May 24, 2013
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Air is a rather peculiar and unique anime to say the least, it’s indubitably one of Kyoto Animation’s most inventive and ingenious series to date. This evidently should come as no surprise since this is an adaptation of a prized and cherished visual novel made by the adept and adroit studio known as Key, a subsidiary of Visual Art’s.

Air is an anime that pertains to a select breed of anime that strive to relay a considerably greater amount of occurrences and revelations to the viewer than one would reasonably anticipate out of a mere half season series. It’s exceptionally high compared to what one of its banal kindred would habitually consist of. Unfortunately, due to this ambitious and perilous tactic, the series suffers some notable as well as essential drawbacks, and it conspicuously shows it.

Yet despite the overwhelming plethora of considerable limitations that certainly should have been excluded from the very beginning regardless of the reasoning, this series still astonishingly manages to attain greatness, albeit to a certain degree.

Though I obliged to address the concept to my fellow viewers that contradictory and disparate to the bulk of anime in existence, this particular series is very special in regard to that, based on what your own personal preferences are for what you seek in anime, will determine your individual impressions of the quality of Air.

For those of you who are compelled and oblige only specific aspects within a series to be adequate and efficient, then Air will absolutely satisfy you to the fullest extent, since after all this is indeed a very captivating anime.

Themes: 8

One unrecognized and unsigned theme that is extant in Air is undeniably mystery, though this is inadvertent rather than actually deliberate, and is very detrimental to the development of the plot. The constant sense of aggravating bewilderment significantly hinders your level of cognition, but fortunately isn’t quite to the unbearable extent of being imperious though.

Nevertheless it still wistfully manages to prevail over and detract from the strong points of the series, resulting in an inadvertently jumbled and convoluted conclusion that leaves you somewhat perplexed, making you wonder what the main point(s) genuinely were.

The romance was rather subtle though providentially not quite tenuous, it was very heartwarming and rousing, without incorporating any sense of archetypical sensuality (aka fan service). It’s verily admirable how the romance was quite effectively and flawlessly executed in such a manner, considering Air was twain an adult visual novel as well as an eroge.

The slice of life is prevalent throughout the entire series, though predominantly integrated into the introduction and opening episodes. Despite the profusion of chaos, pandemonium and tragedy, as well as melancholy ambiance that prevails throughout the entire duration, slice of life still acquires a fitting place in Air, and deserves admiration for accomplishing such a feat.

Every Key adaptation acquires their impressive and majestic artistic, as well as imaginative excellence from the supernatural aspects that are incorporated into them, and Air is indubitably no exception to this inclination. However ironically this element of Air is what delivers the gradual and continuous sense of befuddlement, especially nearing the bizarre conclusion. If only the supernatural elements would have been utilized adequately and appropriately.

That’s what happens when you consolidate a rather comprehensive and intricate novel into only an incompatible half season adaptation, the inept result is merely an insufficient and convoluted anime.

Unlike the supernatural elements, Air’s drama is virtually impeccable, no imperative flaws exist whatsoever. There is a bountiful variety of absolute awe-inspiring and defining heartbreaking as well as heartwarming moments that you will remember forever. No matter the magnitude of any particular predicament or occurrence, it’s repeatedly presented in a glamorous and charismatic style.

Once again there is yet another theme is extant within Air that is queerly unrecognized for obscure reasoning, comedy. The comedy is tenuous throughout, but is very mollifying and is effective at alleviating, in addition to counteracting the gradual escalating climatic revelations being discerned by the protagonist(s).

Main Points/Messages: 6

Constructing an adequate review for Air’s vague and indeterminate main points is a rather onerous challenge to confront, though I will do my utmost to reach that feat since I feel this anime deserves it.

Air is very similar and akin to my previous anime review in regard to that, the main points are addressed in an evasive and indirect manner. It requires a considerable amount of attentiveness to notice them all, since their conferred abruptly and rather erratically. The reasoning for utilizing them in such an outlandish and audacious manner is enigmatic to me, and is anyone’s guess. Likely the origin of this predicament is that numerous impolitic and imprudent alterations were required in order to adapt Air into only a half season, and quite frankly, Kyoto Animation definitely dropped the ball in that regard.

Though a profusion of avid fans of this adaptation and Kyoto Animation will indubitably loathe me intensely for stating this and will try their utmost to dispute and disprove this, there is absolutely no motive or even purpose for this faulty as well as negligent execution of addressing the main points/messages of the plot. Surely KyoAni could’ve done more if they truly aspired to make this series greater, why they seemingly chose to neglect this notion and not give this exceptional adaptation the diligence it merited, we’ll never know.

Putting the flaws aside, the essential messages addressed through the dialogue occurring adjacent to climatic scenes are exceptional and extraordinary, regardless of the execution. The supernatural elements incorporated into the main points make it all the more glamorous and elegant, not to mention fascinating as long as you can tolerate a lack of thorough understanding and attentive constantly.

I’d be delighted to discuss in extensive detail each individual main point presented but I will refrain from revealing spoilers if possible, in accordance with the site’s updated rules.

Story: 8

The plot itself as I’ve previously stated is excessively variegated and convoluted, you simply won’t wholly comprehend everything that transpires throughout its duration. Still the exiguous story somehow administers a sense of adequate uniformity and superb elegance, it’s as if the series itself was unwilling and reluctant to allow itself to fall to the depths of ruin. Air is truly superlative and inspirational considering that this anime still managed to retain a compelling as well as distinguished story, despite the plethora of unjust limitations enacted upon its inception.

Characters: 9

It’s meritorious and quite impressive how the voice actors implemented such a gratifying and exquisite performance with the script they were constrained to work with. Each individual character was very pragmatic and unique, absolutely no archetypes extant in Air whatsoever. They all are first-class examples of exemplary characters, vibrant, astute, and dynamic, they virtually resemble real homo sapiens. Overall the pristine quality of the characters is on par with other notable Key anime adaptations.

Art: 9

Considering Air was released in 2005, it’s very alluring and angelic to say the least. The landscapes portrayed were ordinary yet hypnagogic, and very radiant. The character animations were aberrant without being disproportionate to be more appealing or to conform to a particular viewer type.

Sound: 9

The voice actor’s well, voices themselves were adapted to absolute perfection for the characters they represented, truly magnificent performances executed throughout the entire cast. The general sound effects were adequate and alluring, in addition to being very well balanced. Another opulent as well as sumptuous aspect about Air was the imaginative and absolute breathtaking music present within every individual episode. It’s quintessential for delivering the tone for the series, and does so flawlessly. The OST for Air is certainly one of the best I’ve heard, it’s a true personal treasure to possess.

Enjoyment: 8

Despite the abundance of ridicule and bantering I’ve bestowed upon this anime, it still was a very outstanding and accomplished series, despite how much it unfortunately simply couldn’t achieve due to its design limitations. The auxiliary and subsidiary aspects are genuinely what sustained the quality and more importantly are what luckily sustained Air’s virtue in addition to sophisticated excellence that its novel consisted of. This is certainly a distinguishing and adept anime, especially considering the unjust alterations enacted upon it, with a very imaginative, inventive, as well as ingenious plot that any anime fan should watch regardless of its aggravating drawbacks.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, will gladly and readily listen to any comments and opinions of my reviews as to better future reviews. These reviews are designed to assist the viewer, not to merely state my impressions of it just for fun, thanks!