May 24, 2013
Gigglepud (All reviews)
I started Fairy Tail before the Big 3, and it was one of the first long ongoing shonen manga that I've read (and watched). While it started mediocre, Fairy Tail reached high potential once it reached the Phantom Arc and onwards. And I must say that I was captivated from that point onwards.

But then the more I read, the more I began to enjoy it less. There is this lack of uniqueness in the plot of each arc, where it begins to form a pattern of Fairy Tail fighting this dangerous enemy, and gets thoroughly defeated. Yet after no training, no whatever, they seem to do much better in a one on one battle, finishing the arc off with Natsu beating the big-bad with some kind of "power of friendship".

If this happens once, or even twice, in a story, I would just overlook it as a writers' block for the mangaka, but unfortunately, for Fairy Tail, it seems to be the basis for almost all the story arcs. I'd like to point out that Natsu has NEVER lost a deciding battle, no matter how strong they are supposed to be. What's worse his that he doesn't even train for it, and the only permanent-powerup he gets is from someone else magicing him stronger.

And then lately, it was the last straw. When the long awaited battle in the Grand Magic Games ended up in an anti-climatic surrender. Shortly afterwards, the mangaka has spent at least 10 pages on wasting space and room by drawing our main character naked for no reason other than fanservice. I can't say I can expect anything from Fairy Tail anymore.