May 24, 2013
MexicanAnime (All reviews)
From Clamp to Urarsawa to Tezuka, each series from the respective authors have distinct art styles that can be recognized through the course of their works. Some have even became staples in the world of manga art that many authors try to incorporate into their own series. Now what if one author decides to rather experiment with multiple styles in both structure and character models rather than sticking to one consistent style? Throw in some extremely sexual scenes and grotesque gore while adding a cup of cynicism and you have Usamaru's four panel series, Palepoli.

As one may expect from a four panel manga, there's no real plot and the whole series runs on comedic gags. In Palepoli, many of the gags are extremely adult rated that ranges from grotesque deaths that are handled like child's play to full on sex scenes that are treated like a joke.The series is also not afraid to poke at touchy subjects as incest, suicide, and even satirical jabs on religious symbols are common. In between all of this also includes references to other works (Such as Golgo and Doraemon) and allusions thrown in. Overall, the humor is very hit and miss as some of the gags start to repeat over and over with little change. Some scenes also just left me with disgust as the manga attempted to see how much it could shock the reader.

The art is the real star of the show. These panels range from being very detailed and realistic, to simplistic and cartoony, to everything in between. Bizarre facial expressions and and even optical illusions are also utilized which makes for a unique experience like no other.

If you want something different in style and structure and don't mind overly sexual and bizarre scenes, then I'd recommend giving it a try as it's a ride that one will never forget.