May 17, 2013
IdleSheep (All reviews)
This is my second review ever written and this contains solely my opinion, i apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes you may find while reading it.

Wow this anime, as i'm scrolling through the reviews it's like 2 different worlds (no pun intended) i see half of people rating it at 1-3 and the other half rating it 9/10. To be fair most reviewers just end up giving it a 5, I guess you could call that neutral, neither a masterpiece nor utter garbage, but i feel the need to give some credit to this anime and am going to state all I think about each aspect of it.

The story (6/10)
To be fair enough i can see the enormous plot holes and missing links through out the story. It's not a very long anime, however it goes goes deeper into the characters, giving each of them a more complex personality as oposed to the OVA where everything's just happening and flying across your screen out of the blue. This story is far more fullfilling than the OVA as it gives us more knowledge about what is going on, who are these Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Strength, etc. and it gives us an origin and what they are doing in their world, and finally what is the actual correlation with the real world. The thing i didn't like was that the anime fails to connect the pieces, it kind of follows the same path as the OVA and just throws random new characters in your face, most of them kind of stereotypical and they're just there to fill in the plot and give the main character some obstacle, something to fight against, and it doesn't even make full sense the way the series explains what the fighting is all about and are these girls the only people with these abilities, they just out of nowhere gained them and suddenly can see different worlds? The story was more interesting than the original but i have to give it a 6/10 for the plot holes and just the lack of connection between each event.

The Art (8/10)
This is one of the strongest aspects of the series, now i'll have to divide this into 2 categories since half of it is 2D art and the other half is 3D and uses a lot of CGI. As far as the 2D art goes there isn't anything particular, i disliked that they used a lot of dull like colors in the characters not brighter ones but i guess it somewhat fits the atmosphere. The CGI however, this is where this series gets its value, the fighting scenes, the laser beams and pretty much the whole other world or whatever you wish to call it is beautifully designed and i know it takes a lot of work to do it in 3D, each world of each "girl" has its uniqueness and it's just amazing to see the visual aspects of each. The combining of the 2D with the 3D makes me give it an 8/10 because i just was thrilled with the 3D visuals even if that doesn't equal the full runtime of each episode it's pleasing to see.

The Sound (9/10)
There's not much to say about the sound i mean the opening theme was obviously the right choice, Hatsune Miku's Black Rock Shooter was a perfect fit and the overall sound effects in each world are fitting as well as during fight scenes, i can't complain much about it so i'll give it a 9/10

The Characters (6/10)
This can be argueable but i think the characters are in a way kind of stereotypical, as far as the real world goes the plot can be put simply as: Main female lead which the episodes focus on, best friend who gets jealous easily, best friend's overprotective friend, friend who is hated by others for being friends with the main lead. This is just too typical for me to accept as fine, i don't believe in any way that a situation so stereotypical and usual can lead to such a catastrophe (which is what the anime makes it seem like) which is also the excuse the anime uses as some sort excuse for the existence of the other world. The characters each have different distinct personalities but it's just too typical it doesn't bring anything new to the table. The "other girls" in the alternative world don't really have a personality of their own so i can't really judge them. Also i can't give points fo the main lead who seems like a helpless defenseless girl that is dense about everything and can't see what's wrong, just no, enough of these generic characters.

Enjoyment (8/10)
Now this might seem like an odd rating for what i just pointed up there, however the anime was enjoyable and watcheable because, first, the fighting scenes are really what made me want to keep going and discover more about the alternative world. I believe the real world adds nothing of value to this anime. I enjoyed discovering more about the black rock shooter world but i felt disapointed they didn't give us more of a story about the actual Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, etc. the series would have been terrific had they gave us more of that and less of the real world which is just pretty generic i must say. But since it made me want to keep going and not just drop it i'm giving it an 8/10

My overall score for this anime is a 7/10, plot holes and an uninteresting generic plot of 4 school girls annoyed me the most, the fighting and the action with the use of beautiful visual art and CGI in the alternative world are what i think makes this anime watchable and worth something so i believe it goes above average but it's not a masterpiece, hate me if you want but that is how I see this anime.