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Cheating Craft (Anime) add
Even with a short runtime (12 mins per ep) and a lack of promotion, for lovers of stupid comedies, Cheating Craft is easily an AOTS candidate in a strong season saturated with at least 5 other AOTS candidates.

Story: 10

China brings you a new generic shonen battle series to add to the pile of generic shonen battle series we already have in Japan. WITH EXAMS!!!

Cheating Craft takes place in a world where CHEATING IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!!! There are those who can learn and there are those who can cheat. Everything's fair in love, war and exams.

From pen tranquiliser guns to X-ray glasses; from making origami weapons to training an insect army, the otherworldly cheating kung fu skills elevate the premise to higher realms of fun campy silliness. JUST STUDY DAMMIT!!!

Art: 7

Standard colourful shonen art. Nothing to complain about.

Sounds: 10

Great work by Sakabe Go. They even have orchestral pieces to match the epicness of the show. It makes you want to buy the OST from episode 1.

Characters: 7

Standard shonen battle characters. Hot blooded male MC- check. Rivals with colourful hair- check. Cute girl to trigger shipping wars - double check. Also nothing to complain about.

Enjoyment and Overall: 10

Cheating Craft is a show which surpasses the sum of its generic looking parts. In terms of pure enjoyment and fun, it's a perfect TEN in my books.
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38 minutes ago
Gantz:O (Anime) add
Watched it today in Tokyo, did not regret it.

Gantz:O is a CGI adaptation of a manga that was an extremely enjoyable piece of work. The CGI was consistent and beautiful, the fight scenes were amazing, and the makers stayed true to the storyline to an extent, which is excellent as well. The gore was something that I had worried about since this movie is PG12, but it was very vivid for a PG12 rated film, and personally it was satisfying enough for me.

There are some changes to the characters and storyline which were a little disappointing, but to be honest those changes were understandable, and it didn't ruin the experience at all. Some of the big changes that came to my attention was,

1. The absence of several Tokyo and Osaka team members, including some members who had amazing battle scenes in the manga.
2. Katou's stance in the arc; in the original, he has already experienced battles against aliens, but in this movie he's shown to be a newbie, oblivious to the rules and weapons of Gantz.
3. An altertative ending to the Oni alien arc and Osaka arc.

Overall these changes are understandable because this movie is obviously for newcomers as well as fans, and if they had put all the characters in a 96 minute movie Gantz:O would've become a extremely rushed movie. Despite having these restrictions, the changes managed to fit in very smooth with the entire atmosphere of the Osaka arc, which is one of the reasons I give this movie such a high rating.

In conclusion Gantz:O is a film that you simply need to watch if you're a fan of the original work, and even if you aren't, it's worth the watch with a solid story, outstanding graphics and fluid fight scenes.

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40 minutes ago
Kimi no Na wa. (Anime) add
I'd seen the posters for Kimi no Na wa which looked so bright and colourful but i hadn't realised it was from Shinkai until i decided to go see it.

Familiar with some of his earlier work i wasn't sure what to think going in, i felt 5 Centimeters per Second, while visually amazing, was slow and at times boring and Voices of a Distant Star was too short and empty, so i was a little worried about Kimi no Na wa.

I was blown away!

From the soundtrack to the visuals the attention to setting the scene and mood of the movie is obvious, this is someone who has the movie already playing in his mind before it's even on paper.

The movie starts with a Tokyo city boy Taki and a remote village girl Mitsuha who discover they are both dreaming of being someone else.
As the movie progresses we see that they are dreaming of each other, and while dreaming they actually switch bodies.
Classical body-switch humor ensues where both have to come to terms with what's happening and deal with being in someone else's body.

Kimi no Na wa then adds it's own twist for these star-crossed teenagers and starts to ramp up from a very casual and warming pace to a sprint as things completely change!
Shinkai works magic to drag you into a story so completely with the warming characters, haunting musical scores and incredible artwork that you truly feel pained for them as you go from wondering if they will fall in love and will they ever meet to wondering if they ever could meet.

The movie is a rollercoaster of emotions bundled so close together than once the story really begins there's no letting up.

It's undoubtedly Shinkai's greatest work and the best movie of the year, possibly the best animated movie i've seen.
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3 hours ago
Occultic;Nine (Anime) add
Occultic;Nine is an anime most people will give a chance to after having watched, and being thrilled by, Steins;gate. If not then I guess it's just me but that doesn't matter! It's review time!

Story: I can see why by episode 3 none has written any reviews on this; it really is hard to tell what the point of the story is, so I can already tell it will have its share of bad, BAD reviews. Occultic;Nine is supposed to revolve around nine individuals and certain paranormal events that happen to them, but by episode 1 you can already tell that this is something a 12 episode series cannot in any way handle. So why does it get a 6 and not a 1? Because it really is, or could be, a good story. It has interesting characters, interesting moments and at some points it can shock even the most experienced of anime watchers. Its main problem is that it really, really rushes things. The fact that everyone talks fast and the fact that by episode 3 you've got little to no clue about what these three episodes were supposed to give you make it understandable for one to be disappointed. But that is mainly the producers' fault. If they didn't have the budget to handle the story, they shouldn't have adapted it.

Art: The art is good in general, although the main female character's design is so bad it makes me unsure if they tried to add some ecchi or added her for the sake of making fun of ecchi.

Sound: The sound is really good, both the opening and ending as well as certain soundtracks manage to fit in perfectly with the whole atmosphere of the series.

Character: Given the fact that by episode 3 no character has been given enough time to become really memorable, a 4/10 is more than generous. I don't give it a lower score because as I said, it is understandable. Steins;gate got twice the episodes for half the characters, what did you expect?

Enjoyment: It is a matter of perspective. If you approach the series hoping to get an anime comparable to Steins;gate, you will be disappointed. If you approach it with an open mind you will find yourself laughing, getting shocked, and enjoying every episode.

Overall: Overall I have mixed series about this anime. My money is on that it will end up being a train wreck of a series, but even so I find it enjoyable, and so will anyone looking to have their time well spent. I do suggest it, it has lots of things to add to your experience as an anime fan.
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4 hours ago
Poulette no Isu (Anime) add
Poulette no Isu is a short film directed by Hiroyasu Ishida about a young girl with a magical chair. Because of the length of this short, I'd honestly rather not say anything else, but that also makes Poulette no Isu very easy to recommend.

It's under five minutes long, the artwork is top-notch with very bright yet soft colors, and the animation rivals that of Studio Ghibli while bearing a striking resemblance. Aside from that, it manages to portray a simple chair as a charming character, and it tells its story without dialogue or exposition, something which is an underappreciated mastercraft in its own right.

That's not even mentioning the music, which sets the tone beautifully in this light-hearted adventure.

Watch Poulette no Isu. If you can't spare the time, get off of the internet, before your owner puts you back in whatever cage you live in.
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4 hours ago
Bungou Stray Dogs (Anime) add
Heavy Spoilers
Except, there isn't really much story to follow anyways... so I'm not really spoiling anything. All the enjoyment comes from Dazai. Dazai ichiban delicious.

The whole premise of the anime is very good, the set up is nice and the first episode makes you feel engaged. However, after the first episode the story begins to get a little messy and there are too many different elements/themes/ideas that are being shoved into the anime. Essentially, the anime began as a supernatural, comedy, action, overcome your past and learn new things, etc. type of anime. The set up is very typical, but what sold it was the characters; their quirks, backgrounds, and the mystery of their personalities/relationships.

And then all of a sudden (across the period of a few episodes), the anime turns into the detective genre. I guess I gave it a pass as -spoiler- he joins a 'detective agency' with all the other 'gifted' people. But this is exactly what made the story a lot less coherent and enjoyable than it could have been. Instead of the story prioritising on helping the main protagonist learn about himself and to master control over his tiger transformation, the focus remains on random arcs, which don't actually progress the story too much. The only premise that remains constant (after a few episodes of random genre jumping), is that Atsushi is the weretiger and he's being hunted because he's very valuable. And this doesn't really make any sense cause it comes out of nowhere as well, and the 'dangerous' man he's told to avoid turns into a Team Rocket vs Ash type scenario where, at the end of each episode he appears in, he's essentially done nothing.

Oh yea and they stole a bunch of random things that were meant to be 'WOW DIDN'T THINK OF THAT!! haha u got mi animay riter!!' except it just came off as kinda cringe. Like when someone makes something cool/funny/inspirational and other people try to copy it??? yea like that. like omg cpt murica jumped on grenade 2 save teammates lets make him a super american!!! yea, well atsushu jumps on a bomb but it was actually a test as well and they decide to accept him.

To be completely honest the storyline was so messy in terms of genre that I don't even really remember what happened. The main reason I wanted to write this review was because:
Art (9/10):
The art was delicious. His haircut on the otherhand... I mean, the fella isn't an orphan anymore okay, at least ditch the bad haircut. No offence to kids at orphanages, cause they probably have more stylish haircuts than him. THAT RANDOM BANG JUST ANNOYED THE SASDIUHASIUDH out of me holy coaofaasasf. Just no. Get a different 'I'm the main protagonist of this anime' haircut please.
Sound (9/10):
What can I say, the OP and ED were delicious too. Didn't find anything unusual about the FX and VO's either so yea.

Character (10/10):
Legit the only reason I was still entertained and decided to finish read more
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WWW.Working!! (Anime) add
Just to point out, this anime has nothing to do with its previous season, as the character within this show is nothing like them at all. Every in this show is way too fucking different to have any semblance of similarity towards the primordial season of "working". Nonetheless, much like the previous season. This season, or the apparent remake, or... idk. A fucking sequel of what happen after they've left? Seem to have some of similar character depicted within this season as well. Mostly but as in term of their personality, switching of personality given their different role as a staff member of the restaurant etc.While some are pretty original when you compare it to the previous character of the previous season. Because most of the character are still pretty trite with its character, to the point where im not even interested in this season of this "working" anime really. I personally find season 1 with its previous, or the initial group of characters better than this newer version. Well they're obviously unique with their weirdness, there's too many twist to their personality that it's just like. Wtf is this shit anymore? Why are there so many incomplete workers, working and being employed by the manager of the restaurant? Well pretty much, just like last season with their previous group of characters. The manager is pretty much useless, not brainy, and unreliable. Sadly, if we were to have these kind of behavior in a real life restaurant, the shit is going down to the ground, or the employee would've just been fired if it was more realistic. But hey it's an anime, and this is a place where they devoid logical reasoning, given that everything in most anime are alot more subjective rather than being objective with the way they create their character, personality, the level of oblivion of a character etc. And that only counts for the majority of the existing anime character, but not all of them.

All of that aside, the story is nothing new, it's just our typical slice of life comedic series with no actual goal, aside from "working" but also to have fun and get all intimate even if you barely knows them. But hey it's a slice of life anime, this doesn't really matter really since most slice of life usually have a shit and repetitive story setting, given the school as their main kind of background and character setting. But in this case, we usually spend more time on the restaurant related ones, while other setting would also kicks in as it would just seem way too fucking boring to just let that to be the only background setting alone.

I personally find the humor in this show rather unfunny, but more cute than anything else. But if you wanna check this anime out, you can give this one a try because i literally did a one day marathon just to watch em since im bored atm.

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10 hours ago
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
I actually went into this anime expecting nothing. I thought the music would be a cliche beaten to it's potential, the story wouldn't grip me(I knew the spoilers), and the characters would be completely stock.

That said, this is now one of my favorite anime of all time. The show revolves around Kousei Arima, a boy who goes deaf when playing the piano. This is because of trauma in his past concerning his mother's mother's passing, his mentor who would abuse him if he didn't play his notes perfectly, gaining him the title 'The Human Metronome'.

Two years later, he's given up on playing piano, but as fate would have it, his best friend Tsubaki introduces him to a girl named Kaori Miyazono, a classical violinist who 'brings color to his world'. Too bad for him, she's interested in his friend Ryouta, who gets all the ladies. This gains Arima the title of 'Friend A'.

The story revolves around Arima accompanying Kaori, and regaining his musical skills. The slice of life component is very intact and way better than I thought it would be, and music, is executed perfectly. You can really hear the emotions in the varying performances, which reflect how far Arima is progressing in regaining his skills. But sometimes he'll go deaf to his keys, leaving Kaori to pick up his slack.

Your Lie in April is a masterpiece, and I don't say that lightly. I only have 3 anime rated 10 so far, and this will be my fourth. Combating the trauma of his past, realizing his feelings for Kaori, and regaining his skills, each part of the story is executed perfectly.

Story: 10
I've never seen a show revolving around musicians that was so gripping with someone combating trauma from their past.

Art: 9
The art is very good, nothing groundbreaking though.

Sound: 10
This is a music anime, right?

Character: 10
Each character serves their role flawlessly. Arima and Kaori make for great lead roles, and also role models in music.

Enjoyment: 9
The story can get a bit slow at times, but it's all worth it because

Overall: 10
This show is a masterpiece deserving of your attention.
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10 hours ago
Shelter (Anime) add
it is hard to analyze an anime with 6 minutes of long, since in some aspects would be unfair to make comparisons with other series who have 200 + minutes to present the story and create a better character development. On the other hand, a short has the advantage of the detail: all the work and the inspiration are focused in just a few minutes of animation, wich allows in most of cases create a work much more similar to the primary idea of the autor. So, when you read this review, you have to know that my scores and appreciations are adapted to the pros and cons of a short film.

Story (9/10)
There's not such thing as a story in Shelter, but there is a plot, and the plot is very interesting. Porter did a great job in there, and he managed masterly to present this plot to the audcience in just a couple of scenes and dialogues (there are no many dialogues in Shelter, and most of the scenes where meaningless for the general plot). IMO they did a great job in the most dificult aspect for this kind of films, and that's why the high score.

Art (7/10)
Yes, the art is good, chord to a short anime. The designs and scapes are beatifull, though they are not outstanding, at least for me. If I had to summarize what I think of the art, I would say that it almost meets my expectations, wich is not bad.

Sound (6/10)
This is a totally subjetive topic, since the soundtrack's enjoyment depends of the personal music taste. In my case, I don't dislike this music, but is not entirely of my style. Though I must say the soundtrack really goes with the animation, wich is obvious since the animation was obviously made for the song.

Character (8/10)
There are only two characters in this anime, and I think their developments are well done for a short, specially the mc's development. This film is markedly sentimental, and tunrs out to be easy to follow since we can understand what the girl is feeling in each moment. The contrast between the natural and childish happiness and the loneliness that awaits in the edge of that happy screen is remarcable, so I think they did a good job here.

Enjoyment (7/10)
The enjoyment was good. Is not a masterpiece, but I don't feel like this was a waste of my time.

In conclusion, I recommend you to see this, but not expecting much (If you do that you will hate this, like some persons in other reviews did). This is not meant to have a ton of content and story, so you better see this like an AMV and not like an actual anime.
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11 hours ago
Transfer (Anime) add
story: the premise of this video is to show the efforts of a high school girl as she rushes to get to school on time, with increasingly wacky obstacles coming to obstruct her. pretty simple concept executed in a really interesting way.

art: the art is what really won me over here. there's a vast array of different animate ion techniques being used to paint the background imagery as she runs to school. to be fair, it seems that the entire budget was poured into the background artwork as the main girl has only 1 walk cycle that is repeated over and over again, but it is a pretty entertaining and well animated one. you don't even notice it the first few times it comes around, but by the fourth time, it becomes pretty clear that the studio spent all their money on the different landscapes she runs through. still a pretty fun to watch.

sound: comes down completely to personal preference. I liked the song.

character: despite the huge obstacle of having only 1 movement animation cycled over and over again, there's a surprising amount of character imbued in each frame. more in just 6 minute video than a lot of full on shows manage to convey over twelve 22 minute episodes. for that alone, i give it a 10.

enjoyment: once again, comes down to taste. if you like more narrative driven music videos with hard hitting emotions and a deep message, this isn't really for you. But if you appreciate animation and the different techniques used to create it, this is a blast to watch.
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Yesterday, 6:22 PM
Claymore (Anime) add
I was interested during the initial lure of the " secret organisation" and Teresa. By the end of e26 none of my questions are ever answered.

Rocky is an absolutely frustrating and bland character, his only roles are to cower, wine, hug, and completely ruin every episode with his bs.

How many times are we told once you revert there is no going back... uh huh... sureeeeee.

How many times do we watch flash backs of a certain someones head flying through the air.

How many times does Priscilla wine about her family.

Guys this is like 5+ times per episode each episode. The material is redundant. Even the scenes of someone going to the rescue repeat over and over.

I've never seen an anime this bad in my life. It gets pretty bad about 10-15 episodes in. I'm not really sure which episode triggered me to start slitting my wrists, but it got to the point where I could predict what everyone would say, which cut scenes would be displayed, and when it was all done.. they couldn't even answer a single question about anything.

Avoid this trash. No clue who would ever rate this an 8.

BTW all the Claymores are white, blond hair, silver eyes, and pretty much wear the exact same armor. Pay attention to their names or you will get lost in a sea of bland characters. By the end of it.

Teresa is the only decent character in this series. I would watch it up to her part and then cut and run after.

Seriously fuck this anime.
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Yesterday, 6:17 PM
Re: Cutie Honey (Anime) add
Cutie Honey is a iconic franchise for being the first to implement erotic scenes to attract the viewer. This may sound like something bad now but at its time was quite innovative. In addition, from these OVAs came the idea for Kill Kill, one of my favorite animes of action without brain. So let's talk about this like how it is.

Battles have a great work of animation; the movement is fluid, colors are vivid and always go according to the tone of the series. Nevertheless is very simple the rest of the time. Simple but not bad.

The story is very simple and the writers are aware of this but this don't mean that they do not use their two hours to develop the main characters and give them a valid reason to fall in love.
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Yesterday, 5:38 PM
Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
Mirai Nikki is an often criticized anime, and often praised anime. So, which one is right? Honestly, I'm pretty neutral toward this anime. I can definitely see why some people hate this anime, but I still enjoyed this anime for what it was.

The story of this anime centers around Yukiteru Amano when his normal phone diary becomes a diary that can predict the future and is forced into a death game with 11 other people with this same power. The concept of this anime is something that I really thought could be great, which is obviously why I started watching. Each episode of the anime focuses on Yukki (who is the 1st of the diary holders) and his "girlfriend" Yuno Gasai (who is the 2nd diary user) somehow running into one of the other 9 diary users and fighting until either the diary user dies or they run away. At least, that is most of the episodes. There are some episodes that shy away from the trend like the starting episodes of the second half or the last episodes of the series. As you would expect, this formula became pretty stale fast and most of the fights in the series ended pretty quickly, or it ended with some kind of bet with the other diary users. The characters in this show are not very bright and the story is very inconsistent. Yukki's diary seems to just give alerts whenever it feels like and at random intervals, and sometimes it is even flat out wrong (as you will see in many episodes). At the beginning, diary users were dying left and right, so for the second half they tried to make the death of a diary user feel impactful, like you actually were getting closer to the end. However, even that fell apart pretty quickly. Despite all of that though, I still did enjoy the story. It still felt like anyone, other than our main heroes of course, could die at any moment. I would make a list of the main characters who died, but that would be spoilers so were just going to move on. Story gets a 7/10 for me.

Now for the art. Some characters like Yukki, Yuno, 4th, 9th, and Yukki's friends all look pretty good. Yeah, they are some pretty generic designs, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. However, then there are some characters like 5th, 8th, and most certainly 12th who just look out of place and just plain weird compared to everyone else. I would talk more in depth about their designs, but that would give away who the characters are. The art in general is just very hit or miss in this show, so I'll just give it a 5/10.

The music and VAs in this show is actually pretty great. The OPs and EDs are all really great, the first OP in particular being really awesome. As for the voice actors, I've only seen the dub so I'll be talking about that version. read more
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Yesterday, 5:36 PM
Shelter (Anime) add
So, Shelter, without spoiling anything all I can really say is that it was OK. It wasn't amazing like a lot of people are saying and it's not god awful like others are saying. It's just OK.

The animation is very well done and how good the music is depends on the listeners so I won't force my opinion on you there. However, when it comes to story there is one there, but not really. We get tiny little tastes here and there about what this "story" is telling us, if you want to call it that. For me it was more a glimpse into the aftermath of a tragedy that could have been a grand story, but was compressed into this six minute music video.

At the end of the day Porter Robinson was the writer of this story. He clearly had or has no plans to expand upon this story, which is unfortunate. So those of you who are hoping for more will likely not get any. This was probably a way for Porter Robinson to reach out to another crowd as well as attempt to show off his writing/creative skills for others to see.

Overall this is an alright music video that gives you a quick flash of a grand story that has not and never will be completed.

I genuinely don't know how I feel about this music video. I went in with no expectations and I have to say, I'm disappointed to say the least.
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Yesterday, 5:35 PM
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Anime) add
Story: The story is incredible, has a good premise explored in an amazing way and have a lot of plot twists.

Art: Is good, but in my opinion certain characters don't have a good design like Alphonse.

Sound: The characters have good voices, the Openings are one of the bests I heard,very good Endings and OST's.

Characters: Most part of the characters are well developed and are charismatics.

Enjoyment: Is very funny, have good battles even not being so epic, and a story that always make you want to see the next episode.

Overall: An awesome history, good comedy timing, great Openings and Endings and good battles.

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Yesterday, 5:24 PM
Bloodivores (Anime) add
It's official: Chinese cartoons now means Chinese cartoons. While the Chinese market has been becoming increasingly important to the Japanese animation industry for a couple of years now, 2016 has seen the first fruits of Chinese-Japanese co-productions as well as some original Chinese works getting released in the Japanese, & thus the worlds, anime market. Will we one day live in a world where Chinese cartoons rule supreme in the same way Japanese cinema has been almost completely eclipsed by South Korea? Maybe. Though judging by Bloodivores, we're a way's off yet.

If judged purely on the first episode, Bloodivores seemed to have some promise & potential. While the execution is rather sloppy, it looked to be setting up an interesting world &, perhaps more importantly, doing so without the bane of anime: the info dump. Rather than an opening narration detailing how the world came to have an underclass of vampires, or characters telling each other what they would already know about the world they live in; the information is seeded through the episode via a news report on a pharmaceutical company being punished for inadvertently creating them, then later the bank manager being held hostage by the main characters pleading that he doesn't agree with the discrimination. As someone who thinks anime has got exceedingly lazy with its expository delivery, this was a refreshing change to say the least.

The world Bloodivores appeared to be setting up also seemed more interesting than in you're typical YA fantasy anime. While the high speed chase & bank heist made it look like another YA action series & the main characters seemed rather cliché YA archetypes, the way it presented a world where the fantasy characters are the underclass instead of the super powered badasses made it look like Bloodivores would avoid the problem of series like Gangsta, Tokyo Ghoul etc. where there is no clear reason -apart from the fantasy of being the overpowered underdog- why these superhuman characters would be in the inferior situation they seem to find themselves in. The vampires in Bloodivores at first seem to just be humans who have accidentally mutated to crave human blood. If anyone has seen the BBC series In the Flesh (stop reading & do so right now if you haven't), Bloodivores initially seemed like it might have been setting up for a much simpler & less subtle but similar combination of genre fiction & social commentary.

More fool me for expecting something better, because then episode two began & it's all gone to sh*t since.

It seems to be a shared view among many in the anime community that the mid-late 2000's produced some of the greatest anime of all time. That may well be true, but it seems those shows didn't make it to China. Both Bloodivores & Namu's summer 2016 title The Outcast both look like they were made in the mid 2000s, but the title that I'm most reminded of is 2006's Tokko. Nothing good comes from being reminded of read more
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Yesterday, 4:49 PM
Paprika (Anime) add
I thought the movie would be a lot better with the high score it has and all the good reviews. I was wrong. This movie did what a lot of psychological stories seem to do. Throwing in a bunch of random things and trying to give it a deep meaning. The ideas of using their device to help treat people and how dreams between two people can be interconnected and lead to even more dreams, causing a cascade was somewhat interesting. The execution failed. The movie just didn't lead to any major conclusion in my opinion. The concept is there and it tried to finish it, but there's too many things that seem to be either unanswered or just not connected to anything.

Like another pretty highly rated psychological show, Serial Experiments Lain, Paprika also fails to give you any reason to care one bit about the characters. Paprika herself just has some amazing power and there's nothing explaining why she has it. Her power is really the only reason to care for her (want her as a plot device). I'm done ripping this apart. Don't watch this!
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Yesterday, 4:38 PM
Drifters (Anime) add
This is just a preview! (So take the rating with a grain of salt, as this is ment to just leave you with a good first impression. A first course if you will, that might get you hungry enough to watch the main course in action.)

Did you enjoy Hellsing Ultimate? Do you like loads of blood? Are you interested in freakishly awesome characters, that don't need 20 episodes in order to become badass? Well then what are you waiting for, "Drifters" already have 3 episodes out!

Story(so far):
The anime is about historical characters or figures that participate in a bloody game of killing and survival, by getting sent to another world for mysterious reasons after they die in real life.

Our main character is the badass known as Toyohisa Shimazu, a japanese samurai. Upon losing his life in a battle, clinging to the last remains of his life, is sent to a corridor that sends him into a new world, where he will face battles that he has never ever experienced before. ENJOY!!

Just know that if you have watched "Hellsing Ultimate", you are probably gonna enjoy this, it's similair in style and story. Crazy good animation, awesome soundtrack and great brutal characters. What more does one need from an anime? I promise that you are gonna get hooked, and pray to god that every episode comes out on time. Invest some of your time in it, because this might just be the best anime of this season!
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Yesterday, 4:35 PM
Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season (Anime) add
The series began really well with the Earth at total War with its former Martian colony and the ending of the first season was rather well done with an all out western style shootout. But the Second Season was brought back characters who should in all honesty have died for the sake of making a more compelling story. And the whole war in the second season suddenly took a whole new dimension in space which was never covered in the first season. The battles were rushed with one sided victory's to the protagonist characters, incompetent average joe pilots and the ending overall disappointing.

I mean, after a whole genocidal campaign by the Martains, one would realistically be hard pressed to have the Terrans forgive them. But no, all its fine and dandy with the final leader of the "Bad Guys" Slaine being killed as an identity and secretly put in jail for life. While Slaines punishment is fitting for all the death and destruction he was responsible for, its a sad end to the character nevertheless, whos actions were all mostly selfless acts to help his beloved princess who is walking free and happy having done almost nothing but cause this whole mess in the first place

While the character development of Slaine seemed completely odd, in hindsight it makes the most sense, in that the one and only person he cares for is the reason behind all his actions in the series. All his suffering, struggles and conflicts for the one person he cares about, only to realise that was not what she wanted and carrying on anyways because that is the only way he knows how to move forward.

The human actions and thought processes of Slaine, the very trait least associated with the technologically advanced Martians is in stark contrast to the robotic and logical thinking of Inaho, who is supposed to represent the raw humanity of Earth. Basically Inaho serves as a foil for Slaine, yet the contrast between the two and the factions they fight for is a redeeming part of the series, and Slaines development as a person is what boosts the character development score.

All in all, the anime itself was decent, the storyline terrible, but the character of Slaine and the contrast between him and is arc nemesis Inaho redeemed the series despite its rushed nature.
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Yesterday, 4:27 PM
Fate/Zero (Anime) add
Usually, when it comes to magic anime, you usually think of teens who recklessly use it to save the world as the main protagonist. But what happens when you give it to a full grown adult whose only purpose is to win the war using it, knowing how to use it strategically? You get Fate/zero, the prequel to Fate/Stay Night. Is it worth your watch? Let's find out.

Story - 9/10:
The story follows Kiritsugu Emiya, a magus who was summoned into the 4th Holy Grail war and had a purpose of winning the grail so that he could use it to undo all damage. The war is amazingly executed, with instead of reckless charging, required strategy to eliminate a servant or his master, or both of them.

Art - 11/10:
No I am not fanboying. I am genuinely amazed by how well the animation was done. I felt different from most other anime I watched, but looked so realistic yet having no overuse of CGI (yes there was CGI, but it wasn't overused to the point of it being messed up). The fight scenes and the slow motion are just some of the godlike parts of the animation.

Sound - 7/10:
Sadly, the sound is the worst part of Fate/zero, but it's still pretty good, other than the godawful annoying opening and ending themes, "Oath Sign" by LiSA, and "Memoria" by Eir Aoi, respectively. The soundtrack does bring in darkness when it is needed.

Character - 9/10:
Then there is Irisviel, Kiritsugu's wife and partner in the Holy Grail War. Next is Saber, one of the seven servants of the Grail War as the saber class servant, and Irisviel's and Kiritsugu's servant. There is also Waver Velvet, master of Rider who wants to grow stronger as a master of a servant, and Rider, who is rather comedic and jokes around with Waver, his master as aforementioned. Overall, Fate/zero has a diverse cast of characters but I will let you find the rest for yourself.

Enjoyment - 9/10:
Fate/zero is a really enjoyable anime and is worth your time, especially if you are someone who is fond of magic in anime, and tired of the old "high school students" cast of characters trend.

Overall - 9/10:
You definitely should give Fate/zero a try. Thanks to the godlike animation (which was just so good I had to give it a score of 11/10), badass fight scenes, differentiating from the "high school characters cast" trend (if you are tired of that), and use of strategy in the war rather than reckless moves, you won't be disappointed.

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Yesterday, 4:09 PM
Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
Story: Is very good but have a slow start, just after the half of the first saga I considered to score 8 to the anime. But after Genei Ryodan saga it becomes much better.

Art: Have an spectacular animation made by Madhouse, simply awesome.

Sound: The sound matchs perfectly with the characters, the OST's become way better after Greed Island saga, but it have only one Opening in a lot of versions which made me very sad about the sound part, the Endings are awesome.

Characters: All the protagonist are charismatics and each one have their own objectives.

Enjoyment: The battles are awesome, have a good comedy timing, and story that makes you always be wanting to see the next episode.

Overall: A good story but with slow start, awesome battles, spectacular animation, very good Endings and good protagonists. If you like shounen anime you will love Hunter x Hunter.
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Shelter (Anime) add
Shelter is a charming 6 minute short music video, this will be a very short and sweet review.

Story [9]:
It's a short story but it's very deep. It's about a girl who creates her world until she remember something when she was a younger girl.

Art [10]:
The art is AMAZING to look at, enough said.

Sound [6]:
If I'm going to be honest, I didn't really enjoy the music in the background, it's OK to listen to I guess, it isn't something I would turn off at the middle of it, it isn't something I would listen to more then once.

Character [6]:
It's hard to say for this one, we barely know anything about the two characters besides the bond that they had. The characters could of been way better

Enjoyment [7]

Overall [8]

I would recommend this to people who love a good story
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Yesterday, 3:32 PM
Haikyuu!! (Anime) add
Story: Is good, but don't think it will be like Baccano or Fullmetal Alchemist.It has a slow start.

Art: It has thin traces, has a good animation.

Sound: The voices match with the charcters, have good Openings/Ending songs

Characters: The characters are charismatics, and all the characters have importance on the series no matter how little it is.

Enjoyment: If you like sports and comedy you will love this series.

Overall: The story and art are very good, the sound matchs perfectly with the characters, the characters are funny and charismatic, and if you liked the series from what i said you will certainly like the series.
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Yesterday, 2:52 PM
Pan de Peace! (Anime) add
If I'm going to be honest, Pan De Peace! is the most boring thing I have ever seen, I'm going to make this short.

Story [1]:
Bread... if I had to describe this story it's... bread. Just 4 characters eating bread. It's so simple that it would be hard, almost impossible to make it work. Even if it did work, the story is just 4 girls in a bakery talking, then eating bread then it ends.

Art [6]:
I will give this show credit where it is due, the art looks incredibly cute, I honestly love the look of the characters, Aizawa Yuu and Sakura Nao are the cutest. The animation looks really nice as well, not the best but okay.

Sound [3]:
Not to say the voice acting is bad or anything, but honestly I found the majority of these characters annoying. I don't know why, the main characters [Tani Minami] voice is the worst out of all of them

Character [2]:
Really bland characters that all like bread. If I need to say more, I can't if I tried hard enough, but I will. Aizawa is the smart one, Nao is the cute one, Fukagawa is the jealous one, and Tani is the bready main character. Never seen such 1d characters in a show before.

Enjoyment [1]

Overall [2]:
Nothing more then bland characters, a lame story, with annoying voice acting with awful character delvopment, I rate Pan de Peace! A 2/10
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Yesterday, 2:12 PM
Momokuri (Anime) add
[This review contains minor spoilers.]
I am glad that I watched this.
I probably wouldn't recommend this to others.
I have watched this once, subtitled. Before watching the anime, I had read CH1-CH24 of the manga, translated.
I probably won't watch this again.

---- Positives ----

A mostly positive angle on obsession love.
Kurihara's love for Momotsuki isn't completely blind obsession. She directly voices her reasons for liking Momotsuki at least twice in the series, and it gave me a better feeling about their relationship. Some of her actions may still be alarming, but the series generally keeps an upbeat take on this type of love. Momotsuki returns Kurihara's feelings in a more developed way that becomes clearer as the series progresses. He mentions that his reasons for liking Kurihara changed over time in a positive way.

Kurihara's voice.
Kurihara is voiced extremely well for her role. The other characters are also voiced well.

There aren't any obvious miscommunications.
Whenever a direct issue arises, Momotsuki has a conversation with Kurihara about it. There aren't many conflicts in this series, but it's nice that all of the obvious ones that do exist are dealt with directly. That also helps to give their relationship a healthier feeling.

Pacing is actually amazingly good.
I read some of the manga before I started watching the anime, so for the first several episodes, I could compare them to the chapters I had read. This series actually does a lot to make otherwise slow sections interesting to watch and feel decently-paced. For how easily the anime could have had pacing issues, pacing was handled very well in this adaptation.

Good expressions and scene planning.
Expressions are draw very well. The scenes flow well and are shown from good angles. Even the filler sections [characters not on screen, sometimes a colored background] are done well [as a repeat of the "pacing" positive mentioned in this review].

---- Negatives ----

This ~is~ still about obsession love.
At certain times, viewers are clearly reminded that Kurihara has some peculiar habits. Her friend, Mizuyama will usually be there to point out that Kurihara shouldn't be doing those things, but at times it can still feel a little odd.
Opportunity for cancel: Yes. I never felt too uncomfortable because this aspect of Kurihara was usually shown in a humorous light, since many of her obsession scenes included another character who would react to what Kurihara was saying. Also, Kurihara and Momotsuki's relationship stays positive throughout the series.
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Fantastic Cell (Anime) add
It's been a long time since I watched a masterpiece like this. The last one I remember was Mars of Destruction, but that was a long time ago. I don't know why anybody hasn't written a review yet, but without further ado, here's the review.
Fantastic Cell is a dementia-type anime, made in the year of 2003. It only last 6 minutes, but in those 6 dynamic minutes it tells a concept of progression that is life which lasted more than 4 billion years in real world.
The story, followed perfectly by the wonderful music of Johann Strauss - The Blue Danube Waltz, can be viewed from two major perspectives: a global one and an individual one.
The global viewpoint is the obvious one, in which we see the evolution of life from it's genesis to it's prime, us, humans.
The second perspective is the one that gives depth to this anime, because it can be interpreted as the growth of an individual to become a being worthy to be called "human". We are born as nothing, we progress to become ugly beings, but one day, if we struggle enough and reach the heights of our mortal mind, we then, truly become humans. That is why the main character in this anime are we, the watchers.
This anime ends quickly without spearing us much time to think, showing us how close we are to death and how quickly life ends.
Overall, the enjoyment of Fantastic Cell is fantastic, from the gradation thourghout the whole stroyline followed by powerful classical music to the arty visuals and complex themes.
This anime showed me the fragility of life and gave me inspiration to live every day to it's full potentional. Carpe diem.
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Nanbaka (Anime) add

Boy, where do I start with this anime? Against my better judgement I decided to give this piece of work a watch, even though the previews alone told me this was not down my alley, or even in my zipcode as far as intended audiences go.

First: the elephant in the room. These designs are bad. "Garish" is apt to describe how terrible they are. From heterochromia, to clashing hair color choices, unyielding neons and obnoxious gradients, the designs for this series are LOUD. I think they're the closest thing to a visual representation of a migraine.

From one glance you can see this was entirely intentional, and serves to set the tone for this series. Loud, gaudy, ridiculous. That's fine. With good writing and stylistic choices, I could easily see myself LIKING these designs, just because of how ridiculous they are.

I was also intrigued by the general idea of the anime. A team of professional prison escape characters with bright and wacky visuals, perplexing traps and supporting characters and maybe a solid plot? It sounded like it could've been at least enjoyable. Seeing highly exaggerated versions of real life prisons across the world might've been interesting as a backdrop to the development of these characters and how they were drawn together.

Unfortunately these expectations were not met, even marginally. The best I can describe this as is slice-of-life. I have only seen episode 1, but if they do in fact try for a long running plot, episode 1 effectively crippled them from pulling it off in an almost impressive manner. I'd almost believe this was intentional in how bait and switch the second 15 minutes was from the first. That second half told me everything I needed to know about how much this WASN'T for me.

Maybe all of this could be overlooked, if the series was at least funny. It may be funny... if you're from 2008 and also 12 years old. Nothing is subversive about the cliches they whip out so shamelessly. A "trap" joke? In 2016? Incredible. Self-censoring beeping? Can you even call that a joke? Doing it constantly doesn't make it any less annoying or tired.

And if all of this awfulness IS intentional- being ironic and rolling your eyes while doing it doesn't make it "good."

If I had to compliment one thing about this series, it'd be the music and OP and ED animations. The opening is well animated, catchy and well timed. Even with those gaudy designs it still manages to be fun to watch. The ending is cute, and also well done and it just makes me upset to see promise in a series that doesn't try. This could have been good, but it simply falls on its face. The source material is similarly ugly and garish, so for me it was dead out of the gate, I guess.

Maybe you'll like this, if you're the intended audience. I'm still struggling to figure out who the intended audience could possibly read more
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Nichijou (Anime) add
Everyday life isn't the most exciting concept in real life. We mostly make the most of it and just see to another day. But what if our routine is a lot more interesting than we think?

This series, although obviously Japanese, can apply to how everyday life, particularly in a average city/town, can be most interesting. While it is sometime before we have robots in our everyday life, everything else this series give can give hold pretty good ground.

Story (8/10)

Being a modern Anime/Manga, this story follows a series of characters living a normal high school life, although there are 5 girls and a cat that focuses on more than the rest of the cast.

3 of the girls we follow are Yuuko Aioi, a cheerful brunette girl that has an average intelligence, Mio Naganohara, a blue haired neutral mannered girl that makes manga on her spare time, and Mai Minakami, and black haired poker faced girl that is essentially the troll of the series. The 3 girls go through school like normal with different days of mostly Yuuko getting into mishaps, sometimes having Mio involved like having an argument with Yuuko, and Mai having some sort of trolling action.

The other 2 girls are Nano Shinanome, a robot girl that was created to take care of her creator, 8 year old Professor Hakase Shinanome (which in translation sounds redundant doesn't it?). While how long Nano takes care of Hakase is an interesting discussion, the series picks up where Nano wants to live a life of a normal Japanese, which in her opinion is to go to school. Many of Nano's gags involve her inconspicuous wind up key in her back and what every secret modification Hakase has made. I mentioned earlier that a cat is actually part of the main cast, which he isn't introduced right away. The cat's name being Sakamoto, claiming to be older than the Shinanome girls, which could be true, but they go along with it, at least Nano does.

Not only this series revolve around these characters, but also have multiple short stories or gags that occasionally pop in called Helvetica Standard. This section exist to give either a related gag to the main cast, or just there for fun.

Being a comedy series, there isn't a central problem or rather expedition like a traditional story. Instead, it's a series of gags, which is as expected. If you're looking for a academy award winning plot, you're looking in the wrong place. The story is more or less a set up for the characters to have their gags.

Art (9/10)

What sets Nichijou apart from a typical Anime and also from it's Manga counterpart is how lively the animation was put. The effort put into the series by Kyoto Animation proves their stellar resume of series they worked on like Clannad, Hyouka, Full Metal Panic!, Free!, and more.

This time, Kyoto Animation gave Nichijou not only a color enhancer of the colorless Manga, but also having great animated special effects, such read more
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Nyanbo! (Anime) add
So this is about a box cats that are from space.

And i have to say the animation is so well done, they literly just puted 3D box cats into real world and the 3D lighting matches real life lighting so well.

I don't really know the story yet but it looks like so good cute show

Characters are unique and adorable i love shows like that all of them are so sily and Kuro is a really nice character

Enjoyment is amazing. One episode is about 5 minutes but still when i first saw it, i just felt in love with this show

Some peapole may like it more dont but its a really nice anime
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All Alone With You (Anime) add
The new animated music video "Shelter" made by A1 Pictures brought me back here because this is my first watched '100% anime music video' few years ago...

Farewell on Guilty Crownreunite with Inori again in a music video which used as an ending theme for Psycho Pass. I don't really understand what's the song's about but I think the music video does a good job to visualize it. May be pretty much like this: A teddy bear is not only a teddy bear, deep down inside they're alive and taking care of you (so you are not lonely) and you'll be able to meet them in the afterlife (?) lol - and the most important thing is: THE TEDDY BEAR IS INORI!!! (nobody cares actually)

Everything is fine, nothing special and nothing bad too though... So, 8/10

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Yesterday, 9:44 AM
Shelter (Anime) add
[FUN FACT] Most of people who GAVE BAD SCORES (mostly 3 and 1) are them who DON'T LIKE EDM while they admit the ART QUALITY IS GOOD which objectively it could (should be able to) get 4 or 5 score at limit because everybody knows the visual (50% of the whole anime) is great.

First, THIS IS NOT A MOVIE nor a SERIES so don't use your scoring system as you used when reviewing those stuffs because it is not! Not even comparing its deepness or anything elses to this one because IT'S JUST A 6 MINUTES MUSIC VIDEO. So if you want to compare it to something, go for All Alone With You (EGOIST) or any other animated music videos that already been made.

Second, you have to know that there's not so many songs which used anime as its music videos. And among those songs (which used anime) this one is one of the best at all time.

Now let's get into the review...

The reason why a song needs a music video is to visually tell the listener/viewer whats the song's about so they can feel it as good as possible. So why did they make 'Shelter'? Simply because to TELL MEANING OF THE SONG ITSELF. And if you listen carefully or read the lyric, IT DOES SHOWS THE MEANING OF THE SONG. No more, no less, just perfect.

So to begin with the scoring, let's read the lyric first:

I could never find the right way to tell you
Have you noticed I've been gone?
'cause I left behind the home that you made me
But I will carry it along

And it's a long way forward, so trust in me
I'll give them shelter, like you've done for me
And I know, I'm not alone, you'll be watching over us
Until you're gone

When I'm older, I'll be silent beside you
I know words won't be enough
And they won't need to know the names on our faces
But they will carry on for us

And it's a long way forward, so trust in me
I'll give them shelter, like you've done for me
And I know, I'm not alone, you'll be watching over us
Until you're gone

Oh it's a long way forward, trust in me
I'll give them shelter, like you've done for me
And I know, I'm not alone, you'll be watching over us

That's it, that's the lyric. Now let's see the plot of the video:

Rin was sent to outer space by using a rocket made by her father because the Earth would end soon. Since then she lived in a virtual world all alone by herself because. Day by day she exploring or creating her own world but when years passed she started to feel lonely until her old memories kicked back accidentally that sent her through a fast flashback about her childhood and realized that now she is actually/literally alone and have no choice but to move on, keep living

So, does the story from the video replicate the idea/meaning from the song? For me, YES, IT IS. Not 100% the same read more
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Ai City (Anime) add
Sometimes, people criticize something saying it doesn't make sense. With anime this happens a lot. You can say that sometimes people just don't get, or didn't want to, but sometimes, when someone says something doesn't make sense, it's because, yeah, it doesn't make any sense. Ai City is a good example.

Imagine an anime whose script didn't have any sense of pacing, without explaining or exposing anything to you jumps right to an action scene which you can get engaged or excited because you're still wondering what the hell it's going on. That's your first scene. Yeah, didn't sound very promising, but don't worry, the rest is worse.

But the premise, if it wasn't for the weird story telling, if there's some story to tell here, is actually pretty conventional. There's an evil scientiffic organization that creates superpowered humans, the most powerful one, who's a little girl, escapes, and the organization want her back. Yeah, pretty cliché.

Flash-backs are used pretty commonly on anime, and sometimes can be really helpful to understand characters' motivations, make them more synpathetic and give us clues about the plot resolution. But here? Flash-backs suddenly interrupt, and many of them, until they end, you won't know they were flash-backs, making it even more confusing that it already was.

But the worst part is the climax, when, suddenly, cheap and misinterpreted phylosophy starts to get throw to viewers eyes and minds, showing that the screenwritters didn't have any idea about what really those phylosophy tesis where, which is pretty funny because it's actually really basic. Many animes has attempted to talk about the darkness in human nature, but dear God, this it was the most cheap, clumsy, hammy and poorly-written example.

Evan in the more shallow aspects the movie can't redeem itself. Animation and soundtrack are pretty dated, and even the cheesy nostalgia factor can save the music. Ai City is a pretty obscure title, and it's perfectly understable why. The few people who had seen it rather erase the memories they've watched it, and i'm one of them.
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Gungrave (Anime) add
Shows adapted from games are rarely good, with most of them being mediocre to downright awful; some of the prime examples include Ragnarok the Animation and Shining Tears X Wind, hence why I was feeling cautious when I approached Gungrave. Nevertheless, since the show was backed by Madhouse, along with Yasuhiro Nightow as character designer, it was too good for me to pass without a glance.

Contrary to my expectations however, Gungrave was not only good, it was an immediate classic in my book. For simplicity’s sake, you can divide the show in three major arcs, beginning with prologue on the first episode. While the introduction was a little shaky with the Sci-Fi monsters and some exaggerating gunplay, it did the job in foreshadowing the plot, as well as piqued my interest in what occurred before.

For much of the second arc, it was focused on the past, detailing the chronicles of Harry MacDowel and Brandon Heat. From their early days as mere street punks, their rise to fame in the mafia syndicate – Millennion, then the subsequent events that lead back to the prologue. This is essentially the anime equivalent of the Godfather, though much of it was predictable from the onset, it was still a gripping ride for its entire duration.

There were a lot of subtle contrasts throughout the show as well, which is what made this segment so special. There were differences in ideology between Harry and Big Daddy, differences in raison d’etre between Brandon and Bunji, as well as differences in understanding sacrifices between Bear Walken and Maria. I can go on and on in much greater length, but I’ll stop here to prevent spoilers, you get the point.

Brandon is a rare instance where a silence protagonist was done well, the art style managed to convey his emotions well. For the occasions where he did spoke, it was usually profound and necessary, thanks to the excellent voice acting from the original cast. Harry was genuinely deep too, though the basis of his character never changed, his outlook and conduct was radically altered throughout the events, driven by his desire for freedom and absolute power.

Despite the knowledge of tragedy from the start, you just can’t help but to cheer for every triumph, or be saddened for every setback. The tension was built in a befitting manner for this segment, all in sync with the show’s pacing, ending in a confrontation that goes a full circle, returning to the start.

The third and final arc had Brandon going up against the demons of the syndicate, as well as some demons of his own. This time however, with full knowledge of what occurred before, it felt more assertive, more apprehended. There was one thing that I concur with the other reviewers however, is that some of the monsters were way too overblown, they actually took some magic of the show away in their appearance. I knew the writer had to adhere to the source, but sometimes one thing that might have worked read more
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Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen (Anime) add
In anime, there are plenty of cases where the sequel is better than the first season, but does the same hold true with anime movies? In the case of Kizumonogatari, YES!

In my review of the first movie I broke down all the aspects of the new animation style and everything else fresh this trilogy brings to the franchise, but this is a totally different beast. Because this movie focuses on something near non-existent in the Monogatari series: fighting. In all of the Monogatari series, all seasons, specials, etc., there have probably been 4-5 fights ever. And fighting is different for lots of reasons. You need fighting animation, fighting music, fighting choreography, basically everything the Mongatari series doesn't normally have. However, when the Monogatari does have fights they are over-the-top slaughterfests filled with physics defying action and gorey violence that no real fight could possibly replicate and have the combatants still alive afterwards. And Kizumonogatari 2 doesn't fail to deliver.

The fights were all beautifully well directed with amazing animation and a soundtrack that gets you pumped up before the fight and adrenaline-shot during them. The fights were probably only 1/4th of the film but they felt so much longer because of just how engrossing they were. The other 3/4ths of the film was the Monogatari series being itself, but much better than usual. Like with the first movie, the visual humor and cinematography take a step up from the TV series and any change to the stagnating Monogatari series is welcomed. Hearing audience reactions and laughter to the movie makes it even better, and just like the last movie, we get another addition to the most glorious panty shots ever.

Another aspect that made this film better than the last was how much better paced it was than the last film. Part 1 had a few moments that felt stretched to make the film last a whole hour, but this time around every moment brought something new to the screen and no time was wasted, though the film is still only an hour long. The trailers promised 3 fights and we got 3 fights, which surprised me because I was wondering how they would have any material left for a third film. However, after seeing the after credits preview I'm well-assured the third film will have plenty of material and I already can't wait for it.

Overall, Kizumonogatari Part 2 is an anime film at its best. The animation, soundtrack, voice acting, humor, action, cinematography, and pacing are all perfect. Even the third film probably won't be as good as this one (I hope to be pleasantly surprised though). If you can, I highly recommend watching this film, or if you can't the third one, in theaters. Here's waiting for Part 3.
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Afro Samurai (Anime) add
Man, this anime shouldn't be as underwhelming as it turned out to be. You got medieval japan with sci-fi elements like robots, cyborgs, guns, cell phones and other technology and then you got a cool ass no-nonsense samurai at the center of the story just marching forward to slice people up until he can reach demonic looking cowboy and kill him. It sounds cool and many people probably think it is but I was bored thanks to how badly it all fits together.

One thing to note before getting into the story is that it's extremely simple. It's a straightforward revenge plot with common revenge plot themes and elements that goes through average action movie progression of fighting stronger and stronger foes until reaching target at the very end. It's also about 2 hours long so you'd expect that story being as simple as it is would be given less of a focus to give way for the real attraction - action. However it's not so, the pacing of the show is quite horrible so a lot of the time is spent on contemplative walks that don't add anything, drawn out backstory or long scenes of villains talking about their plans to bring down Afro. Then you get a short fight and the whole thing repeats.

The fights are while generally well animated are a mixed bag when it comes to choreography, hardly any of them aside from maybe Justice fights are really memorable with only a few truly impressive moments sprinkled throughout. On top of that it's all brought down by the show's lacking visuals. To put it simply I think the original doujin/manga artist, Takashi Okazaki, designed some very unique, interesting and good looking designs but the way they transitioned to anime leaves a lot to be desired. Show's a gray, bland, muddy mess without anything impressive in terms of directing so it just undermines the whole art style. I feel like the show would be a lot better if went with the crisp, high contrast aesthetic a lot of Takeshi Koike works have.

Lastly sound which also unfortunately was a disappointment. RZA is credited for music which at first got me excited, I don't know much about his solo work but I've listened to WTC before and liked. Don't expect anything out of that however since the hip-hop beats are not only scarce most of them are far too basic and don't even fit what's happening on screen half the time. If you want a samurai anime with hip-hop aesthetic turn to Samurai Champloo instead cause score from Nujabes and Fat Jon are infinitely better.
Sound effects on the other hand were pretty good I thought. The sound of Afro cutting through people, sword clangs, the weird distorted voices of the ninja robots, footsteps, and other sounds were largely satisfying or interesting. In particular I thought the sound work for the robo-afro was good enough to make him seem more than just a generic robot.
Also english dub is about as bad read more
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Medaka Box Abnormal (Anime) add
Following on from the prequel, the story picks up straight where it left off, and if you had any questions, they'll begin to be answered.
The school is a mess and Medaka starts learning about herself, while we start to learn about Normals, Specials and Abnormals.
Right away they aren't afraid to throw in people with abilities, which we're just learning about, so in some ways it feels like a completely different anime with the same characters, but it all starts to come together.

The dub voice sync is still a bit off but it's not a big deal.

One thing about the battles, is that even though they basically kill each other, afterward Medaka or Zenkichi will offer friendship. All most of these people want is to feel normal and have friends, and all they want is to offer that, even after everything. It's one of the charms that I enjoy about this series.

This season is in a way completely different to the first like I mentioned before. I feel like the first season was good in it self, but it let down on the build up to this season. Which was better than the first, though the disconnect between them both and the weird flow makes it hard to rate this and review for others.

In the end if you've watched the first season, this is worth watching to finish the story. There's a lot more action and can get pretty intense for the second half.
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Yesterday, 7:11 AM
ReLIFE (Anime) add
Vey unique story, it takes the teenager in you for a ride in the carrousel of youth.I really found myself in the beginning of the anime and that's why it kept me going, it's like that moment in life when nothing is going your way and you need a change but don't know what to do and where to start.Romance evolves here not like in every other anime where boy gets a glimpse of the girl and it's love at first sight, no, every episode focuses on the characters developing feelings slow and steady.I didn't know whether to look at it or not because I like comedy a lot and to my surprise, every now and then there were a few good jokes that made my smile or just laugh my guts out.The art is exactly what I prefer, not to modern and not too old, right in the middle.Characters were a 10+ because long have I watched an anime where it would use all it's characters equally; of course there is a main character but all the others play a big part in the story.

I hope you get to love it as I did and enjoy it with every episode!
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Yesterday, 7:06 AM
Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Anime) add
I read the manga and can say that by just watching the first episode that this is great. It's not a great thrilling adventure type anime; it doesn't have suspense and intrigue, but instead stays true to the BL loving, moe fest that it is. Certainly a feel-good anime. I hope that it continues to be what i remember the manga to be.

Story: It's about the same as the manga so far.
Art: It is about average but not lost on me. I enjoy its flexibility over quality.
Sound: It's nothing to swoon over, but it emotes well enough.
Character: So far, so good. Only time will tell if they decide to differ from the manga.
Enjoyment: I was pleasantly surprised when i saw that this was being made into an anime. It brought me back to when I read the manga and if anything else gave me some well needed nostalgia.
Overall: If you're a fan of the manga and are looking for a laid-back anime that does not take itself seriously, this one is for you.
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Yesterday, 6:54 AM
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) 2nd Season (Anime) add
This is by far the most enjoyable anime of all time. If you are a school student, this series has got to be the most relatable for your time. If you aren't a school student, then you may relive your moments as a school student.

Story: 10/10
The story may seem out of this world initially, with the concept of assassination within a classroom setting preposterous. However, the values that lie therein strike me deeper than other anime. Being a student in Singapore, the pressure of school is immense, with the concept of "The Survival Of The Fittest", which is exactly what this series tackles, surprisingly. On top of that, there is an element of strategy; the way you should think in order to outsmart somebody stronger than you. What could be better than all that packed nicely into one comedic anime? This is certainly one you will never forget.

Art: 10/10
Well, I am sure that the art is good enough for its time period. Characters are drawn well enough and the action scenes are beautifully created, balancing out the serious moments and the hilarious moments.

Sound: 10/10
The soundtrack is flawless. On top of the opening and the closing songs, the inserts used invoke the moods of those scenes. Songs like Gekkou and Tabidachi no Uta are crucial in allowing the characters feelings to be felt.

Character: 10/10
With the characters in place, the anime tackles issues such as teacher-student relationships, student-peer relationships, and to a lesser extent family relationships. As the class is a big one, it would naturally be true if not all the characters get enough showtime, and that is perfectly fine. By focusing on two of the class members and having the rest as actively supporting them, you can feel that it is exactly like a classroom setting.

Enjoyment: 10/10
I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, being a high school student myself. With the values taught in this show, as well as the continuously funny scenes which never bore me out, this has got to be the best anime ever created.

Overall: 10/10
Stunning, just stunning. You have got to watch it for yourselves to find out. For those who have read this far, here's a piece of advice: take it slow, you don't want this series to end that quickly.
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Yesterday, 6:21 AM
Love Live! Sunshine!! (Anime) add
> May contain slight spoilers
> I'm still fairly new to this so pls be gentle.

Ah Love Live!, it's good to be back. I missed the friendly bond among the characters, the simple yet endearing story, the colorful and likable cast, and the unforgettable music. Like the original Love Live, Love Live Sunshine has all that. This anime is nostalgia to me, especially the fact that they looked up to Muse, cementing them as legends not only in the Love Live universe but also in my heart.

Story (6/10) :

Admittedly, Love Live Sunshine (LLS) is very similar to Love Live School Idol Project (LLSIP) in a lot of ways. The characters are based off of Muse; the story regarding the school as well, the traits and personalities, and a little bit of the looks too. I understand why people may dislike it, why they may want something new. Some would say that if it had an original story it would've been better. I agree to a certain extent but I believe that what we have in Sunshine is just fine.

I also believe Sunshine made use of that foundation better than School Idol Project did-for the most part, at least. I do not dislike the fact that the overall story is similar to SIP. Simply because it is nostalgia to me, and the fact that these girls also looked up to Muse is all the more reason to compliment what is being done in terms of pattern story (if that makes sense). Now it may not seem fair to do that since it is very similar to SIP's original story, but it was clear that they were also going in this direction and I think they did it better.

The one thing that confuses me though is the ending. Did Aqours win Love Live? I don't really know lol.

Animation (9/10) :

The animation is quite spectacular. It is bright, lively and colorful. The background designs are beautiful and it really feels like you're living near the sea. I felt some Nagi no Asukara vibes too. The character designs are pretty and adorable, but nothing new. These girls were inspired by LL SIP so they look alike to a certain degree. The "antagonist" of the show (Saint Snow) look interesting. The dark eye colors give off the "antagonist" vibe, unlike A-RISE (SIP). The CGI is also significantly better. To sum it up, if there is one word to describe the animation here, it would be "Sunshine".

Music (9/10) :

The songs are good, but not better than SIP's. Not all of the songs resonated in me. Don't get me wrong, I still loved all of them but nothing really impacted me. The only ones that I really enjoyed are Aozora Jumping Heart, Yume de Yozora o Terashita and Mijuku Dreamer. My favorite Love Live song to date is still START: DASH!! It was fun to hear Yume no Tobira as well.

As for the voice acting, obviously very well done. The thing with read more
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Yesterday, 5:39 AM
Big Order (TV) (Anime) add

Listen, unless you prefer jumping into a lake filled with goat piss with nothing but a biodegradeable straw and sunscreen, I'd suggest sparing your own life by not patronising the horrendous anime, Big Order.

Hey, MAL Community, crude Reggie the anime reviewer here, back with another sh*tpost which obviously involves crude comments, harsh criticism and of course a little playground banter inserted every now and then.

!!WARNING!! Review contains crude humor (and sexual innuendo) ドラマの警告

Story: 4

Plot is horrifically saturated and unecessarily complicated. One episode in, and most viewers would turn away from Big Order to watch grizzly bears have sex or kangaroo embryos form a line and jump off the Cornwall cliff. Not only is the story line itself already extremely bad (for example stating 10 years ago, a certain lad made a certain wish which nearly destroyed Earth, and he can't remember what it is).

Besides that, the story has a filthy habit of capturing a viewer's attention just for a split second ("Ah fuck, finally this anime has caught my invaluable attention!", and then horribly backfires, giving you a punch right back in your groin. The amount of red herrings and fanservice is also laughable at, with no solid attempts at gaining viewers' appeal for slow midnight tugs, or I'll simply assume that most people would get up and start activating their ulcers in their reproductive area.

Art: 6

Art is generally decent, though the lack of detail and green screen parts could most definitely be improved. Wait, was that a compliment? Fuck no! I can't believe the anime's studio couldn't even increase their budget by a couple grand to hire good visualizing crew and animators to fix the flaws in screenplay and whatnot. Also, the very fact that the protagonist looks like a bootleg Kirito with a crew cut not only disgusts me, but also puts all Shonen to shame.


This is the part which I would regret the most writing on. Let's just be completely honest - first episode was enough to make cats eat their own defacation, only to throw it up out again. I'll closely analyse each character from the first episode alone, and relay them out to newcomers right here ---

Some stereotypical Japanese schoolboy with classmates continuously pissing him off by taking the piss in the class chat. Also has a goldfish memory, being unable to learn possibly one of the most important things he ever said in his pathetic life. Kinky.

An extremely displeasant new-born who said "Onee-chan!" in that horrendous voice very closely together within FIVE minutes. Jesus. It's hard to get a good first impression of her brother complex in the first episode, but hey, incest is wincest, right?

Crazy Bitch:
Pretty self-explanatory.

Council of Cunts:
Also pretty self-explanatory.

Ending words: In a nutshell, this is an anime which puts horny twelve-year-olds to sleep, gives most men prostate cancer and is severely lacking in the plot department. If you're looking for a good fanservice anime, go check Nisekoi or Date A Live. If you're looking for the Protagonist-secretly-being-an-insane-mutant-but-totally-isn't, go read more
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Yesterday, 5:30 AM
Gakuen Handsome (Anime) add
Gakuen Handsome is one of the best Memes to date,

The Story is shit, the Artwork is shit, The Character designs are unoriginal but you know what? Thats the point! and is what makes this anime so enjoyable

I'm honestly surprised the voice acting is brilliant which I'm still not sure if that makes the meme better or worse?

Honestly for anyone who goes into this anime to take it seriously isn't going to enjoy themselves but if you're into anime that is a parody of everything that makes BL, Highschool, Yaoi either great or terrible then sit back with your favourite snack and enjoy the wild ride that is Gakuen Handsome
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Yesterday, 5:13 AM
Kill la Kill (Anime) add
KLK deserves its popular opinion.
Long reviews waste your time, so here's a short and sweet paragraph.

Firstly, the music score in this anime is outstanding! The tunes are catchy and will have you humming away. KLK music is used all over YouTube by anime fans with good reason. Secondly, the characters are so unique! It's the little things that bring each character to life. The bubbly of Mako, the 1/2 punchline of Tsemugo, the strong female lead of Ryuuko, the opening collar of Houka, the resolve of Ira, and even the silly dog! The list goes on and on! You won't find a single cliche character here. The art in this anime is not a premium quality, but that's because it has its own flavor and style. What it lacks in detail it makes up for in rock solid combat and environmental staging. The combat scenes are insane!!!! So many 360 flips with a fast pace that doesn't stop for 5 minutes in the middle of combat for dragged out reflection of a bunch of bullshit you already know. These warriors waste no time getting to the point. Additionally, this anime is hilarious! They've mastered the art of mixing humor into the action for maintaining a healthy balance. The story is so funny! You cannot say clothes trying to take over the world is not a fresh approach. And they manage to roll this onto you in a serious and humorous way at the same time. All in all, KLK is an armored titan among anime leaving no gaps. You cannot regret watching this. Even critics that despise this anime give it 6/10 as a testament to resist their true feelings of a higher rating.

-Amazing characters.
-Unbelievable soundtrack.
-Perfect blend of humor and action.
-Fast paced battles wasting no time.
-Refreshing and inspiring art style.
-Mountains of laughter.
-Mild fanservice.

-Aniplex charges an arm and a leg for this series.
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Yesterday, 4:55 AM
Nourin (Anime) add
I wasn't sure what to expect from Nourin. An ero-comedy, set in an agricultural school? It's not the best show, but it definitely lands some good jokes, probably more than it misfires. Unlike some shows that kind of poke fun at fan service (while still employing it) Nourin leans into it too heavily and it comes across as over the top without always being funny because of it. If you can get around that though some of the episode plots are a lot of fun and I'd definitely have watched more eps/a second season. I guess because it's an on-going manga it doesn't have a satisfying ending at all, so that's something to consider if you can't stand incomplete stories.

A note on the translation/subs: I watch most things on Crunchyroll but occasionally rely on fansubs, and the fan translation for this often came across as, well, mean and caustic. I don't know whether that's just accurate to the original but it sometimes put me off.
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Yesterday, 4:33 AM
91 Days (Anime) add
91 Days is a rare treat of a series, a period piece and a revenge story that manages to be straightforward and simple in its approach, while still adding extra layers of themes and character-depth as the story progresses.

Our protagonist, Angelo, sees his family get slaughtered by the mafia, and vows to bring down those who wronged him. Angelo infiltrates the family responsible for his family’s demise, and meets with the second most noteworthy character Nero.

At first, seeing how direct and dark the premise of the show was, the pessimist in me feared that the show would rely on mindless action or edgy plot-twists that show up out of nowhere. I was pleasantly surprised to reach the end of the series, realizing that I had been fully immersed in what turned out to be a gruesome drama.

As far as complaints go I can only think of two things that could have been improved. First off, the animation-quality drops quite noticeably in one of the later episodes, to the point that the characters look like walking blobs out of MS Paint. Secondly, there is one episode early on that just doesn’t fit the atmosphere of the rest of the show, one where a stereotypical and cartoony Mexican assassin shows up. Weighing two lesser episodes against the rest of the series however proves to only be a minor bump in the road, considering the quality of the story as a whole.

The soundtrack finds a way to blend into the background. What that background has though is personality, filled with somber and melancholic moments, along with a setting filled with seedy characters that values family, wealth, and power above all. The music thus perfectly brings out the feeling of a classic gangster story.

What raised 91 Days a bit above the standard level of quality for me would be the subtle exploration of its themes, which I personally would sum up as a battle between nihilism and optimism, embodied by the two leading characters in the show. Angelo is set on his self-destructive path to ruin, while Nero looks for meaning in all the horrible sacrifices one has to make in the criminal underworld, bringing them closer and closer to a final confrontation.

Anyone that enjoys anime with a serious and gritty tone, stories that keep it simple, yet fill themselves with characters and ideas that can be analyzed further, 91 Days gets a high recommendation.
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Yesterday, 4:07 AM
Appleseed Saga Ex Machina (Anime) add
Prada to the Rescue!

Minor Spoilers!

The story was waaay below par, as were the flat acting of the CGI characters themselves and their expressions. Geez it was like watching a high school play at times! Sorry to say, but it was bad directing I think?

There were some cool "Woo" action scenes that raised my scoring up - but not enough, not enough to bring it past an overall 6/10! They were too short, too choppy and too formulaic. We've come too far, to take steps backwards!

Look, I love a good gun fight - well-executed mass carnage. We didn't get it here. And while much of the movie sucked on so many levels, the clever and sexy use of Prada saved this movie from oblivion, for me. I mean, c'mon! The camera loved those heels! (the dress wasn't too shabby either, am I right?). Prada pulled this movie out of several levels of Dante's HELL!
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Yesterday, 4:02 AM
Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace (Anime) add
This is a terrible anime with the most promising and misguiding first 3 episode. Ever. The beginning is promising, and makes you feel like the show is going to be dark, mysterious, with lots of mystery. but after that, it goes downhill.
Story: You thought there will be mysterious backstory? Or some mindblowing plot twists? Well NOPE. The backstory is incredibly stupid, and the plot was so bad, it felt like it was written by a 14 years old boy who learned story writing from Michael Bay and philosophy from Fate/Stay Night.
Art: Butterflies. Butterflies everywhere. It was supposed to resemblance the butterfly effect but instead, it looks like a 9 year old girl's wet dream.
Sound: Actually this is quite nice, but the lyric sucks, badly.
Character: There's Trap Waifu Bait, Generic Nice Anime Guy, Supposed-to-be-badass-genius-with-shady-past Guy (kinda like Captain Phasma)
Overall, 4/10
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so this has A LOT of thing going for from soft-core sex too straight up incest yes and i mean that but does that mean its a bad anime? GOD NO i honestly really enjoyed it but otherwise ill get into it but also you DON'T seen any genitals so yeah

Story: honestly there really isnt a story it does in the scene of he kinda goes through a girl in a 2 or 3 episodes so you can real learn about the girl and what not but its more of sora and haruka years ago lost there parents i actually dont think they ever said how but you know whatever so they moved that when A LOT of thing happen from soft-core hentai too incest like sex so yeah

Art: it was very good nothing wrong with it

Sound: Same as art was very good

Characters: now with this i loved the characters to be honest i was shipping sora and haruka i just felt that in the end they would love each other and that happened so glad it did

Enjoyment: now yes i freaking loved this anime even with the soft-core and all that i dont mind incest so yeah the drama is really good in this anime personally not a fan of drama but it was good

Overall: so giving this a 9 everything was good with this anime yes i had been shipping sora and haruka scene the beginning that just made it better knowing they couldn't just leave each other and not stopping loving each other just so glad that they ended up together also the drama was very good and the comedy was actually good yes there i funny moments ill so recommend this anime
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Lately I have been going back over some of my past reviews and either editing or deleting them as I look back now and realize that either A: my opinion on that anime has changed, or B: I did not express myself in the manner in which I originally intended. This re-review falls under category B.

One thing that I need to be clear about with this OVA right off the bat – it is literally the MOST DEPRESSING thing I have ever seen. It leaves with you void in your soul. The entire OVA is like a requiem for Kenshin Himura’s arduous life. A much different presentation style than the anime series.

If you are sensitive to sad endings or do not like melodrama, you should heed my advice and stay the hell away from this OVA!

Let’s move on.

The gist of this OVA is to show the romance between Kenshin and Kaoru in a more realistic and melancholic manner than the original manga through a series of flashbacks. This may immediately raise red flags to somebody who has read the manga and has not seen Reflections. Why? Because this OVA is a far cry from a 1:1 panel adaptation of the manga. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Eventually we get to see a fragment of the Jinchuu arc that involves Enishi and his plan for revenge. This "arc" is extremely compressed into about 20 minutes of screen time, with the actual act of “Jinchuu” being completely omitted from the OVA, which is a huge let down as it was the a defining moment in the Jinchuu Arc of the manga.

Once this segment is finished, we see how Kenshin and Kaoru live after the main series has ends, and unfortunately for the married couple, it does not end well. Their marriage is a disaster as Kenshin is unable to truly accept Kaoru as his lover due to his depression, leaving her as an empty shell (due to being broken-hearted) of a person and forcing her to raise their son on her own since Kenshin decides to wander again throughout Japan, leaving Kaoru and Kenji behind. He does this because he is unable to forgive himself for the atrocities he committed as a Hitokiri, which is ultimately a grave mistake. Kenshin has a disease that can most easily be compared to leprosy, and before he ventures off to wander one last time, it is clear that his days are very numbered, along with Kaoru, who too, has the disease. Over time this leads to their son, Kenji, to learn to hate his father (he is quite cynical), furthering the suffering Kaoru must endure. Kenji eventually disassociates himself from the Himura family, and moves in with Hiko Seijuro in the wilderness near Kyoto. The OVA comes to a very depressing conclusion, but it seems at the end Kenji has turned over a new leaf, and will live a good life with his spouse, Chizuru.

Story: 4.5/10

The story plot itself is very scattered, and read more
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Oct 24, 2016
Shelter (Anime) add
Wow, so I see that a lot of cynicism managed to reach top reviews on MAL.

And it's really sad to see some of the things they say.

People criticize the story. That it's bland, totally expected, and common. But honestly, can you find another 6-minute video that manages to achieve what Shelter does without expositional dialogue and text? Is there another show where a father saves his daughter and explores the clash between her emotions and loneliness as a result? Is there a show that questions the worth of survival if isolation is the outcome? If you think that the plot was totally expected, there's a psychological term called hindsight bias which means that you thought you knew it all along after an event has occurred. It's a six-minute video, it can happen to anyone who has a negative attitude against it.

I'm pretty sure everyone's on the same page in art and animation. It's amazing.

Music is personal preference. I understand that some people don't like EDM and I'm not a huge fan either. But I do like Porter Robinson because he doesn't rely on heavy bass and instead does interesting melodies and synths.

People criticize Rin for being cute and moe despite Shelter being an emotional story. Well, I'm sorry, but that's A-1's style of art. If that's your argument, then Anohana, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, and Erased must be horrible anime as well. Just because the character is cute doesn't mean that the show is bad.

Besides the common components of anime, the production and result of this show are significant. Rarely has there been a westerner who had the chance to work with a Japanese studio to create original work. Shelter may be the frontier of bridging this gap. The video also achieved rank 27 on Top Trending on Youtube when I checked (it may have been higher), which is most likely the highest any anime video as achieved on a popular video streaming site. The video at the time of this review has 3.6 million views. Guys, that's huge. I live in the U.S. and even people who have no idea what anime is have watched the video. I've gotten several anime-skeptic friends of mine to watch it, and now they're starting to think that anime might be worthwhile after all. This video may be the most influential anime in recent years not only in the anime community itself but outside as well. If you are saying that the video should not be getting the hype it's getting, then you're basically saying that you're against the spread of anime. This video caused a huge commotion online and I'm sure A-1 is interested in doing more of these projects for western audiences (because they are a company after all...), and focus on other audiences is always a great way for the growth of an entertainment industry.

So for those of you criticizing this short, I understand your point. But in context, Shelter is great as a show and as the huge read more
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