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Mushishi (Anime) add
"Mushi". They're basic lifeforms that co-exist with humans since the beginning of existence. They have no particular goal, they either benefit nor harmful, they're just apparitions wandering Mother Nature through no ends by imitating the meaning of "good" and "evil".

Mushi-shi is an anime that you'll need to appreciate because of the phenomenal world-building which is beautifully crafted to admire the Mother Nature at it's purest. The world is so strikingly beautiful that the "aura" of the show calms the minds of the viewer, creates a sense of relaxation and that just the visuals alone. The writing of the show is extremely well-written with a story that could be widely versed, even with solitary moments of the show, you visualizes even huge imaginative world that is Mushi-Shi no matter how tiny or huge.

Mushi-shi is an episodic anime so expect various of side stories. However, what makes Mushi-shi extremely unique and works as an episodic series is like what i said previously, the world-building is vast and mythos exist in this anime. Each episode introduce a new mushi and their influence towards the unfortunately or rarely the fortunate to come across the beings. Also, each episodes provides an emotional conflict in each individual Ginko comes across. Ginko is our main character and he's a Mushi-shi, a wise white-haired mushi exorcist who discovers and an omniscient of the mushi. Previously mentioned, each individual Ginko come across have emotional conflicts and at the end of the episode, we the viewers experience different dilemmas which coincidently, different mushi are taken part in.

The soundtrack is so calming and relaxing sometimes mystical, mixing traditional Japanese folklore and Buddhist music. There are two opening songs and let me say, like the show, you feel the emotion and passion the world of Mushi-shi presents to the viewers, drawing in to see the absolute beauty of Mushi-shi

Mushi-shi is a visually artistic show that you can absolutely love; the large amount of atmosphere, emotionally investing story, and intriguing dilemma the show conveys. A coming of age episodic series that is beloved and critcally acclaimed. Mushi-shi is a personal journey for us viewers to evolve and appreciate the wonders of life, even if they're downsides of life itself. It's definitely worth watching, a show you can calm your mind and feel the relaxation. Mushi-shi is truly beautiful in narrative and art form
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Kuromukuro (Anime) add
Hello everyone, since you're reading this, you wanna hear my opinion and review of this, so let's just get right into it!

The Story, (6/10)

You can read it for yourself in the summary, but I personally think that it was a bit clichè when you have aliens trying to take over the world and fighting with mecha, but there are a few points where it did have me quite interested.

The Art, (8/10)

Since this was from the studios of P.A, I expected alot, and I was not disappointed art wise.
If you haven't heard of P.A Works, you've probably heard of anime they have made.

I'm sure you have heard of Angel Beats! And Another, Charlotte, Nagi no Asukara.
And well, I personally thing Nagi no Asukara has the best art like, ever.
I have watched, out of their works, Angel Beats! Nagi no Asukara, Kuromukuro and HaruChika.
And Art-wise, Kuromukuro does not fall short.

The Sound, (8/10)

I personally enjoyed the songs, which were produced by Glay. And other songs of the anime by MICHI and Ami Wajima. For some reason the second ED makes me sad, but in a good way, (It was done by Ami Wajima) So I thoroughly enjoy them, and they are in my Itunes list.

The Characters, (5/10)

If you're like me, and you have watched the anime, you know you hate Kaya the camera dude and the school trio, they really are a downfall of the anime. And when the protaganist Yukina is not being saved from being kidnapped, she's whining. And the only people in the anime that have balls are Kennosuke, Sebastian, Borden, and Sophie, and the aliens.

The characters (I'm looking at you school trio) get in the way and become really annoying. They try to add slice of life in the anime when it does NOT belong.


The Good,

I definitely liked the art, and music, and action, especially the action because unlike most mecha anime, most of the battle was done melee, which I really liked.

The BAD,

The story often got sidetracked, from the stupid school trio, and the ending, if there is not a another season, could be considered a crap ending.

So, why should YOU watch it?

Well, if you're a fan of P.A you can watch it, or if you actually want a mecha anime where they don't just fight with beams and blasts. If you are looking for an exceptional story with good plot development, this is not for you. Kuromukuro doesn't bring much into the "genre" of "Saving the world from aliens" if that is a genre.

So anyway, thank you for reading my review!

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Dragon Knight (Anime) add
Rate of 7 (good)
english dubbed

pro:the characters are glamorous.

Pro:The appropriate items/backgrounds are used.

Con:fails on some certain aspects. One of which being the first saved girl's hair. It changes colors. No her hair is not magical. It is a sloppy oversight that should have been fixed. Aside from visual confusion in leads to character confusing for the hair color it turns into temporarily is that of the other girl in the room. Luckily, it is only temporary.

An absolute joke. the positive things i can say it is original to some regard and the plot did have some original comical one liners.

negative: plot lacks suspense

negative: plot is askew. in one scene you are supposed to be in a completely different building but upon entrance to a room you find the character is in a separate building. Huh?

negative: Certain plot points are ignored or disregarded. Like the character being promised a wish of anything. Lovely alluring tactic but let's just say don't plan a camp-out for the shooting star.

negative:conclusion was heartwarming but given the plot it was a joke.

Sum-up: If you want a uncensored ecchi for a slideshow you have it here.
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Soul Eater (Anime) add
"Soul Eater" is without a doubt one of the BIG shounen anime´s out there to date, and has withstand to be forgotten with time. 9 years after it´s release date it´s still much in the spotlight - and with good reasons. It work for anime newbies as well for us old timers. And what you see is what you get - it´s labeled shounen for a reason, it´s a very shounen type of anime. The humor, the plot and so on are very typical for this kind of show. You can definitely see resembles to other famous shounen´s shows like Bleach (the whole shinigami thing, special weapons and fighting evil spirits). I personally don´t feel like its´ a rip off, because "Soul Eater" has a very own feeling to it. The art and animation, the choreography and characters has their own uniqueness about them. I had put off watching "Soul Eater" for a long time, mainly because I saved it as a "safe bet good show" -card. And I wasn´t disappointed. Now I will get in to why I enjoyed the so much and of course some small details I think could have been done better.

Story: 8/10
"Soul Eater"has not a particularly unique or original plot (high school aged kids fighting evil and villains and faces challenges along the way). Most anime don´t so it´s not a bother for me at least. For me it´s more how the creators have used the concept - and in "Soul Eater"´s case I think it´s done great in many ways. The story follows the Death Meister Weapon Academy´s (DMWA) students Maka, Soul, Black Star, Subaki, Death the Kid, Patty and Liz. Meister stands for a wielder of a weapon and weapons are humans that transform into different weapons that the meister can wield and rid the world of evil beings that had their soul corrupted. The first episodes explores the three main "teams" (mentioned above) of characters and are very episodic. Actually the first 15 episodes or so are episodic but still reveals important details and starts to build up the plot - for me that works. In a little longer show that´s almost expected. After that the show getting it´s momentum and the episodes flows more into each other. The show has a good way of binding and knitting pieces and bits together over time, that makes me feel that the show was well thought through and that most things that was brought to light had a satisfactory closure (minus a few things - you will know what I´m talking about). I don´t expect every little detail explained or justified in this kind of show - especially not when the premises is set like they are in "Soul Eater", they are pretty wacko. And it´s was the wacko, edgy, cool feeling about "Soul Eater" that drew me in and made it stand out to me. The first half of the show is more comedy dominated with some more serious moments. The second half read more
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Hand Shakers (Anime) add
Hand Shakers! A show that can be described as @ZephSilver did: "Visual autism". This choice of words are the best to explain what kind of show you are getting into.

Story: 0.7/10

Even Mirai Nikki did the story part better than Hand Shakers. Everything that is going on in this anime are just boring and the artstyle is distracting.

Characters: 0.2/10

Guess what? You have the following archetypes to root for:
-The generic beta-male shounen protagonist (I don't remember his name LOL XD)
-The white haired expressionless loli (Yeah neither hers).
-The spiky-haired aggressive jerk (Break).
-And the fanservice tits-mcgees (Class President and Bind).

The irony? None is likable or relatable! And I remember more the supporting characters' names than those of the main ones.

Art/Animation: 3.5/10

My biggest complain with the show is its art style. It does not blend at all. *cough* Explosions and the sky *cough* There are some moments that it may look ok, but for the most part it is so jarring that it distracts your attention (especially the scene where the Class Rep listens to music. CRINGE!)

Sound: 4.5/10

The soundtrack is mostly generic, but my biggest complain in this domain is that the OxT song which is the OP, was pretty average. The OP itself shows the integrity of this show.

Enjoyment: 0.1/10

I did not enjoy anything because either I was distracted by the art or I was cringing.

Overall: 1.80/10

Congratulations, GoHands! You have reached a new low after Seitokai Yakuindomo*. Yep, avoid this one like the plague. My condolences if you have already suffered through this trash.

Alternative Recommendations:
-Mirai Nikki
-Higashi no Eden
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
It took a long time to find an Anime to make me enjoy and look forward to the moment of sitting in front of a Screen and watching it every night. (And to think that a friend gave it to me some time ago and I decided not to see it instantly). Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Use managed to amaze me with its story from beginning to end.

A story that has a brutal way of transmitting to the viewer all the feelings and emotions of the characters.
The beginning of the presentation shows Kousei, a prodigy pianist about to abandon his talent due to a very serious problem caused by a trauma of the past until Kaori arrives, a Violinist with a peculiar temperament and a huge charisma when she goes up To the stage, to change the way they see the world and the music giving origin to a romantic story with an end that hits in the depths of the heart with a very cruel form

The art has a good design and play a point in favor of the story, although at first the movements of the characters (especially Kaori when she plays his violin) look a bit forced when playing. This is corrected in later episodes.

The Soundtrack is Very good, apart from the classic Piano melodies that appear throughout the anime, I liked some other melodies like "Otouto Mitai Na Sonzai" correctly designed to convey that feeling of Nostalgia at indicated times. The two opening "Hikaru Nara" and "Nanairo Symphony" I liked a lot, the Endings are quieter and less showy.

The characters are very good. The way that each of the Secondary characters complements to achieve that Kousei manages to overcome his trauma and himself is spectacular, in the end manage to feel that all are important each one interprets its role as it should.

For those people who like the Slice of Life, the melodies forged in a Piano and are not afraid to shed some tears I am sure that this Anime will enjoy it as much as I do and will surely feel a void when they stop seeing Kousei and Kaori play the Piano and Violin together after finishing the 22 episodes.
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Hametsu no Mars (Anime) add
Rate 4/5
seen via english fan-dubbed and Japanese audio

This show was hard to rate. On one had you can see it as an action movie via japanese audio while it can be seen as a comedy via english fan-dubbed. Either way there were pros and cons to both sides.

characters were nicely drawn. Colors/scene setting matched with the plot.

sound: (here i am going back and forth between the english vs japanese audio)
pro(s) for English
- clear mostly
-improved the original bland comical output
-added more sound effects to stress the current events
-showed originality
-had a more american appeal with words chosen, actions made and applied music.
Con(s) for english
-character reading was flat
-character reading showed mix levels in enthusiasm
-character reading made confusing/unnecessary statements.
-character reading was mostly off script
-some sound effects were down right dumb like the gun fire.
-voice actors were mixed. Meaning a girl character did not get a girl voice.

pro(s) for Japanese:
-you got what you thought you would get. Actors that know how to read accordingly (naturals)
-added more an action vibe with how it was read and written.
-character voices were appropriate for each character.
con(s) for Japanese:
-somewhat bland
-not really comical at all
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First: Sorry for my bad english.

When uru's ending comes out, omg this anime goes fly to the sky.
almost cry in every end of this anime.

Story : 10
The story was outstanding, imagine you are orga who's gonna save his family with all those burden in your shoulder's.
you lose your brother's, sister's, and you don't know where to go.

Art : 9
The art was good after all.
And those battle scene was sooo "satisfying", especially when mika take screen.

Sound : 10
okay Sounds, the sound was good with all those opening and ending, especially those uru's song cry, cry, cry...

Character : 9
How sunrise put the antagonist and protagonist character was so amazing depend on their perspective

Enjoyment : 9
when the revenge was screened, that was my most enjoyment i've got.

Overall :9
okay, this season better than the first season.
when you want to go in, watch first season and go to this.
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I'm gonna start by stating I would have given this show a 5 or even 4 if not for the fact it did keep me mildly entertained, so for that I congratulate Danmachi for achieving the score of 6 in my book.

Although, would I say it's worth watching? Haha, hell no.
If you've seen Sword Art Online, it's basically just it's reincarnation. Yes, this is one of the many ripoffs of SAO, an anime which wasn't even good in the first place, really shows how much this industry cares about creating anything original these days. "If it sells, why change it?" That's the mentality here.

It has everything- Dumbass oblivious main character, who is super overpowered, typical of light novel adaptations. A harem. RPG style world. Did I mention harem?

If you enjoy this kind of shit and are looking to lose even more brain cells, go ahead. Watch this.
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Higashi no Eden (Anime) add
Review of Higashi no Eden free spoilers.

Story : 7/10 too much incomprehensions, and a cliffhanger at end, but original.

Art: 9/10 Very good Art Style mostly for 2009.

Sound: 7/10 Very good opening, after, not so memorable.

Character: 3/10 Only one interessant character, others are useless.

Enjoyment: 5/10 Not very hyped.

Overall: 6.4/10 Good, but too much incomprehesions, awful characters and too short. Too bad...

If you like survival game, watch DanganRonpa, Fate series or Mirai Nikki.
If you liked this anime, watch Zankyou no Terror.

Maybe, I should rewatch this later to much understand the signification of this anime
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Zero no Mono (Anime) add
Rate of 4
Seen via English Dubbed

Nothing really stood out as super or terrible. The people were drawn like people but just not the kind that you would recall and say wow that must have taken some effort to draw. I will say this the art did not skip on details.

No complaints here. No feed back noise of any kind. Character voices were perfect for each character. Voices changed in pitch and tone when it was supposed to.

Screwed up simply put. From the way they started, finished and actions taken either was riddled in confusion or defined physics. Backstory i would like to say was added but given the 'alternate dimensions" remark made by the main character i can't say for sure. I can say that the other characters have very little on background information.

Enjoyment/ending remark:
Not a fan of forced sex but the ending did place a small smile on my face. This movie would be best enjoyed by subs that have no complaints to aggression.
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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (Anime) add
Initially this show showed a lot of promise early on in the first few episodes. It proved to have a prefect blend of comedy,wackiness,romance,and a lot of unpredictable reactions and scenes you would not see coming. All of this led me to absolutely love the series up until about episode 5-6.
What was initially a perfect series to me up until episode 6 eventually turned to a complete waste 1/2 way through the series. If you want your memory of this series to be great and not utterly ruined for you i'd suggest stopping at about episode 5-6 and simply taking the storyline at that. After about episode 6 the romance turns to almost complete apathy and spite for the main characters of the series and eventually develops into a weird Love triangle/square that just leads to very unhealthy character relationships border lining on psychological manipulation and sociopath like attributes of the main characters. The main protagonists constantly go back in forth admitting their love for eachother each episode which is cute at the beginning when it's genuine however 1/2 way through the series they continue to claim "love" but rarely interact with each other (never romantically) and become stand offish almost to the point where it seems like the love aspect becomes unhealthy and one sided becoming an elaborate lie. This series ends on Episode 13 but the ending itself is far from a conclusion. The series essentially ends at what many would consider the "midpoint" of the storyline which leaves one with a bad taste and the overall final episode feels a lot like filler with 0 plot. Essentially a great Start to a series with an absolutely horrid ending and downfall, However the first 1/2 is so good that ill still give it a 7 as i haven't seen many anime quite as unique as this one.
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Gin no Saji (Anime) add
Ever wondered what you should do with your life?

The sheer pressure of making something worthwhile of one's life has probably hit many of us at least one point in life. Maybe that's why Hachiken's struggle hits so close to home.

Maybe that's also why I quickly marathoned every episode hoping that he would find his answer by the end of it all. Though following his journey I together with him discovered that there's other important things that requires your attention and that if you don't force it, the answer will surely come one day. If you think too much about it, you will miss a lot of fun things that you will never be able to get back.

Silver spoon is a light hearted SOL that is fitting for everyone, whether you are interested in agriculture or not the way it present itself to the viewer makes it really interesting.

Together with its seemingly large cast it makes for a hilarious trip through its 12 episodes. It's difficult to not like every single one of them and to certain degrees emphatize with their struggles because it feels so real.

Though a lot happens through the episodes, plot wise not a lot develops and by the end of it, everyone is basically the same. But that's ok, because the charm is the humor, characters and overall light hearted tone that makes Silver spoon a fun, heart warming ride. While you won't come out as a new person after watching it, you will hopefully end it with a smile on your face just like I did as you click on season 2.
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School Days (Anime) add
High school can be a thrilling experience or a living hell. Prubscent adolescents go through a period where happiness and sorrow are experienced in a psychological way. Every prubscent teen experienced high school in a different way but I'm not omniscient so it's based on personal life of every teenagers. Today I'm reviewing an anime that is a special case of a good idea turn into a complete waste of potential. School Days is that kind of anime and very infamous for MANY reasons.

To go in-depth analysis of this review, let's discuss the controversy. Many considered this as a masterpiece because it conveys actual and a realistic tone that ultimately satires what high school life actually is while others considered this as a horrible and insulting to human intelligence which School Days obviously did to provoke the viewers to be agitated and disgusted. School Days can be viewed in a different way and my speculation is because it's a high school romance "psychological" drama that tries too hard to be realistic and relatable to connect with the viewers. In my personal viewing, it is NOT as BAD but it's certainly not a good anime. So let's jam!

It's all started with a cell phone charm. Our main character Makoto took a photo of a crush he like Katsura Kotonoha, and coincidently finds her in a school ceremony. Sekai, our co-heroine noticed the photo Makoto have and COINCIDENTLY she's friends with Kotonoha and plans on hooking the two up into a relationship. Later in the series, many dramatic moments and sometimes "dark" and "emotionally hard-hitting" starts to shine and our agony of sorrow and despairs begins.

Now the first half is slow paced, introducing our characters and giving time to develop. Makoto is our awkward teen, Kotonoha is shy and kind, and Sekai is free-spirited and energetic. Those are our characters. However, later in the series, Our main characters starts to show his second-nature. Without spoiling anything, he done something very untrustworthy and starts to become decietful. Through his actions alone, he affects other characters and ultimately, the entire plot as well. This is where the show starts to reach it's downfall.

School Days' writing is..... impeccable but also atrocious because most of the writing forcefully takes a sudden dark turn during the 2nd half. When I said it was a satire, it is a satire of what relationships and high school dramas were portrayed in fabrication. In most aspects, the show does display realistic situations such as cheating, sex, and teen pregnancy which does conveyed what real life problems does in today's society. However, if you're trying to forcefully and bluntly as possible, you're contradicting what message you're displaying. School Days is unbearable because of the character motivations and there are total hypocrites in the show to the point that these characters are the worst kinds of human beings of the entire show. Again, without read more
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Kemono Friends (Anime) add
So I recently started watching Kemono Friends, and I am a bit puzzled as to why it's rated so low. Sure, the CG may turn some people off, the story may falter at some points, and some people might've just simply found it boring. Even so, I still think that this show deserves better, considering that it's actually pretty good. With that out of the way, onto the review!

Kemono Friends is about a girl named Kaban who wakes up in a savannah in Japari Park. She doesn't know how she got there or what she is. Wandering around, she stumbles upon an anthropomorphic Serval cat, or "Friend" as they refer to themselves as, named Serval. Serval is interested in Kaban and is eager to learn who she is. They decide to travel towards the Japari Park Library to uncover Kaban's identity.

As stated in my first paragraph, Kemono Friends does contain CG, but in my opinion it isn't unbearable like some other shows, namely the 2016 Berserk adaptation. The art is rather simple, mainly consisting of generic backgrounds for each area. This doesn't take away from the show though, since the backgrounds fit their respective area quite well.

Not much to say about the sound, it's fine for the most part.

The characters are hit or miss; you either love them or hate them. They act in character, as in they behave like the animal they are anthropomorphized as. For instance, the lion "Friend" is rather prideful, and wants her subordinates to think highly of her.

So in the end, is Kemono Friends worth watching? In my opinion, if you don't mind the CG and like the story, then yes, this is worth the watch. The combination between the characters and the setting makes for quite a unique experience you won't find much of elsewhere.

All in all, Kemono Friends is a fun show which tells its story in a way which makes you engaged, wanting to watch more.
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Urara Meirochou (Anime) add
Urara is a cute-girls-do-cute-things (henceforth CGDCT) anime thats main differentiation is that they are not school girls - they are fortune tellers in a fantasy land in the city, Meirocho, dedicated to fortune telling. Well, they are training to be fortune tellers under a ditsy medium-ranked fortune telling teahouse owner. While it's already sounding like it loses some originality, the setting allows for some very unique, yet still warm and cutesy procrastinations for our cute girls.

What's more, Urara doesn't keep us at a purely voyeuristic distance to see the cute girls as merely cute girls; it frequently takes it's magnifying glass a bit closer, and giving substantial development. We learn about their pasts, their motivations and what drives them to want to succeed as fortune tellers.

Our protagonist, Chiya, is a wildgirl that grew up in the wilderness alone. The only link she has ever had to her mother was to come to this town and become a fortune teller.

Kon wants to be the best and has studied hard her whole life.

Koume wants to change the global, negative perception of witches.

Nono wants to make her sister proud and strive to become independent.

While they are not necessarily revolutionary backstories, it adds a lot to the emotional palette in a genre that is typically dry. It get suddenly get very moving, quite sad and as ever, very, very adorable.

However, where the show could probably take a step back is in the fanservice department. Within minutes of the opening episode, we're given a glimpse of Chya's belly with a concerning amount of fetishistic... underboob. Supposedly, simply, a joke based on her history, the scenes happen several times throughout the show thus far and are concerningly sexualised - though they can also be quite funny. Expect quite a lot of scenes of the girls reduced to their underwear - sometimes with appropriate, comedic reasoning... often without. This CGDCT isn't all that innocent.

The closeness of the girls allows for some very romantic or sometimes flat-out homoerotic encounters, but do not be fooled too much. Feminists beware the odd joke or quip, objectifying women as men's playthings. Sometimes it feels like a trapping of the fantasy-historical setting, but often it leaves a sickening taste in the mouth in a situation that should otherwise be easygoing.

Perhaps the last two paragraphs were a bit harsh, but that's because if you manage to look beyond these relatively small and infrequent trappings, it's a very enticing, relaxing show. It's warm colour scheme and soft edges are easy on the eyes and, paired with the light music and soft voices, allows for a soothing, easy yet lucid and even amusing experience. It's a wonderful thing to look forward to in a stressful week.

If Urara Meirochou has any insight on the future, it's that this genre won't be changing all that much, but there is definitely room for more original cuts. Urara is one of them, but could still use some refining. We can only see what the future will read more
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Sakasama no Patema (Anime) add
Patema Inverted, also known as Sakasama no Patema treats the not so original concept of two conflicting opposing sides in quite an original and unique way. I would say that this is both its biggest and weakest points and I will get to it in a minute.

The story of Patema Inverted is hard to describe, it is more of a string of events that lead to an ending than an overarching story. You cannot really tell what the goal of the story is until the end and even in the end you can't really tell what exactly the story was or at least I can't, I firmly believe that more than the story what matters more is the message of the movie, a rather generic message that has been presented in a very interesting way. That way however is Sakasama no Patema's biggest plot hole; In the world of Patema Inverted part of the population as well as some inanimate objects those people use in their every day life have had the way the gravity affects this part of the population reversed. This core part of the movie however was never explained, the event that led for this to happen was only briefly mentioned but it never really said how is that even supposed to work, are those people just lighter? but if so why do they walk upside down, is there any other reason that this could happen? the entire core mechanic of the movie makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Now, some people may say that this does not matter and what matters is the message and the symbolic side of this phenomenon and that is fair but I believe that even some explanation was needed and that everything would be better than not answering that question at all.

Let's talk a little about the core message of the anime, in essence it is simple, there are two groups of people in this world, one composed of people living underground and the other living on the surface, the people on the surface consider themselves better and they see the other group as sinful and inferior. The anime as expected tackles it with showing that both sides are not so different and from one perspective it succeeds but also in a way it fails. It succeeds from the way it is shot, the movie often uses a simple trick, it turns the camera upside down to show how the other side sees the world, aside from that it also does so in another way that is rather interesting but that would be a spoiler so I will just leave it at that. However what it fails at are the characters and I believe that in this type of story the characters are very important.

So the characters then? the movie has 3 important characters, the main male character, the main female character and the antagonist of the movie. The main male protagonist Age is your average high school read more
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add
There is a very easy cut when it comes to wether you'll like Tanaka-kun or not. Are you lazy or you feel you desire to be more lazy in life? Then you'll like it. There is no attempt to humiliate Tanaka for being useless or any mean spirited stuff, that would go against the spirit of the show. And that's why connecting with it is so important: the lazyness and relaxation saturate every aspect of this show.

At first it's easy to consider it one of those "healing" animus, the light colors and slow delivery of jokes that don't close with a tsukkomi punching and screaming tend to be common in those comedies. But in Tanaka is a 4koma comedy. There is little development, there aren't particularly emotive moments and there is nothing to get from it.

The most evident moment when this saturation becomes evident is in the cut to the opening and eyecatches. After the joke the screen slowly fades to white, taking three or four seconds to eventually disappear. There is no loud noise or strong cut, just moving with ease to the next place. Or usually the same one moments later without any change.

The color pallete doesn't have full saturation, the music is something the MC from Detroit Metal City would love, and even the angry tsukkomi characters are quitely revengful instead of reactive. There is no opposition, in the plot or in the looks. It's impressive how a vague concept as being lazy is turned into visual and auditive metaphors all the time.

This anime feels like an incredible excercise in expressing feelings through animation. But obviously if the comedy doesn't work for you there is no point in caring too much. I'd say you're not supposed to care too much about anything to enjoy this anime.
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Kino no Tabi is boring. The episodes are supposed to present philosophical issues, but it's really hard to stay awake long enough to catch the implied messages. The art is also pretty bad. All the characters come across as undefined blobs. I'm not even going to discuss the soundtrack (yes, it's that bad!). The main character has a fairly good back story, but nothing that will keep you up all night. The only thing that is relatively good about the anime is its length: Only 13 episodes. In other words, if you do decide to watch it, you don't have to feel as if you have wasted a part of your life.
I'm a Kuroshitsuji fan, so maybe I am just the wrong audience for Kino no Tabi. If you don't trust my opinion, watch the first episode. The series does not get any less boring later on, so the first episode should give you an idea of what's ahead. In my opinion, it's just a bunch of yawns -o-
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Gi(a)rlish Number (Anime) add
Production and Popularity

Girlish Number is a slice-of-life anime about careers in the world of Japanese voice actresses (seiyuu). It started as a light novel by Wataru Watari, with illustrations by QP:flapper and Yamcha. A manga version was created around the same time by Yuuki Doomoto. The twelve-episode anime aired from October to December 2016. It was created by Studio Diomedea, which has made many all-girl anime and several Ecchi anime. I know them for animating Akuma no Riddle (Spring 2014) and Mayoiga (Spring 2016).

Since it's such a recent anime, Girlish Number has few votes on IMDb and even fewer on Crunchyroll. Viewers have begun ranking it on, however. There, as of February 2017, nearly fifteen thousand viewers have given it an overall rating of 7.07 out of 10. This may not seem like the most promising number, but it doesn't surprise me. As will be discussed later, fans had issues with Girlish Number because many of them couldn't understand the heroine.

Story: Structure and Execution

Major plot points in the story are the acquisition of a lead role in episode 1, struggling with performance in episode 3, the swimsuit fiasco in episode 6, arrival of the rookie Nanami and the resulting change in episode 9, and Chitose's admittance of her situation and the resolution in episodes 11 and 12. The pattern of 1-3-6-9-11-12 does occur sometimes in anime, but the better structure for 12 episodes is usually 1-3-6-8-10-12 with 12 as a single-episode resolution.

The story of Chitose's personal journey could have been delivered adequately in half the number of episodes, but since there four or five other main heroines, there was enough material for twelve. Though the other girls have their own mini-plots, the main story of Girlish Number is undoubtedly the journey of Chitose as she takes her first lead role as an anime seiyuu. The story was a classic tale about pride, humility, and finding yourself, but I thought the creators did a reasonable job making it original.

Art: Overall and Character Designs

As I sometimes like to note in my reviews, I am not an artist, so my ideas of good art are mostly based on whether I enjoyed it. I thought the animation of Girlish Number was perfectly adequate, though nothing stunning. To be honest, I am a little tired of the common look of anime in the last few years (very colorful and moe with super sparkley eyes), and I would have liked to see something more stylized. For the most part, I liked the character designs, and was glad they weren't forced into the usual cookie-cutter personalities and body types of anime girls. I especially liked the design of Koto Katakura, the seiyuu with the Kansai dialect. Character expressions were alright but a little limited and/or redundant between characters.


Lead seiyuu Sayaka Senbongi, Kaede Hondo, Yui Ishikawa, Eri Suzuki, Saori Oonishi, and Amina Satoo are all relatively new voice actresses who have so far mostly played supporting characters. Then again, some have read more
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Toaru Majutsu no Index II (Anime) add
The initial energy of Toaru Majutsu no Index II seemed to quickly dissipate to me -- and with it went in-depth development of more characters and story arcs!

TL;DR last paragraph.

To be honest, I'd read reviews so I was hoping for some honest-to-goodness fanservice, but there was little to be offended at. I would have liked to see more than rounded stretched shirts on those rockin' racks on the adults and MILF supporting roles scattered throughout (like Misaka's mom!). Any so-called loli views that I can recall were tame, if completely non-existent. (Faces, and hidden figures that completely lack physical form, aren't "loli" - and their outfits couldn't really be considered special, revealing or alluring, could they?)

I was soo tired of Index -- it didn't take long for her to start dragging down the show that I felt sorry for her! -- A one dimensional Savant, helpless, boring and not-funny to the point of a sad girl: Almost passed out from hunger? not funny after the 12th time! Gnawing on Touma's head? OMG, not funny after the 4th time, and not funny after the 20th time!!! Jealous for no good reason? Not funny after the third time, and still not funny after the 10th time!! TOUUMMAAA -- TOOUUMMAAA!! (repeats) <rolls eyes> For the love of... there's no reason they could have sat her out and developed a far more interesting girl - or two!! The worst/best example of lazy lazy lazy writing.

Also, multiple and repeated use of the cat-mouth in a show where someone's brains get sprayed out....maybe it's just me but juxtaposing the cute/blissful face in between the horror didn't work, it was annoying and distracting. Sure you're buying a girl ice cream or whatever, fine. But too much, man, way too much.

Issues with fights: (Minor Spoilers) 1) our MC wins when he should have flat-out been knocked the fuck out... c'mon-- he's a freakin' kid fighting seasoned adults - or whacked with an ASP! - and "grit" goes only sooo far folks! 2) Why keep throwing ESPers at him when you know he's got the "magic hand"? How about some Judo, or a brick or a 2x4? 3) and when Touma does knock down a bad guy/girl, why does he just hit them like once, knock them over, but never, ever take away their spell casting stuff so they can't kick his ASS again? ARG!!! (example, his showdown with Oriana Thomson!) I mean, he gets up after getting pounded, so why does he think they won't?! Knock their shit away, then they can come up with some hidden stuff...

I do understand why/how Accelerator could take an interest in a young waif and care for her, despite being the butcher he is -- murderers like puppies....

What is unknown to me is why our MC fights his battles - yes, I know it is the essence of a Harem read more
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Handa-kun (Anime) add
The story of Handa-kun is pretty simple line. Handa sei is a normal high school average guy who presumes that everyone around him hate him for no reason. There is a black telephone booth kind of aura wall around him most of the times he is at school. At home how he behaves shown very little. Story beautifully unfolds how his friends group increases thanks to the misunderstandings of all the people around him. It reminded me of 'school rumble'.
Every one in his school chants his name and even some notorious high schools in his vicinity consider him with regard. Only the viewer, his friend kawafugi and the average guy in his class who becomes member (forcefully) by the others know that Handa is a simple minded shy person who is sensitive to the actions of others towards him.

Art: Its good.

Anime designers taken lot of effort to show it in decent way though there are some minor show case of ecchi hints but are overtaken in a flash my Handa's simple minded comments.

ENJOYMENT: After reading some of the reviews (who gave 2 or 3 rating) for this anime, i skipped it but now i am happy that i see it my mom. It's refreshing and HILARIOUS story of a person who avoids people around him.
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Noragami Aragoto (Anime) add
Noragami Aragoto is the second season of the fun, never boring, and sometimes intellectual Shounen anime Noragami.

I'm going to keep this short, because honestly, this isn't "psycho pass"; There is no need for an essay on why this show is good, or whether its worth your time.

This is an anime for people who want to watch something light, something akin to a fighting Shounen, but with a little more depth, far less length, and some cool characters to befriend on the way.

I personally hate Shounen, for the most part. Things with as many episodes as Bleach or Naruto don't need to exist, and honestly, they are basically like soap operas.

So, it was a nice suprise to find out that Noragami is actually quite short. Both the first and second season make up about as many episodes as one normal single season of this type of show.

Noragami also has a pretty interesting, unique story, even though the characters aren't as fleshed out as they could have been, they are all fairly unique, and undergo many changes throughout the course of these two seasons.

The show tackles things like coming of age, depression, self-worth, so there is come depth in the show. The fighting scenes are actually more there to keep the story interesting and break up the scenes of the relationships between the characters.

This season actually seemed to have more fights and conflict then the last, and the extra darkness/ uncertainty fit in perfectly with the world building that occured during the first season.

I don't know why, but I fell in love with the characters enough to not really care too much about the shortness of the series, and the thin plot. But, at least it didn't try to outdo itself and fail and be full of plot holes like many anime today.

This is a show that knew what it wanted to be, and achieved that- a lighthearted, world weary shounen about a stray god, looking for belonging, and his gag-tag group of friends and accomplices along the way.
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*Short and spoiler free*

Are you a single, sexually deprived male who revels in watching cheap angels of the breasts and underwears of underaged animated girls? Then great, because this anime is perfect for you! The women are all dense, because how else would an "ecchi" work? Good for you though, because you already can’t handle strong women. They’re also one dimensional characters, because of course, all introspection has to be done by our beloved hero.

Speaking of whom, Raul is an absolute darling and a complete gentleman (not being sarcastic). After all, he did aspire to be a hero! He was the saving grace of the anime. Wish we had more men like him in the real world instead of, you know, the pervs enjoying the “fan service” in this anime.

Comparisons with Hatarakou Maou Sama (The Devil is a Part Timer) were to be expected, but apart from the devil and hero being forced to work together in the human world to survive, both anime have different story-lines which were treated very differently. I rated Hatarakou a LOT more, simply because it didn’t have to stoop low enough to objectify already sexualized women. It also had a plot and great characters, something which this anime lacks. Yuushi ni could have been decent, but alas, its fan servicing took whatever little good grace it had left in the eyes of viewers.

Some points I have to make>
# Raul-Phino appeared to share a more of brother-sister relationship. The romance seemed obviously forced.
# Why the FUK does a Star Wars-ish music start playing as soon as the creepy old man makes an appearance? Randomist shit I've seen in an anime
# Why did the skins of all girls appear as if they were shrink wrapped in plastic? And those pink spots
on their skin to highlight a "rosy" tint (shoulders, breasts and legs) always appeared as more of a rash. Ugh.
# Why such a long title? I will now have to google it every time before doing any research on Google. Yes, I get the irony.

PS. For those of you jerks enjoying the nipples of Phino, know that she isn’t more than 14-15 at best (argue all you want).
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Another (Anime) add
Horror anime very interesting, no ghosts here, but it tells the story of a school student who must stop the curse of death of students in class. One by one her classmates died in an unnatural way and itturns out it is a curse that must be stopped. The events in this anime gives the feel of "goose bumps" pretty creepy coupled with background music support. But besides that, I do not really like this anime. That the horror genre but contains elements of magic as well as the main character, Misaki, have eyes that can see the aura of someone's death. mysteries since the beginning of the storybecomes less meaningful because the maincharacter himself is indeed not the students 'normal'. In fact, I think personally, the mystery would be more interesting if it was broken by the ability of school children were normal without the aid of other things. Other parts that makes this anime becomes a little odd is that such unexpected death, for example, when one of the students had a heart attack on the way home with his friends. But behind these shortcomings, it should be watched anime marathon so mistery in this anime can be captured clearly.
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Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku (Anime) add
This is a non spoiler review.

I started out to watch this series without any expectations on the story and character development, I just wanted to see some cool battle scenes, death and blood. Now at the end I must say I am deeply impressed by this series as it has exceeded all my expectations.

Do not watch this expecting to be Madoka, some characters might look similar but this is a whole different story. Although in Madoka, none of the magical girls know about the world they live in, here all but the main character know about the world they live in and the twisted personalities.

In my opinion this is a psychological masterpiece. This anime manages to portray society with 16 characters, amazing indeed. To really understand this anime you need know know a bit of psychology. You have abusive characters, you have deeply sociopathic characters which get abused by the abusive ones (as in real life this does not go well), you have the transgender type and the lesbian couple (bold in my opinion to be portrayed in anime). You have relationships between these characters, however the relationships and character development is portrayed very short throughout the anime but in a enough quantity to understand the character. How much can you fit in 12 episodes and 16 characters?

The main character, although fundamentally reminds of Madoka, in fact she is very different and also exhibiting psychopathic (not sociopathic) traits having little empathy for what is happening to people around her. Should there be a second season, she will be explored more.

The art is good, lighting is very well made, the emphasis on the eyes of different characters is very nice also. Some key battle scenes contain flashbacks of the protagonists so it kind of breaks the rhythm if you will.
Also I think the biggest negative aspect is the predictability of the person who is going to die, most episodes contain a flashback of the next to die at the beginning. The element of surprise could have been better made in my opinion. As for music, I really liked the end and beginning songs, apart from this nothing special in my book.

Again from a psychological point of view the portrayal of certain personalities is top notch. It will be an emotional roller-coaster, you will love characters, some are funny as hell and lovable without being lollis, you will deeply hate others and wait for the next episode in hope they will blood since it's fitting for them, wait I sound weird....but yes, it's how this anime plays with your emotions. A gem worth watching!
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Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Anime) add
Overall: 7.5

There were things I enjoyed about Wolf Children, and other things that I found lacking and even a little bit detrimental to the movie. Some people found such things to have really harmed the movie, so my review is subjective, and I hope to give anyone planning on watching it a good idea of what they are in for, without spoiling too much.

First, the good:
What I really liked about this movie, and what made it stick as at least a solid 7, was the adorable overtones. As you may know already, the children (as well as the husband, who isn't in the movie for long) can transform into wolves. The director is really on point with how well he mixes the cuteness of animals and children into some very cute characters and scenes. The whole movie looks a lot like something out of Studio Ghibli, which helps balance out the type of cuteness it portrays. It's not "Suupa kawaii desu" cute, it's endearing, and some scenes, which admittedly have little to do with developing a plot, still caught my attention.

Some things that made me really think they could have done better were in the area of plot and character development. This movie seemed to take itself a little more seriously than a typical slice-of-life, having some conflicts and resolutions, as well as a set of events driving the action of the story. However, the events in question were a little off-putting. Sometimes I would be taken out of the story by some random decision the mother made, and I would go "what? Why would you do this?" When, for example, she was looking at that house in the country, and the realtor was giving all those disclaimers, she was like "I'll take it." With no forethought towards looking at anything better than the piece of work that laid before her. And I kind of get it, she needed to seclude herself and her kids from people because they're werewolf-kids, but you know, her decision seemed hasty. What bothered me more was her decision to quit working and live solely on the savings she had, to raise her children. I guess there are reasons for that, too.

The music and the art were definitely something that established this movie as something that, to me, was worth watching. I can only describe it as beautiful. I would not go so far as to say that the whole movie was beautiful, though. Not really a tear-jerker, because all the tear-jerking developments were not done right. For example, you notice that there's a romance developing near the end but there's so little context to it. The moment the two characters in question appeared in the same scene, they looked at each other, soft music played, and you just know that they're gonna end up falling in love after like, one struggle.
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Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale (Anime) add
[I will be referencing a few other anime; they might be not on the same level as SAO and that depends on your own perspective of SAO and the other animes. I’m not saying that they are as same as SAO nor SAO OS copying them, it’s just in my opinion that OS reminds me of them. Forgive me as I like to reference. Speaking of which, Wagnaria Café from WWW.Working! cameos in the movie.]

[I will not be talking about the characters as it will causes me to spoil everything from the movie]

Ordinal Scale starts off explaining briefly about the Sword Art Online (SAO) anime-verse, it helps a little bit for the people who never had watched SAO. It shows some parts from the first season; Aincrad Arc, Fairy Dance Arc and second season; Phantom Bullet Arc, Calibre Arc and Mother’s Rosario Arc. After that, it went to the main focus of the movie; Augmented Reality (AR) with the help of the Augma device, the headphone-like device that is worn on the left ear that bridges the user to the virtual projected world. By that, users are still in the Real World yet connected to the digital grid that is AR. It is further explained in the movie.

OS is not plot heavy; instead it focuses more to action. And believe me; watching the fight scenes almost makes me feel on the edge of my seat. The movie starts off slow but it gets even faster and even more until it reaches its peak and then slows down until the end. Don’t worry; there is breathing room in between the action. The story is not all over the place and frankly, better than any Arcs in the anime in my opinion. I’ll admit that there are plot holes and a few things that seem very lacklustre on the story. But I’m not watching this movie because only of the story, I watch it for my enjoyment.

Let’s talk about the quality of the animation shall we? I’ve seen [Your Name (Kimi no Nawa)] before and it was a beautiful movie in its own right. But Ordinal Scale, an action packed Anime made by A-1 Pictures? It looks very stunning and lively! Fight scenes looks very aggressive. The colours are vivid and it also captures the emotion of the movie. Visually, it feels like you’re there with them without the need for 3D glasses or AR (insert topical joke)!

Next up, I will be talking about the soundtrack for OS. Yuki Kajiura, the person who made the soundtrack for the SAO anime, and also [Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)] (Yes, that anime about magical girls bounded by a contract for the exchange of their desires) and countless others that I don’t know of her involvement. I swear she could have been listening to the OST of Madoka Magica and then tried to combine them with the OST of SAO while making the soundtracks for read more
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Yesterday, 10:12 PM
Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale (Anime) add
Alright, I'll keep this review clean and as spoiler-free as much as possible since I haven't really written any new reviews for the past two months.

To begin, I must say that Ordinal Scale actually went above my expectations. It simply went off with a large bang and it really kept me at my wits end.

Since we're talking about Kawahara Reki-sensei here, expect awesome twists that really connects along all the dots. The story focuses on Asuna and Kirito's current relationship and it tests that connection to their limits. If you think about it, it's somehow generic, but the story build-up is spectacular and it really leaves you awe-inspired.

In terms of the sound, art, and animation, I have no qualms about that. A-1 Pictures really did a number on the art and especially the animation, and that mostly and definitely made me give the movie the praise it utterly deserves. The action or battle scenes are pretty much enough to make you say "wow" — I mean... you really gotta see those colors and distortion effects flying through the screen.

In terms of characters... I'm really glad to have seen Kirito and the gang again in action, also, don't forget the new characters because they also give a lot of meaning to the show. With the addition of these new characters, you can almost guess where the next story will lead you. Personally, I think that SAO is going to take a much, much darker turn.


My verdict: 10 out of 10

NOTE: Please watch the movie up until the end of the credits. There are extra scenes after the credit roll.

February 23, 2017: Watched the one-time screening full English-subbed movie on the big screen with my kanojo.
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Death Parade (Anime) add
Um.. Idk what to say about this show or rather where to start. I should start here.. it sparked a lot of emotions in me usually many at the same time. The pacing was good in my personal opinion, good character development, and the well talked about opening was very good as well. I just finished the last episode like 5 minutes ago and then immediately came to write this so I got my feelings across. This show was always a surprise for me with every new pair of people.. I enjoyed trying to figure out what their story was and how they ended up at Quindecim/how they died. The art was nice too. I have a feeling this is too happy and complimentary, but recently I have been having trouble finding good anime and this hit the target right on bulls eye for me. The ending was quite surprising, but I feel that it wrapped up the whole story in a nice fulfilling ending. I cried, smiled, and laughed all at the same time as the credits rolled. I would love a second season, but a lot of anime in my opinion feel stretched longer than they should have been and it just felt forced or just a cash grab. I am content with Death Parade's ending and the overall anime in a whole so if you haven't seen it I highly suggest you give it a try!
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Kemono Friends (Anime) add
It's only February, and we've already got anime of the year right here.

It's hard to explain why exactly this anime is so enjoyable. I, too, like you, was a hard skeptic after watching the first episode. But the more I watched the more entranced I got with the world of Japari Park. From the all-stars voice actor cast to the quirky and interesting characters, Kemono Friends is very subtle in what makes it good. It's no wonder the opening theme single charted #1 on anime titles on the oricon chart.

If after watching episode 1 you are utterly confused as to why this show has gained so much traction in the japanese fandom, keep trucking on and I'm certain that a few episodes in you will, as I have, gotten totally engrossed into this magical universe.

Also shoebill-chan is mai waifu, do not steal.
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Clannad: After Story (Anime) add

The ground crunches below. A wave of gray and sadness tinges the landscape. With seasons comes change. With life comes death. Yet we will see spring again, and life will go on.

"Promise me that you'll stay with me forever?"
"Of course I will. I'll stay with you forever and ever".

"Nagisa, I've found it. I finally found it. Something only I can protect. A precious treasure only I can protect. It was right here. Right in front of me...all along..."

Dear reader, have patience. Because I truly believe that Clannad: After Story can be a life-changing experience.

Has something ever truly touched you? Or perhaps moved you in unexpected ways? Has a song just remained ingrained in your head, constantly seeping into the rest of your life? Has the message of something just struck you at your core, profoundly influencing your very being? That is what Clannad has done to me.

Please hear me out on this, because it is one of the most passionate thoughts that I have ever had. I was so skeptical of Clannad; it was childish, cliché, and its crude sexualized ploys were irritable at best. Tomoya was the type of guy that I truly just could not stand: he was rude, snide, and heartless, yet all of the girls loved him. I was so frustrated at the show, and only endured due to the encouragement of watching the show with friends. By the time season one ended, my mind was completely made up; not only did I despise the show, but I was affirmed in my distaste for animes.

Yet, I allowed myself to continue, for the sake of having something to do with my friends. And it was so, so worth it. Suddenly, I beheld a show that cut me to my core, a show so in touch with human sorrow and suffering, tinged with love and healing, that I simply could not look away. The stigma around Tomoya faded away, along with my hatred for him, and I felt as if I was looking into a mirror, an image that reflected the very sentiments of my soul. Seriously, I’m not being melodramatic here, this is true of what I experienced. The heartache, the ethereal music, the haunting nature of love…it was all so beautiful to behold. My Christian nature has thrived because of the empathy displayed in the show, and I feel as if I have learned more about God’s redemption and plan of restoration for the world and for those who are broken.

That is Clannad to me. It is a show that, two years later, continues to reverberate throughout my skull. Its themes are simple, yet so resonate within my soul, that I feel this anime in my everyday life.

That is why Clannad is, and always will be, the best show in my mind. It is beyond just being my “favorite show”, it is now a part of who I am and who I wish to become. This is read more
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Dog Days (Anime) add
Dog Days isn't terrible, but it isn't exceptional. It's not a show I would strongly recommend, or even recommend at all most of the time, but some may find enjoyment in it. If a low-stakes fantasy tale without that deep a plot is what you're after, you might want to look into this.

I've kept this pretty much spoiler free, perhaps with minor spoilers if you really read into it. Certain sections are labeled if you wish to jump to points.

• Story

The story arc of the show is well done overall. It all starts off with some light hearted fun; the main character, Izumi, is summoned into a sort-of-war-but-not-really-because-no-one-dies-and-it's-all-in-good-fun and has to help fight. It was interesting enough to keep me watching for the first half or so of the show, though it failed to be that interesting during this time. What I found a bit odd while watching was how Izumi never seemed bothered by how he had been summoned into an alternate world. There was some minor worries when he realised he might not be able to go back, but that was it, and it didn't last long or serve much of a purpose. This isn't a huge issue, but it did bother me a little. On top of that, even though it appears the countries are fighting for land or other property, they are perfectly friendly with each other, as though nothing is at stake. I get that no one is dying, but it still felt odd that no one seemed bothered by losing swathes of territory.

Further on in the story, it takes a turn to a slightly darker place with a plot twist taking place along with the fear of real death for the first time. Though while darker, it was still just an off-white colour. Unfortunately the ending was ruined a little for me by some silliness. Following the conclusion of the antagonist being dealt with, the show is wrapping up. So they provide a spell to wrap up the story fully, which has some annoying side effects. Very sad and all. Then they find another spell to solve these side effects, that needs a bunch of convoluted and random requirements, and it just so happens that the Izumi has fulfilled every single one of these weird, out of nowhere requirements perfectly, to the letter. Not one bit of extra effort than was needed Izumi fulfilled this spell's requirements without trying. It felt like a rather hamfisted attempt to make sure they could get away with making a sequel, and I was disappointed they took that route.

• Characters

The characters in this show are alright, though only a specific few stand out in any way. Some of the characters have some interesting motivations and there isn't a good/bad character binary in this show, which I appreciated. I did have some trouble understanding why some actions were taken at times however, and overall nothing stood out as particularly spectacular.

• Animation

Animation was rather disappointing and lazy at times. There read more
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Truly an underrated masterpiece, Princess Nine has elements of classic anime while displaying a decent animation for its year (come on, we're talking about 1998 here), great soundtrack (sometimes in more emotional episodes, the music made me tear up, and I never once skipped the opening theme) and above all, great plotline (ot has a bit of romance, but that's not the main point) and really likeable characters.
If you like sports anime, don't hold back on watching this one because it's oldschool anime, I promise you it's excellent! There are too few sports anime with girl protagonists out there (which is a pity), and this one is the good stuff.
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Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt (Anime) add
War has been prevalent throughout human history and we can expect it too be for many more years. The fascination with war has lead too many movies, video games, and even anime based on it. Many showing it as a glamorous thing that is fun and exciting. Mobilesuitgundam thunderbolt is the opposite.

Thunderbolt is a show about the brutal reality and harshness that comes with war. Showing that war doesn't give a crap about your love, family, or ambitions. People will die, many people in fact. Everyone who goes to war has their own goals and people waiting at home for them , but once on the battlefield all that is at risk.

In Thunderbolt you get too see how people on both side of the battlefield all have their own motives and emotions. All usually being vastly similar to their counterparts. You get enough sense of the characters through what little you see , but they tend not to stay around for long. Its fast paced with immense tensity.

The characters aren't the main focus of this series , but the rivalry between the two MCs was great too watch. I was anticipating their final battle the whole series and was no disappointed.

The art and animation in this series is beautifully executed. The fluidity of the action scenes are almost at sakuga levels at points. You never feel they cheated you out with its unique style along with the soundtrack

The soundtrack is different than you'll get compared to any other gundam. Its a jazz centric track that i feel makes the anime have its own sort of electric feel . It suits this series well because you are viewing the series like you were also flying right along the MCs listening to the radio in your gundam (which many characters do in the series) .

Overall i feel this was one of the most enjoyable mechs i've ever seen. The portrayal of war is brutal and unwelcoming , letting you know once you get onto the battlefield you are no more valuable than anyone else. Life can be taken in seconds and your love ones aren't guaranteed to come home.

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Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho (Anime) add
Sound- I'm just going to get this out right off the bat, the sound is horrible. Not the music, but there were times where characters were talking to each other, and I couldn't understand what they were saying, I had to rewind it, and sometimes I still couldn't understand what they were saying. This is the only anime I've ever watched where I had to do that. Even films since the advent of sound had better sound quality than this anime. The art was probably very good for its time but the sound was awful.

--I'm just going to write a shortie on why I despise this anime. Two reasons. It's nothing but battle porn for episode after episode after episode and the show focuses only on one character (Yu Yu.)

--It's nothing but long drawn out one on one fights which is so tedious to watch. And there is supposed character developments that characters have (particularly the opponents) but the tediousness of each battle overwhelms any care for that development. In the Demon world arc when the characters finally go to Demon world I was expecting a mystiqueful adventure, and what do we get instead? Another tournament, no world at all.

--This is a fatal flaw of many animes and light novels is they revolve their whole story around a gary stu protagonist and leave out any development for anything else. And this is the same for Yu-Yu, the characters revolve around him, the story centers around him, everyone supports him, a total bore.

--Basically in summary if you want to watch one character play in tournament after tournament of repetitive battles, then Yu Yu is the anime for you.

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Puella Magi Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica has propelled itself into the hierarchy of anime, the original dark magical girl anime and, many argue, the creme de la creme of the genre. But does the continuation, Rebellion, fill the shoes the series flaunted? In my opinion, yes. Yes, it does.

Story: 9

Just as much of a mind-effer as the last half of the original, Rebellion can be... a little hard to completely grasp. I had to watch the movie twice to actually start to maybe-kinda-sort of understand the hidden meanings and symbolism. Unfortunately, I can't really elaborate upon this subject without major spoilers, so I'll draw the curtains here since I doubt you're looking for an essay. And believe me when I say I could write an essay on this alone.

Art: 10

The art in Rebellion is flawless. Just the right amount of vibrant colors to contrast with plenty of darkness (provided both by the story and the art itself) as well as incredible detail topped with a generous dose of whatever drugs the producers were on making all of Madoka Magica, Shaft does not disappoint in the art and animation of Rebellion. If anything, I would say that some scenes were animated so smoothly and so fast my eyes had trouble keeping up with it. To maintain such clarity despite the speed and insane backgrounds speaks volumes for the studio and the budget.

Sound: 10

Yuki Kajiura is no stranger to the anime business, having composed for anime such as Pandora Hearts, Sword Art Online, and more recently ERASED. She also, of course, composed the music for the original Madoka Magica series. I adore her music, and she certainly delivered for Rebellion. The songs practically paralleled the events of the movie and were saturated with emotion to the point where you could lose yourself in the music while watching the movie still.

Character: 10

This is another subject in which I'd have to give major spoilers to the movie in order to attempt to properly explain the characters and their development. So I'm afraid you'll have to trust me when I say that it's heart-warming for some and soullessly heart-wrenching for others.

Enjoyment: 9

I'm a sucker for dark tragedies, and Rebellion takes the already dark series, slaps another bright pastel bow on it and throws it farther into the abyss from which it came. So it's safe to say that I really enjoyed this continuation. A major complaint of the original series was that the ending was too implausible or far-fetched. Before you blame a series for jumping the shark, keeping mind the medium; this is an anime. There is no logic here. That being said, the ending to Rebellion requires some thought and is rather abstract and vague, same as the series. But I personally like a story that lets the viewers cross some bridges of thought on their own instead of leading them along the whole read more
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Isshuukan Friends. (Anime) add
Anime with a simple story, with only two characters who each week utama.Yuuki struggling to get into the Kaori memory, but it must be sad because every Monday, Kaori forgot him. The story is very touching, of course, though illogical, his name is also anime ,, we do not need logic here ,, haha ​​... ~
Pictures, music, andstories that touch makes Isshukan Friends very enjoyable. Being able to make the audience get swept up in the story and to feel how the struggle Yuuki for at least able to carve memories in the hearts of Kaori. Viewed Kaori Yuuki tryingto recover memories, make him smile but continued to be forgotten would make theaudience emotionally up and down. This anime can make you smile, sad, and at a time when the same tense, hehehe ~ Although the story is simple, and perhaps somewhat boring, Isshukan Friends This may be an alternative on the sidelines watching anime Action or sport or being bored.
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Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale (Anime) add
I'm not an avid fan of SAO nor do I despise the show however this movie was actually decent!
The Art and Sound were as expected of A1 and although the story and characterization weren't amazing for a movie it was actually enjoyable due to the simplistic plot that is engaging enough and fun to watch with an ample amount of action to distract from the lack of any coherent story.

All in all it isn't the next makoto shinkai master class but it's got good enough sound art and action to distract from the fact.
8/10 probably wouldn't watch again but the music (the OP at least) will be listened to again... and again..and.....

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Ghost in the Shell (Anime) add
Mamoru Oshii's grand magnum opus. What brillance does one simple human being can drastically change the shape of a genre we know as "science-fiction". Ghost in the Shell was a mainstream success back in 1995, became a blockbuster success in the west defining the genre of anime and sci-fi as a whole. Without this brilliance, the anime industry would've been dead thanks to the bankruptcy in most anime studios, shutting down. It is also the anime that inspired the Matrix, one of the most influential movies of the West as well Ghost in the Shell.

Oh Ghost in the Shell, there's an undying loving bond that immediately draws my attention to you and that is the presentation. Ghost in the Shell takes place in Newport City of 2029, after a world war, cybernetics are common and can be replaced with prosthetics in any humans. One particular cyborg, Major Motoko Kusanagi, was created and thus joins a task enforcement unit called Public Security Section 9, where' she and her team, Batou, Togusa, and Chief Aramaki, tasked to hunt down a notorious hacker known as the Puppet Master.

The plot seem very simplistic maybe even shallow. However, that's not the main strong point what makes Ghost in the Shell a wondrous masterpiece. You see, there's a simple question some of us may ask, "what makes us human? " a simple question yes, but Kusanagi herself goes through a dilemma where she questions the existence of her "humanity" whether she has a "ghost" inside of her. Of course, the metaphor for Ghost in the Shell is a representation of a speculation of a soul that is inside of a machine

Ghost in the Shell was famous for its brilliant writing when conveying philosophical questions and symbolism. It is also known for the heavy dialogue which some viewers may find boring but the strongest point comes from the dialogue. As for symbolism, the artstyle is definitely the most impressive with scenery and background, reminiscent to the actual city of Hong Kong, which Newport City inspires by. The atmosphere in Ghost in the Shell gives a mysterious vibe and sometimes a sense of danger in the city Motoko was part of. Many of the scenery goes along with the symbolism helps develops more metaphors that shapes Motoko's dilemma.

Motoko herself portrays herself as if she is human but not entirely. Most of her dialogue hints the emotions she points out when being curious of her humanity. Motoko's character is a cyborg, she can be a female but also a male since she has no specific gender despite the fact she obviously looks female but acts bulky, tough, strong-willed and independent cyborg while keeping the feminine appearance. She's recognized as "human" by her colleagues.

The action in the movie are beautifully choreographed, mostly taken in motion captured like aesthetics. Very very impressive which greatly surpasses the classic 1988 Akira which factually read more
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Bounen no Xamdou (Anime) add
On a ship headed for unknown destinations, cast against ethereal clouds and a violet sunrise, a raven haired beauty reads aloud. Her voice echoes with a mixture of sobriety and apathy. Behind its ostentatious opening and impressive spectacles, it is this somber tone that reveals Bounen no Xam'd's profound humanistic elements and its trust in the resilience of the human spirit.

For Xam'd, the destination is often as important as the journey itself. While its story begins in the independent civilian center, Sentan Island, Xam'd brings our characters to foreign lands and war ravaged towns, cities turned into industrial waste and forest of stone creatures. Even without explanation, Xam'd's imagery brings to mind a very visceral illustration of the world our characters traverse, and manages to build a mysterious but enthralling place often quite different from our own.

It is within this world that Xam'd has an incredibly compelling story to tell, rich between the lines, while sparing its audience needless explanation. Many fault the show for having little to no plot, but Xam'd is challenging, and confronts us with a story from the perspectives of characters who are either unwilling to reminisce on the past or have not been alive long enough to experience it. In many ways, Xam'd "of the Lost Memory" is quite literal in its description of the show's approach to the story, but that is not to say that Xam'd does not adequately explain the questions that arise throughout. The origins of the Hiruko, the history of aggression between the North and the South, racism and the exile of the Tessikan people, all coalesce not just to bring the world of Xam'd to life, but to craft a set of resonant ideas and themes.

The characters are likely what will stand out to most people. For one, the cast is rather large, but there is a great variety of interesting faces, many of whom get their fair share of attention and detail. While their pasts are not often fully explicated, there is a strong sense of realism to these people. Be it their struggles or aspirations, many of them are brought to life purely by how flawed they are as people. Whether it's being stuck in the past or unable to speak one's mind, these simple traits turn out to be rather complex and make for great interactions between each other. Even if the story of Xam'd does not catch one's attention, the drama between the characters feel real and organic and are worth it for that alone.

Include an atmospheric soundtrack and great visuals for its age, and Xam'd is a great recommendation for a tough but captivating science fantasy adventure. The show is, at times, incredibly ambitious with the story it sets out to tell, so much so that it's fair to fault it for reaching too much. However, for all its imperfections, the show is both a gripping drama and intricate in its lore.
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Area no Kishi (Anime) add
Disappointing. Area no kishi starts as an interesting new take on high school soccer with formidable expectations. And with 37 episodes to go, you expect them to be quite fulfilled.
Sadly, not.

First things first : the art and animation are a few years back ! Nothing awful, but nothing remarkable anyhow. Even the greatest moments are below 2016-17 standards, especially after seeing the intensity of some pearls like Haikyū vs Shiratorizawa. The overall art feels like the nineties, when sports anime were still cheap and relying only on the contagious rage to win of the main protagonists. You'll even notice a drop in quality after half the show, when some characters change from one scene to another. Fortunately, the seiyū do a great job, enough to compensate for that little annoyance.
And the story is rather good ! It starts with one, immediately goes to two, then three, then it becomes everyone else story. The pathos is surprisingly light, the characters are interesting and everything seems to go well, despite the slow rhythm.

Up to this point, it's okay.

The problem is... multiple !

First : even with 37 episodes, the show starts slow and ends up slugish ! The starting ambitions are being cruhed along the way for no reason - storywise. One reason could be that they aimed for a 70-100+ show from the beginning, but couldn't do it.
And there comes the second problem...

Second : the main protagonist is being sucked up by the show's background. In its seinen take, Area no kishi gives a lot of importance to the surroundings of the main protagonist. Excepting the family and the pathos that goes with the inner tragedy from which the story is built upon, which is a clever move, we expect progression. Sadly, we only get dilution. To the point the main protagonist gets too little screen time for a presupposed hero (Daiya no A anyone?), and his performances barely improve, naturally putting him on the sidelines.

Frustrating and, most of all, pointless. Ambitions that fall short are never a good sign.

And it doesn't stop there.
When you're in the second half and you have already noticed the very few comedy routines being reused poorly, there come two episodes of fan service ! Two beach-themed filler-like useless episodes! And suddenly, the 37-run you thought might be too quick for your taste becomes a real drag. Because you know it won't go anywhere, despite its promises, because everything that you thought was slowed in a way to build a great atmosphere and deeply likeable characters ends up being treated with little to no regard, almost clumsiness.

Third : the music is lame ! The action comes with sounds (I think they call it music) that will
remind the oldest of you of arcade gaming! Yeah! That ridiculous! Compared to more recent works, it just doesn't stand the comparison. That's all the obvious I can state.

So, what is Area no kishi?
It's a fair high school soccer show (with almost no school part), even if disappointing. Remember the feel read more
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Steins;Gate (Anime) add
Oh, Steins;Gate.
I've put this review off for a long time because i believe the stakes are high and for the longest time i've feared whether my choice of words could ever truly do this anime justice. At this stage i no longer care so i'll be as blunt as possible.

Steins;Gate was the most disappointing anime i've ever watched. 5/10.
(9.2/10 MyAnimeList? HAHA! Really... )

If you're not entirely distracted or left behind by the main character's mad antics you'll begin to realize that this anime isn't at all about science. The main may wear a lab-suit, he may talk like a genius, the mains' may use real scientific theories but it pains me to assure you this anime is largely 'Drama'. I'd credit most of my disappointment to the half-wits who recommended this anime for it's "interesting scifi." Anyone with an average attention span will see that science may be the theme of this anime but it's by no means interesting or even present most the time. What you should consider.

1. The scientific premise - the very plot itself - for this anime makes it very clear in the beginning that conventional theoretical physics is largely wrong. What this allows is the introduction of their alternate theory. This was acceptable to me (seeing as though it is sci-fi[ction]) however what's hilariously disappointing is that mid-way throught he anime they actually USE the conventional theories they called stupid and they don't even make a hassle of it. This has to be a plot hole but either event it's contradictory to the whole 'genius' of the main.
2. Once they establish the 'science' that's the last you really hear of it. There's minor twists and realizations but overall there's little science air time.
3. The theme of science is so desperately forced in the worst times. The little romance that exists in Steins;Gate is ruined by the stupidest romance scene i've likely ever seen. Of course, this is only my opinion but when that romantic tension accumulates to a love-scene where when the nameless characters are giving their affection ... they do not express happiness, love, joy or adoration ... no no no. They take the opportunity to quote Einsteins Theory of Relativity. I had to laugh.

This anime is the classic case of an Anime that is self-sabotaging. The science in its entirety could probably take up less than 10 minutes. What we remain with is 8 hours worth of stretched out Drama. I'm not saying this is good or bad, just know what you're getting into. It's certainly not my preference to sit through a six hour development where little changes until finally we're rewarded with the ending.

I'll happily give credit where it's due. The two mains are highly interesting. They are the sole reason why i've soldiered on but this sadly is short lived through the excruciating pacing where their appeal is stretched out and only appears at the rare occasion.

In short ... this would had made read more
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Masamune-kun no Revenge (Anime) add
Ah Masamune-kun no Revenge! Or what I consider a pale imitation of Nisekoi, but instead of having a fake relationship, there is a revenge story between the male and female MCs. In a few words, this anime is trash and it is not worth your time. But, with a greater analysis...

Story: 2.1/10

Well, I have to admit that Nisekoi's story also is kind of shit, but just watching the chemistry between the characters was a little bit endearing. In M-knR, there is not something like that and the plot is just mind-numbing forced melodrama. I also cannot understand why he would become even more terrible of a person just to take his revenge. Even if he got his revenge, none would ever like him anymore because he is a major jerk. As far as originality goes, this show has none.

And now to the icing of this disgusting cake:

Characters: 0.2/10

Let me show you what I think of each character:

-Masamune Makabe: A huge narcissistic jerk that I hope he gets karmic retribution. (If you saw Episode 8, you will know what I mean).
-Aki Adagaki (aka The Wicked Witch of the Show): A run of the mill tsundere who is just the unlikeable aspects of Chitoge (Nisekoi) in one person. Chitoge's mannerisms could be slightly justified because she is forced in a situation she hates to be in and she had difficulties during her childhood which is explained later in the anime. But Aki is just a cold, spoiled, savage c*** who is clearly a nasty person that you must stay away from as much as you can.
-Yoshino Kowai (the Master): The person that helps the main protagonist who is completely apathetic and feels nothing about him. Basically, Kosaki Onodera's friend from Nisekoi, but with a kawaii upgrade and a stone-faced mask.
-Neko Fujinomiya: An exact copy of Marika Tachibana from Nisekoi. Basically, a beautiful and polite girl whose kindness is just a facade since she suffers from an illness and knew the main protagonist from her childhood. Even though I hated Marika from Nisekoi as much as I do not like Neko, she is actually the character that I dislike the least. Go figure!
-Tae Futaba (aka The Stereotype of the Class Rep): Kosaki Onodera but without a soul. She is just a walking trope with no character.
-Kojuurou Shuri: A pale unmemorable imitation of Hideyoshi from BakaTest. Just your typical trap.
-Masamune's mom: Why a loli mom? Only in Anime!

Overall, none of these characters is at least likable because either they are horrible persons or they are copies of characters already seen and done better in other shows. However, I feel a little empathy for Neko since she holds such a stance in her life even though she is sick.

Art/Animation: 6.7/10

I will admit that the art is actually fair to a certain extent, but it is generic as hell. And that sums up my thoughts about the animation.

Sound: 5/10

I did not like the op and the ost. The op was so annoying to listen read more
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Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
Let this be clear and try to get this off my chest before I get the hate. This is an opinion and I'll try to stay in touch of being informative. It may be a harsh criticism but keep in mind it's only one man's opinion.

Akame ga Kill is one of those shows that misleads the audience of generalizing what's is shown without stating what it is. Akame ga Kill was misconceptionalized as a "realistic", "dark",.........."MATURE". In actuality, it's your typical shounen action trope of the day. To be fair, the show is dark, but not as dark since you have unintentional comedic moments in the show that contrast from the show that it was trying to be. The artstyle, while not actually a problem, does prove why the show fails to be dark and gritty. Anything "good" about the show is nothing but pure enjoyment and character projection.

Akame ga Kill starts with our main character Tatsumi or whatever his name is (he's a forgettable character). He travels to the "Empire" (yes it is called the Empire, clever name for a city), and finds ways he can help his own village. Later, when robbed by Leone and broke, he encounters a benevolent wealthy family which holds a dark secret. That night, a group ofbassasins attacked the wealthy family and kidnaps Tatsumi and forced to join his group.

Now let's talk problems. One thing you may notice in the narrative that the characters motivations contradicts what actually led to a conflict. At one point, the Night Raid finds a target to kill but at one point we're suddenly at a beach episode which is massively common in anime. Another thing that Akame ga Kill fails miserably are the characters. Whether you like them or not, most are cookie-cutter generic anime personality traits ever to put on characters like Akame ga Kill. None have no personality other than they interact with each other so it matters either way.

The plot itself forces itself to have contrivances and plot convenience/device only to have the plot to keep moving. Also, for some weird reason, the show usually have "emotional hard-hitting" moments that supposedly be sympathetic or impactful but it comes as POINTLESS as they serve no purpose to the plot later on other than plot devices. This relates back to the characters, a huge downfall of the show itself. Little to no spoilers as said but a certain character dies after we been through a backstory...... At the same time. The kind of writing does not work because you're trying to invest your characters in an emotional standpoint but if you're deliberately kill them off at the same time, you're not taking your characters seriously.

Did I mentioned the writing of the script? Yeah, well to be honest, it does have potential but really, how many times we seen and hear these kinds of story without any interesting development to the whole premise. read more
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Oshiete! Galko-chan (Anime) add
(This review has been adapted from my blog/reddit thread. Spoilers ahead!)

When people look at me, they cannot believe that I love to listen to heavy metal.

The most recent disbelief actually came from someone close: my brother-in-law. We were talking about bands and music in general when I brought up Metallica, both my favorite heavy-metal band and my favorite music group ever. I rattled off some of my favorite songs – “Disposable Heroes,” “Blackened,” and so on – and he was taken aback at my adoration.

I don’t blame him for his surprise because, as an unassuming nerdy white guy, I don’t “appear to be” a fan of that kind of music. But that’s why we talk and listen to others in order to really understand them. In other words, interests, personality, and actions mean more than some jeans and a polo ever could.

And Oshiete! Galko-chan agrees.


Oshiete! (for short) takes a somewhat unconventional route: girl talk.

Make-up, breast sizes, and periods are the norm from episode to episode. For example, one scene has the girls checking out whether they should purchase pads or tampons while a later conversation has them discussing the difficulties associated with bra purchasing. Embarrassing discussions (usually posed as an opening question), but they provide a peek into a part of life that does not usually get publicly paraded.

Of course, the topics, while still stemming from the girls’ talk, do not strictly stick to just them. Earlobes aligning with nipples. The reason for varied bladder sizes between sexes. The absence of melanin in private places. All examples of Oshiete! continuing with the girl-centric motif while also broadening its reach into more semi-educational material.

In what can only be called a clever move, the anime also introduces a group of boys. They not only mix up the formula but also provide an outside perspective. Much of that perspective revolves around their libido-driven imaginations – they get excited when Galko talks about breasts being as soft as bread dough – but they help to accentuate the girl talk from the boy talk in a simple yet direct manner.

Simultaneously, much of the content, while serious or factual in its presentation, aims for comedy. Galko taking a euphemistic psychological test becomes a comedic scene when she gives her answer in an obliviously sultry way. Or Ojou mistaking a “rubber” for a bracelet as opposed to a condom puts her in quite the promiscuous-sounding situation.

And as can be gleaned from almost every example, sex has a lot of prevalence. Otako bringing up a “long-held belief that lips represent a person’s genitals,” an intense love scene during a movie, and one of the boys seeing the (to them ironic) white panties of Galko when she bends over to pick up a dropped pen. Sexual but contextual – these are boys and girls going through high school. So having material related to their natural, hormonal feelings only makes sense.

Besides the motif, the comedy, and the sex, Oshiete! even contains a prominent theme: It’s what’s on the inside that read more
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Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation (Anime) add
Hyperdimension Neptunia is one of the few "based on a game" anime series that I really, genuinely enjoyed. That being said, you may not enjoy it as much if you're not at least a bit familiar with the game series (the creators seem to assume that you are). For clarity, I'll break this into the standard 6 sections.

Story - 7/10
While this anime is based on the game series, this is essentially a standalone plot. The characters and villains are the same, but this is NOT a direct adaptation of any of the games.
It's largely episodic, with a few longer story arcs spanning multiple episodes. This all flows quite well if you're familiar with the series and the characters; otherwise it might be a bit of a struggle to follow at times. They had a LOT of canon material to work with, and while the pacing was good, there were a few episodes that left me asking "oh, is that it?"
It's primarily a comedy series, though towards the end it gets a good bit more serious and dramatic. This is a notable departure from the games, which tend to be lighthearted fluff all the way through (the only real tension in the games comes from the anticipation of an upcoming boss battle). The dramatic elements are done very well and contribute significantly to character development (which I will get into in more depth in the "Character" section). There are several moments that are quite emotional, which, again, is a departure from the normal tone of the series - if you're going into this expecting it to be exactly like the games you're going to be a little put off.
The last several episodes seemed to rush up to the climax pretty quickly, but overall it was a satisfying ending with no real loose threads.

Art - 7/10
The art in this show is pretty true to the games - the characters' outfits are spot-on, the backgrounds are done well in the familiar Gamindustri style, and the animation is for the most part fluid and good-looking. It's in a pretty standard cutesy magical-girl genre style, so if you like similar styles (KyoAni comes to mind, though their animation is quite a bit nicer) you'll probably like this.
The character designs are wonderful - though they're essentially identical to the designs from the games, so this anime isn't breaking any new ground here. I suppose the creators get points for keeping things exactly on-model. The characters are all distinct and memorable, and really, you can't go wrong with cute anime girls.

Sound - 8/10
Important to note for this section, I watched the English dub. This is because I previously played the games in English and I quite enjoyed the English VAs. This series has all the same VAs as the games (except for IF, who has a different voice - at first I didn't like that it was different but her VA does a good job with it and I came to enjoy it by the end of read more
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
One-Punch Man is like a parody of anime superhero that we usually see. superhero usually come from ordinary people who areweak then train hard or experience strange things that can be strong. In the anime usual super hero, hero usually lost first, then at the end suddenly issued a silver bullet and opponents were defeated. There will not be anyone like that in One-Punch Man. saitama, the protagonist has been strong from the beginning and can defeat the enemy only with one o'clock. The first hearing must be confused. Then how how to beat him? ifthe direct opponents lost no fun then? .. nah, this is the uniqueness of this anime. Even though it looks simple but there is a very intriguing fight because a lot of super hero characters in this anime. In fact, there is the association of all .. One-Punch Man offers a story more interesting than any other super hero anime too seriously. cool fighting scene tilled typical madhouse. Built also different atmosphere when saitama show innocent face and as he alternated serious face. Anime is certainly going to give you something different from anime - the usual superhero anime you watch. And again the second season of the anime will be released in april later. So do not wait.
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime) add
Sup' everyone my name is Aya and I'm here to bring you a review of Re: zero starting life in new world from zero commonly known as Re zero. And as before my last review this one doesn't contain any spoilers so don't be afraid reading. Just to make sure that this review is subjective and thus only includes my personal opinions and no offense to those who likes the show. It's okay if you love it.

So, Re zero, one of those most anticipated animes of 2016 and loved among many people. It received many praise from the start of the show.
So, is this worth the watch? We'll see.

Story 1/10

The story is focused on our main protoganist Natsuki Subaru. Subaru is just living one of those boring normal life and suddenly gets transported to a world that he much doesn't know about. He actually gets transported to a world where all these things you see in a fairy tail exists. It seemed pretty interesting at first and i thought more interesting things will come up. Sadly it disappointed me. Why did he get in that world? How did he get there? Who sent him there? Nothing about this was explained. Let's get to story again: when he got there he found himself with some bad guys and as usual like all the animes Subaru is saved by a random cute girl named Emilia who has lost something precious to her and starts helping her find it. Same old cliche crap.

And then after events Subaru gets himself in trouble and thinks he's dead but then founds himself back in the timeline where he first came in that magical world or whatever you wanna say. Then that encounter with emilia brings all sorts of trouble to him dying in the process multiple times and then comes back to the saving point. By saving point I mean when you save in game and die then come to the place where you saved. It just doesn't make sense why this happened to Subaru. They didn't even explain that. Thus there is nothing interesting or alot about the story cause nothing was told or explained as the story progressed.

Why Subaru got there? How does he have the power of returing back to the save point when he dies? Who and what is this ''witch'' that is mentioned multiple times in the story? Who are these other characters that disappeared and what they want? What is this magical/fantasy world? What was subaru back in the earth? Just what the hell is this show? Nothing was told. It jsut adds more characters and then make them disappear later on just to add up eps and this anime almost doesn't do anything afterwards. This is just a horrible example of magic and fantasy anime. And so overall the story of this anime is complete garbage.

Characters 1/10

The characters in Re zero is nothing but moving bodies and that is how it just seemed to me. There read more
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Durarara!! (Anime) add
Durarara really captivated me as an anime... why?
First of all, the story although it seems to start all over the place is all connected to the city of Ikebukuro, and that got me hooked. It had slice of life elements but watching more, I found out it wasn't slice of life, it was all connected... everything had a reason.
The art and sound as well, for a 2010 anime the opening and way the art was conveyed really allowed me to feel a connection to the anime.
Overall 9/10, this is very good and I recommend it to anyone whos looking for a little action, comedy, and amazing character development.
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