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Sep 25, 2017
Lotts1 (All reviews)
What the hcek ther has Unscencored Asuna Bath Scene man, wtf is that?. Omg Geezz Asuna has been Lacur confirmed. Ngomong apa lg nih?. Well the story good of enough i want to know the next story. Kurang panjang neh??.

Story: 8/10
The story is great. It is sort of like a mixture of tragedy, comedy and romance. Its sort like the mixture of SAO, ALO and GGO but mainly it revives that kind of feeling after you watch the original SAO. It makes me feel nostalgic.

Art: 9/10
For me, the art can be considered good enough and at certain parts the coloring is mind blowing especially read more
Sep 25, 2017
Shingster (All reviews)
Please note this review is intended for those that have finished watching Knights & Magic and though great care has been taken to reduce story spoilers there might be spoilers within character and story analysis.

What happens when a mecha otaku gets reincarnated in world where mechas really do exist and when his memories and hobbies can be of use in a war between monsters and nations.

Knights and Magic is a mecha anime that is based on the light novel of the same name that I have also started to read as well. As premises go the one for this anime is rather unique. read more
Sep 25, 2017
KnownAsVirtual (All reviews)
For starters I believe this anime is strongly underrated and that it deserves a worth audience that will praise it. If you are a fan of steampunk, a Sherlock Holmes, detective, spy-like kind of show, you'll enjoy this anime trust me.

Story: The Kingdom of Albion is brought back into another original anime. This isn't the first anime I've seen mentioning this domain. It's the 19th century and what makes the case for this story known is the wall that divides the East and West of the capital of Albion. Five high school girls, who enroll in the prestigious Queens May Fair School are involved in read more
Sep 25, 2017
killooa (All reviews)
This probably won't be much of a reliable review since I fall apart just thinking about this anime haha.

WHEN I FIRST started watching this or saw it at a quick glimpse, I thought it was a romance that would drag on throughout the entire season.

Admit it, we've all seen romances where the main heroine takes the entire season to confess to her crush. It is different in this anime. She confesses to him soon after their encounter, and this is where the story begins. Now before you go and knit-pick for her confessing only after they've met, some people need to understand that this read more
Sep 25, 2017
Hori_Revens (All reviews)
Tsuki ga Kirei is the best romantic anime I've ever seen. The first time I saw the page I was less interested so I try to see 1 episode only. But what a surprise when I saw the innocence of Akane Mizuno's face upon seeing Kotarou Azumi. From there I got interested to continue on to the next episode.

Starting from the story line, the song and especially the character of both of them are very plain and timid. Until now I am still watching this anime without boredom, even occasionally I wish I was Kotarou Mizuno figure who want to feel the direct love story read more
Sep 25, 2017
PvMDream (All reviews)
*This review may contain minor spoilers*

Ah, a gambling anime one of my favorite genres out there but..

Story 4/10
Sad to say that there is no 'real' story that this anime follows, mysterious girl joins the school were gambling is one of the biggest factors out there, because most come from rich parents and politicians where they need to learn how to deceive each other or find out if they are being deceived.
But there is no real backbone in this story, she just gambles because she likes gambling. Not to save some one, not for money, not to destroy some one and not to prove herself, we read more
Sep 25, 2017
JPL94 (All reviews)
If you're a sucker for anime Openings then you'll at least love Kakegurui for that much as it has arguably one of the Best Openings in 2017. This anime although set in a Gambling World with it as it's Premise is certainly less about Gambling and more about The psychological aspects behind it. What sets this anime apart from the rest in my opinion is the wide variety of diverse/unique/and eccentric characters. As you'll come to find out almost every character in this anime is mentally unstable and Psychotic, not always in a bad way but rather an entertaining way. Each episode reveals new characters read more
Sep 24, 2017
BlackCicero (All reviews)
Princess Principal ended up being a surprisingly pleasant watch. It was definitely more of a serious story than I was expecting. The tone that one can expect was established straight from the onset. The way how the story was structured, the unresolved plot points clearly indicate that there the is a second season planned. However, the way how the story feels all over the place may be upsetting to some.
The art was good and the moe art style didn't detract much from the tone of the anime. The animation when it came down to the action in the show, whether it was the car read more
Sep 24, 2017
Osku (All reviews)
So when people say they can't escape sports anime hell they mean it! I can attest to that, Ballroom e Youkoso is a sports anime that hasn't been seen much of or at all really. The animation is great and seeing all the work that was put into this anime is amazing. I appreciate the crews hard work and the creator for making this. The characters are unique and sometimes you can get lost with what their goals are but that could just be lost in whether or not you're paying attention to the subtitles and show or just watching the images itself. The main read more
Sep 24, 2017
FiREIng_maNiac (All reviews)
One of my favorite aspects of Anime is its ability to take a totally unbelievable premise and present it in a completely serious way that would never fly in another medium. This is exactly what you get with Kakegurui.

Why do teachers allow students to form an organized gambling ring in the school? How was a student council, which promotes a blatant system of oppression, even elected in the first place? Are parents really ok with allowing their children to bet millions of dollars on an after-school game of poker?

And, perhaps the most important question of all, who cares?

Sure, there are a lot of elephants read more
Sep 24, 2017
Osku (All reviews)
It was a cute anime throughout, it reminded me a lot of galko-chan which I enjoyed. I haven't read the manga so I'll prob check it out to see if they expanded more on the mer-people. Overall it was enjoyable to watch and if anyone likes cute slice of life this is it. The style was appealing and the animation wasn't bad except when it came to other four legged animals that weren't the main character. I wasn't too big of a fan with the fan service in the last episode but I should have seen that coming with the opening.
Sep 24, 2017
RingoStarr1991 (All reviews)
Sometimes you encounter a show/film that just smittens you so much that you cannot help but gleam in happiness. The cast of Knight's & Magic along with the carefree nature of the beginning half of the show is quite amazing to behold...but is the rest of the show up to the same level?

Story: 3.5/10

First and foremost let me say this; I really like the plot of Knight's & Magic. It has this special “air” about it that I cannot find myself to fully explain. Even though I consider myself not a fan of mecha anime, this series makes it really interesting. From episode one read more
Sep 24, 2017
BlackCicero (All reviews)
Knight's & Magic is another entry into the isekai category of anime. This time around, the isekai element is used as a catalyst for the story of our mecha-obsessed main protagonist. I thought the story of Knight's & Magic was a very fun one and it was mainly focused around the development of mechs and the battles between them. The conflicts that take place in this other world just serve as a vehicle to get us to that plot point. One thing to note is that the pacing of the story is very fast and it's apparent even if you haven't read the source material. read more
Sep 24, 2017
KnownAsVirtual (All reviews)
This is my 4th review and I'll be doing this from now on for fans of anime and for those who are considering on watching this anime. So here goes.

Story: I gave it a 6/10. I think it was fine in some parts. But ultimately you could tell it was rushed. Fans of the series who have read the light novel have specified so. Still I have to respect another world anime genre(Isekai for short). A mecha otaku reincarnated into another world, a dream world. One with big silhouette knights can make anyone go crazy. The passion sure shows in the MC Ernie. He befriends read more
Sep 24, 2017
Felixman95 (All reviews)
A thread-bare plot overloaded with time-skips, characters who are barely characters at all and certainly free of development and an incomprehensible main character collide in this lovely, but otherwise hollow excuse for a program.

Aside from some very nice art for the monsters, world and characters, some rather nice mechanical design, and some of the better CG mecha I've seen, 'Knight's & Magic' offers no reason to keep coming back week after week. While I acknowledge and admire the sheer passionate love for giant robots that does shine through the doldrums of the show, the absence of the grand stories of personal drama or world-threatening cataclysms read more
Sep 24, 2017
0MAN0 (All reviews)
I'll start by saying that I'm not very fond of Elfen Lied. I only stuck it to the end because I figured a series like this gets by on the plot intensity near the conclusion, so I figured I had to see it through. It was a burden for me to watch, and I wouldn't recommend it.

Something worth mentioning up front is that I found this series to be very similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion, of which I'm a big fan. It's a sci-fi series about a rare alien race threatening humans, the main characters deal with chronic mental problems, and more stuff that would read more
Sep 24, 2017
juan_jr (All reviews)
The anime for me was enjoyable. With the episodes being kinda short you dont feel as if the anime was being stretched. It got the messages it wanted to get cross. I never got confused or anything like that. I did have the feeling i knew what was going since the first few episodes and after it revealed the main point of the anime i knew i was right along. For others tho knowing what was going to happened could end in dropping the anime but i continued to watch. Overall Netsuzou Trap is a recommendation for anyone looking for a short anime. But to read more
Sep 24, 2017
Ginevra (All reviews)
No spoilers.

Watch this if you're tired of seeing boring repetitive tropes and stereotypes in anime instead of characters. On the contrary, if what you're looking for is fanservice and shallow tropes, move along. Brand new newcomers to the franchise will likely be confused, so if you're new keep that in mind.

I find it funny that there's one bad review below and the reason it amuses me is because I can see very well why that person got frustrated. She tried to watch this as a traditional, self-contained arc. It's a fair expectation, but please don't make that mistake. Keep in mind that this anime is read more
Sep 24, 2017
BlackCicero (All reviews)
I only happened to try and watch Centaur no Nayami on a whim. I read the synopsis and looked at the cover and thought the show was going to be a bland CGDCT anime but I couldn't have been more wrong.
The story while having no real sense of progression, did manage to explore a myriad of topics in a way that allowed the show to have additional layers. It almost feels like the show gets philosophical even as we watched Himeno and the cast of characters go through their mundane activities.
The art and animation were standard and the same could be said of the soundtrack. read more
Sep 24, 2017
OpenDoorLeia (All reviews)
Rumiko Takahashi is one of the most famous and wealthy female mangaka in Japan, authoring such classic and well known series (even to those in the west) such as Inuyasha, Ranma1/2, Urusei Yatsura, and ect. However, one pitfall she is often guilty of falling in to, and one that Kyoukai no Rinne here is not exempt from, is STAGNATION.

Now you can have the best concept for a story in the world, but if you don't progress your plot forward or develop your characters, you're going to run yourself into a bit of a rut. Kyoukai no Rinne, as with a lot of Takahashi's other series, read more
Sep 24, 2017
StarZero (All reviews)
And the award for misleading title of the year goes to....... Princess Principal!!!!!
Princess Principal is a dark and fluffy semi steam-punk adventure that bounces around but never makes an impact. The animations is nice, the characters are interesting, fun, mesh well and have very interesting backstories. The plot is absent of many cliches, which is a good thing and the concept leaves you wanting more but the 12 episode format almost certainly killed this shows potential. I watched this show as a Sub and enjoyed the voice actors performance, but I will say a british english dub would definitely take this show to read more
Sep 24, 2017
grazr (All reviews)
Despite enjoying MMORPG "VR-style" anime as a genre I had put off watching Log Horizon (LH) as it came recommended with disclaimers that the show focused heavily on tactics and politics more so than the characters; or at least in comparison to its peers (such as SAO). For this reason i expected the show to be quite heavy and an investment to watch, but when i finally got around to watching it i didn't find it all that excessive on those elements and even managed to marathon the first season in only 4 evenings (the first 9 episodes in a single sitting). So i could read more
Sep 24, 2017
SoraSenpai (All reviews)
Story: Overall I thought they would make more use of the steampunk vibe and culture they were living in, but at times it was just a regular crime/spy anime. I thought the first episode was really well done. While i wasn't a fan of the different cases at times, they did a good job delivering the story to the viewers.

Art and Animation: Sloppy at times but really well done. The fight scenes were amazing especially the Sword fights with Chise.

Sound and Voice: The opening and ending were two of the best of the Summer 2017 season in my opinion. Add in an awesome BGM and read more
Sep 24, 2017
PaladinAlchemist (All reviews)
I have issues with Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu. I honestly have no idea how UFO Table managed to take such a fantastic premise partnered with stunning animation and make it so incredibly dry.

This is my first (and probably last) experience with the Touken Ranbu franchise. I have never played the game, nor seen the other anime adaption.

It didn’t take long to get the gist of it. The two dudes with unique designs were fighting baddies to prevent history from changing. Later on, you learn what time period they’re in and that they aren’t human, but famous weapons. And . . . that’s it.

Why are the read more
Sep 24, 2017
PaladinAlchemist (All reviews)
Vatican Kiseki Chousakan is a guilty pleasure watch. It’s wildly fun and falls somewhere between “so bad it’s good” and “better than it deserves to be.”

Before I start picking Vatican apart, I want to say up front that, despite all the faults, it’s a lot of fun to watch. The eerie atmosphere and easy-to-like lead characters help make this anime more enjoyable, but what really makes it stand out (for better or worse) is the crazy plots and break-neck pace.

Anime often flirts with Christianity, usually through very liberal use of well-known imagery or characters (like the devil), but hardly ever in a semi-realistic read more
Sep 24, 2017
PaladinAlchemist (All reviews)
Hitorijime My Hero is a decent BL story with likeable characters and fairly healthy relationships compared to the majority of the genre. It’s pacing, though, could use some work. And by some work, I mean A LOT of work.

Lucky for Hitorijime My Hero, all four main characters are engaging and play off each other well. It’s also nice to see our two couples not only interact with their love interest, but with other people - which is rarer in BL than I’d wish.

There’s also more at stake than just “will they get together,” especially with Masahiro Setagawa. It’s easy to get sucked into read more
Sep 24, 2017
PaladinAlchemist (All reviews)
Boku no Hero Academia brilliantly combines what makes the shonen genre great with what makes super heroes great. It might look generic from the outside, but part of what makes this series so fun is that it doesn’t feel the need to be unnecessarily edgy or dark or full of ecchi or BL fanservice in order to keep people around. Instead of trying to distinguish itself by showing how it’s not like all the others, it embraces the best aspects of its genre and gives the viewer a rewarding story.

That said, Academia starts with a let-down. We’re introduced to Izuku Midoriya, one of read more
Sep 24, 2017
DanevsAnime (All reviews)
Just a fun, relaxing anime. Typically for me after watching 3 or 4 episodes of an anime all in a row, I feel a little drained. Flying Witch had almost the opposite effect, where I felt even better after watching it than when I started. The story is solid, with the characters all having a purpose and even if they only appear for one or two episodes they feel like real people with real lives. The art style works very well with the laid back personality this piece has. The into song is on point, and I still can't tell if I love or hate read more
Sep 24, 2017
Fourtran (All reviews)
The closest thing to a James Bond anime with little girls. Story itself is fine: a spy organization that wants to overthrow a corrupt government/lessen class disparity. The art and sounds were great. Gunshots and fights definitely sound very realistic and awesome. I mostly rate this highly because of the cool action/fight scenes, but the one criticism I and many others probably have is the poor character development.
Aside from getting at least 1 episode dedicated to each (most of them) girl in the spy organization, we see nothing else about their backgrounds. The end of each episode always wraps up "neatly", with a death or read more
Sep 24, 2017
Fourtran (All reviews)
The most exciting/entertaining thing in this show were the facial expressions. Good stuff. The story and characters are kind of weak. The whole show revolves around some new girl at school who is a compulsive gambler who gambles with several people from the beginning to the end. Nothing else really happens.

Could have been a lot more developed in terms of characters and story. (Main girl is compulsive gambler, nothing else. Other characters are very 1D as well). There doesn't feel like a lot at stake when they're gambling. Not to say that it wasn't exciting - it just was not as thrilling as it read more
Sep 24, 2017
Oriceles (All reviews)
I enjoyed the show yet there are too many flaws, to the point is the first time I write a review.

The story is kinda okey, just another Isekai, but this one goes way too fast on the plot. The artwork is okey, except for unnecessary stuff on character design, also the cute aspect of the protagonist was unnecessary and cringe worthy. The ending sequence and music felt out of place with the entire plot, specially on the final episode, that song starts playing on the final fight and is totally awful.

There is no character development at all, just discovery of new things on every new read more
Sep 24, 2017
Zetagi (All reviews)
Honestly, I expected more out of this movie. The trailer got me hyped, but the movie wasn't enjoyable. The movie felt rushed. The fact that Kirito got rank 9 overnight just by trying doesn't make sense. I thought he was unathletic and only skilled in full dive. What's funny is where are the other top ranked players(rank 3,4,5,etc) during the raids. The fight between Kirito and Eiji ended too quick. Eiji was able to beat up Klein and his group, but gets beat by Kirito with his armor in a minute? Eiji was supposed to be a strong bad ass antagonist, but ended up being read more
Sep 24, 2017
EnZanity (All reviews)
Slight spoilers for Episode 6

Moe and Spies are not exactly two tropes you would put together. Moe can often be found in a relaxing Slice of Life that usually contains lots of Comedy, while Spies takes a more Action/Adventure filled route packed with Drama. No one would ever look at these two very different ideas and consider putting them together would make a great anime, yet here we are. Princess Principal is our latest Cute Girls Doing Cool Things, (CGDCT) and its ability to integrate these contrasting themes as if they were made for each other is praiseworthy in itself.

Princess Principal follows an episodic formula, read more
Sep 24, 2017
PixEFit (All reviews)
Fastest finger first is over.
Finally, it was pretty bad.
The concept at the beginning was cool.
I don't know much about quiz bowl or even heard of the subject of it.
Which is the premise of the show by the way.
And I was semi excited to learn more about it through this anime.
And from the anime's view on quiz bowl presented to me.
It wasn't very exiting.
It was about these trivia super geniuses that can answer a question without hearing the entire answer through various techniques.
And apparently that is realistic to the actual thing.
I think that's what ruined it for me.
I couldn't project anyone onto any of the characters read more
Sep 24, 2017
StarmiyaParfait (All reviews)
First time reviewing so please bear with me.


I loved watching this anime and seeing Yumeko utterly destroy people by gambling. However, there is one huge problem (at least, for me). That would be the "MC" Suzui Ryouta. From the very beginning he's been the cliche MC who wants to protect the girl since he thinks she's so weak. After being rescued by Yumeko, he STILL wants to protect her despite the fact that she is a gambling addict and won't listen to his pleas. This is seriously irritating. He's seen Yumeko completely ruin people through gambling yet he thinks that SHE is the one read more
Sep 24, 2017
PixEFit (All reviews)
Netsuzou TRap is over.
It was bad to ok.
First off its a yuri drama series that are less then 10 minutes long an episode.
And despite the yuri tag it doesn't have much ecchi in it at all.
Which was a nice surprise.
It was sexualized when it needed to be, not whenever it wanted to be.
There we're some noticable themes in this anime as well.
Like abuse, and of course lesbian relationships.
Most of the characters weren't very good in my opinion.
And how the conflicts were made seem forced.
Anywhom, I give this anime a 3 outta 10.
I just didn't find it very enjoyable.
I would only recommend it to someone of read more
Sep 24, 2017
PixEFit (All reviews)
I've finished baccano!
It was great.
Not Durarara quality but still great.
Lots of characters and all very lovable.
It got a little confusing towards the end but that's because my little brain can't comprehend that many story lines.
And the 1930's aesthetic was a good setting point.
The specials I feel were some of the best content of this show.
I give it a 9 outta 10.
Confusing toward the end but that's just me.
Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend to everyone.
Because its a bit bloody and gorey.
Shouldn't be someone's first introduction into anime unless they are ok with stuff like that.
So I recommend to action gore people that are already introduced to anime.
Sad read more
Sep 24, 2017
Akiimitsu (All reviews)
It's incredible how the work of Sword Art Online can awaken our greatest feelings, this plot, these songs, this animation, this dubbing, this life. At first, I thought about hating the movie, because I didn't like playing with the memories of Asuna, I didn't like this villain. But as the story progressed, I found myself in an incredible script and then the nostalgia of the world of Aincrad was taking care of me. I speak as a big fan of the series that has watched the anime several times, read the novels and even manga. I always remembered that square, so that was it... Yuna read more
Sep 24, 2017
PixEFit (All reviews)
Kakegurui is over.
It was ok.
It was one of the most hyped anime of the summer season.
Unfortunately, the show didn't meet the hype levels given to it.
We thought it would have been a more psychological thing, but all we got were some interesting games.
No game No life did gambling way better then this show.
But Kakegurui was entertaining even spite that.
So I give this anime a 6 outta 10.
I enjoyed myself, but I was expecting too much when I got into this.
I wouldn't recommend this unless you were already interested in it.
This has been your spoiler free, but not really review on Kakegurui.
Sep 24, 2017
fishpun (All reviews)
No spoilers in this review!

Firstly, my score breakdown:
- Story: 7
- Art: 8
- Sound: 10
- Character: 8
- Enjoyment: 9
- OVERALL: 8/10

I'm going to preface this by saying that you MAY want to WAIT before starting this show. There have been very strong hints towards a second season, and this show has loose plot threads in abundance that has left us fans somewhat frustrated. None of them are major though bar 1 incident (which happens in the final episode, and is clearly a set-up for a second season), so it won't ruin your experience even if you do decide to watch it now. But read more
Sep 24, 2017
PixEFit (All reviews)
Centaur no Nayami is over
It was fine at best
Its one of the many "Monster Girl" anime that came out this year
Along with Interviews with Monster girls, Dragon Maid, ect
This one was more similar to Interviews with its slice of life at school aspect
But Centaur no Nayami has more well thought out lore, history, and evolution in comparision to the real world
The characters are mainly just a vessal in which the world can proceed with
Where there are different hot topic issues with racism between the species
Its just an interesting alligory to what this anime is trying to convey
I give this show a 5 out of 10
its read more
Sep 24, 2017
PixEFit (All reviews)
Aho Girl is over.
I loved it.
It was one if not the funniest anime of this summer 2017 season.
Its about an idiot girl and her friends.
The concept is nothing new except with the roles reversed for some of the characters.
Like there is a female pervert and an idiot girl.
Those are mainly male roles.
I resist giving this anime a 10 outta 10 rank because of its simplicity.
Like its concept.
Its characters are also pretty good.
Kinda steriotypical, which isnt a bad thing in and of itself, but to the extremes.
So I give Aho Girl a 9 outta 10.
And a very good recommendation to watch.
This has been your spoiler free read more
Sep 24, 2017
NickShadows (All reviews)
This anime has a lot packed into such a short series.
The end episode leaves it open for future series but they are not necessary.
The characters all have specific roles and this therefore makes the anime interesting and fun to watch.
Along with this we see the presence of technology and magic co-existing side by side in endless developments which causes a relation to be formed in the watcher between the anime's story and real life, it also causes you to think, "Maybe all this will be possible one day?" and gives the initiative of showing that it could be done with the materials we have read more
Sep 24, 2017
Coolest_Girl (All reviews)

Story 7/10
Kagame is a normal high school girl. Her normal life ends when one day a demon drags her into a well where she ends up in Feudal Japan. While in Feudal Japan, she meets a half-demon, half-human breed known as Inuyasha. Inuyasha seeks to use the Shikon Jewel to become a full-fledge demon. As they fight a demon, Kagome shoots an arrow through the demon (the demon ate the Shikon Jewel and Kagome shot an arrow in order to kill it) and the Shikon Jewel shatters. Together, Kagome read more
Sep 24, 2017
LegendAqua (All reviews)
Espionage has always been an intriguing look into people who essentially needs to hide everything about themselves and still get information out of people. Some do this in boring fashion like Joker Game, Princess Principal on the other hand does this in spades AND makes it interesting!.

The first thing LA would like to address is that the cute girls doing things, well in Princess Principal's case is that at first looks like this but very quickly you will realize that Princess Principal is more focused on it's clandestine missions that links to prior missions and dialogue that's clever and always keeps you on your toes read more
Sep 24, 2017
censored_is_bad (All reviews)
H O L Y... this anime is good!

This is an anime i first saw off of facebook, and the scene was hilarious, but the art was older. Which is pretty much this entire series in one sentence. Its a hilarious ecchi comedy that's old. Honestly its funny, its short, and it's pretty intense.

Its about a dude who is smart but drops out of college right before graduation to learn about life. He meets alot of sexy/pretty women along the way. The value of the story however, comes from it's comedy. just be ready to laugh your butt off. It starts off slow, but it read more
Sep 24, 2017
Plasmatize (All reviews)
The fierce orange glow of lit candles shatters the cold darkness of the night. A group of strange hooded figures circle around the Ouija board, put forth their hands and begin their chant. Suddenly, a guard picks up on the sight, boldly confronting them with a blinding blue flashlight as they run off. “Damn brats! Playing demon rituals again, huh?” The guard continues his work. Craving a drink, he enters the large, creaky door of the chapel.

He gasps.

DRAMATIC MUSIC rings out as he stands at the entrance gawking at something-or-other?! Several awkward seconds pass before the cameraman remembers he’s supposed to be showing what read more
Sep 24, 2017
Naruto (Anime) add (All reviews)
koniiichiwa-sama (All reviews)
this anime was a masterpiece. ive seen 100s of anime read about 1000 manga titles. honestly i do have to admit naruto was my first anime and that could cloud my judgment but ive watched naruto like 4 times after that. i finished rewatching it for the 4th time about a month ago. its still the best. if u think otherwise Kys (pls dont). in all seriousness if u havent seen naruto i reccomend u go watch it its a 10/10 in my book, and hopefully it will be the same in yours.
the review still isnt long enough wth just let me post the review read more
Sep 24, 2017
Coolest_Girl (All reviews)
Story 9/10
Like FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the story is just perfect. The story follows the adventures of Gon, where he searches for his father and in order to do that, he decides to become a hunter.

The story has many arcs, in which all the story arcs are nice and consistent. My two favorite arcs are Chimera Ant and Greed Island.

The story is nice and consistent and I have not felt bored at all because of the series length (the series has 148 episodes). But, I felt like they could've done the ending better, which is why my score for story is 9/10.

Art 10/10
the art is really read more
Sep 24, 2017
temujinthedemon (All reviews)
I watched the entirety of KHR several years ago and I loved it. It hurts me to leave such a low score on this anime but I've been doing a re-watch and parts of this show are just painfully bad. If you are willing to trudge through the bad to get to the good I would recommend it but it was honestly hard to watch at times and there are much better shows out there.

I would say the show gets better and better with time. I'm giving it a 6 overall but I would say the first season is a 4 and read more