May 23, 2013
Onsaki (All reviews)
Just expect a fan-service around the guys.

Handsome guys with girly voices, and no interest in girls. If you hate that type of show then there you have it.

I gotta say Yogi is the worst voice of a male character (okay he sounds like a girl) makes him a kid on serious fights.
And the fact that the one who did his voice is the same Seiyuu who did Yagami light's voice (from Death note), isn't fair enough. Especially when they can't be comparable by an meaning!!.

The dresses, really?, some of them are great and fits well, but not the main characters.

The story is short:
Nai and Gareki searching for a guy and putting themselves as one of "the wanted criminals" and teaming up with a organization called "Circus"...And things starts to happen. Yeah three guys in one bed is another subject.

There's no developing without someone important to die!. I'm sick of that. But they did it right away, and it didn't effect as much as it should be. But there's a girl that really effected her, which is great but the others didn't effect them at all. So the way they develop things are bad.

I really don't mind two guys feeling pretty enough to chillin' with each other, the way that Karneval did or develop there characters to a relationships between two guys or three. But sometimes seeing a guy acting like a mom for his friend is redline for me.
I just find it nearly impossible to find a guy loving Karneval. If there's any, then you should've find another guy as you are, to resembles the meaning of BFF. Just sayin'. If you've find one, then you have the right to be a character on Karneval. That's why Karneval's characters resembles girls dream ( which is two guys caring about each other ALL THE TIME). Nevertheless you could just watch it, without any problems, it's fine, i saw worse.

The backgrounds looks great and nice which is something!, but still looks usual for me.

The opening is one of the best in this season. I love it.
OST and other things, got nothing of my intention.

In the end, love it or hate it, male or female. I don't care.
You have your own opinion.

Good luck.