May 20, 2013
Hectotane (All reviews)
I'm not a big fan of NTR ("netorare").

No, wait. Let me correct myself: I'm not happy with how the male protagonist react when they get NTRed; down on his knees whining about how he can't compete or compare. If it were me; I'd bludgeon to death the NTRer with a large heavy object.

But for some reason, this title doesn't make me feel bad. Maybe it's Taniguchi's selfish plan to get a sexually frustrated Reiko; thus giving her back to Hiroaki and "breaking that unwritten rule about NTRing." Maybe Reiko's just likes being fucked all along.

It could've been worse; like the lot of h-anime titles where the ugly guy is stealing the girl(s). I'm personally glad that it ain't. And it still makes for good porn.