that's not enough, he apparently has a fetish for crossdressing, so there's an abundant amount of scenes where you have this "boy" dressed up in a frilly dress, with an abundant amount read more
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Yesterday, 10:34 PM
Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel (Anime) add
School girl striker is one of the peculiar series. Hit or miss is the right way to describe the show. Either you love it or hate it. It's like K-ON or Hyper Dimension Neptunia. It's a bunch of cute girl doing something with one storyline each week. Thats why the story each episode can bring different feeling sometimes its good sometimes its boring.

One episode one story isnt bad buat i gotta admit the story kinda lacking when the story isnt focused on the main Group. Either other groups just pop up to progress the story or just to compare their ability to the main group. We can't guess why the main group is inferior than other group because the story didn't really tell and that is huge drawback this anime has.

Overrall score : 6
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Yesterday, 10:29 PM
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (Anime) add
I had to create an account to write this review and i will say that it was very well damn worth it! This anime was filled with a roller coaster ride of emotions and it isn't the typical cliche anime (which i don't mind watching) and this stands out above the most. Honestly it deserves another season and for a person who doesn't read manga's, this actually might make me consider reading the light novels. If you're thinking about watching this.. WATCH IT, you will not regret it!

Story, 10: Honestly i don't know what to say about this but wow.

Art, 9: The art in the anime is great and as you're watching it through the episodes, it will get better and better!

Sound 9: The opening and ending of the anime is the part i usually skip in other animes but in this, i would actually listen through it and especially the soundtracks used in the episodes, it makes it a more emotional moment to cherish

Character, 10: character progress leaves a mark when you're finished with the anime because it shows the importance of friendships and how strong a bond can be.

Enjoyment, 10: I thoroughly enjoyed this anime so much that i had binged it in less than 3 days! I don't regret this and i never will!

Overall this was just an amazing experience and a tear jerker. I would 100% recommend this and let me just say that if you choose to watch this.. be prepared for the ninjas hiding with onions around your room!
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DanMachi is a fun anime. There are not long or deep narratives to wrap your head around. You don't even have to really watch each episode to know what is going on if you jump in the middle of an arc. It is easy to dislike the show for what it is, a cliche harem adventure anime with cool stuff thrown in, a recipe for enjoyment. For me personally, that is all I need to consider an anime to be good. If you delve into character developments so long and convoluted that you have to take notes like you are in some kind of lecture hall, you are looking for the wrong kind of show.
The story is what any pure adventure story should be, the kid wants to be the very best to achieve greatness. Throw obstacles and more goals in his way to create a sense of character development and you have a sturdy framework that fight scenes and boob jokes can be attached to.
The art is great. The characters have a wardrobe that changes often and each character's equipment was cool and well put together. I personally would love to cosplay as Bell if I had the time to put to it. The city are full of meticulous detail. The art for the dungeon definitely was focused on key scenes and the final episodes however. I wasn't as impressed by any special details or work put into the dungeon where most of the show took place.
The soundtrack is excellent. I liked this soundtrack better than almost any other anime for mood setting and general ambiance.
The characters are plain. I cannot argue that. If you want more character development in the anime and it is the only reason you don't want to watch this, then just 'head cannon' the hell out of it. I personally like to imagine Bell is dealing with more inner struggle with the girls he is stuck between and is realizing that Aiz may not be what he is looking for. But I do admit the fact that every girl in the anime wants Bell is quite annoying and one of the reasons I often dislike an anime.
Ignoring some of the random oddities that make me shake my head at times, I can enjoy this show more than almost other I have seen. I can sit down after watching something that truly made me feel unwell (ecchi harem anime recommended by a friend) and remember that there are some anime that are just fun to watch.
In the end, I wish there was more DanMachi to come, but I know this is just another show for some easy money. I enjoyed this show greatly and re-watch it often when I am in the mood for some adventure.
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Yesterday, 10:14 PM
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Anime) add
I'm really not one to make heavily negative reviews towards a type of anime I know I wouldn't enjoy (despite truth be told I've seen way more tasteful examples of this genre) -but I just had to see what the fuss was all about before I make my objective conclusions on this show.

The anime is exactly what you expect if you've seen any clips, its about some boring looking girl who gets her life all raveled up with these dragons who can live in her world by transforming into stupid looking humans. It's a stupid story but this obviously wasn't made for audiences to think much about.

So, after barely living through 3 episodes, I just can't really keep watching it anymore. It didn't help that it was just beyond unfunny and unpleasant to look at.

Its just a terrible , tasteless , mind numbing, trope-filled and most of all questionable piece of animation in a moral stance. I'm shocked in how they managed to slip in pedophilia into this already crummy show.

I can't recommend this to anyone except if you're one (or more) of the following in order to get ANY enjoyment off of this anime:
-a feeble minded person
- a closet pedophile (or someone who enjoys lolicon)
- a lesbian with a overly active imagination
-a weird yuri fanatic
-otakus who have no standards
- a extremely perverted loser

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Yesterday, 10:08 PM
Prison School (Anime) add

So I didn't expect to like Prison School nearly as much as I did. In fact, this may be one of the best anime series I've seen thus far. What I'm seeing from people discussing this show is contempt for the more risque and bold elements it utilizes so often. A dismissive attitude is taken towards just about every facet of the shows storytelling, structure, and characters when you can wave the magic "fanservice" stick and reject the positives that this story brings.

To describe this further, I want to go to the root of the issue. Fanservice. What does it mean and how does it affect the way someone views something. Especially if that someone regards fanservice as wholly negative. Or, I should say, what fanservice has become.

Let's begin.


[Fanservice : What It Means and What It Is]

Fanservice, as a term, began as a description of a series, show or film, that gained a following of fans that imposed their views onto the creative staff. This could be having opposing views to the stories being developed or something as simple as pushing a relationship between two characters that only they see.

Instead of proceeding with their own vision, the creative teams of these products decided to cater their content towards the fans. Which meant creating plot devices, no matter how contrived, to create these pairs or storylines. At its base, this is exactly what fanservice is. Servicing the fans. Giving them what they want to see. This is a negative term because it often resulted in characters being flanderized.

Flanderization is a term that strictly exists in the media landscape. The general definition is a character losing their humanity and becoming nothing but a collection of their most popular traits. For example, if there's a great child character that also happens to be excessively adorable and the fans love the kind of cute shit this character does. If the creative team decides that they want to make this show strictly about fanservice, they'd slowly forget about every other character trait just to force scenes of that character being cute. Therefore flanderizing the character and making them more hollow as a result.

Fanservice, as a term, grew from there. It evolved to talk about fans of a medium in general. Like anime? Well you have a specific set of things you may like that are generally included in just about every anime there is. For example, this could be the fact that as a whole, a vast majority of hardcore anime fans love seeing cute girls with big tits act clumsy and stupid. So now every show past a certain demographic has a cute, clumsy girl with big sweater puppies. That's servicing the fans by creating content that the creators think they'll like without the fanbase for that specific piece of work existing yet.

This is how a list of certain tropes and archetypes began flooding into anime. Seemingly overnight an influx of certain character types penetrated the industry. read more
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Yesterday, 9:55 PM
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (Anime) add
Humans have always tried to use various media to convey and general theme or message towards an audience. Whether that theme or message is true is irrelevant, but what is true is that humans definitely seek to reach a higher understanding with the art it creates. Incomes Gainax, blending stylistic origins to create a show that somehow defies a tradition that has persisted since the beginning of media itself. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt doesn't try to reach for something higher. It contents itself with the cesspool that is basic entertainment and makes it tolerable, almost numbingly enlightening in the end. In the end, many would call P&S a satire comedy, and I'm inclined to agree with them on most of the definition. However, unlike Kill la Kill, Trigger's attempt at satire, P&S doesn't become the very tropes it satirizes, and it strikes a healthy balance between the absurdity of the mundane and the comedy of the absurd.

Plot: 8/10
The story of P&S is neither episodic nor chronological, but rather something else entirely. While events of one episode may influence another, some episodes would be considered tragic endings in other shows. Deaths do not matter, as the show moves on with a sort of carefree leisure that is rarely seen of a story. It is as if the story satirizes all other stories with the way it moves so effortlessly forward, looking at possible plot holes with a snicker and walking away without patching it at all. While some would say that this is just bad script writing, the plot holes feel left open with purpose, not just because an overworked script writer said "Screw it" and smashed together a couple of plot devices to create a working story. The story is incoherent and random on purpose, and that gives most of the story a sense of freshness and exhilaration, allowing the viewer to focus solely on the art, the sound, and the badassery of the characters. Only at the end does the masterful styles of Gainax writing shine through, while at the same time laughing at themselves for repeating a very significant and memorable trope throughout their other shows. The story of P&S is nothing outstanding, only because it doesn't try to take center stage and let the other elements of the media shine through.

Art: 10/10
A beautiful weave of westernized influences and traditional anime styles, P&S combines two worlds that would've never met before, taking the best from both and making an art style that is uniquely Gainax and no one else's. From the animation of the opening to Panty and Stocking's transformations to the art style of episode 5, every moment feels planned out and detailed to perfection. The art in this show is definitely the strongest point, and may also be its most important point, as the wonderful palette and color combinations evoke a sense of brilliance and splendor like nothing else. Every moment is eye candy, and sometimes that is meant more literally than figuratively as we read more
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Yesterday, 8:08 PM
Super Lovers (Anime) add
My roommate and I watched this as a joke and got exactly what we were looking for, so I guess it has that going for it.
Even beyond the incest, sexual harassment, and pedophilia, it still doesn't manage to be anything more than cringe worthy and unrealistic (my roommate and I can only manage to watch ~one episode because it makes us so uncomfortable). And that's just the story- the animation did not do its score any favors, and all of the characters are shallow and unrelatable, even for a gay male viewer like myself.

I gave it a score just barely above a 1 because I liked the dogs, though, and because being able to roast it with friends is genuinely enjoyable.
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Yesterday, 8:03 PM
Re:␣Hamatora (Anime) add
I'm super happy that the second season was successful instead of it being a total dud compared to other second seasons I've watched. Right away I can say the animation definitely matured since the first season. The colors are a little more dull, giving the show a more ominous atmosphere, which played perfectly with the plot. 

The plot was amazing. I loved how we got some more of Art, Nice, and Hajime's backstory. Even though I hated it, Art was a great villain. His motives were legit and understandable, unlike villains I have watched in the past. I really don't want to spoil the ending, so I'm just going to say that it was FAR better than the first season's ending. THIS was the ending I was waiting for and I am so happy that the show ended the way that it did. 

As for the music, I specifically liked the theme song. It always got me riled up for the episode because it was so upbeat and catchy. I always found myself dancing in my chair or slightly bobbing my head to the beat. That's when you know a theme song is good. 

Overall, this short series has really touched me and I'm very happy to have watched it and come to love the characters.
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Yesterday, 8:00 PM
Yuri!!! on ICE (Anime) add
Wow... that's pretty much all I can say. Never in my life have I heard of a love story like this one and I'll go ahead and say that it was probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. 

This anime was truly moving. It was such a pleasure to watch, and I'm so sad it's finally over. I can't express how beautiful the storyline was and how lovable all the characters were. From the beginning of episode one to the end of episode twelve I had a blast watch it. Not once was there a dull moment whether on the ice or not. The concept of this show was unique and original, not like a single one I have seen before. Not to mention the LOVE between Yuri and Victor. Seeing their relationship as it grew was absolutely beautiful and heartwarming.

Music is a big part about what makes an anime enjoyable for me. The music in this show was outstanding. From the theme song to the skating programs, I loved all of it. The creators did an amazing job bringing out the emotions of the characters with the music.

Much like music, animation is also a major thing for me, and oh my gosh this show did GREAT at that. The art style of the theme song was beautifully done, I loved all the colors and the little skating program done by the three main characters. Speaking of skating programs, the animation was so charmingly done, I was speechless. The accuracy of how the skating programs played out was astonishing. 

I really hope that a second season will be made. I loved every bit of this show and would love to see more. 
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Yesterday, 7:52 PM
Kuroshitsuji II (Anime) add
I heard lots of bad things about this season, like a LOT. I heard that the plot sucked, the new characters sucked, I even saw Alois Trancy on a top ten list of the most annoying anime characters. Since this is a part of the Black Butler series (although not directly related to the original show) I decided to watch it anyway. 

Throughout the entire first episode, I was starting to believe that this was some spinoff of Black Butler because neither Sebastian nor Ciel were in sight. I was wrong. The first episode is mainly to introduce the new characters that will soon become Ciel's enemies. Our original protagonists that we all know and love soon come on screen, and when I saw Sebastian the first time in this show, it made me really happy. 

If you've been online and seen anything about Black Butler II, you've probably seen a lot of hate towards Alois and Claude. I thought I would end up hating them like everyone else, but the truth is, I thought they were great characters. Many people think of them as a Ciel and Sebastian 2.0, but I believed they were quite unique in their own way. I wish the show was longer because I would have really loved to see more of Alois and Claude. I feel like they were very interesting characters and it's sad that they don't get enough praise in the Black Butler fandom.

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Yesterday, 7:42 PM
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add
In recent years, fantasy films like sword art online & log horizon have become so popular and effective . Many producers begin to mimic, and borrow this fundamental structure where they begin their plot with characters being "stuck in a fantasy world". Konosuba, Grimgar are examples of it. Compared to other series, Grimgar has the potential to achieve the depth that other series cant, and produce a brilliant masterpiece.

[Please be reminded that this review is based on the current season,]Anyways, the pacing of the show is horrible. The show can take as long as 20 whole seconds where the frame is still. And there are many repetitions throughout the story. The story is also extremely generic , and i have seen better approaches from different series. However, one thing that is different from many animes is that Grimgar gives closure. It properly finishes off an arc and it addresses all issues very well. Basically, the plot is well cemented and it is impossible to find loopholes. Balancing both pros and cons, i would say that the story is sub-par, if not slightly above average.

At first glance, anyone who have seen the trailer etc would know that the art is stunning, and captivating. A-1 Pictures has repeatedly shown us that it is capable of producing high quality Art and animation through films like Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Nanatsu no taizai.

The opening is really good, background music is not something that is worth remembering. Thats all i can say

Character development is fantastic, unlike many series, this show takes PLENTY of time to properly groom their characters. As this season approaches an end, we can see how the characters differ from their original selves.

Something i would not mind watching on a weekly basis. But its definitely not something that you would extremely look forward to. Like for e.g ERASED
Its a pretty decent anime if i would put it in words.

7/10. Still, this show has the potential to do well .
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Yesterday, 7:23 PM
RS Keikaku: Rebirth Storage (Anime) add
This tv special anime has a very high potential if given a chance to make it a proper tv series. I daresay that the creators concept of "Let's make the Mecha shows we want to watch!", barring executive meddling, would have fully realize in this anime project; shame that it hasn't been greenlit to become a full-fledge anime series.

Why did I say that? Several reasons which I have listed below:

1) FeMC - okay not quite "main character' but the main pilot, which equates main character in a mecha show, is a girl.

2) No romance (a rarity in mecha shows) - the two pilots acts as reluctant comrade-in-arms that became friends gradually. Unless you're a rabid shipper, romance between them is nil (and not just because of the reveal).

3) "mecha' gender-roles are reversed - The main pilot is a girl and the support pilot is a boy, meaning the "muscle" is the girl while the "brains" is the boy when it's usually the opposite. Also, the role of a 'nice' doctor/scientist that may be cold/analytical on the inside and possibly a villain (which is often played by a man) is a woman and the role of a stoic faced commander that is a softy/sentimental in reality and have no choice but to hardened his heart for the sake of humanity (sometimes played by a woman) is a man.

The plot, the 'true' rebirth plan, is intriguing enough for me to want to know what IS happening; the cause of the invasion and the pilot's hinted origins.

Overall, I gave this a "fine" rating of 6/10 on the basis that this is a "special" anime episode and whether the creators delivered their "vision" in the best possible way they can with the constrains they've been handed.
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Yesterday, 7:01 PM
Nyanko Days (Anime) add
A very cute anime, but one that while not leaving much to be desired, is too small a dosage to satisfy and occurs infrequently enough to leave you annoyed.

I actually have to admit, I really do like this anime, it has the perfect amount of adorableness to tranquilize me, and the characters are fun and likable. But with how short each episode is, instead of leaving me hooked for the next episode, it leaves me with the feeling of "that's it?" that when combined with each episode only being released weekly, makes it very hard to get into and get any real satisfaction.

Puchimas is an anime I would often suggest, as while it was short, it lasted at least a few minutes, enough to allow a small plot to potentially occur, and enough time to let the cuteness take effect. It also came out once every weekday, ensuring that there would be a constant dose of cuteness every day of the week.

I would have enjoyed it more if the episodes were at least a couple minutes longer, even if it was still just once a week, it would have offered more to get me hooked to it each week. I would personally suggest that this might be better for doing a binge watch after it is finished (well, finished a season at least) than trying to watch on a weekly basis. Because otherwise it mostly offers a small distraction during your week, rather than a lift-me-up that a full season could.
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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Anime) add
This is one of those animes which you REALLY should not judge a book by it's cover. I came into this anime from a friend telling me, "There's a drunk person and then the person meets and dragon. Later on the dragon becomes a maid, and the person is like, I don't remember wtf."

(updated up to episode 2)
It's pretty simple, and original yet unoriginal at the same time. A drunken woman (Koybashi) wanders into the mountains, finding a dragon and saying it could live with her. The next day she has a hangover and remembers nothing, until she opens her door to see a giant dragon in her door way. And suddenly, she's her maid under certain circumstances.

I'm one of those people that are okay if a story isn't completely original as long as it's built correctly. So far, it's very nice and lighthearted, but with a unexpected bits of sadness sometimes. However, the anime paces itself so these bits of sadness work.

It's KyoAni, the people who made water look like magic. The artstyle is bright and attractive, but not NGNL or Konosuba bright.


Nothing particularly noteworthy, but nothing earbleeding either. The Ending is pretty catchy in my opinon and the opening will give you a laugh at how random the animation is.


The characters have a lot of potential, and as of episode 2, I don't expect any ground breaking feats in character. (although the dragons do break the ground literally in the anime several times.) So far we have Miss Koybashi, the straight woman with an average life. She's caring, a introvert, and works a very stressful job. For now, she makes a great foil to let the dragons shine.

Torhou has a bit of a tragic backstory, but it's not revealed yet, and I'm very curious as to what they will do with her. Usually she is very spunky, unbeat, and silly. Oh, and she also loves Miss Koybashi, which is played off as a joke most of the time. I hope as the anime goes on she doesn't get annoying.


I'm absolutely loving the anime right now and look forward to what happens. I honestly don't know why this anime has such low ratings, because it seems like a very nice lighthearted comedy.

Also, I would recommend Squid girl, if you just don't want to watch a currently running anime. It's similar in a sense of humor of a person not doing anything logical and has two seasons.
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3-gatsu no Lion (Anime) add
Well, well, well... How should I begin... First of all I have to prevent that I will do my review in french. Your eyes may burn with my english, so... Let's just start !

3-gatsu no lion est honnêtement pour moi un bijou, un chef d'oeuvre et bien entendu c'est un avis subjectif. Je veux juste que les gens comprennent à quel point cet anime vaut la peine d'être regardé et apprécié à sa juste valeur.

L'histoire 10/10: On suit l'aventure de Kiriyama Rei, le personnage principale âgé de 17 ans et professionnel de Shogi. Pour ma part j'avais déjà entendu parlé du shogi (Akashi Seijuuro ou encore Shikamaru Nara xD), mais sans jamais approfondir la chose et grâce à cette histoire j'ai pu découvrir ce monde qui est plus complexe qu'il ne paraît. Ça nous montre qu'on a pas forcément besoin d'action pour aimer une histoire et pour l'apprécie. Ça vous fera tout aussi planer et sentir d'émotions si vous y mettez du votre.

L'art 10/10: Wow, wow, WOOOOOOOW !!! Plus j'avançais, plus je prenais des claques et plus j'avais des frissons rien qu'avec le graphisme. Comment vous dire que les dessins sont magnifique, l'animation tellement bien calculée et réfléchie ! Ce n'est absolument pas un graphisme comme les autres. Les émotions sont super bien retranscris dans les mouvement, à tel point que tu ressens ce que les personnages ressentent. Ils jouent avec les angles, les couleurs, les formes pour faire ressentir quelque chose, pour dire quelque chose et ça franchement, je trouve ça magnifique. C'est vraiment de l'art pour moi, pas de simples dessins.

Le son 10/10: Encore ici, je n'est rien à dire si ce n'est que les génériques et ost sont magnifique. Dans certains animes les musiques sont la pour nous faire ressentir de l'amusement, de l'intensité, mais là ce n'est que pure émotion. Je peux même dire que l'art et le son sont très similaire dans ce qu'ils veulent faire passer. Dans l'opening 1 et 2, j'ai complètement voyagé, mais pas ailleurs, voyagé dans les émotions. Je parle toujours et encore d'émotion, mais je pense que c'est le but de cet anime. En écoutant l'ending 2 je plane complètement et c'est ce que j'aime ! Et une chose vraiment positif par rapport aux ost, c'est qu'on a eut droit à un en français ! J'étais choquée ! C'est toujours du japonais (normal) et de l'anglais, mais le français état une très bonne surprise !

Les personnages 10/10: Déjà le personnage principale... Il me touche énormément. Je dirai qu'on peut le catégoriser dans les personnages assez pathétique (je parle du vrai sens de pathétique, ce n'est pas péjoratif), tellement sa vie est misérable, et dont on pourrait se lasser parce qu'il n'avance pas et ne fait que se plaindre. Mais absolument pas ! Il est émouvant et nous fait nous questionner sur certains aspects de la vie et de l'être humain. Comme tout les autres personnages d'ailleurs. Qu'ils soient fous, joyeux, tristes, intimidants ou autres, ils nous apprennent tous quelque read more
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Kuzu no Honkai (Anime) add
In fact,I think Kuzu no Honkai is definitely the best anime of January. it has a extremely fantastic production team. The anime is directed by Masaomi Ando (安藤 正臣),which was also the director of white album 2. It is written by Makoto Uezu (上江洲 誠),which was also the writer of school days. Additionally,Masaru Yokoyama (橫山 克) presents its music,he was responsible for the music of your lie in April and lots of Japanese advertisements as well. They are all very popular and experienced animators in Japan. More importantly,they all have a common point in their work. Yes,their works are extremely sad,melancholy and exquisite. They are all about the suffered and unreached love. As a result,I personally think this anime will surely have a bad end,but I crazily love bad end anime... XD
PS:It's named Scum's wish in English,in my opinion,the characters in this series are all scums in some degree,however,they are not completely scums,except for one person(you will know after you watching the anime). Lots of people say that that character a bitch. She's a bitch,of course,but not because she has sex with men,is because she built her happiness on other female characters' pain. That is shameless and WROSE than a bitch. I believe she is a typical bitch and does not need any excuses to defend herself,and she knows about that. The original creator of the manga series of this anime,Mengo Yokoyari,her purpose is to let people know the thoughts of the scums,instead of finding excuses for those scums.
Basically,the anime is telling us:Superiority and vanity appear through comparison between people,once a person's vanity is satisfied,another person would full of inferiority.
That's why this tragedy would happen.
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The Big O (Anime) add
While it's aesthetic gives the impression of a mystery thriller series, as much as it is that, the Big O is also a mecha series of the monster-of-the-week variety. Roger Smith, the main character is a 'negotiator' whose negotiations inexplicably end in giant robot battles, in a world where no one's memories of 40 years ago exist. One would have thought that written media and records would make it infinitely clear what had happened even if you lost all your memories, but the less thought you put into that issue, the better.

The series is obviously influenced by Batman. Roger Smith plays the part of Bruce Wayne, complete with a mansion, a butler and various gadgets, including of course his very own giant mech, Big O. R. Dorothy, his android sidekick, is a standout character. Bearing emotions of her own and greatly resembling a human, she's nonetheless animated as a robot with stiff movements and physical strength. The episode A Legacy of Amadeus, where she learns to play the piano in a more human way from an android teacher, sets her up as a character conflicted between her human and android identities.

The best episodes are self-contained stories. In Winter Night Phantom, Dan Dastun, who plays the part of Roger Smith's friend in the military police, confronts a string of terrorist attacks as well as his own memories. The episode plays up the series' parallels with film noir by itself having a final scene in parallel with a movie from Dastun's memory.

The main plot arc of the series concerns the search for memories of beyond 40 years ago, and informs the plot of every episode; whether it be a bad guy who uses newly found memories for infernal purposes (many such cases!), or Dorothy's struggle with memories inherited from the human she was modeled after.

This is where the Big O really struggles in execution. Despite many good one-episode plots, the overall premise still doesn't make sense, and many plot threads, particularly to do with memories, don't reach a satisfying conclusion, or indeed any such conclusion. It feels as though the series had more material planned, and looking at the production history makes it clear that is the case. Instead of wrapping things up in a satisfying way, the series goes with a bizarre exit plan that plays up the nature of memories as ambiguous, a miserly cop out that seems to be a reflection of the writer's inability to come up with a coherent ending.

That being said, I doubt The Big O would have survived 52 episodes without the mystery-then-big-monster-fight format becoming monotonous. As it is, The Big O a decent series with quite a bit more going on in art style and narrative than your average anime, but it will remain insubstantial in memory.
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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (Anime) add
Sorry in advance for my bad english.

Story : 6/10
The story is pretty original, it gives us the chance to follow a girl that did not like this world anymore and hated almost everything, during the sad experience that is earthquake. I do not think that an anime have been made about that before, but the fact is that the story was really boring. I was waiting something full of emotions and sad moments, but until the end, there was nothing like this, just people that walk, eat and sleep, and do not really care about the others. You see people be saved, you see that people died, but you do not follow their death. I mean, clearly not enough. The start was interesting, the way that you are put in the situation is cool, but the middle is pretty boring, nothing is happening, and then the end is really not what I excepted from this anime. The story himself is good, but it did not focus enough on a lot of things that had a big importance.

Art: 6/10
Meh. The art was good in a lot of moments, the 3D moments were good as well, but in some moments, it was designed in a very bad way. When I say very bad way, I mean that I could almost have done better, and god know how bad am I in drawing. The environment was well drawn during all the anime, but in few moments the design of characters was horrible, and it hurts, really. And the art of the opening and the endings were disappointing. Only few images in black and white (not even more than 10) as opening, and some useless pics about useless characters on a black and white background as ending.

Sound: 4/10
You will sincerely get no good memories about this. The opening and the ending are very simple, it does not fit at all with the anime. Just a simple music, I really did not find the anime there, but more than that, the soundtrack was clearly average as well, it gave me no real emotions. Cool, there is a soundtrack, but it clearly gave me no feelings. And on this kind of anime, you wait feelings from the soundtrack, but at least, the voice of the characters was good, especially the one of the kid.

Character: 6/10
Ok, it wanted to have normal characters that could have been real. Put a little girl that is angry for no reasons, a kind little boy, some people that have no heart and could almost walk on little kids, some old person that help other people, and a simple woman that will help the characters that are too young to fend for themselves, and maybe you will get an anime with realistic characters, but no, it's not that easy. When you make kids face people that die, you can't let them be " meh, glad it's not me ", you just can't. And when you put a woman that supposed to protect read more
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Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel (Anime) add
Just for the heck of it i try to use this place to keep the ones i thought were good but.

This is what i personally call "textbook-anime". How to explain ?

If you could take the common HOWTO-rules from all internet tutorials on "how to make anime" and "how to draw characters" and all that

and somehow coded that into a scripting language interpreter

then stuff like this would come out

down to the gimmick of the side-chars being a weird word at the end of the sentence. Its like actually if you had the ruleset defined a computer program could render it from characters to storyline

this is totally why great anime sticks out so its necessary and well even pop music sells but

No worries, im not a critic i dont get my kicks on breaking shit down unless it personally ruined my life but i think i had to take position and explain

For what its worth , "Mori no Yousei: Kinoko no Musume" actually looks like it was generated by some primitve a.i. simulator but things like these you get 13 if you buy a dozen if you know wha ti mean

Well yes, my opinion aside b/c as the french say "des gouts et des couleurs" if its there someones watching it (thats not the tranlation) the interesting idea here is that it could actually be done. I mean google is bending its A.I. to whoop a$$ on starcraft so a random anime generator with a ruleset that does anything from story to character design to rendering the series with some vocaloid whatever theres plenty of api's out there. This would be like the "evangelion" or something preset ... ah sumimasen , i always get sidetracked
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Kappa no Ude (Anime) add
Rate of a 7 (good)
seen via japanese raw (there are no vocals just some words)

Overall a positive review.

-message/plot was nice. It was about conflict. Often as kids things don't work out but when things dont work out well with friends that hurts more. The way a fight works no matter what age you are is like so: someone walks away a winner; the winner claims some sort of prize; guilt sets it; you feel the burden that it should have turned out the other way; ending with accepting that there might be no more us but a piece with always be with you.

-plot: i am glad they had a slide or two which i think explained the purpose of what was going on.


-art:the characters were poorly drawn in

-art: the characters did not match the background

-a really deep message to grasp for a kid.

-plot: very confusing halfway in.

conclusion remark: as long as the viewer knows that this is a cartoon and not actual life but is able to retain the message i don't see an issue. It is a power message on friendship.
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Bakuretsu Hunters (Anime) add
If you like fantasy, magic and tons of comedy, this is a great choice. Bakuretsu Hunters was one of the pioneers to some ecchi cliches you are used to see on some other series. You will love its characters and laugh hard at their misadventures and craziness.
Personally, the story might not be fully developed. If you are interested on it you should better go and read the manga. Maybe, the series would have been a little bit more popular if this happened. Anyways, the whole series is really enjoyable and will catch you from the beginning.
One more thing: both opening and ending are wonderful. Just listening to them will make you want the whole series for sure.
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Run & Roll (Anime) add
Rate a 4/5
no vocals or subtitles

art- background changes were smooth and clean. Unless you were really looking for it you would not notice it.

plot/message: there was a kind message told here. it was do what you want outside with friends and play. Sometimes messages in life in art or video form are really focusing on certain people from what it appears to show. For example the modern laundry detergent ad in China debate. The goal was to express the effective of the clean but others see something else. I can see both sides but i don't think the negative side was intended. Going back to what i was saying about certain people having wacky weird characters that bare no close resemblance to any race makes for a perfect set-up to prevent racist ideas. Therefore everyone who sees this show can benefit from this message without wondering if it was for them or not.

plot- very bland. To me it was nothing more than a strip art on a long film strip. Meaning there was no cut in film it just kept going and going and going. Like following the energizer bunny in its walking time.

plot/message- i got the positive message because i am a deep thinker. i don't think children will pick that same message up without explanation. which why they should have had a caption line or two to explain the purpose.
art- was a tad bright.
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Youjo Senki (Anime) add
Haven't been this pumped up watching a new anime in a long while. Extremely satisfying, and love every second of it.

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Blood-C (Anime) add
Before i start can i say OMG THAT HUSKY MANLY VOICE (you'll know who when you watch it)!!! So, what can i say about Blood C? It starts off as a pretty normal slice of the day kind of an anime. It can be even a little bit boring while you wait for something bigger to happen. The scheme is the same - beautiful scenery, some singing, classes and the last 6 mins- fast battles with demons that doesn't look that good graphically in comparison with the anime as a whole (this is until ep 4). BUT then, oh my, prepare for LOTS OF DEATHS. BLOOD EVERYWHERE. There are censored moments for the younger viewers but sometimes i regret that. It can actually remind you of Shiki (still not as interesting though) if you've seen it - one after another and another.. and nobody in the freaking village finds it really strange?? And you start asking yourself questions why it is like that. And after ep 5 with the ghost stories there's finally some suspense going on about the truth, the promise, the voice (ahh that voice), about Saya herself and about that freaking coffee! Then 1 victim isn't enough and the pools of blood are just everywhere.. Yes, POOLS OF BLOOOOOD ! And what's annoying here is that "I promised i'll protect you all" part and in the next second you just watch people die and she's doing nothing until, well, they are dead.The last episode for me and the one before with it's revelations were kind of expected from me BUT they were kind of exciting and i think i'm gonna continue with the series as I want to know what happens next.

Btw I'd like to add that i do like Tokizane's look and voice as well. Very very much.

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Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
MASTERPICE~~!!! YOU CANNOT DREAM OF BETTER ANIME THAN HxH!!!! Since Ive watched quite a lot of those shounen anime, this one is just like 10/10 of all parameters. Even my favorite Fairy Tail didnot awake emotions that HxH did!! Actually you just live through lives of characters, you feel happy/depressed/frustrates/kawaiii and you know you never regret the time you spent on that brilliant!! The contrast is perfect, story is PERFECT AF, opening and music are just SPECTACULAR, i want to meet this composer and give him a big hug!!:D All my feelenigs cannot fit into this small review, but anyway... WATCH IT!!! TASTE IT!!! FEEL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HxH and all you have seen till now!! And later you say that my review was supehelpful and send me a big thanks for this reccomendation!!:D Gooood luck and have at least 1 week of nice time watching this candy!!!
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Crocotires Traction AAA (Anime) add
Rate 8 (very good)
No vocals
art/musical piece

This was a real treat for me. First impression was sadly based on the cover. I know about the old saying that is why i said sadly. However, it was that but not that at the same time. A slight mind tease but an enjoyable one.

-art was amazing. To think it was during the start of the h.d. (high definition era that started in 96) is wow!.

-plot: was very direct with a little 'spin'. They must have some wheel spinner thinkers in this studio to come out with this. What made it great was there way of expanding like rubber the known to the unknown. How is that a good thing? well, you got to keep in mind this is for kids. Not everyone grows up rich or with siblings so imagination is often vital.

-plot was also good in the regard that it stay true to the story that is tires. By adding tire like details in the plot/art. Whether it was the friction of the _____. No, i am not finishing that for you you have to see to get the answer. But hopefully you get the hinted idea.

-plot: one last good thing plot had was the message. Which was don't be air-headed blow up your ego. In other words life got you tired perk up.

con(s) -none
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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (Anime) add
I LOVED THIS ANIME. I haven't marathoned an entire series in one sitting in a while; I watched the first two at a club screening, then later restarted the series and ended up finishing all 13 episodes in a row. I'm wondering why I haven't heard about Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (TNK) before. Watching this showed me what a romance slice of life anime could do to your heart; it pulled at my heartstrings so, so much, and there were so many moments when I thought/said to myself "that's so... sweet." Typically when I start new anime the first episode doesn't enthrall me too much; usually it's after seeing episode 2 that I really want to see the rest. But TNK was riveting from the very beginning. It was surprisingly pretty fast-paced. In 13 episodes a lot happens. A myriad jewels of friendship and love brim in the air. The pot is full, like, all the time.

HARU YOSHIDA. This kid. He's so damn innocent! A delinquent who avoids going to school because other students fear him. Tends to get into fights easily. Has no friends. Doesn't understand a lot about the world. But I loved all of it. The seiyuu work was done brilliantly to convey his range of emotions, from inquisitiveness to anger to bashfulness. Watching him and the other main character, Shizuku Mizutani, was enough to make me glued to the screen. Both characters grew up with basically no friends, Haru as I explained, and Shizuku because she only cared about her grades. I've never seen a person, in real life, literature, film, or anime that's as diligent as she is. I must say she's either highly motivated or just plain obsessed. Anyways, human psychology plays a huge part in this anime. As both Haru and Shizuku are new to the sociable setting, it's not surprising that when they befriend each other as their first true friends this friendship evolves into something greater. As obvious as it may seem, it's not that simple. Robico delved very deeply into the emotions and inner thoughts of Shizuku as she struggles to understand her new feelings. As she tries to examine her relationship with Haru and not just her grades. Human love is a very powerful emotion. I'll just say that it doesn't only involve these two in TNK. The ways it can affect and change people. As an introverted person myself who finds it difficult to interact comfortably with most people, I could understand all too painfully this endearing couple. However, I've never experienced "true" love, whether one- or two-sided, so TNK was enlightening in a way.

There seems to be a prevailing theme and motif of human bonding in the anime universe. I wonder if that's a byproduct of adolescent society of Japan -- for whatever reasons, they appear to cherish social interaction, friendship and love. SO MANY (and this is a good thing, a magnificent thing; it's always wondrous to gaze at on the screen) anime series deal with this read more
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Itsudatte My Santa! (Anime) add
Rate of 10 (wow!)
english dubbed

Warning:has a powerful deep message but ends on a high note. Also this review is different. In terms it is not a pro vs con approach but more of a story of impact the show had told through an alternate window with an added bonus of comical flare.

Another day another long 24 hours. Is how i used to feel. Maybe it was things not going my way, low self esteem or other factors. Whatever the case i was not happy. Until i saw this show.

Granted i originally chose this for it's ecchi tag and a last laugh at the joke of life before my life ended. Yes, i got that deep. Sad but true. Moving on this movie completely changed my life for the better. This movie is an odd duck of showings for it's bizarre nature of misfortunes but it is those same ones that are slowly shown as fortunes. Talk about a clench eyed gasp moment. So much powerful good in all the bad moments.

Were to start... from the begining it is. fear not i will be very vague with what actually happens by changing my review into an alternate reality of the original show in order not to reveal spoilers.

Say my name is Eg. Most of my life i remained as one. Never once felt the comfort of a basket because of that it egged on my hatred of the bunny. How dare he do this! what did i do wrong? Why could i not be egs? My view on life unbeknown to me wrapped me in an invisible shell. Thankfully some rabbit smelt my rotten stentch and became intrigued. Sure the rabbit had other jobs to do like the rest of the herd but my stench was too powerful to be ignored. The rabbit tried it's best to crack me up but failed. I could have helped but was to involed with my Egg-streme (Extreme) that i remained Egg-sactly (Exactly) how i was before i met this rabbit. Maybe even a little worse off.

My Egg-splosive (Explosive) attitude was slowing chipping at the Egg-static (Ecstatic) personality to the point of us breaking apart.

When the breakup happened rather than dismissing off everything the rabbit attempted as a yoke(joke) i felt the small cracks the rabbit cause expand and deepen until my shell broke. At that moment i became intrigued. this was different. was i looking at light wrong?

Sure enough after looking and looking what i thought to be closed books i found that there was more to the story like the rabbit said. Rather than boiling in my emotions i just need to refrigerate to see the truth. Since that clarity i gained hope and with it cause a deeper smile on life that i became the chick i meant to be not a forgotten buried egg.

Now, the show could have stopped there. The story was already had a conclusion for the main character. Peace was restored but what about read more
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Tokubetsu Jugyou (Anime) add
I don't even know what to say.

Story: 5/10. I get half of the story.

Art: 2/10. The art blends with "Zero no Mono" and "Mamahaha". It's too ugly that the main girl character looks like a stick figure zoomed out of the animation. It was produced by Y.O.U.C,, the same dumbasses that produced some anime like (ex. "Punishment", Ai Doll, Mamahaha (The Dutchness of Busty Mounds), and Bad End). When I saw the first episode, The main boy character said that the main girl character moans too loud (when having a retarded climax) and he wanted to dump her. The animation makes me throw up of how I look at it. bleh!

Sound: 4/10. UGGGHHHH!!! The main girl's voice makes me want to hurl and the sadistic main boy character makes me want to smash a TV on this guy. When the girl was moaning, she sounded like she was in a attic (because the apartment had no furniture). The sound effects makes me angry.

Character: 2/10. Seriously? There are NO characters in THIS hentai that would be a great character.

Enjoyment: 3/10. Voice Acting? Good. Animation? Horrible.

Overall: 4/10. Gonna watch Private Sessions 2.
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Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen (Anime) add
Shin Mazinger Impact! Edition Z is kind of hard to nail down, it's rather controversial among fans due to it's unique approach to the Mazinger universe and to Yasuhiro Imagawa, who has a very distinct style among most anime directors. He's very much like Watanabe or Tarantino, as most of his works are homages to older movies and so on, and it's not surprising he choose to direct Mazinger out of all Super Robots shows, considering most of his directorial work.Much like other Go Nagai adaptations, this anime takes ispiration and characters from other seres of the author, this time from Guerilla High and Z Mazinger; there are also a lot of cameos from other Nagai manga, which are a given nowadays in any anime adapted from his work. As I said before, the style in which the series presents itself may be off-putting to most viewers, as the first episode begins in medias-res and shows what happens after the end of the series, and the beginning of episode 2 shows the finale, now saying it is off-putting is kind of an understatement, however this series is not aimed at newcomers, but at old-time viewers and those familiar with Nagai's works, so the structure itself shouldn't be a bother considering you can clearly make up what would happen after the "ending".Anyway, the shows starts properly in episode 2 already showing differences from any Mazinger series that ever came out, although Koji is again our main hero, the focus is also put on the Kurogane Five, which are characters that showed up originally in Gakuen Tatsu Otoko, although only Nishikiori Tsubasa has any impact on the plot; in fact, I found their addition to the cast rather uneeded and stole the screen-time to other characters like Sayaka, who was originally one of the main characters, and the Mazinger Army. The plot is overall very thick and convoluted, with each episode having various plot points and misteries unraveled as it goes on, which is something I found incredibly mezmeryzing considering the first episode is really just a bunch of random scenes Imagawa thought of and then had to explain and show properly, and he did incredibly well.On the other side of the cast, Dr.Hell is again the main antagonist of the series along with Blocken, Pygman and Ashura; which by the way the last metioned gets an incredible amount of character development making him a well-rounded villain instead of just a henchman with interesting quirks.The same can be said about Shiro, which was originally just a supporting character who now got an entire character arc.The series also goes more in-depth with other supporting characters like the Gamias ad Ankokuji, while also introducing concepts like the Mykene Empire and the Fist Of Zeus, which are all plot points from Z Mazinger.Now the structure of the series as a whole is very controversial, as there are a lot of flashbacks and flashforwards, which can confuse some viewers due to how unique to Imagawa this read more
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Magical Twilight (Anime) add
Rate of 7
English Dubbed
Censorship:Unclear (there are no scenes of blurring per-say but you don't exactly see everything either.)

A comedy/romance that has a couple surprising laughing moments. Two polar opposites forced to handle the same assignment. Is it a good or bad call?

plot: stays true. Despite what adventures await the original goal stays in mind.

characters: background is filled. I say filled because not only where each character known but done to the extent that side mission were complete. If you ever played a role playing game like elder scrolls online doing the side missions along with the main quests is considered playing the full game. For you reached the max in all areas. No rock was left unturned.

-art: censorship is sloppy. There is nothing but blockage and invisible pitched tents in the show. I say sloppy for why have a ghost like appendage when there are no ghosts.

-plot: very one sided. This anime is a blend of two worlds. The main goal is relevant to that factor. So, why does the focus ignore the other world? I want to know what they think is happening. I want to know if they can see what is going on. I want to know how they are fairing with others. In my eyes this was a vast plot concept that got shrunk.

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NHK ni Youkoso! (Anime) add
This anime is the most satisfying show I have ever seen. Most of that has to do with the great catharsis pay off at the end of each one of its arcs and just how everything manages to wrap together in such a gratifying way, even when the subject matter at hand is undeniably dark and rather depressing at times too. Welcome to the NHK still remains one of the few anime which critiques escapism and one of the many reasons why I adore this series as much as I do. To me, this show is the perfect balance of comedy, drama and romance while also splicing in some great psychological aspects. So, strap yourself in, make yourself a nice cup of tea, 'cause Papa LIQ is actually going to talk about a show he likes rather than ranting about some stupid 90s OVA no one cares about. I welcome you all, to the NHK!

Welcome to the NHK is a pretty simple story involving a twenty-two year old shut-in hikikomori called Tatsuhiro Satou as the show details his life from an unemployed shut-in to a somewhat functioning member of society through the interactions between the people around him, who help him get his life back on track. The most notable example being a girl called Misaki Nakahara, who offers to tutor Satou everyday in the park, but these are not just any ordinary lessons, these are lessons all about how to escape your life as a Hikkikamori! As Satou gets tutored by this girl, he begins to make more and more acquaintances in the form of his high school underclassmen, Yamazaki, his senpai, Hitomi, and a plethora of other characters. While, as I said, the narrative isn't all too difficult to grasp, the characters and theme exploration are what shine the most out of this show. Welcome to the NHK is all about the battle with your mind, coming over your anxieties and facing your fears, rather than running away from them, and only then, can you get on with your life. Its blend of dark humour and drama never feel intrusive on one another and the transitions between each of these moods feel natural. Also, unlike other psychological shows such as Ergo Proxy, for example, the messages are not buried under insane amounts of symbolism.

The first seven episodes of the anime are perhaps the most charming, funny and well written episodes of anime I have ever seen with no shortage of great character dialogue and internal monologues. Watching Satou's crazy theory about the NHK (essentially a theory made up in his mind to justify his living conditions) is the funniest and most interesting aspect of the show and just the way Satou lives and thinks as a person is also very interesting. While the comedy in the show is pretty funny, its being more than just that alone as the show comments on several social problems that the country faces, surrounding certain cultures, ranging from the obvious hikkiamori, read more
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Kara no Kyoukai 1: Fukan Fuukei (Anime) add
Kara no Kyōkai is an anime adapted from a Japanese light novel series created in 1998.

I haven't read the manga, so here's my review from what I understood.

Story (7/10) For a 50 min movie progression of the story was slow at times, though the movie did have some tense moments here and there, it was predictable at times, but It had some surprises. For me, figuring out what was going on was a bit hard, the the creators/animators failed to do that at times but in the end it wasn't very bad. The philosophical thoughts were amazing and thought-provoking, really in-depth.

Art (10/10) There were some lazy moments, but the art is probably the best I've ever seen.

Sound (8/10) The music was quite beautiful, though the voice acting was average, at times the volume was higher that it should be.

Character (4/10) We barely got to see any character development (if any at all), but for an introduction it's okay I guess...

Enjoyment (8/10) The in-depth thoughts made this movie quite enjoyable for me.

In the end, while it is very slow, I believe this anime has a lot of potential, and I would reccomend it judging from the first episode.

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Yesterday, 11:59 AM
Nyanko Days (Anime) add
Calling this anime as one of the most irritating to watch is just an understatement. I can sympathize with you that the anime is way too fucking short, and even if you planned to skip watching the anime until the full release of it comes out, you're going to have to deal with the op and ed, in which you have to skip it arduously. Unless, for the love of god, someone actually cut out the op and ed, and put every clip of actual content, excluding op and ed being played over and over again, then that would make the experience of watching this anime alot better. I personally dont really understands why a show that's so much cuter than most moe blob, or any other moe show that I've personally seen (excluding a few in which I couldn't remember the name). Although, from what im seeing, it's not much of a different show than how most moe show are, and that's to prioritize cuteness, childishness, and very slice of life with not much interesting or great theme in there, but only very simple or general theme for these kind of anime to have. However, I still enjoy this shit.

It's, overall, not a bad anime. I actually enjoy every bit of this anime, since the characters (well fuck the owners), is SO FUCKING CUTE!!!!!!!!! I just can't help it. That doesn't make me a pedo right? Well who cares anyway, cuteness is laifu.

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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime) add
I'm going to try to be as unbiased as possible. So, let me start by saying this was easily one of my favorite anime of 2016. Does this matter? Probably not. So, let's get right into it. Re:Zero is either going to be a hit or miss for most people and that's fine. Every anime has its short comings and this one is no different. Re:Zero's main character "Natsuki Subaru" is one of those short comings, but you find yourself wanting to root for him. He's abrasive to a fault and most of the events in the series that take place are the result of his selfish nature. You almost want to scream out "Stop doing that, dumbass!", but that's what makes this series so attractive. You feel an immediate connection to the characters, which is the main goal of any show. The pacing of the anime could've been a bit better, but the overall story and its concept are excellent. So, in conclusion, should you give it a try? Yes. Should you continue watching? That's completely up to you.
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Hellsing Ultimate (Anime) add
Now the original Hellsing anime came out in 2001 from Studio Gonzo. The general consensus was that it was a disappointment and fans demanded better. Luckily, Studio Madhouse with help from Studio Satellite worked together to create a 10 episode OVA series each with about 50 minute episodes. This idea was to accomplish covering more material from the source, create a quality show, and not to hold back on the blood and gore this time around. It took 6 years in total for the entire OVA series to complete, so how did it all turn out?

Imagine a world where instead of MI-6 or the CIA Britain has an organization made to protect from various undead threats zombies to vampires and more. This organization is called Hellsing and it is run by the ever awesome woman Integra Hellsing. Integra’s army-type personnel includes everyone from trained soldiers to mercenaries to her ultimate weapon. This weapon of hers is a seemingly invincible vampire called Alucard with his new vampire servant, the voluptuous sniper Seras Victoria. Together they battle the forces of evil, the Vatican who seemingly have their own plans, and returning Nazis bent on plunging the world into another war for the Fatherland.

Getting to the point of the show. Do not take this seriously, the series is self-aware of how bat-crazy it is, and the characters are all so over-the-top that Hellsing Ultimate molds into a fun ride. Watching in either Japanese or English dub, the viewer can look forward to hilarious and hellacious dialogues that are commonly experienced through crazy monologues that start just because. Expect each character to be either a Nazi, mass-murderer, or a mercenary at some point.

This anime feels more like an 80’s slasher film with amazingly dark and bloody environments mixed in a cruel toned atmosphere perfect for a grueling vampire killing spree. The animation is superb and has such high quality, every moving action scene shows how high of a budget it had. Even the art style never stops in high quality to the creepy moonlit nights to panning shots of Alucard slowly devouring an enemy in the most gruesome manner imaginable. Music in the show is the only below average thing to mention, but nothing to truly hurt what Hellsing Ultimate is.

Any fan of gore, crazy, and the nonsensical would immediately love this anime. Nothing is held back from start to finish. The series is self-aware to what made the source material so popular, and only wish there was more to enjoy.
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Bikini Warriors Special (Anime) add
Rate of 6
Seen via english sub.

- plot/art stays true. Same attire. Same character structure. The only difference is tops off to tops. Yes, i meant to have two tops there.

-character:you know a show is good if they make the background fun. You smile with the kid's remark to the mother. Note, they did not have to do that because neither of the two females were shown in the picture.

-plot is a tad confusing. In the original show if a character met a certain fate the group could seek a priest for that player. keyword group. Is one person a group? i think not. Proceeding forwards how can they expect the same spell to happen again? Is it because one character is not as wise to logic?

-plot:this is suppose to be a fighting/ecchi bit. However, due to most likely being cheap one of the two was cut off. guess which one.
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Mob Psycho 100 (Anime) add
To be honest, I was unsure of this anime at first, but my motto is to give everything a chance. So, I did and man, am I glad I did! While the art style is a bit abstract, it's not bad by any means. The animation quality was great and there was good character development of the lead characters. Mob Psycho 100 is a perfect combination of funny and exciting with a little bit of wtf added to the mix. If I had to judge this anime using only one word, it would definitely have to be "bruh" lol. Totally recommend.
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Shelter (Anime) add
Porter Robinson's short six-minute music video, Shelter, presents the viewer/listener with a vibrant sensory platter, weaving stellar visuals, energetic music and a deep, sentimental story into quite a memorable experience.

Story (read the synopsis first!)

For what is honestly just a supplement to a piece of the artist's music, the story of Shelter is surprisingly impactful. Rin's reality, her "shelter", ends up being her prison, an environment that isolates as much as it frees. It's hard not to experience the pangs of loneliness as you grow to sympathize (or perhaps empathize) with her position, and I'll be damned if I didn't tear up a bit around the end. I can't imagine a living in a world of such beauty, only to never share it with anyone else. It's a wonder she hasn't been driven to insanity.

Further, through the flashbacks present, it's apparent that her father placed her in this world, though with no direct reason as to why. The unanswered questions present some interesting questions as the video concludes, as we come to wonder what must have happened for this loving father to send his daughter to this uninhabited purgatory.

Genre and Characteristics

Shelter is dominated by various elements of science fiction, including augmented reality, advanced technology, spaceships, and the like. Very fitting content for the story, as well as a nice complement for the electronic genre of music. Fans of the genre will find the video's unique take on what personally crafted realities quite astonishing.


The effects, lightning, and aesthetics of the animation are undoubtedly the work's best elements. A-1 Pictures lived up to their name by presenting one of the most visually stimulating works of animation of its time. Each unique setting was masterfully crafted, greatly highlighting the expansiveness of the world. Rin herself is very cutely designed, especially in the flashbacks where she's a much younger version of herself. At the very least, Shelter can be enjoyed as a six-minute spectacle, showing how far exactly animation has come over the years.


In regards to the music, you either like it or you don't. Unlike visuals, music is a lot harder to judge objectively, but I can say for certain that the track matched up beautifully with the visuals. I personally enjoy the genre and enjoyed Porter Robinson's track.

Also, there is some narration by Rin, and her seiyuu is pleasing to the ear. Her dialogue never felt invasive and always worked in compliance to the music, so don't worry there.


Strangely enough, Shelter is apparently a polarizing work. While many are able to appreciate for what it is, others tend to condemn the short for its alleged illegitimacy and insincerity. Not much objectively can be said on this matter, and you're either going to understand the feelings conveyed by Rin's plight or dismiss them as pretentious or overplayed.

Further, many seem to erroneously compare a work such as this to series of greater length, when the two are simply not analogous. Sure, Shelter could have easily been developed as a standard length anime centered around read more
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