May 17, 2013
nishi_san (All reviews)
Understanding the jokes of a comedy/Parody is the key to fully appreciate a comedy. It would be impossible for me to go on without showing you the following example:

HK Student A: wow, the new student leader was elected for just 700 votes! That's soo low.
HK Student B: At least it is better than Mr.689*

This is what the show's all about.

The biggest problem for any non-Japanese to understand the show is the parodies of the show, which is what it's all about. The show included a lot of Japanese culture Neta(s)/Parodies that paid tribute to Classic anime/shows (That includes Posture, Lines, Character names, Scenes), Call of Cthulhu (and any other related works), Songs, Pop Cultures, Japanese law, News, Fiction or TV personalities, with the help of word plays, a considerable silly plot (that you could almost said as nonsensical at times.) and a bunch of characters that think of nothing besides having sex with Mahiro.

It is perfectly normal for a non-Japanese Citizen to misunderstand or even get none of the show. Nyaruko is a show created for the Japanese audience and it would do very well for the locals, and it does not intent to go further than that. From an execution POV, You've got to say that they actually manage to squeeze a lot of things into an episode: From Rider show Parodies to Galgame Scene Tributes, It only gets wilder and crazier on their second season. To achieve such a scale of squeezing so many things into one single 23 minute episode is an admirable effort and probably hard for an audience to understand most of the jokes, But the sub-Groups are always there to help.

What? You’ve just say that the sub-groups can't even figure them out either? God bless you then.

Technically, this would be and should be an enjoyable show. But it is not.

A comedy show is all about laughing. A comedy show that can't make you laugh is NOT a good show and Nyaruko Fail at times. While Nyaruko and her friends are doing their absolute best of being silly and dumb on every episode, the parodies that you've missed would eventually get into you and you will be feeling strange. You will feel like that you missed out something that the show's trying to offer - since this wacky show is only completed with some more crazy tributes, and you are only watching half of the show, missing the another half.

I am not trying to complain if there is anything wrong with their decision. This is nothing wrong at all: just like an American writer would writer for the Americans, Chinese would write for the one's living in China, so as the show intending to be watched by local Otaku that had an extensive knowledge on Japanese Culture. It is WE that are wrong if we attempts to think "why am I not understanding any sh*t of this thing this is so difficult I am just going to cut this crap off"

Despite I don't really get the show at times, I am still giving the show a 6 because of the following reasons:

1. The show does nothing wrong. It is a fun show and there is nothing wrong with the plot - despite being whimsical and eccentric at times. Nor does it do anything really right, or even good.
2. In a technical POV, They manage to squeeze so many things into an episode, which is something hard (despite it is difficult, almost too difficult.) to do. Imagine you have to use lyrics from 30 different songs to create a script that is meaningful and fun to watch. You will scratch your head and eventually wave the white flag. And that’s only the beginning for this show.
3. I do watch a subbed version that gets most of the Parodies explained.

At the end, it is a good show. I would not suggest you to watch if you didn't have a good sub group to help you understand. It might be strange, but a good sub could definitely help you understand better, especially for this one.


1. 689 means the Chief Executive......whatever, I would rather not explain.
2. If you are asking "Where the F*ck is the character review". I would say NO. I am not your daily reviewer that talks about every aspect of the anime. Instead I only discuss the parts that were most controversial or I found something special among the others. I mean, what's the use of me writing "Mahiro is a Japanese boy that is kind and generous at times" and "Nyarlathotep is a white hair loli that would like to make love with Mahiro" and I would then say "well I love the characters." WHY SHOULD I WASTE TIME TO WRITE SOMETHING WHERE YOU CAN ACTUALLY GOOGLE THEM.
3. Except some very very special cases, if I am the reader of a certain anime review, I would think: WHO CARES IF YOU LOVE THE CHARACTER OR NOT. This is a review and I should be critizing the show, not spending times circling around. I need to know how REALISTIC they are.
4. Do you think gods from Call of Cthulhu in reality are really "REALISTIC"? At least you've got an unbeliever here
5. I guess anything comes AFTER the jokes in a comedy show, right? How could you possibly called a show a "comedy" if it is not amusing at all?