May 16, 2013
toxicfly (All reviews)
A world where we don't have to worry about batteries and changing them, a world where there's no electricity system as we know now withe cables and plugs, imagine a world where we can get continues energy any time anywhere on earth,the inventors created a device called Coil that can extract unlimited energy from a dimension called W born from the x,y,z axes.

Basically it's just like when u have your phone and connect it to the internet by W-Fi network, but with Coil u get energy, how cool is that!!

Story: 7
The story looks promising so far, it's a good start, it have the potential to give us enjoyable time withe exiting action, adventure and even plot twists, If it continue at this rate, so far withe only 6 chapters out yet translated to English I can't really say more.

Characters: 7
The characters are good but they are actually kinda typical u know the kinda u see always in the anime world, kyoma is the tough guy with hard past how acts funny sometimes, Mira the robot she is the one who is moving the story and thus making a plot, and who which kyoma hates and she end up sticking with him how surprising is that ,and the other characters cricket who is like a scientist in-spite the fact that he is a kid
and the boss Marie who is acting like a boss lol, anyway they are still enjoyable and I loved them and u will feel that they are special in-spite being typical.

Art: 8
Very good love it the style and how the characters are draw and the details in bg , it's well done.

Enjoyment: 7
It's enjoyable for sure so far.

Overall: 7.5 but If we make it 8 I think it will still deserve it
I can't still tell how this manga will go and how strong the plot well be but for a first 6 chapters it's good, and u should definitely give it a tray