Jun 5, 2013
Hyperbolic33 (All reviews)
Story (7) - This story is from the viewpoint of a girl who just died and it is all about her trying to come to terms with the fact that she really is dead, and her trying to get her family to realize that as well. The story has a bittersweet, yet hopeful message. However, I was not all that crazy about the ending I feel like it was kind of a let down. The author could have done the ending better.

Art (8) - Nothing much to say the art was nice I really liked it. Nothing all that original, simple and easy on the eyes. The onryou were drawn creepily well and there was plenty of details in the backgrounds.

Characters (7) - The characters weren't all that fleshed out, but they were given enough personality so that I could sympathize with them. One thing I felt the author did well was concerning the main character, and how we were really shown what she was like through other character's eyes.

Enjoyment (8) - I did cry probably because I read this at 3 am, but still I cried. The message the author portrayed about death and moving on and what all those things mean was done very well.

Overall (7) - I enjoyed this it's a quick read I really recommend. The only places I really doc points are in regards to the ending, and the fleshing out of the characters, which, of course is probably hard to do in only 9 chapters.