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Yesterday, 6:54 AM
Gintama' (Anime) add
Gintama is most hilarious series I’ve ever seen.

I believe that Gintama's story is a pretty damn great with comedy, action, to drama. With every episode I had completed, I just feel extremely satisfied with all episode. Gintama Season 2 was just completely enjoyable from start to finish. I also find that the comedy within Season 2 100% better than the first season and I completely laughing out loud.

The art of Gintama was more a higher quality that the first season. They had improved on all the fight scenes. In addition, The facial expressions from that characters are just funnier than it used to.

The music in Gintama' is pretty epic. The Openings and Endings were great. Additionally, all the background music in every episode were just awesome

All the characters are just as great and funny in Season 2 as they were in season 1. Plus, with the introduction of new characters made Gintama more amazing

The enjoyment throughout the 51 episode was just outstanding.

Overall season 2 of Gintama worth watching as you will completely enjoy the story,
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Yesterday, 6:54 AM
Gintama (Anime) add
Gintama is most hilarious series I’ve ever seen. Gintama will always be my number one anime for comedy as I had blast watching each episode. Once I heard that Gintama manga is ending I decide it was time to starting the anime of one of my favourite mangas.

Despite having 4:3 ratio and dated style, Gintama has earned its place at a 9. The major arcs were just brilliant. Gintama does have some aspects of black comedy and the depths of evil, but it does display the main values of love and brotherhood.

Gintama is only that second anime which has made me laugh so hard. Along with having some scene had are just completely epic.
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Yesterday, 6:49 AM
Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
This anime is beautiful. The character development is amazing. As you watch Yuno and Yukki go through the story and beat the other diary holders, you can really feel what is happening. This anime just has it's way of touching the users heart, leaving a memory, and making you kind of freak out when something happens. As the story progresses, you learn more about the characters pasts and it really makes you think. The creators must have put a ton of thought into this anime because even though there is a ton of blood, murder, and gore, it actually has a purpose and isn't totally useless in this anime.
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Yesterday, 5:56 AM
Gosick (Anime) add
So, a review for this one.

A girl detective, with her side kick, kid.

Stories with mystery, being it's a detective series, kind of.

Setting is in some medieval period, in some place in Europe, remembering it narrated at the first part of the episode.

Since it was popular and with nice ratings, I started it, then, immediately knew this wasn't a suited anime for my preference.

There is a background with the girl, a mysterious one. hahah. that's just... Of course there are background stories for all characters, and there is no need of telling it'd tip to being a mysterious one...

Anyway, a MYSTERIOUS girl, dressed fashionably, was found in a tippy top of a building, by that sidekick of boy I mentioned earlier. At first impression, the girl was unfriendly, one you obtain for being secluded for quite a while. Kind of a sherlock vibe, but I just can't take a girl, that looked like a doll seriously and since the series seems to want a serious, kind of, like 1/4 of the story, well, that's ruined. That's just isn't logical. Top it off with being secluded all her life? Reading into people's mind pattern, scenarious, solving those "crimes", is like your watching a cartoon... oh wait... guess you can't take these things seriously... but the story did want a 1/4 seriousness in their end, If the vibe I got was correct.

The sidekick is typical, a stumbling idiot, narrating the whole thing, THE john watson. Typical meaning rightous, you know what I mean in a typical anime MC, ones that aren't trying to be funny.

Oh.. just realized, there was this police officer, a detective, who is taking the credit of the girl's solved crime. with permission, with the help.

Ha.. a complete rip off, with just some added shinanigans of an anime.

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Yesterday, 4:46 AM
Durarara!! (Anime) add
Durarara!!, a rare gem of a action-supernatural anime. On its own, the Yakuza theme in indeed tough to tackle. Nisekoi and Baccano has, although, previously taught us that when put in the right hands, the Japanese mafia concept can very well be put to good use, but what even intrigued me more is the fact that Durarara!! has managed to take on four different sub-genres, with two being polar opposites (supernatural and comedy).

It is not surprising to say that the production quality of this anime is astounding. Durarara!! was handled by Brain's Base (one of my favourite anime studios) who are known for masterpiece works such as Baccano, Spice & Wolf Season 2 and of course, Oregairu. Oh, speaking of Baccano, Durarara!!'s creator is the same one as that of Baccano, thus explaining why both anime have very similar aspects(gangster-comedy themes).

It is a controversial topic in the community to debate whether or not Durarara!! has a so called "story". Much similar to many other 24-episode titles, DRRR utilises the method of airing their episodes in different arcs. However, these arcs are mostly linked together and are all key factors to the overall plot.

The art is fantastic for a production from 2010 (keep in mind that this was 7 years ago). Since this is an anime that mainly revolves around Yakuza and the supernatural, it is obvious why the choice of colors are mainly darker and more dull (which is not necessarily bad). The animation quality is also ace, with the action scenes being my personal favourite.

The OST of DRRR is also one of the most impressive that I have heard in a long, long time. My favourite track is Walk on the Diagonal, which has a very GTA:San Andreas feel to it, further enhancing the backbone quality of the show (You can check it out right here: The OPs and EDs are also very good, in terms of both music and visuals. I especially love the little edit that the animators do in OP 1, where they mixed in the palettes to make the canvas seem like a myraid of abstract, which reinforces and resonates with the Yakuza theme.

DRRR also possesses an extremely interesting character cast. Some of the most unorthodox include Orihara Izaya and Heiwajima Shizuo. What's pretty funny is the fact that these blokes are at each others' necks throughout the entire series, thus providing the rational comic relief we viewers wanted and needed. Due to the aforementioned, hilarity ensues as Shizuo picks up random objects found along public footpath and hulks them at Izaya while the latter cheekily scrambles, while putting out ridiculous banter at his archenemy. The supporting cast is also very memorable, from Celty to Shinra and of course, who could forget Simon and Dotachin?

Overall, DRRR was simply a great show. This is a must-watch for any newcomers or people who have nothing to jam to at 2am in the morning. I personally recommend individuals to buy the Blu-ray online (which is read more
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Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Mirai-hen is the sequel for Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

I love this arc the most out of all 3 arcs. Which is Future ( This ) , Despair and Hope Arc.

All the chapters end with cliffhangers , and they are all full of "feels". But I can't say it's perfect because there are several flaws and cons for this almost perfect Anime.

Still keeping it 101% spoiler free , let's skip to the ratings.

Story ( 8/10 ) : The story is full of unexpected plot twists , making it quite hard to predict after unless spoiled. But everything will be cleared and solved once you've finished the series , and satisfaction is guaranteed. The only reason I can't give it a 10 out of 10 because there's a few disappointing / bad plot twists that exist only to act as a cliffhanger , asking the viewer to stay for a while longer. I don't appreciate that at all. But that doesn't make me hate this series at all.

Art ( 8/10 ) : The characters are well-drawn ... And the blood color is changed to red... It makes this Anime more realistic and a little bit more to a horror side (Maybe?) But pink blood is still fine IMO since it's a symbol for Danganronpa.

Sound ( 8/10 ) : The sound will slightly improve the viewers experience , during both intense or sad scenes. Characters also had good voice actors ( KIRIGIRI'S VOICE STILL MY FAV <333)

Characters ( 9/10 ) : There's too many characters in the whole series , making it a bit harder to catch up at the start , but you'll be okay after a few chapters. Just like before , the characters are still well developed and interesting. Old characters still cool and lovable like before , while new ones won't disappoint.

Enjoyment ( 9/10 ) : Finished it in 10 hours , not to mention I'm not an otaku or weeb. I loved it.

Overall ( 9/10 ) : Danganronpa series is a must watch IMO , This Arc didn't disappoint me ... Not at all , I highly recommend this to everyone that finished the prequels.
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Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation , was created with the story of the game Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc.

I'm an avid fan for Danganronpa series , it's still my favorite anime series so far.

This animation series was a bit disappointing I have to admit , but it's not completely BAD like everyone's writing at the reviews. ( Bla bla bla it's very bad because it's not as good as the game , it's trash ... Wasting my time etc. )

It can't be bad because it's not as good as something. Ice Cream isn't trash just because it's not as good as pizzas.

But it's true , the game was better. If you want to fall in love with the series, please play the game first before watching the anime. To keep this 101% spoiler free , let's go to the ratings.

Story ( 6/10 ) : If it's the game , I would give 8 out of 10. But the creators are trying to compress a 30 hour game into 13 episodes ( 6 hours + ) Which removed a lot of events that makes this series good and lovable . They only included everything you need to understand the story in order to understand Danganronpa 2 : Goodbye Despair ( Game ) and Danganronpa 3

Plus , they've slightly tweaked the story. Making it a bit different from the game.

Art ( 8/10 ) : The art style ( Characters ) looks very strange compared with other anime I know. But that's why it's unique and I love it. All characters are pretty well-drawn.

Sound ( 7/10 ) : Every characters sound fits with their own personality very well. ( Except from Naegi , his voice is much better at the game sub version. In the anime he sounds like a girl ) But 7 out of 10 should be okay. Not too good but not too bad either.

Characters ( 7/10 ) : I love almost every characters in Danganronpa series ( I only disliked 2 characters in the whole series ). Every characters have a very interesting backstory which you can only read from the wiki or the game. Basically every character is well developed but unfortunately , the stories and stuff won't be shown in the Animation series. Resulting everyone that only watched the anime to found it harder to love the characters.

Enjoyment ( 7/10 ) : I don't enjoy this as much as the game. But it's actually okay , Like I've mentioned earlier , they slightly changed some parts of the story. Which made some parts a little bit nicer. It's not impossible to enjoy the series.

Overall ( 7/10 ) : Even though it's only 7 out of 10. But Danganronpa series is a must watch / play IMO. Too underrated , they deserve so much more fame.
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Yesterday, 12:57 AM
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Anime) add
This intends to be a spoiler free review of this incredible movie. Although judging by the cover and the first episode this would seem your typical magical girl anime. This is nothing like that, this show strives to show dark side of being a magical girl.

Each character is unique and has it's story for becoming a magical girl, involving either tragedy, love or personal interest.

Is this for kids, or teenagers? I do not think so, this show is very hard to comprehend even for an adult. It is based and makes reference to Faust, Hans Christian Andersen tales and it also has Buddhist/Christian references as well.

The references are masterfully hidden in the show, in the witch barriers, in the characters themselves. The best way to see the show is to watch an episode, read the forum here related to the episode and then re-watch it to understand exactly what you saw. I would also recommend you watch the dubbed version, I found it pretty good, the subbed it hard to follow since there is quite a lot of meaningful dialogue which makes it hard to follow and watch the art unfolding on the screen.

Now coming to the art ant animation, this is where the show could have been made awesome. Probably the budget was low and they did not expect it to be a success, therefore many scenes are "rushed", the frames do not stay on the screen long enough for you to take a look at everything presented there. Also the art in the witch scenes is full of symbols related to the witches life and to why it became a witch but the scene being rushed you don't have time to visualize everything (it's like I show you a Picasso for 3sec then you should understand everything there). A great example and it might be a spoiler here, in one of the scenes a ballistic missile has "SHAFT" written on it (the name of the studio), however it's shown so fast that you do not see it, I only found out about it by reading the forum and re-watching the scene.
That's why I recommend to watch it, read about it, re-watch again.

The music in the show (Yuki Kajura) is just amazing and it's well synchronized with the scenes depicted.

This show is amazing, it will definitely play with your mind, emotions and the way you see anime in general. If only we had more shows like this. What a masterpiece this is.

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Jan 15, 2017
Keijo!!!!!!!! (Anime) add

Warning this review may contain spoilers.

First impression, I never thought it would be possible that there was a show that I actually was looking forward to 100%.
And it actually gave me exactly what I wanted.


Over 100 years ago,
a sport was played With skill and honer, so many have played
Only the mightiest of Warriors have played this sport.
They risked there very lives and dreams in order to be the best,
The fallen would be Crushed and forgotten,
But the winners would have there names and deeds sung though the very halls of VALHALLA itself.
But where not talking about that sport,
We are talking about a sport that is way more important.
The sport named kejio where girls fight in a pool only using them tites and ass as weapons of battle.
Basically a mix between dead or alive extreme and water polo.

Join Nozomi Kaminashi a very talented gymnast who plans to fight her way to the top in order to get her family out of poverty,
While making new friends and meeting new rivals on her path to becoming a kejio master.

So as a lot of you can guess this is probably one of the most ridiculous premises for a story I have ever heard of to date,
And despite all that it actually decent for a story which I have to turn off my Brain for in order to watch it,
Now I am also not saying that's its savor of anime or it's the cancer of anime like a lot of people are saying it is,
Although I feel that those take those stances are kind of loosening the point of it.
But if I am being completely honest the only thing this saved me from was my complete boredom because watching this anime season was draining.

But the story for all intents and purposes kejio is of its self is just one giant meme a joke.
Which doesn't require much thought than the usual,
oh look there dong something over the top with boobs and ass again.
And there some sort of plot that keeps it going.

Now One can argue that it exploiting woman and all that other p.c culture crap.
Of course I feel that a very little nit pick.
But I would like add a counter point,
That sex sells and that not going to change anytime soon,
Unless all the sex drives just disappear all out of no where.

Plus I would like to add that this show isn't always about fan service.
it also about following your dreams and ambitions,
While having fun on the way,
And honestly that makes it more interesting and actually relatable.

All though I was more watching it for the pure abserdy of it all.
I mean how can I not treat it was such.
It's a story based around a spot with girls slamming there asses into each over.

Now I have been mostly positive.

It's time for the negatives.
Now even I do find it extremely funny,
I feel at times that it looses stream at times and read more
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Jan 15, 2017
Masamune-kun no Revenge (Anime) add
Note this is my first review, if I am unclear about certain things, have tips for how to write better reviews, have a question or even disagree you can go to my page and if you disagree, please go into detail about why you disagree and not just a simple reason like "I'm wrong". Thank you very much:D

If anyone is as familiar with the harem genre as myself, then you should know how frustrating a few of these shows can be. The reason being, the genre likes to reuse the same troupes over and over again in order to tell their story. Such as the boring, selfless, and oblivious MC, the tsundere, clumsy girl, trap, ect. All for the sake of self indulgence for not specifically the audience, but mostly the author having a peticular fantasy they want to share and is too lazy to write characters he doesn't care about and put troupes in instead. Well that isn't always the case, but its hard for harem fans to find "fresh" material with some good writting. However this show my friends, has that "freshness" we've been looking for. Masamune-kun no Revenge is a good harem anime by playing around with harem troupes in simple degrees through story and character to make a work that can be entertaining to veteran harem viewers maybe casual viewers alike.

Story and Characters:
As typical of a slice of life harem, Masamune-kun no Revenge has a simple and straightforward premise. MC got rejected by a pretty rich girl because he was fat, so he spent the next decade or so thinning out and becomes handsome by the time he's a teen. He then finds the girl who rejected him, who became the queen of bitches and began his conquest of making her fall in with him so he can reject her and put her in her place. Seems really straightforward, yet slightly absurd, which leads to intrigue then interest. Absurd scenarios aren't uncommon in harems, but its in the details where the flowers bloom; in other words the characters. Off the bat the reader can deduce just from the premise that MC isn't a faceless (insert Kirito personality here), but has a personality through his insecurity of his past as a fat kid, which is reinforced by his effort of years of personal fitness. His character also has purpose through the reason of his insecurity in the form of Aki the Bitch Queen and her ruthless devastation of his pride. And as any man would do when their pride is lost, they fight back to relcaim it! Bitch Queen isn't just a tsundere for the sake of being one, but simply (and personally I find it hilarious) because she's a spoiled rich girl who's never been told what to do. Why is that funny? Because it's her simply being a spoiled bitch that carries the story's conflict. Also, Masamune's drive to put Aki in her place also resolves a serious problem in harems. Why not choose a read more
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I was surprised how short the episodes were, only 2 minutes long and most of it is the OP. After every episode, my reaction was mostly
¨WTF did I just watch? What happened?¨
And I still wonder from where did the main characters know each other.
But overall the story was good, even tho I started pitying Youta more after every episode.

The art was funny and playful. There were some weird things in the anime too which I couldn't identify but that makes it more interesting.

The voice actors did a good job with expressing this anime. The actors' voices were so fitting for the characters, I was surprised (in a good way). And because the episodes were so short, they had to make the voices more powerful and the sentences short but meaningful. I actually enjoyed watching this very much because of the voices of the actors.

The characters were different, in a fun way. The Takamiya family was reeeally rich but none of them were snobs or anything. But they did buy some useless things tho along the way. They said some unexpected things all the time but those things just brought more enjoyment to this anime ><.

I really enjoyed this anime for the fun story, good voice actors, awesome characters and the overall feels. And I really don't get why this got an average of 6.something, I personally really enjoyed this \(^~^)/
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Jan 15, 2017
Keijo!!!!!!!! (Anime) add
TL;DR: Boobs, Butts, Bliss. Do I need to say more?

Keijo, an anime marketed as an ecchi sports shounen anime, didn’t need to rely on the usual “plot” to stay afloat as one of the top animes of 2016. The anime is outrageous. The best part is that the director knows it as well and doesn’t shy away from abusing that factor. Keijo is a sport about pushing people off floating platforms using your boobs or butts. How can a show like this keep the audience captivated for an entire season? If you think it was the typical “anime plot” that kept the audience hooked, well you are partially right, but it was more so the originality and making mockery of previous shounen animes that kept everyone entertained.

The story is simple and as straight forward as any other sport animes. You have a girl, Nozomi, who wants to be the very best that no one ever was. She will train harder than anyone and believe it she shall. Each adversaries she comes across, she faces with full determination and moves on. Through the power of friendship from her amigos, she will learn the OP Boob/Butt moves and have fun.

The characters surprisingly stand out from each other. They have unique characteristics and each of the characters bring their own set of skills and OP moves (parody of anime attacks, most notable include Booty of Babylons and Buttocks on Titan) that just makes you laugh and appreciate a good mockery of the sports shounen genre. From one ridiculous OP villains to the next (much like Naruto) the battle never ends.

The animation is a blend of CGI and hand-drawn characters that gives it vibrant feeling to the anime as a whole. The music score accompanying it does its job phenomenally. Both the OP & ED songs are energetic enough to reflect the mood of this anime. They knew how to reveal just the right amount but not too much, almost as if teasing the audience to keep coming back for more. And for more (fan service) you shall return, I guarantee.

Jokes aside, when jumping into the world of Keijo, keep an open mind if you wish to really have fun with this anime. Do not take it seriously and just know that it’s an outrageous anime whose main purpose is to make the audience react to its absurdity. If you look at it critically it has several flaws like plot armour, lack of logic and jokes getting overused. However, it will still wow you with sheer amounts of bizarre unpredictability.

So if you want to watch an “ecchi” show but can still tell your friends that you watched a sports shounen with comedy vibes like OPM & MP100, definitely give it a shot.

P.S. I’m always open to criticism and suggestions and I hope you found this short but supaishi review helpful.
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Jan 15, 2017
Usagi Drop (Anime) add
Usagi Drop is easily one of the greatest slice of life dramas I’ve ever seen. The spirit of this anime is inspiring, even as someone who’s too young to know what it’s like to raise a child, it’s a very heartwarming experience that fans of the genre are likely to enjoy

The plot to Usagi Drop is simple enough. 30 year old Daikichi Kawachi arrives at his late grandfather’s home before his funeral ceremony. What catches his eyes immediately is a young girl with light hair and a fair complexion holding a flower. She runs off, puzzling Daikichi. He later finds out that her name is Rin, the illegitimate 6 year old child of his grandfather and his maid, Masako. After a heated debate over what to do with the child, who Daikichi’s family sees as an embarrassment, Daikichi loses his temper and rushes outside to talk to the girl about going to live with him. This comes to the surprise of Daikichi’s family, especially his mother and sister who believe he doesn’t know the first thing about caring for children. Against his better judgement, Daikichi was close to his grandfather and feels obligated to take her in for his sake.

The bonding experience the two share over the course of a year is quite touching, with Daikichi learning more about how to take care of Rin with the help of his coworker, Ms. Gotou, a single mother who decided to be demoted so she could spend more time with her four year old son. This influences Daikichi to make a similar move after coming to the realization that his current position at his company requires too much work for him to focus on Rin. What is perhaps the most thought provoking of the observations Daikichi makes during his time raising Rin is when he begins questioning if he is the one taking care of her, or if she’s taking care of him. Although I don’t exactly understand everything about having a child, I can get where Daikichi is coming from when he wants to establish a friendly relationship with Rin to keep her happy at such an early stage in her life, Rin being only six years old.

The most touching moment in Usagi Drop for me was when Rin wakes up embarrassed after having wet the bed one night. She asks Daikichi if he’s mad at her, which he dismisses as nothing, saying it’s natural for someone her age. After consulting his family, Daikichi searches for Rin’s mother, who he finds out is a young manga artist so obsessed with her work that she decides she can’t keep her career while raising a child, a compromise Daikichi on the other hand was willing to make for the sake of Rin's happiness. Like the mother or not, I believe she ultimately made the right decision by letting Rin stay with Daikichi, and it is quite heartbreaking as she continues to drown herself with work to compensate for not being able read more
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Jan 15, 2017
Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
I went into this anime with high hopes. I say previews and seen previews that only made me anticipate this title even more. I soon found my hopes dashed within the first few episodes.

Story - The first two episodes and the overall idea are the only reasons that I did not score the story-line even lower. After those two episodes, the pace of the story kept getting slower. It got so slow at times that I could have seen more happen watching the golf channel. I only gave the story a 4.

Art - I did not care for the art style at all. It was too dark and often felt blurred for me. This art style makes me feel like I am watching an unfinished art board more then a finished anime. I gave it a 4 for art work.

Sound - The sound track and voice acting was about the best part of this anime. The music for the opening was energetic and entertaining leading into the show. The music during the scenes was excellently done and quite enjoyable. The ending theme was even better then the opening and is on several playlists for me. the voice actors did an excellent job putting emoting into the characters, even when I did not like the characters or did not enjoy the plot. I gave sound a 7.

Character - I found Eren, the main protagonists, way to whiny. It is no fault of the voice actor as it is clear the character was written that way. Armin was slightly more likable then Eren, but not by much. Mikasa was the shining light of the three major protagonist. The supporting characters and antagonist were run of the mill to me. Nothing bad, but nothing overly noteworthy to me either. Mikasa was the main reason I gave characters a 5.

Enjoyment - Between the story line and artwork, much of this anime was ruined for me. There were a few enjoyable moments, but they were so few and far between, and mostly involved Mikasa, that I cannot say I enjoyed this anime.

Overall - If you love dark anime and the art style of this anime, and if you do not mind a plot line that plods along at a sloth's pace at times, then you will probably enjoy this anime. I prefer a plot that gets somewhere in each episode and a more finished looking animation style. After watching this anime, I went and watched Black Lagoon, another dark anime and found it to more of what I hoped for in Attack on Titan. Overall score for me is a 5.
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Jan 15, 2017
Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei (Anime) add
If an Anime can create a atmosphere that leads the viewer to build some theories how it would end and then gives you a advise for life namely to embrace things/people that are in front of you instead of scrutinize everything and to be alone in the end,YES then the Anime is an masterpiece
Art: Its one of those Anime you won't forget not only because of the great story but also that the art is amazing,you have a whole repertory of overdrawn characters/scenes,realistic drawn characters/scenes and good animation
It reminded me a little bit of gainax studio's artstyle 10/10
Sound: The Opening is a solid and fitting theme for the show ,same with the ending which is a little more bizare 10/10

You have a vareity of different characters here,like i said before there are the overdrawn characters like Higuchi, Seitarou,Ozu,Johnny(hope you find the reference),Fortune Teller and Aijima
And the more realistic characters which made a good contrast like the main protagonists Watashi,Akashi and Hanuki Ryouko

Enjoyment : i can only tell for me that i could't stop watching because after every episode you want know what is going on
so yeah 10/10

Overall : If you like artistic deep Anime that have a realistic touch which will have maybe an positive impact in your life then GO for it ...or wait.... watch it you won't regret. 10/10
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The weather sucks, life is miserable, and there's nothing to do. Oh, why can't someone just transport me to another dimension, maybe somewhere interesting? The dropping of a NEET into a fantasy world setting is an already successfully tested premise. However, unlike Konosuba, ReZero spices it up with a bit of Edge of Tomorrow. Our protagonist, Natsuki Subaru, is a worthless good for nothing drain on the economy in modern Tokyo. However, being a NEET, he has significant experience with fantasy adventure games and thus adapts quite well to being dropped into one. However, shockingly, we learn that he has no abilities, no level up card, and virtually no "gear". Unsurprisingly, he is fodder and soon killed. However, he is cursed to repeat his last few days upon death, based on some auto save point that he cannot control.

ReZero is a surprisingly enjoyable ride and, albeit a bit long and with a bit too much angst in some sections, honestly one of the best shows of the season. Though it doesn't have the production quality of Zestiria, it makes up for it with a rock-solid story and likable characters. If you are at all interested in the fantasy genre and can deal with some scenes that border on being morbid, this is a show you should not miss.

The animation in ReZero is very good overall. The show has a nice level of detail along with superb lighting and shading; it really helps in this show that goes from happy to dire within a few frames. What was particularly interesting here was the huge number of non-human creatures early on in the show. It's interesting because the ratio of human to non-humans wildly swings towards the former as the show progresses. I'm not a huge fan of the 3D CGI animal/carriages but it's not too distracting. Though the characters aren't particularly detailed, the show does give you a plethora of cute girls. Even a lot of the minor supporting cast gets a moe treatment; and that's not even including the ultra-furry cat guardian Pack. Perhaps it's the half-elf nature but our heroine definitely stands out from the crowd. The only oddity that bothered me in terms of animation was the resilience of our protagonist's tracksuit.

Don't think this show is all about cute girls acting moe though, there's a very sizable amount of action here along with a surprising amount of blood and death. If you don't like seeking cute heroine girls get butchered, you might want to shy away from this one. The show has a good mix of melee/ranged/magic attacks, but what's most interesting is that our protagonist fights with virtually no fighting experience and no skills- he's literally your run of the mill NEET; his only weapon is his ability to try again, albeit only after suffering a painful, agonizing death. Interestingly enough, this show is not ecchi at all; yes there are lolis and yes our protagonist occasionally earns a lap pillow but you won't find mischievous or read more
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Jan 15, 2017
Akatsuki no Yona (Anime) add
I usually don't write reviews, but this anime deserves it. It should be 10x more popular than it is.

Overall, this anime is a 10. It has a wonderful story and the art is just to die for. Everything is vibrant and colorful. Every character is unique in his/her own way. I have stalked this anime for almost a year now waiting for the first season to be dubbed. And now it has!! I just really hope that a third season is released and that we can hopefully see more of how Yona's story pans out.

I have to say this this anime might rank in my top three, considering I watched it all in a little over 24 hours.
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Ok so with most of my reviews I am going to start by saying by no means would I consider myself as a veteran of anime. So take this review from someone who has only watched anime for a few years and found enjoyment in it.

Just a heads up I will be trying my best not to spoil this show so I wont be using names or events. Just my very broad opinion about it.

I love this anime. I think the main concept is great, I found myself caring for a lot of the characters, and I would get angry or excited with the main characters decisions and actions through out the show. Within the first two episodes I was 100% into the show and wanting more and more. You learn about what makes this show special very suddenly and aggressively and it takes you back when it happens, and from then I was hooked.

The characters are great. Almost everyone I either grew to absolutely love or hate. I felt that most were used to their fullest extent and one way or another had enough backstory or influence to care one way or another about them. One thing that had me hating this show, in a "WHYY?!?!?!" type of way, was the main character half way through the show has some development that changes the pace of the show that killed it for me. But luckly one of the side characters brought the show right back around and the 1-2 episode slump (in my opinion) ended and the show became very exciting again.

Throughout the story there is great development between and internally with characters. That really helps me follow a show when I can see progress especially when the characters changes for the better or worse.

I can't really comment on the art besides, I liked it. Nothing was done to distract me from the story and I thought it was pleasing and looked good. But I don't know anything about the process to say anything else.

My overall review of this show would be I thought it was amazing. I couldn't wait for the next episode to come out to see how an event would play out or how the main character would solve a problem or overcome his own inner struggles. I love the main concept of the show. I personally have never seen anything like it, and I thought the way they use it is great. I would recommend this anime to anyone really.

10/10 will watch again!
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Jan 15, 2017
Toradora! (Anime) add
Toradora is about two high schoolers joining forces to help each other out with their crushes while in the process becoming closer with each other. I gave this anime a 10 in every category except for the story. The art was lovely, I love this style of anime. The sound was decent, I watched the subbed version and it flowed quite nice. The characters are hilarious and extremely lovable. I love how in this anime you even grow to love the smaller, quirkier characters, and how everyone comes together in the end. Overall I really enjoyed this anime and it really had the power to make me laugh and cringe happily. The reason why the story wasn't a 10 (I rated it at a 9) is because I don't like how they ended the series. The last episode kind of felt rushed and awkward, they skipped a few details so the jump from episode 24 and 25 felt quite large, as if an episode was missing. I also just in general didn't like the ending, I am a fan of happily ever after, and this anime doesn't quite give you that. Instead it leaves you with a bittersweet, on the verge of disapointed yet also satisfied feeling. I would suggest watching the last episode until the very end, what lies after the credits is where the "sweet" comes from in this bittersweet ending. Overall however, I would highly recommend this anime. It is funny, romantic, and is just in general a great short piece to watch.
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Jan 15, 2017
Ozmafia!! (Anime) add
I came into this anime like I do most, which is not knowing much about it. I found it on Crunchyroll and it had the description for which I believe is the game it was based on. I went into it believing there was a much different story than what it is. One bad thing is that any character introduction are kind of skipped. They tell you names but not much else. I know that it is a short anime based on something with an already built in fan base but they should atleast give the ones who know very little something. It isn't a bad show per say but I personally had my hopes up for a completely different story than what it is. If you know nothing about the game it was based on then it might not be the anime for you.
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Jan 15, 2017
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (Anime) add
*Despite both the title, and the first episode spoiling the show in heavy detail, there is so much here to unwind, that I cannot bear not giving you the classic SPOILER warning. Please, watch the show if you haven't; I implore you to do so. For those who have (or those who don't care about spoilers), let's move on*

Art is a powerful thing. It has the ability to captivate an audience, entrance them in a new idea they never thought of, enamor them into a sight that marvels them. There are so many types of art: paintings, drawings, stories, videos, games, and even music. All of these things can enamor us now, but back before even the late 20th century, we didn't have videos or games (aside from maybe betting games and sports). Nowadays, not only do we have all of these things, but we can literally combine all of these. Animation is the ultimate tool for doing so, with the only thing surpassing it being interactive visual novels that can actually be played in the sense of more than just a story we control: like say, a fighting game with a visual novel story (like Blazblue). Nonetheless, we're getting horrendously off track. Earlier, I mentioned stories. There are so many kinds of stories to tell, especially in anime...

You can tell an epically expansive and complex narrative (like Legend of the Galactic Heroes). You can tell a charismatic and dramatic thrill ride with twists and turns around every corner (like Code Geass). You can telling an exciting and inspirational story to get our blood pumping (like Gurren Lagann). You can create a work that heavily celebrates a franchise (like Carnival Phantasm). You can tell a grippingly dark and tragic tale to remind the audience that not all good stories have to have happy endings (like Fate/Zero and its second season). You can tell a charming and lovable story mixing many ideas you'd never have seen working (like Macross). You can even tell a down to Earth, realistic story that celebrates a concept we love (like Shirobako). Or, you can be like today's anime, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, and tell a charming, gripping, down to Earth, and realistic story that celebrates the concept of art (a concept we love) that happens to be a dramatic and sort-of inspirational thrill-ride that has a complex narrative (well, more so than many of us think). It's the best of all worlds, really. You'd think I'm overselling this series and underselling it at the same time. Nonetheless, you're probably wondering if all of what I said is true about the show. Well, let's find out, shall we?

STORY: 10/10

Episode 1 shows us a reformed criminal (Yotarou, his new stage name) inspired by Rakugo so much that he tries to find the master who showed it to him, with hopes that maybe said master will take him in. We follow his escapades of being introduced into the world of Rakugo at its truest, while being fed crucial read more
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Jan 15, 2017
Another (Anime) add
You can't run from death when you're in Yomiyama's Class 3.
This anime was the best horror genre one I have seen in ages. Right of the bat, the story envelopes you. I just couldn't stop watching! Just when you think you know who is who, everything turns around. I really liked this anime and any horror/mystery fan would love this. Even until the end, some mysteries remained unsolved...
The ending was alright, I feel like they could have done some more stuff with Misaki, but I really enjoyed this.
So horror fans, get ready for all the blood, mystery, and gore you need.

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Jan 15, 2017
To Be Hero (Anime) add
I feel that this is one of those animes that only a few people will remember. This isn't an anime any regular anime watcher would really be into in my opinion. But I'm one of the few it clicked with and greatly enjoyed. It's the story of a father and his daughter with a lot of funny crazy moments. The ending even made me tear up a bit, and it's really hard for me to do that for any anime. Another great thing about the show is its animation and art style. I had just finished watching Mob Psycho 100 wondering if there were any other shows out atm with such great animation like Mob. I just scrolled through Crunchyroll and found this show.
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Jan 15, 2017
Death Parade (Anime) add
A very interesting concept indeed. What happens after you die? In this anime, after death people are in the after life and don't remember how they died or that they even died. There are "arbiters" that judge if someone goes to be reincarnated or into the abyss of darkness. In order to do this they must bring the worst, deepest emotions by playing "games" with another person that has passed as well. I absolutely enjoyed this because we learn how differently people view life and what conflicts people have in their lives. It reflects how we have so many emotions that we don't even care to notice how much of a interesting/complicated species we are.
Overall this was very fun to watch and very deep as well. I just wished we could learn more about some people that weren't shown as much but I'm not going to bash them since it was only 12 episodes. I personally give it a 9.5/10
Get some tissues cause you're in for a FEELtrip
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Honestly, it's just mediocre.

I don't mind the characters, the setup, or even the art, but in my opinion it isn't anything special.

For me, I was just waiting for something interesting to happen.

Something happened, but it was just confusing. And boring. The story was just.. anticlimatic for me. Overall, it isn't terrible at anything imo. Story is okay, but just not what anyone wanted. Art was mediocre. Sound.. average. Character wasn't terrible, didn't mind one or two of them. Enjoyment.. i just didn't enjoy it at all. Overall, bang average.

Had pretty high hopes, but it didn't live up to anything i expected.

I wanted to carry on watching, for something slightly interesting to happen. I may still watch it until the end, as something meaningful may actually happen, but as it stands, its dissapointing.
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Jan 15, 2017
Inu x Boku SS (Anime) add
Story: I did not give this section a rating simply because there really was no defined plot line. It was more like a reality show following the main character Ririchiyo around, and witnessing the crazy events her and her friends encounter on a day to day basis. This simplicity may turn off a lot of people from watching it, however I wholeheartedly believe everyone should give this a chance.
I would say comedy was the defining genre by far. It seemed like every thirty seconds, something would happen or something would be said that would cause me to laugh out loud.
The romance aspect was the second most prevalent genre and I am happy to say you will not be disappointed!
There are supernatural moments since all the main characters have weird powers and weird monster things sometimes appear, just don't watch this if you want a dominant supernatural series, you will be disappointed.
The last episode is actually the Inu X Boku SS Special. I got my hopes up when I saw they had a special, until I found out it was just the 12th episode.

Art: I would personally say the artwork is pretty simplistic in relation to other series I have seen. The majority of the time is spent inside buildings, especially the house, so there was no real need to spent lots of time on scenery.
I thought the character designs were creative and different whenever they transformed into their youkai forms. As normal humans, they looked pretty normal and usual for anime characters.

Sound: Like the majority of series, I skipped the opening so if you want a detailed review of the openings and closings, I don't have one.
There were quite a few English voice actors I recognized such as Chris Patton, Brittney Karbowski, and Monica Rial. I thought they were amazing in their parts and they fit together quite well.

Characters: My favorite character was Kagerou Shoukiin who is played by the amazingly talented David Matranga. Every time this character appears, it is so freaking hilarious, especially when he goes on his Masochist/Sadist tirades.
There was such a diverse field of personalities, it was sometimes overwhelming but that shows it was done correctly. There was the main character who spoke her mind, but felt bad whenever she hurt someone's feelings. You have the perverted SS agent who gets a nosebleed every time she sees one of the girls in a cute position, or fantasizes about such. There is the quick tempered character that always seems to be up for a fight in order to look good in front of his crush. This list goes on and on.

Enjoyment: In all, I gave this series a 9 out of 10. If you are looking for a short and hilarious anime to give you a break from all the serious series out there, I think this is the anime for you.
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Jan 15, 2017
Hibike! Euphonium (Anime) add
[This review contains very minor spoilers.]
[This is a review of both seasons, together.]
I am glad that I watched this.
I would definitely recommend this to others.
I have watched this once, subtitled. I have only watched the anime.
I will watch this again.

---- Positives ----

The art is extremely good [when it wants to be].
Many scenes have superb art. The characters look amazing, and their emotions come across in their facial expressions and body language. The close-ups are handled extremely well. The series successfully, infrequently changes to a comedic art style to express certain character emotions. The instruments look accurate and the reflections coming off of the brass instruments look great. The instruments seem to have their appropriate weights taken into consideration with regard to how their players handle them. The blinding lights on the stage are just how blinding stage lights can actually be.

The solos sound great.
When a single instrumentalist is playing, it's easier for me to focus on how they sound. Whenever there was a single person playing their instrument, it sounded great - not necessarily needing to be highly-skilled performances, but just needing to feel real. Certain solo performances in the series were imperfect on purpose, so those also get credit. I still have that one great trumpet solo stuck in my head.

It gives a good representation of what concert band is like.
There's a focus on how daily practices are managed, with the students sometimes breaking off into sectionals instead of always practicing together as the entire band. Details like that made the environment they were in feel genuine. Also of note, the way the students conduct themselves while waiting in the wings [literally, not the phrase] seemed particularly realistic, and various parts of being at a competition, like waiting to go onstage, were shown, which was nice.

It gives a good representation of what high school concert band is like, while staying uplifting in the end.
There's a focus on the political side of being in high school concert band, such as seniority dictating who gets the better parts. This isn't just another detail of the environment though - it gets a decent amount of focus in the series as something to consider, since the concert band set a high bar for themselves and they can't afford to sit back and settle on the usual ways of doing things. Throughout the series, there is also a focus on how players can sometimes just not care about being competitive and how it changes the mood of the entire band. I won't mention more here, but there are more ways that the story does a good job portraying high school concert band life.

Characters have good, meaningful ties that change during the series.
We learn about individual characters in the series in a deep way through Oumae. The character interactions aren't just limited to her, though, which is what makes this positive stand out. Also, beyond the person-to-person level, we learn about the previous third-years and how they had a profound effect on the current members. read more
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Jan 15, 2017
Haibane Renmei (Anime) add
*Warning, this review may contain spoilers*

"There's no such thing as forever. Everything ends sooner or later, just as it should. Because now is only now. And this moment... is so precious".

From acclaimed artist Yoshitoshi ABe, Haibane Renmei is a series that began life as a doujinshi before coming to television thanks to Radix studios, something I don't get to say too often of Radix. Now, while this is the man who made the artwork for Serial Experiments Lain, there are many differences in this project since it's based off of ABe's own concepts.


While there isn't much of a plot in Haibane Renmei, this is by no means a bad thing considering just how solid character development is. The only point I can criticize of Haibane Renmei is the introduction of ideas that never get answers after being talked about for much of the first half of the show, such as the wall that surrounds the city the Haibane live in and their existence as a whole. But to me, this is what makes Haibane Renmei so special, since it attempts to take the fears and anxieties people have about an afterlife and puts them in perspective. It's human nature to seek out knowledge about our origins, which we've been doing for our entire existence as a species. It is no different than Haibane, with there still being uncertainty even after the Day of Flight, a time when the Haibane leave the walled city for what can only be assumed is paradise.


The art style of Yoshitoshi ABe is quite divisive among anime fans. Some might find his style unorthodox or the color scheme too dark, but to me this is exactly what makes ABe one of the greatest artists in the industry. I wasn't fond of the 3D graphics used in some scenes, but it amazes me how well ABe was able to pull off merging different types of architecture to make it seem like the Haibane world is a pastiche of all the eras of human life, from buildings that look like they belong in the 19th century to the use of more modern technology by the Haibane. While watching Haibane Renmei it's important to keep in mind that it is supposed to look like the world and characters are more realistic and grounded than trying to dazzle viewers with bright color schemes typical in most anime series.


The soundtrack of Haibane Renmei is perhaps the anime's second strongest point aside from the characters. Composer Ko Otani has my respect for the pieces he created, going from slice of life glee in tracks such as "Ailes Grises" to chilling atmospheric pieces like "Silent Wonderland REM Sleep" and "Ethereal Remains". What is the most unique part of Haibane's soundtrack is that the opening song contains no lyrics. Now, while this may put some people off I found it refreshing to hear something different than a Jpop song. It just takes some getting used to. My favorite piece from read more
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Jan 15, 2017
Shuumatsu no Izetta (Anime) add
Shuumatsu no izetta an anime set in WW2 but with magic i know lot of ppl will say is boring,well is nothing new of course but story holds till the end
have to say this anime gave me the same vibe as valkyria Chronicle good chars,good art and amazing ost sadly for me the op is not the best.
If you like valkyria Chronicle, last exile you will love shuumatsu no izetta
At least give a try watch the first 2,3 ep

Final result: like i said if you like valkyria Chronicle and other like this this anime is for you but you want anime that tell the real WW2 of COURSE is not for you

Well this is my first review on mal só i hope you like
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Jan 15, 2017
Love Live! School Idol Project (Anime) add
This is the best anime I have ever seen. I love all of the characters. I literally cannot understand why some people don't like this show. I really love cute and girly and slice of life anime, so this seems too really fall under all of my traits too love an anime! This anime also managed too make me cry a lot and get me emotionally attached too the characters. There was one scene in Season 2 that made me literally cry my eyes out. This is a MUST SEE! (Watch the sub please i couldn't handle one episode of the dub)
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Jan 15, 2017
Naruto (Anime) add
-In this review, I will only be critiquing "Naruto" and not "Naruto Shippuden"-
Undoubtedly, one of the most popular anime of the past decade is "Naruto." But how does this series hold up after all these years?

Our tale starts off with our main protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. Admittedly, I do like the concept of this character. He is rejected by his fellow villagers with the exception of a few because of circumstances that he himself could not control. This is where I think we find "Naruto's" greatest advantage, characters. "Naruto" is not about the story per say but more about how the characters interpret the story. This is very apparent in the first episode as the episode focuses more on Naruto rather than the actual ninja world. It is great at setting up characters and developing them. However, I can't say that the story always keeps this afloat. Sometimes, the story feels a bit too forced or unnatural but not to such a high extent. The story is amusing at best but I guess that is fair enough for a shounen. Overall, "Naruto" is a story about the ninjas and not really about the ninja world.

Before we transition into the later half of this review, let me talk about a few minor things. First of all, the art. The art is simple and basic but is good enough. When it comes to animation though it can sometimes be very lacking. Visually, the anime is mediocre. However, in terms of sound, this anime is really good. Just listen to a couple bits of music from this series and you will understand why.

Here comes the biggest flaw of this anime...filler. The filler is basically when a series wastes an episode on the characters doing things that will never be mentioned again in future episodes or will even have any effect on the story whatsoever. Many people like to underplay this issue but it is very important. Out of the 220 episodes, 89 episodes are considered filler. That means that yu would waste 1780 hours which is approximately 74 days watching filler. Let that sink in, you are completely wasting 74 whole days just watching characters doing nothing significant. Not to mention that the filler is not even entertaining. And it is not just the filler that wastes your time. Plot lines in this anime at certain times will be stretched to 10 episodes when they really should need 2 at most. These problems are what keeps me from giving this anime a 7.

Final Verdict:
With filler, this anime earns a 6 from me however luckily since you can find all the filler episodes by searching it up online, it is possible to watch this anime without filler.This anime, without all the fillers, would probably earn a 6.8 from me (still not a 7). It has solid characters and sound. The art is minimalistic but still can look really good at times. The reason why it is not a 7 though is because even without read more
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Jan 15, 2017
Wake Up, Girls! (Anime) add
Tadgh: I'm not into the idol scene. We choose our anime from a random list so we can watch new things. Honestly I didn't enjoy the subject matter much. That said, the anime itself was OK. They made the characters very individual and made it easy to get invested in their struggle. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't like the real life Wake Up Girls! but it was an ok slice of life.

Laohoam: This isn't the first idol anime i have watched, it also isn't the best. that being said it wasn't unbearable. The story progressed well. Reflecting the issue of each girl and the bond that helps them overcome each solution. Though the level of drama was a bit extreme, which is what killed it for me. if you have nothing else to watch give it a try.

Rasanaph- Honestly this just isn't my type of anime, i fell asleep each time we got together to watch it.

Dr.R.Dash: SO In short I wish it was better but, I really did enjoy all the seven girls and the back story about who they are , how they all came to be in wake up girls I really enjoyed the music, and dance routines it reminded me of the pure days of EVIL when I was a cheerleader because my coach was Terrifying! and she made us suffer if we messed up a dance , i got a little chill of nauseating nostalgia, another reason This is not my favorite is personally I Hate girl drama- Tis BS thats why I only wasted some life being a cheerleader.
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Jan 15, 2017
God Eater (Anime) add
This anime is really good but when i finished it, i felt nothing to be honest. It did not leave an impact on me like any other animes does; a faint broken heart or a lesson etc.

The story is good old post-apocaliyptic earth.Most of the humantiy is dead; some people are living in walls some others not. there is a class system in walls; poor living close to walls(more likely to be open to attacks when wall breached) and the ones who are usefull to the system are living close to the core of the city.

Art is really good compare to other animes.I can tell more like close to game trailers. really high quality.

Sound is standard hack and slash sounds, there is no heart breaking or "wow" musical cinematic or any kind.

Chars are really... how should i put it; there are some chars that i liked but most of them really poorly managed. expecially main char; he is tooo optimistic; nearly impossible. He has seen really brutal events in his entire lifetime and continues with his bad luck to the end but somehow his "strong spirit" manages to keep him optimistic toward everything and make him stronger and eventually effect people who are near him. His reaction to every single bad event is ALWAYS supportive and caring; its almost nerve wrecking. He is not realistic in anyway at all, he should have been broken by the episode 2 or 3.

i fairly enjoy the whole anime, i dont know how but it kept me entertaint to the end; i really did not look foward to next episode but the art was awesome and story was good so..

overall i give this anime fair because at he end i really had nothing. sorry

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Jan 15, 2017
Kill la Kill (Anime) add
What to say about this MASTERPIECE, despite of being an original animation by Trigge which i love it like Pikachu loves Ketchup, or Momo loves the D, the main strength of this anime i should say... I don't know, IT'S TRIGGER, soundtrack stunning, no comment in the art style, story very creative, funny, just a masterpiece, not my #1, but top 5. Let's begin (if i haven't already):

Story: 10/10
WELP. What to say (again)... The story is VERY VERY creative, and i'm saying this because, compared to other action/superpower anime, this one don't use any conventional weapons, despite the main character being a girl (which is very rare in this type of anime), she, instead of using magic, sword, or any kind of power or cliche weapon, SHE USES A HALF RED SCISSOR AND A PIECE OF CLOTHING THAT TALKS, which i like to be honest.

Art: 11/10
It's Trigger. Trigger is different. Trigger is not like any other studio, the art style is different from one to another, this one matches it perfect, with simple art style for unknown or funny characters like Mako and sometimes even Ryuko or the "teacher" (Don't remember the name), no lazyness, it's like i'm watching in 60fps, no repeated scenes (not that i know of), and the list continues for a long time.

Sound: 10/10
DON'T LOSE YOUR WAAAAAAAAAAAY. I think this is the best OST of the anime. There was a specific part of the anime, when Ryuko is battling "someone" (anti-spoiler) and everytime Ryuko puts more strenght in the "attack" the soundtrack changes and stuff like that. I like the almost each character has their own OST, such as Satsuki, Ragyo, Ryuko or even Mako.

Character: 10/10
I've never seen such characters like these, there's like 20 secondary characters and all of them have completely different personalities, Such has Ryuko being nice and not nice at the same time, Mako being dumb, funny, imprevisible or doing impossible thing such as creating material out of nowhere, making them vanish or teleporting and stuff, and there's Mako's family y'know.

Enjoyment: 10/10
VERY FUNNY. Mostly on Mako's explanations (Right up there î), or the enemies being easy, the teacher from Nudist Beach getting slowly naked and Mako's mother slowly looking at his junk XD. These little moments already made the day.

Overall: 11/10

wut m8
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Jan 15, 2017
God Eater (Anime) add
God Eater is the kind of show that is slow for a few episodes but then goes 0-100 really fast.

Story: 6/10
God Eater is a show that follows the actions of a young man living and fighting in a post-apocalyptic war where mysterious monsters known as Aragami are devouring everything on the face of the Earth, pushing humanity towards extinction with each day that passes. Even though the story is not very original it does have unique features and the action is just so intense that you need to take a 5 min. break from time to time.
I really did appreciate the flashback scenes and explanations of the Aragami and how everything ended up the way it did. I liked the fact that these Aragami are not mindless, they have the potential to achieve intelligence.

Characters: 7/10
Most of the characters are generic but it is not as bad as it may seem, some of them are intriguing.
The protagonist is the heroic and impulsive Lenka. I liked Lenka’s personality, he is not all that generic, and I am surprised of how good his backstory is. I also liked the relation between Rindou and Lenka, he is a role model and a good friend to Lenka. Overall, Lenka is a good protagonist.

Animation: 10/10
The animation is godly, it is ridiculously beautiful. The visuals of God Eater are absolutely stunning, as it is to be expected from Studio Ufotable. At first the animation felt weird but as soon as my eyes got adjusted I saw the beauty of it.
Everything was smooth, even when the screen was overloaded with light, blood, flowing water, rain, thunder strikes, etc. the animation was fluid and it really managed to bring things to life.
Top quality animation.

Sound: 10/10
The opening theme is great, it gets you hyped up and ready for what is to come. The ending theme is good as well.
What I was surprised by is the blood-pumping background music as well as the fantastic sound effects infusing every scene without ever overlapping with the voice work.
Top quality sound.

Enjoyment: 9/10
The great animation/sound combined with intense action, fantastic fight scenes, pretty cool MC and decent plot got me hyped up and made the show a really fun time.

Great animation, sound and action with decent plot and characters. Just get through the first 3 episodes and watch the series in one go. I recommend this show to everyone, it is one of the best series of 2015.
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Jan 15, 2017
Tekkon Kinkreet (Anime) add
Rate of 6 (fair)
seen via English dubbed

Plot- Very elaborate. The writer was honest. If words were mentioned they had reason and purpose. Some writers fill up time with words not this writer. You will not feel like you watched a mystery with your W questions. And since this was a kid p.o.v. the art had a certain flare that matched the plot.

sound- was on key and right actors and the right parts.

art- Sadly, the are was not realistic. Had the art would have had more detail to make it look like an actual person and not just a drawing more things would have happened. More compassion could be drawn, more loss of imagination. A good way of putting it is like Pablo Picasso. A world famous artist. Whom made his work on abstract (different from the norms) thinking. It is unique because it is different. Although, faces do not go that way. At least those whom did not engage in a battle and won easily. This was animation the goal is to come close enough to reality to provide a connection with the viewer. I understand a possible reasoning such as plot but still.
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Jan 15, 2017
Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Anime) add

While everyone else is freaking out about how progressive and phenomenal Yuri!!! on Ice is, I'll just review this anime. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of harems, Kiss Him not Me captivated me due to its appealing colors and the characters. It's also very relatable for fujoshi! (I'm not a fujoshi but I still found it relatable as an anime fan)

The story is pretty typical for a reverse harem. Serinuma Kae is a fujoshi who starts out being overweight but then loses it all once she becomes depressed and locks herself up in her room after her favorite character dies. After she loses weight, all of the cute guys that she ships together ends up falling in love with her and competing for her love. I'm not a huge fan of a character's weight being the butt of the joke (which unfortunately happens in almost all anime) but the way each character interacts with Kae drives the story forward, which I really enjoyed.

ART: 7
The art was also typical for a shoujo anime. The characters and backgrounds are very colorful and pretty pleasing to look at. It's not the most gorgeous thing ever, but I was able to deal with it.

The opening was the most reverse harem thing (that's the only way I can describe it) I've ever heard come from an anime. It's unfortunately also pretty catchy (it's stuck in my head as I speak). The ending song isn't super memorable and the BGM doesn't really stand out at all. The ending and opening songs are both fitting for the anime, so I'll give it that.

All of the characters are extremely tropey, but I love Nishina and 6-senpai a lot so I'm being extremely forgiving here. I'm gonna rank them from best to worst (in my personal opinion)
I personally consider Nanashima to be worst boy since there's literally nothing going for him other than the fact that he looks like Serinuma's favorite anime character. He's a pretty big jerk and one of the main people that forced Serinuma to lose weight when she gained it back (which is just... really? come on, man).
Shinomiya is probably the most tropey one since he's supposed to be the obligatory shota. I love cute characters, so I couldn't let him be worst boy. He's not a jerk, unlike Nanashima. But at the same time, the shota characters usually aren't jerks so I wouldn't imagine him being one.
Igarashi is a better version of Nanashima. He was one of the first ones to be straight forward about his crush on Serinuma. He also treated her somewhat ideally. I wasn't a huge fan of his character design, though.
Mutsumi-senpai is infinitely better than the other three boys. I honestly question why there's competition between them to begin with. He's really nice to Serinuma, doesn't force her to lose weight, and is extremely accepting of her and her interests. Near the end (for reasons I won't say) he especially read more
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Jan 15, 2017
Occultic;Nine (Anime) add
Occultic;Nine is like a new disease. At first, you'll be confused and unsure what to make of it because it's so strange. Then, you're given placebos, and it seems normality has returned to a certain degree. When the psychological veil is gone and the huge elephant is revealed to you once again, you treat the many symptoms hoping that it'll be cured over time. Unfortunately the symptoms simply return and in greater intensity until you decided to put your foot down to find the vaccine.

And thank goodness we don't have to do that because we have a miracle drug that will fix everything! *cough* deus ex machina *cough*


The premise is really good and captivating, but pacing was way too fast. Every episode messes with your mind, making you scream obscenities as if it'll help you make more sense of it. And then they info dump you because you were asking the wrong question, ya dummy.

Music and songs are great. Love the opening (that Steins;Gate opening band man) and ending songs.

Character development felt rushed because of how the story was paced, and half of the casts are underdeveloped it seems. But they grow on you regardless. Or maybe I'm just too obsessed with the mystery that I don't really care.


Overall it's a fun watch, quite enjoyable, but it left me wanting for more with how it ended. Still many questions unanswered. Maybe the ongoing light novel. Maybe the upcoming game. *shrugs*
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Jan 15, 2017
Busou Renkin (Anime) add
Busou Renkin is a shounen anime. I don't really like shounen, and I started (and dropped) Busou Renkin in the past. Still, I recently decided to watch it again...

I would say it is pretty much Shounen done right. Characters do not throw angsty fits, do not preach mid battle, there are plenty of comedic episodes inserted into the story, and fights do not last two episodes. Animation is quite fluid, even though art style is somewhat simple. There's nice music, and the whole thing feels believable, or even touching at times. It is much, much, much better than I expected.

Detailed breakdown below:
Story - it is fairly simple/straightforward story about a school boy getting powers, meeting a companion and then fighting enemies. However what sets it apart is light-hearted handling of many scenes, many nicely done comedic moments. I would say the story finds just the right balance between drama/fights and slice of life elements. Rather than plot devices characters look like actually believable people, and for most of the time events that happen sorta make sense. So, while the story is relatively simple, straightforward and even stereotypical, it is quite pleasant to watch.

Art is quite simple, however, the animation is of high quality. Even though characters have fairly low amount of detail, they move very fluidly in most scenes. There's some CG that doens't *quite* match the 2d art, but it is tolerable enough.

Music is generally nice, and opening theme is entertaining. The ending of the second half is interesting to listen to. It is not very memorable, but it works to complement the story. I would say it is slightly below the level of music in Keijo (where musical part was done perfectly.

There are three or characters total that pull this anime through and make it memorable. Those are Tokiko, protagonist's sister Mahiro and one of the initial bad guys (with very interesting fashion sense). Tokiko is just plain adorable at times, and rather easy to sympathize with. As far as I can tell, she is supposed to be an archetype, but in the end rather than archetype she looks like a person, plus seiyuu did a great job voicing her. The second important character was mahiro, who mostly works as comedic relief, and even though does not really have much of a character on her own, she does a great job adding comedy when she arrives. And then there's bad guy with strange fashion sense....
In comparison to strong female lead, protagonist himself is rather generic "shounen good guy protagonist". Thankfully he isn't spineless, isn't perverted, doesn't preach too much, isn't prone for fits of angst, so for this kind of anime the character works quite well. However he is not very memorable by himself.

I liked first half a bit more, since it had more of light-hearted episodes. The 2nd half for a while looked like it is about to devolve into standard cliched anime with drawn out fight, but it narrowly dodged it. Overall first read more
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Jan 15, 2017
YURI!!! on ICE (Anime) add
As someone hailing from Tumblr, I genuinely enjoyed this anime but I'm not a giant, diehard fan of it. I'm sure a lot of people are starting to dislike this anime and its fans after the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, but I'm gonna try to write a completely honest and rational review for it.

The story was straightforward and easy to follow. After losing the Grand Prix Final at 6th place, Yuuri Katsuki starts to fall out of ice skating. However, he is recorded ice skating to one of Viktor Nikiforov's (the ice skater that he admired) routines. This recording becomes viral and Viktor sees it and travels to Japan just to coach Yuuri. The anime starts to explore their relationship as the viewers gets to see them develop as a couple. The story is very touching and heartwarming, which is why it has gained so many fans. It depicts a healthy, same sex relationship without any fetishization. However, I feel like the story could have been executed better if the show focused more on developing the characters and less on the subpar ice skating scenes. That way, more characters can be more relevant and impactful to the story.

ART: 6
Of course, the Crunchyroll Anime Awards has shed some light on how... average YoI's art and animation is. However, I'm not gonna talk about all of those lazy in between screenshots. A lot of people praise YoI for being realistic, but I feel like it's a bit TOO realistic. Watching the ice skating routines is just about as exciting as I imagine watching real life ice skating to be, which is not a good thing. Anime is an art form and it should be more captivating and exciting than real life should ever be. That's the appeal in anime. I thought that the colors in YoI were too dull to be interesting, the only flattering aspects in the art being some of the costumes that the characters wear during their routines.

The opening is very pleasing to listen to. However, it isn't the best (despite what people voted for). The ending is extremely forgettable. The songs that are used in skate routines, on the other hand, are actually really nice to listen to! If I had the motivation to, I would listen to some of them in my free time.

Oh lordy. Being on Tumblr made me realize this: I don't really care about most of the characters. The only characters that are vaguely interesting personality wise are JJ and Yurio and I guess Phichit to an extent. Most of the characters have no personality, which made it hard for me to care about them. I would have barely cared about Viktor and Yuuri if they weren't in a relationship and if Viktor wasn't hot. I almost always forgot about Leo because he was only shown in one episode with Guang Hong (who I would have also forgotten about if he wasn't cute). If the characters were introduced by having them actually read more
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Jan 15, 2017
Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari (Anime) add
Story: The story explores the daily of Souta and Poco. While Souta is taking care of personal matters, he is also responsible for taking care of Poco. Turns out Poco is a very special kid full of love and curiosity. Souta also get to reminiscence the past with his family and friends (during his time at Kagawa). Originally he wanted to take over his Dad's restaurant, however; Souta decided to take a different direction that will make him happy. He also gets to catch up with them and constantly being asked if he will continue his father's legacy and cook more Udon.

Souta: born and raised in Kagawa Perfecture, originally wanted to be an Udon maker, but decided to become a Web Designer and moved to Japan. He is a father figure to Poco & is very responsible when it comes to his well-being. He is trying to balance his life in Tokyo and Kagawa.

Poco: A cute child that is under the care of Souta. Turns out that he's a tanuki (unfortunately, Souta ran away). He is like a son to Souta and loves Udon! He is a BIG fan of Gaogao-chan and loves chasing frogs. He loves spending time with Souta and has special, magical powers.

Overall: It is one of my favourite animes to watch. It's very cute (considering it's a slice of life). It's similar to Amaama to Inazuma (based on the concept of the plot). Seeing Souta remembering his past and making things right while taking care of Poco is interesting to watch. Plus, if you love Udon... you should watch it too (even though they don't show it a lot in the anime).
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Jan 15, 2017
Kamisama no Memochou (Anime) add
"Great potential marred by a shoddy pieced together story with no real purpose". I wish that wasn't my final thought – but it is. Kamisama no Memochou has an interesting concept and various characters that make for great potential; but alas, this potential is never reached. Various plots are thrown in one after another, but there is never a real purpose behind the story or the characters. The characters are real, each with their own issues, but a true understanding and resolve is never met. The anime is too short to achieve a proper climax and resolution; it tries too much in too little time.

Kamisama no Memochou lacks the crimson thread that weaves an anime together. There are plots and subplots. To me, this anime feels like a big subplot with mentions of a plot that never appears or fully matures. "I am a NEET detective, a speaker for the dead." Those are the words of the female protagonist, Alice. But nowhere does the story's action ring true to the statement.

If you like defective anime....I mean detective anime, you might want to watch it, but I wouldn't watch it again. So much bloody potential and such a waste of it. The characters really could have achieved so much more. *Sigh*
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Jan 15, 2017
YURI!!! on ICE (Anime) add
If you're an anime fan as of the Fall 2016 season you've almost certainly heard of and probably watched Yuri on Ice. But if you haven't watched it yet, or you're new to anime, you may be wondering - can a show about gay ice skaters really be so good? Yes, it can.

Going into this I should say that I'm a young woman - the target demographic for this series. I know straight guys who do like YoI but the female demo is likely to get more out of it.


The story is pretty standard for a sports anime - though, unlike in other sports, the main character isn't part of a team. In terms of plot development there aren't any major surprises - the motivation to watch comes more from moment-to-moment character interactions and the ice skating sections.


As a character-driven story, where YoI really shines is with its' characters. The main 3 characters are the titular Japanese figure skater Yuri, world champion Viktor, and the young Russian Yuri (or Yurio), a rival to our protagonist. It sounds corny, but one of the most enjoyable aspects of YoI is seeing Yuri's character grow from where he is at the start of the series to where he is at the end.

Ofcourse the most famous aspect of YoI is the gay relationship between Yuri and Viktor. I'm not exactly qualified to consider this as a depiction of LGBT relationships in anime or fiction generally, but I genuinely think this is a well-written and likeable romance / love story, not just a gay one. The story in-universe doesn't even dwell on the the relationship being gay - noone in YoI ever questions that aspect. Later developments in their relationship in the second half of the series feel quite normal and believable, for me atleast, which is a sign of good writing.

And yeah, as part of the target demographic I have to say the fanservice and the development of Y/V's relationship is really good (especially eps 7/10/end of ep12). I'm not usually the biggest fan of romance in fiction but this was different - I found myself really liking the two MCs and wanting them to get together. There's some goofy homoerotic moments earlier on, but didn't feel that out of place with YoI being a lighthearted series.

For a 12 episode series YoI does a decent job with the supporting characters, especially the other skaters who make it to the grand prix. None of them have a great amount of depth, but some of them are memorable and you feel some sympathy when they lose. And then there's the Russian Yuri / Yurio - who I liked as a character, a good counterpart to the two MCs, though the story kinda struggles with giving him a role, before settling on him being the Japanese Yuri's main rival.


The animators did a very good job with what must have been a pretty limited budget. The quality of the read more
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Jan 15, 2017
FLCL (Anime) add
Repost of my full original review on
Gainax is a anime studio, that has been described to me as “the studio that can´t create something normal” and with its symbolism-based masterpiece Evangelion, the sex jokes in Panty & Stocking and the literal galactic scale in Gurren Lagann, it is not hard to see. Of course, there is one show, that tops all of the beforementioned and this is the shit I´m talking about. Yeah, I´m taking FLCL, baby.

FLCL is a Gainax OVA of 6 episodes, a small length, which you can binge watch in less time than Pulp Fiction. What you would think first is “How would they make a good plot in such a short time?” By creating the fast moving, most insane and symbolism heavy show in the history of 2000s anime. FLCL doesn´t screw around, it gets straight to the insane and at times hilarious mess, that is the show. While seeming incoherrent and random most times, after further inspection, the story revolves around the protagonist Naota and his struggles living with a robot, that emerged from his forehead and a girl, that is a rock musician. Of course, the plot often takes detours in its story to do whacky and random stuff, only funny half of the time, but the entire confusion is sort of like the mess that would be your own life, when growing up. Think about it. FLCL isn´t a show about growing up, but what it´s like and the confusion and insanity it might feel like. The entire story is heavy on its symbolic nature and includes a lot of seemingly useless nonsense, like sexual jokes or just insanity, but it all plays into the symbolism and idea of what FLCL wants to portray. With its 6 episode length, FLCLs plot moves at a insanely fast pace, which is hard to keep up with, making the plot extremly confusing at times and overall hard to understand, but Gainax itself did a good job on it as it worked out very well throughout the story and made it possible to portray all the themes in such a short runtime.

In my honest opinion, Naota is not the great protagonist of this show and ends up being an idiot a lot of the time. However, the best characters of this show are Mamimi and Haruka, who end up getting major development throughout these 6 episodes. I can´t necessarily explain my thoughts on Haruka as that would spoil most of the plot. Mamimi was mostly a striking character, because she seemed to me like a person, who has failed life in itself and has derailed as a human being, growing more distant and frustrated of the world, which I found extremly interesting. Minor characters of FLCL weren´t necessarily the most developed, but worked in the story as a secondary cast in continuing the themes of the story.

The artstyle and designs of FLCL look very good. Of course, the animation is fluid and creatively used every time read more
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Jan 15, 2017
Akatsuki no Yona (Anime) add
This is one of the best traditional Japanese-like anime I have ever watched. If you're a big fan of Hakuouki, you'll fall in love with this. Akatsuki no Yona has been on my plan to watch list for so long and I finally watch it. I have no regrets finishing it in one day.

The story is very beautiful, touching, dramatic, full of mystery and plot twists, romantic and teach us something as well. It's not all about romance between Yona and the guys, but also value of each character's background and actions. Plus, the story is very funny but also give you tears and screams many times.

Yona, probably is one of the amazing female character ever created. She teaches us how something could change in a blink of an eye and you must survive by struggling from your previous lives. It teaches us girls to be strong even when people say we're weak.

What kind of let me down is that the ending is not as impact full as I would imagined. Though it may be continued in the manga but I think that the anime should've choose the right manga chapter as the ending.
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Jan 15, 2017
Kiznaiver (Anime) add
+A Brilliant setting that challenges the many themes of relationships
+Visuals alone make this show a worthwhile watch

-Though drama is well executed, the lack of a build up makes it all irrelevant
- Sense of realism is not there due to plot inconsistencies
-Romance that bloomed with next to no development
-Gags that destroy the tension of the show from time to time.
* A drama that is not too somber, with light hearted moments in between.

Kiznaiver epitomizes the word ‘Force’. It’s setting focuses around forcing a group of people to be bound together, like putting lab rats in a cage, and see how they interact with each other. Its drama focuses on how the system forces the problems that are supposed to be to each his own to be shared among all. Even its themes questions whether is it possible for relationships among friends to be made forcefully. And subjective to the viewer, one could deliberate whether the story progression, character reactions, and perhaps even the roots of all the drama that unfolds in general, to be forced as well.

Perhaps the show’s writer observed his friends headbutting each other and beating around bushes that he thought if only understanding each other were to come easy, that if everyone had a sense of each other’s pain, mutual agreement to problems wouldn’t be as hard to come by.

The concept of shared pain is intriguing. It basically puts the worldly concept of ‘All-for-one and one-for-all’ in the spotlight. From there, there are so many potential can of worms for one to open, so many issues to tackle. Thoughts like ‘Isn’t forcing understanding among one another, even for a good cause, self-righteous?’, ‘Wouldn’t people be caring and helpful to others not for the sake of the one who’s suffering, but for the sake of avoiding the suffering that they themselves experience?’, ‘If everyone can understand each other right away, then is effort to nurture a relationship, the very beautiful journey of making friends itself, redundant?’ are all awesome questions that could perhaps find its answers.

Kiznaiver takes on a much light hearted, and arguably less mature style of storytelling. In typical fashion, the drama involves the cookie-cutter ingredients of romance, phobias and characters’ pasts. Regardless of originality, these aspects could still be heart wrenching for the viewers to see if done well. But unfortunately, one would probably not shed many tears as the phobias are brought up in that one single moment of fear, and then never brushed upon again. It was as if to say that phobias, which are actually really serious issues in real life, are just typical character quirks and has insignificant effects on daily life. The drama that comes from romance like heartbreaks and unrequited love does not seem as moving as it could potentially be as the characters develop feelings for each other a bit too easily. One could argue that romantic development among characters do not need to be given a dramatic episode with tears, embraces, or heart-to-heart talks, but read more
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Jan 15, 2017
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
Boku dake ga Inai Machi is one of the most magnificently constructed animes that I have ever watched. This is for a number of reasons, but all can be summed up to the obvious devotion which was show to its production.

The OP was fantastic and, though it did not contain as much symbolism as others, ran extremely well to the music and served as a constant through out the show's crazy time jumps and action.

The characters were very well formed. All were given enough story to explain their actions, motivations, and overall point in the series.

Lastly, the art was done fantastically. The amount of detail was much greater than I have ever before witnessed, and the "camera shots" were given so much thought that each scene pulled the watcher more deeply into the web which the story constantly wove. The use of color was also very excellent,though I am sure it has been stated by many.

I am giving this a solid 10/10. I realize that this may seem like too high of a rating (some people don't believe in a perfect score) but at my current experience level this certainly deserves it
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Jan 15, 2017
Nichijou (Anime) add
Nichijou is a comedy I went into expecting, well, a comedy. What I received was a perfect blend of character building, fantastic comedic timing, and sheer loved poured into this show. If you see a group of kids beating up Kyoani, I'm usually there, but Nichijou really made me completely change my mind. You can feel how much the animators and voice actors loved this show and wanted everyone else to love it too. It completely baffles me that this was not well received in Japan. Nichijou sets up a comfy mood episode one, and continuously shocks with abstract explosions and gags. The show never lost this original comfy feeling, despite all this. Nichijou is a testament to what you can really bring out from a Manga to an anime. If you have fun working on a project, you'll hopefully make some fans have fun too.
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Jan 15, 2017
Tekken: Blood Vengeance (Anime) add
For me the Story, was fairly good but only if you've played a Tekken game or know about the Tekken universe. The Art and Sound, were honestly on life level, every scene was on par and each conversation, action scene and each combo was pretty swae. The warm up fight between Xiaoyu and Alisa really preped me for the fight between Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima. Now that was hectic, the fighting scene though really pumped me, every punch was like a f*#k you, power behind those punches. Great movie, and the Orchestra bg was magical.
The bond between Xiaoyu and Alisa showed me the nature of friendliness and under apprehension of how close connections are important. They show this through their use of camera lens techniques such as a mid shot close up. First during the scene where they discuss their 'reason' for sneaking around Shin Kamiya house, we learn that for martial warriors they are very emotional and quickly gain a connection. Finally during the visit to lees house and during the final battle there is a contrasting connection from the two scenes during Lees house scene we see a mid-close shot view of the girls hugging, while Xiaoyu is laying on her thigh we see them gain a bit of connection for each other as she tells a story, explains Alisa is similar to a warm refrigerator, this metaphor helps us reflect on how even though a refrigerator is cold, Alisas is quite bubbly and bright having a 'warm' personality this connection of having love for a 'refrigerator' is further emphasized as we watch the final scene where the positions have flipped, and Xiaoyu is holding Alisa on her lap, the mid-shot helps us see the raw emotion. Xiaoyu is crying, rocking using the full swing of her body, showing us the power of her emotion. We see that through a close-up of her tearful emotion and as her droplets fall hitting her circuit causing her system to restart we see her emotions really powering through.
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Re:Zero was an anime that gained a lot of attention while it was airing and was recognized as one of the top anime of MAL, even coming in their top 30, just like many other anime that came out in 2016. I was curious to see what this anime had that made it so great and what I got was a nice dose of escapism for the first five episodes and the exact same thing repeated over and over again for the rest of the series.

In a nutshell, the series is about a supposed hikikomori who is magically transported to another world and is given the power of immortality. To be more specific, the power of returning to a previous save point every time he dies. The author makes sure to exploit this gimmick by having the main character die in the most gory and horrifying of ways and this becomes a lot of fun to watch early on. However, the tension is soon removed as you know that nothing permanently bad will ever happen to him.

And what does he do in his days of being in this new and uncharted world? Saving random women from eminent doom, a few hours after meeting them. And that is in a nutshell the story of Re:Zero. And as for the girls, the author threw in all kinds of traits commonly used in anime. Maids? Check. Cat girls? Check. Tsunderes? Check. Shy girls? Check. They also behave in the most extreme of ways so that you know what to expect of them, five seconds after they've been introduced. Also,each of them behave in the same manner ninety per cent of the time and if they don't it's because the plot said so. In the end, it's a harem and if you like harems, you'll probably love it and if you don't(like me), at least you get to watch them die!

Well, at least it does a good job on the technical side. The anime was created by the same studio responsible for Steins;Gate, an anime which I happen to like. The artwork here is not really as good as it as the art style is something one finds often in anime unlike the unorthodox style of Steins;Gate(although that's not really the fault of the studio). The backgrounds are well-detailed, the characters are well-drawn and the animation is generally smooth. The visual effects are nice although they could have been better. The world is depicted in a very lively and colourful manner. The colours used are bright and vivid and this gives a very cheery feeling to the series. This sometimes clashes with the excess blood used. At times, when you have atmosphere this bright and then something comes out of nowhere and cuts off your hand with a lot of blood coming, things feel a little off.

Furthermore, I have very mixed feelings about the music that was used in the show. The background music usually matched what was going on but I read more
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