Jun 4, 2013
Blitzzz147 (All reviews)
If you are looking for a good anime with an engaging story, interesting characters, stunning artwork and an overall epic soundtrack then this anime is not for you, and let me tell you why.

Aoi Sekai no Chuusin de also known as World War Blue is the anime equivalent of a Nintendo vs Sega parody done by 5th Avenue, now you would think by that statement that this would be an over the top, comedic anime with many humorous references to Sega and Nintendo. However instead of taking this route it decides to go into an in-depth serious tone which does not suit the mood of this show at all, this show completely fails in the sense that it was a parody and tried to be a dark and serious anime with lots of death and emotions.

The Characters of WWB are some of the weakest cast of characters i have ever seen, throughout the show you can't seem to relate to any of them, and character deaths are completely void of emotion and meaning. In the very beginning the death of Gear's friend is so out of the blue (see what i did there hehe) that the viewer doesn't care about this character because we get no prologue to the events of WWB and get no insight other then his supposed Sega character that he is based off.

The pacing was also inconsistent with the way they were telling the story, this show was presented with the intention of having 12 - 25 episodes when in reality is only a mere 3 episode show. Trying to create a show with that much compressed story is such a ridiculous thing to do that they should have thought of a smaller story that suited the length.

Overall i'm keeping this short and sweet in saying that this anime was very disappointing and a complete waste of time, and you should not waste 60 minutes of your life on it.