May 21, 2013
Cruzader93 (All reviews)
2010 Series Directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike
Co Produced by Aniplex and A-1 Pictures
Licensed by NIS America
Review from my POV (w/personal biases)
(Sp)oiler Lite

PROS/What I Liked:
+ The show gives a variety of characters, ranging from colorful-extreme when it comes to behavior and personality. Almost no one is normal
+ The situational humor really appealed to me
+ Visual gags and reaction shots play out well in certain context.
+ The important roles get the some exposition.

CONS/What I disliked:
- Not a strong plot. This is a Slice-of-Life show after all
- It's cuteness can get overindulgent
- These characters aren't necessarily "flat", but they are just 2-Dimensional for the most part. Example (Sp) Inami never stops punching or Kyoko wont stop being excessively lazy , etc.
- (Sp) The last minute introduction of Maya Matsumoto caught me off guard and I still don't get why Yamada even exists. Not enough info about her and overall found her unappealing.
- No real resolution. It kinda just ends. (I'm not taking S2 into account)

Final Note:
Lighthearted is a good word to describe this show. This isn't a bad show by any means, but it doesn't try to aim for being great either.

Fans of the Slice-of Life Genre
People that like characters that look Kawaii as F***!!!