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Jun 25, 2017
Splashback95 (All reviews)
So even in anime, adaptations of games can be bad.

I had no interest in this show, the only reason I watched this show was because of Nathan Sharp (yes I'm a fan of him) and overall I was left not just disappointed but angry that Nathan did this because he is a better musician than he is a voice actor.

the story is boring it feels generic and half way through with some of the characters it starts to feel like a Infinite Stratos rip off and a bad one at that. (in my opinion Ill admit I'm probably wrong just saying that)

the characters aren't engaging read more
Jun 25, 2017
sizest300 (All reviews)
This review cover seasons 1 and 2

This is an entrancing tale about two adults and was brought to the world in two pieces: Season 1 was by Studio Imagin (an in-between animation studio primarily) and Season 2 was done by the outstanding Studio Brain’s Base (Baccano). The good thing was that from season one to season two the majority of the staff and voice actors remained the same including director Takeo Takahashi whom at this point had only done a couple very below par shows to his name (Chou Henshin Cosprayers). The more important question remained. How can a show about economics be interesting and read more
Jun 25, 2017
Hybrid_Rainbow29 (All reviews)
‘Alice and Zouroku’ is the latest of a flurry of recent Seinen series about cute children and adoptive parent figures bonding, in the vein of ‘Usagi Drop’, ‘Barakamon’, and ‘Puco’s Udon World’. Except for the fact that it takes more of a Fantasy route.
The story involves our main character, Sana, a girl with an ability known as Alice’s Dream; which allows her to materialize anything that she imagines. This ability has kept her and other children with the ability locked inside a government facility until the day that she escapes. From there, she meets an old florist named Zouroku, who agrees to take her in read more
Jun 25, 2017
LeaderTGW (All reviews)
Before I being, let me say this. I am very grateful to Tattun the producer, for visiting 4chan during the time LWA aired. Many fans, myself included, had the opportunity to ask him a bunch of questions, and learn a few interesting things about the story and characters. So in the unlikely chance you’re reading this, Thank you buddy!

Little Witch Academia’ (depending on viewers’ opinion) can be summed up as either “a charming, adventurous title; full of unique characters, interesting storylines, and filled with fun & entertainment.” On the other hand, it can be summed up as a disappointing, overly self-referential, lackluster title; read more
Jun 25, 2017
Gentleman_Snark (All reviews)
Preliminary for full review. Can we talk about how Universe 6 Saiyans are trash? The fact that one of them is a female Broly(while a nice call back) is a bit of BS that I’m willing to overlook. However, Caulifla being able to jump to super Saiyan two with no problem just because of a tingle in her back is absurd. I understand the need to jump their levels for them to attempt to be contenders against Vegeta and Goku. Despite that, level of inexperience with those characters are too great. Case and point; When the Space Troopers showed up to the arena, Goku, Vegeta, read more
Jun 25, 2017
tiredneko (All reviews)
*Tiny bit of spoilers*

Story: 10
Really cute, sweet, pure and innocent love story between two shy middle school students who know nothing about dating. This anime takes on another form of romance which you don't see often and most of the viewers will be able to relate to the story pretty well. Nothing too cringe or out of the ordinary. Definitely brings back nostalgic memories of your first experiences of love in school. As well as having a family that aren't too laid-back and seriously worry about their child's future.

Art: 10
Simple yet unique and great in quality. Sceneries are beautiful too.

Character: 10
They did a good read more
Jun 25, 2017
tiredneko (All reviews)
Story: 8
Kurogo is really cheerful and sincere about Kabuki, giving his own opinion on things and advice for his friends. It definitely shows a bit of what Kabuki is about and you will be able to learn some of it. However, it started off with an overused plot of some typical school animes that shows the main character wanting to start a club being all positive about it and starts to recruit more people to join in. Also, I actually find myself not really focusing or remembering some of the lines in the script for some of the Kabuki plays, be it big or small read more
Jun 25, 2017
Zelev (All reviews)
-- This review contains spoilers. Only read if you have finished the series. --

This was an anime that caught my eye from the very beginning. The way it presents itself could be alluring to anybody, yet the story felt as if though it lacked any creative direction. Our main character, who goes by the name Sana, is basically an experiment with luck on her side. After her escape from the depressing facility, as if by fate, she meets and ends up being taken care of by Zouroku. Like most people, Sana cannot escape her past and is forced to go head to head with read more
Jun 25, 2017
PapaRonny (All reviews)
I was recommended to watch this anime. I was aware of the time each episode has, how short the show was, and how it's going to be about bread. I was hoping for the best, only to find myself leaning off my chair with my headphones off of my ears, instead, having it around my neck.

This show is only about bread, if you love bread, you still wouldn't enjoy, because the only entertainment they are showing is people eating bread, and I'll tell you, it gets old in a minute.

Going back to reactions, that's the shows purpose, REACTIONS. You're going to watch girls react read more
Jun 25, 2017
Tyrannicswine117 (All reviews)
Warning possible Spoilers (If there is any)

That moment when you find the parody version of an anime series certainly changes your perspective on and the characters too because this was one weird, but somehow funny ride.

This is basically 7 episodes of 3 minute long parodies of the Black Lagoon characters.
I thought it was pretty funny seeing the characters from the show being put into these situations like if they were in High School, having their genders swapped around, seeing Revy as a surprising cute or Kawaii magical girl depending on how you pronounce it, what Balalaika would be like if Hansel and Gretel were her read more
Jun 25, 2017
calvo99 (All reviews)
I think this is a show which is complicated in many ways and therefore quite hard to judge, however this is how I feel.

The Story first of all was alright, not overly well written and I have read some of the darker types of themes present before in some shoujo manga so it was pleasing to see a more mature romance in anime like this.

The toxic relationships between some of the characters I thought was the highlight and the most interesting part of the show and if you don't like that sort of thing i think you should steer clear. I liked the show a read more
Jun 25, 2017
Whoahoho (All reviews)
Ok, so another incest themed anime has just ended, so what gives about my thought about this 12 episode anime? Here's my ratings:

Mediocre 5, Story:

The story was pretty much a spin off of Oreimo, considering that they both have one creator, Tsukasa Fushimi and one original illustrator, Hiro Kanzaki, in all aspects the anime's creator as usual rely on the usual incest kind of relationship, where the guy goes for his sister in a sort of way, but doesn't make any attempts to go for the others girls, wouldn't be surprise that for Tsukasa Fushimi's next piece would still be in this kind of genre read more
Jun 25, 2017
Tyrannicswine117 (All reviews)
Warning possible Spoilers

I think the thing that surprised me the most about this OVA series is that it was more intense and hectic compared to the first two seasons.

The story begins with the assassination of Garcia's father so Roberta goes on a mission to avenge his fathers death by finding the people who killed him which brings her to Roanapur, Garcia along with his new maid Fabiola asks the Lagoon crew for help to retrieve Roberta and bring her home.
What I really enjoyed with this part of the Black Lagoon series is that it starts off like another normal situation for the Lagoon crew, read more
Jun 25, 2017
Gjrnm (All reviews)
Are you having a bad week? Is school or work exhausting your life force? Do you want something at the end of the week to look forward to?
Hinako Note was just that thing. Spring season is at the end of the school year and a busy time for people who work. At the end of every week I sit down to enjoy this lovely show that whispers to my soul "everything is all right" and pumps me with energy for the coming week.
Why would anyone expect something other than light hearted comedy with very cute girls after reading the synopsis and looking at the read more
Jun 25, 2017
Werty800 (All reviews)
Dark road, dimly lit up by the street lights. Rain falling down heavily. A small girl in a hospital gown suddenly appears on a camera, just to disappear in a matter of milliseconds after a mysterious object pops up above her head. A group of people desperately try to spot the escapee on one of the monitors. Finally, she stops, feeling tired and almost defeated she continues to move.
She has been found.
A woman catches up to her, riding on a giant hand coming from the sky. The little girl falls over. She is approached by the woman.
Sudden slice from the right. A new user has read more
Jun 25, 2017
Plasmatize (All reviews)
Most of us have at one point questioned our own existence. After all, knowing our reason for being can be among our most valuable assets. We desire meaning from our lives, so pondering questions like “who am I, really?” and “what is my purpose?” is only natural.

I bring this up not to go into some deep, pretentious analysis of this topic within the show, though there is some material there. Rather, I bring this up because Alice to Zouroku could have really benefited from taking a good, long look at itself in the mirror and seriously asking these questions.

Hereafter referred to as “AtoZ”, Alice to read more
Jun 25, 2017
Stark700 (All reviews)
A magical world in Little Witch Academia is one I can describe as imaginatively beautiful. Beauty is expressed there not just by world fiction but by the context of its creativity. I don’t mean just the world either but the show itself is filled with characters, themes, and storytelling that make you want to go back and watch it all over again.

Little Witch Academia is perhaps unique with the fact that it’s an adaptation of a successful film. The first film originated in 2012 as part of the Young Animator Training Project and spawned a sequel titled Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade. Now, read more
Jun 25, 2017
Toastpingu (All reviews)
This is the first time I'm writing a review, so don't judge too much.
First of all, I think this anime is not bad, you just need to like it.

Story 5/10
It was not really special, I laughed tho but I think it was just boring sometimes and just simple. I didn't like the harem part tbh

Art 10/10
Just amazing, It's beautiful and the girls are cute :D

Sound 9/10
It was also great, I loved the OP and ED

Character 6/10
They were okay, some girls were annoying

Enjoyment 8/10
I just really enjoyed this anime, idk why but It was just nice

Overall 7/10
Well, if u like cute girls and read more
Jun 25, 2017
YuriLover777 (All reviews)
Fairy Tail, one of anime's latest additions to the shounen genre which the largest part of the community loves and drew many newcomers towards anime. It is an anime - like most long running shounens which have gained a huge fan-base throughout its time running. I just wanted to express my opinions regarding the show via this review.

Story - 6/10

This is the most lacking part of the series. Everything about the story has been done before. No part of the story is unique and you will have a constant feeling of nostalgia if you have ever watched any shounen before. Every arc is unoriginal and read more
Jun 25, 2017
Stark700 (All reviews)
In today’s world, we don’t have supernatural abilities. Imagine if we did though…the things we can make history from, the tasks we can accomplish, or change the world altogether. Sure, we have technology but that’s nothing compared to powers that can make anything out of nothing. In the world of Alice to Zouroku, that’s another story. It’s a story where supernatural abilities exist and it all begins one day when we meet the girl named Sana Kashimura.

Based on the manga of the same name, Alice to Zouroku takes an interesting approach at modern fantasy. The first episode shows Sana escaping from a facility and eventually, read more
Jun 25, 2017
Zuseta (All reviews)
The Anime kuzu no honkai is one of the best Anime i had watch !
This Anime have love,drama,psychological,school andvery much sadness .I crying even today because of the end ...
The first Episode beginn very extensive which is a good argument you come in in the story and see dirctly what the Charakters feel, also in the first Episode are given much important informations, I liked the ,,love szens,, because you see here the hopless the emptiness and also sadness .
The Anime develope very fast and is very tragic. The relation between the Charakters and especially between hanabi and mugi was amazing and very sad read more
Jun 25, 2017
ElPolloConQueso (All reviews)

At first glance of the title I immediately thought of "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute", and boy was I on the dot. After reading through the synopsis I decided it wouldn't be a bad time-waster, and twelve episodes later, here we are. A-1 Pictures has a special place in my heart for making works like "ERASED", "Your Lie In April", and "WWW.Working!!" which have placed very high up in my personal list and will never be forgotten (hopefully) in my life later down the road. So, as my expectations for this were slightly higher than they normally would be, I delved into Eromanga-sensei.

Story: read more
Jun 25, 2017
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)
Given that this movie is a modified version of the OVA with new scenes added it, and the fact that I've already tackled the original OVA, I think it's only fitting that I modify said review and add to it, not out of disrespect for this movie, since I would never disrespect something so great, but because I feel like talking about Gundam Thunderbolt again since it's so damn good, and if I did, I would largely come up with the same review at best and something inferior at worst. So, enjoy.


Thunderbolt is definitely an interesting installment within the Universal read more
Jun 25, 2017
Piezuri (All reviews)
Nope, it isn't as bad as everybody makes it out to be. Season 2 of Chuunibyou could have actually been a 10 if the final scene wouldn't have happened the way it did.

Story : 8/10

You know what's incredibly hard to do? Combine the genres of SoL, Comedy and Romance. You might think that those 3 are basically a given for every good romance show, but that's only half right.

The thing about Chuunibyou Season 2, is that it perfectly manages to give it's moments to every genre it has. Usually, one of those genres is bound to be ignored, like having too much slice of life read more
Jun 25, 2017
tiredneko (All reviews)
So I watched this a month or two ago and decided to write a review for this. I missed the beginning of it as I was late for the movie. When I arrived at the cinema, they were already finishing the first of the 4 quarters of the game so I'll give my review based on that.

Story: 8
Fairly interesting. Shows you the difficulties that the Generation of Miracles faced while they were going against Jabberwock, just like what you normally see in the seasons of Kuroko no Basuke where they were up against different schools in tournaments. Combining abilities and coming up with new read more
Jun 25, 2017
Kansas (All reviews)
I want to warn at once that this review is not intended for make angry fans of this series but may not be entirely objective, it is written in order for you to pay attention to some things that in my opinion are not entirely clear.

A little bit away from the topic, I want to say that I did not read the manga and, perhaps, I do not know some of the subtleties of the plot, but since we are offered an anime adaptation, let us dwell specifically on it.

Initially, Koe no Katachi is a manga, written by Yoshitoki Ooima in 2013. Manga was a read more
Jun 25, 2017
tiredneko (All reviews)

Story: 8/10
Focuses a lot on the main message of "self-hatred" instead of focusing on the romance aspect when this movie is expected to be kind of a romance story. However, there are a lot of things being missed out from the movie itself and finding out it being incomplete, after having read the manga and watching the Bluray version.

Art and Sound: 10/10
Absolutely stunning. Love everything about it from details of the characters to the backgrounds, etc. Seiyuus were on point with their voice acting. Emphasis on the sounds on some scenes were really good too.

Character: 7/10
Expressions from the main characters were read more
Jun 25, 2017
Kingdom (Anime) add (All reviews)
SitDownMoody (All reviews)
The main turn down for me was the way in which storytelling was done through animation. Seeing first few episodes of Kingdom anime made me realise for the first time how a bad anime could be made out of a good story (I have read just few chapters of the manga, but it seemed good).
I am no expert on animation. But here are the problems which I felt were there:

Character development lacked. For the changes in the feelings of the characters, there was no proper transition. The characters hopped from one emotional state to another. It was as if the anime was just making sure read more
Jun 25, 2017
Lolsebca (All reviews)
This special is really something I was waiting for, and dearly I was satisfied. As others pointed it out, there was a shift between comedy and drama in the two episodes, though I enjoyed both just the same. In the Overall and Character sections I will go deeper in the strenght of this series. The Sound rating, usually unfairly given coming from me, is influenced by both the opening and the ending.

Story (8) :

Whereas the first episode is skippable in the storyline, the second one will stay for a while in my mind, indeed was shown some of the soft side of Gabriel, which you read more
Jun 25, 2017
murut87 (All reviews)
She loved the rapist in the end of story.
Medetashi~ Medetashi~

Watching a non R-18 is truly the garbage experience, so I decided to spend my time watching a R-18 version.

Now one thing that reminds you the most is, it exactly looks similar as Yosuga no Sora type of series but this is 3 minutes anime and only 1 girl to get laid with.

The description says it all, the bald guy who looks like Saitama pull out pranks by raping her, and Mio decides to let him rape her.
Wait what?

For each every episode, there`s a rape scene, and not in good way.
Its like the show trading both read more
Jun 25, 2017
Big-Boss_X (All reviews)
Story (7/10):
The story of Itazura na Kiss had a standard shoujo anime premise where you have your lovable klutz MC trying to make her feelings reach the person she loves and who is the exact opposite of her in every way
The show offered some good comedy, it had many funny moments whither it was the ridiculous situations or the usual funky side characters that usually fill these kind of shows however the comedy sometimes overwhelmed some of the other aspects of the show.
The romance on the other hand was not that impressive imo it's clearly was the intention of the anime to show how a read more
Jun 25, 2017
Big-Boss_X (All reviews)
Story (6/10):
The story of Guyver The Bioboosted Armor followed a very standard and by the books method for Sci-Fi anime. You got the MC who (surprise surprise) got no mother and live alone with his super understanding father and suddenly acquires a power that causes his ordinary life to shatter, an evil organization the controls the world from the shadows and are after the power that the MC got.
The show also implement the usual "that not even my final form" and "that not the final boss" methods that are usually used in this type of show
The plot reminded me of Zetman which is a 100 read more
Jun 25, 2017
Big-Boss_X (All reviews)
Story (7/10):
The story of Koe no Katachi mainly revolves around two subjects. The first being the meaning of friendship what is it? what changes it? and how to attain it? The second subject is regret, regret that makes question the right to be happy and and of course at the end redemption
However the approach to the subjects at hand was too simplified. Never in my life have i seen relationships form and reform as quick as in this movie and also even at what was suppose to be the most serious moment in the movie i didn't feel enough impact maybe because it was a read more
Jun 25, 2017
Big-Boss_X (All reviews)
Story (8/10):
The story of the anime is of the meaning behind life and death, people who accept their fate and live waiting for their "Time" to come and people who fight against fate, and you also have a war going on
The concept of the anime was really interesting whither it's the reincarnation through the dragon teeth or the way the people coexist with the dragon. The whole world in the anime felt original and the mixture of modern life and mythical creatures was really well executed.

Characters (8/10):
The characters in general were great and had simple motivations and goals which is a good thing for a read more
Jun 25, 2017
Big-Boss_X (All reviews)
Story (8/10):
You will definitely get confused at the beginning. It introduces you to a world at war but you have no idea who is fighting and why, you don't know who is good and who is evil. Factions are a mess and no clear enemy
little by little and as the story progresses and more info is revealed you will get a basic understanding on what is going on (although some stuff will still be a little confusing)
The story is that of journey that is about finding purpose for some characters, and fulfilling purpose for other characters, and finding truths for other characters.
One thing for sure read more
Jun 25, 2017
Big-Boss_X (All reviews)
Story (9/10):
Dispite being a sequel to Gunbuster and sharing the same universe (a few thousand of years later), Diebuster is an entirely different anime. Yes it's still a space/mecha anime like it's predecessor but it got an different feel to it. The first half of the show have some goofiness to it and will feel a little more comedic and after a great plot twist the show take a more serious turn leading to a good conclusion.
Like it's predecessor friendship is a big part of the driving force behind the characters leading them to the actions that move the story up.

Characters (9/10):
The MC is a read more
Jun 25, 2017
Big-Boss_X (All reviews)
Story (8/10):
The story of Gunbuster follows a "Rise of a Hero" formula. The MC who got a somewhat tragic past and got special treatment for it (mostly negative) and who is in no way ready for the task at hand, grows throughout both hardships and good times to become the hero humanity need.
You have a monstrous space enemy to face (which is also the reason behind the MC tragic past) a weapon than only the MC can use and a companion that is both a source of encouragement and doubt.
Friendships and companions play a major role in the story since they help shape up and read more
Jun 25, 2017
Big-Boss_X (All reviews)
Story (7/10):
Despite indulging in what some people might call a "controversial" topic the story of the anime was really quite the standard i mean if you actually remove the whole cross-dressing thing from the plot you will get exactly same plot as many other Drama anime out there.
One positive thing about the show is how it handled past event where hints or conversations gives and idea of what took place before instead of actually showing you what happened. This method was actually really well executed. Story telling and flashback are still there though
The romance followed the formula of a love trian.... well i am not read more
Jun 25, 2017
Big-Boss_X (All reviews)
Story (7/10):
Think of your typical Magical Girl anime. You got cute little girls, cool transformations, fancy movies, dark pasts, and the an ultimate goal of saving the world ........ actually scratch that last one and replace it with a fighting sport that for some reasons only girls participate in (obviously) and you will get the main premise of ViVid Strike!. A simple plot the doesn't need much effort to follow.
The story started quickly with a little introduction and went straight the main stuff with no delays
the ending was very predictable.

Characters (6/10):
I guess being a spin-off from another anime the creators didn't really feel the need read more
Jun 25, 2017
amargareta__ (All reviews)
Ok, nobody is as surprised as I am, but I actually really enjoyed season 2 of UtaPri.

For those among you that have read my review about the first season know that while I had no real issues with this season, the utter ridiculousness that was the cursed cat was a bit too much for me.

But I'm actually glad that I forced myself to finish S1 and thus continue watching the remaining seasons of UtaPri and the main reason is that stupid ass cat.

Cecil became one of my favorite characters and made me chuckle quite a bit. But they could easily do without that curse, still read more
Jun 25, 2017
erparom (All reviews)
12/22 jun-25-2017

The truth behind Re:Creators

When I first saw this work was originally written by Rei Hiroe I got very excited and the reason is quite obvious: He created Black Lagoon. And who the hell doesn't want another slice of that amazing cake? I miss his amazing and well developed characters, his mature approach to write Seinen with all the deepness of works like Cowboy Beebop but without the psychological thickness of works like Evangelion.

In a nutshell, I expect quite a lot of Rei Hiroe. And when I looked into direction, I got a very amazing surprise to know it was going to be directed by read more
Jun 25, 2017
Rikuto-kun (All reviews)
This show is trash and so am I.

"I love penis"
"Then your penis is useless"- said by a girl who is 12
"Isn't this dick in the wrong place?"

I binged watched this and let me tell you I have never felt such cringe before, I have never felt like such trash such like degenerate ever. This is the kind of anime you can't let certain people know you watched/enjoyed those people might include: Anyone
Seriously don't let casual fans know you enjoyed this
Also Elf is best girl no contest
Overall 8/10 would watch again.

Say it with me this show is trash and so am I.
Jun 25, 2017
YottaBiter (All reviews)
It's been two years the since I watched this anime. Now that I think about it, the beautiful OST starts playing in my mind and I remember every ounce of the story.

About the story, the pacing was so good that you can't deny your urge to continue watching further. It doesn't let you get bored at all.

The characters in this anime are very well portrayed. The art defines their own personalities.

Oh man, the OST.... words can't define on how beautiful it is. Von is the kind of song I would pick to play when I die. :D P.S. try lolol as your morning alarm. You read more
Jun 24, 2017
tigermaskshinobi (All reviews)
This show was like a try not to cringe challenge for me. It did start off in a very sincere way in it's narration. It felt like it wanted to be taken seriously, and it could have been better. An MC with a backstory of trying to move on from his mother's passing by working hard to become a professional author, it was all good. But very soon it went downhill, forming a cliché of an harem with some exhausting characters, an awkward sibling relationship and some frustrating storytelling.

It has very few moments that might make you laugh or feel like there was some thought read more
Jun 24, 2017
KiliianSleipnir (All reviews)
I don't write many reviews here on MAL, but the 2 I've seen of Hyoudou Ibuki are rather misleading and full of errors. I just finished both eps of this H and as usual, PoRo Animation Company does a GREAT job! art, stupendous. animation, superb. SFX, quite realistic. music, not bad, it's actually pretty and sweet in places. voice acting, spot on!

story, very interesting! you've got one HS girl nearing graduation who's the student council president. her 'master' boyfriend/sexfriend kohai 'junior' who's also on the council. and a new young virgin female teacher that has just taken over the teacher advisor position for the read more
Jun 24, 2017
Brenton_Davis (All reviews)
If someone were to give you the option of choosing a basket of apples that were all fairly average in value versus a basket full of several perfectly shaped and riped red delicious apples with many rotten, maggot infested, oozing, black apples mixed together, which would you pick? I personally would pick the basket of overall average apples, Monster Musume is not this basket.

A good example of where this is most present is episode 6. Minor spoilers, but the first part features our protagonist helping one of the girls go through a stressful and embarrassing experience. It's funny, adorable, lewd, and heartwarming all in one. read more
Jun 24, 2017
Shelter (Anime) add (All reviews)
dragynfaerie (All reviews)
In less than 6 minutes (the credits take up the last 1:20 approximately) this Porter Robinson, Toshifumi Akai, seiyu Sachika Misawa, and the animation team along managed to tell a very moving story. The only reason I didn't give story a 10 is because I wanted more. We see a young girl (probably a teen), Rin, constantly checking her tablet for messages when there are none. Using the tablet she changes the face of her world. Through glimpses of her memories we see that she's physically alone due to the last ditch effort of a loving father. If you watch it, you may read more
Jun 24, 2017
3dahri (All reviews)
why would they waste a nice animation on this while they could be making a "decent" or maybe even good adaptation of Berserk?
So many wasted resources on this anime.
They think overreacting characters'emotions is gonna compensate somehow how simple and boring their "dramas" actually are.
On the other hand... they've been surounded by titans enough time to build 3 giant walls... and each time they see a titan IS LIKE IT WAS THEIR FIRST TIME SEEING ONE... and they are suppoused to be trained... they are the fucking army... theyre suppoused to be fucking cold minded...
then what's the point on all this cheap drama its like: read more
Jun 24, 2017
blessedhellfire (All reviews)
Usually when I watch TV, it’s a quiet affair. I rarely laugh out loud, or make any noises. Sometimes my little brother checks up on me because he thinks I fell asleep, I’m that quiet. But this show had me in stitches almost every episode, and at times crying from laughing so hard.

Lovely Tyrant is just… brilliantly stupid. It is so self-aware it brushed right past the fourth wall so it could get closer to the fifth. There is literally something for everyone: incest, harems, angels and demons, yanderes, tsunderes, mild BDSM, and yuri just off the top of my head (and I’m pretty sure read more
Jun 24, 2017
bexxter (All reviews)
This review contains some spoilers:

Literally the only redeeming factors of this show were the character Halter and the fact that I had the best time drinking and making fun of this show (the only reasons this has a 2 and not a 1.) The story was a convoluted mess that was only about a quarter explained. I had the only the vaguest idea of what was happening. The villain was given no explanation to his motives and while the two main characters meet him, it's glossed over for at least 2 episodes (??!!!???). And the two Automatons don't use their full power in any meaningful read more