May 21, 2013
Onsaki (All reviews)
Okay Gargantia makes me think about my life situation!, like really i'm waiting for the episode to come and it comes late which is the last thing i want more of that anime, and to know that just only the first episode was great and the rest are just some circle that making them do the same thing every time is just frustrating.

I felt betrayed and i felt i'm watching something that i shouldn't to. That's all i was thinking of while i'm watching a 20min episode of an anime without non-reasoning behind it.

Everything was awesome in the first episode but they got the wrong idea to develop the main character. I bet everyone felt the same as i am, The more you watch it, the more you know that the world they live on is just a little **** of some people enjoying the sun with sunscreens and some useless things.

The story kind of sounds a military anime but its not unfortunately. Some guy was fighting in the space, with his friends to survive (it sounds there going for something upper space, but then) he woke up in earth! in the middle of some fleet called Gargantia (sounds more adventures) and somehow all it matter is to know where he is or how to connect with his friends (and he still done nothing other than playing around).

I really don't feel like making a long review, since i always suck at English grammar. (who cares?)

Story: 4/10 (Decent)
Art: 5/10 (Mediocre)
Sound: 6/10 (Fair)
Characters: 5/10 (Mediocre)
Enjoyment: 4/10 (Decent)

Overall: 4/10 (Decent). It did great for the first episode, other than that i felt betrayed.