May 16, 2013
Onsaki (All reviews)
I really did love this manga it seems have it's own thing, which makes it awesome, and to think that people are only using a coil and the main character using a vintage type of energy "gas-powered cars" so he have hunt for Illegal Coils just to give it to a women so she gives him back a cash and gasoline.

So let's talk about that guy. He doesn't seems carrying about robots or coils or anything other than his normal life. So something happened that he met a robot that can act and do what human life do, sounds not normal as the others robots and from now on things starts to change by this robot girl!.

I'm already interested by this manga it seems really going a long to each thing they did. I'm only on chapter 6 and i can't wait for more.

Story, i saw better and i hope they're going to handle it right, or they should adding a different kind of Coil. 3/5

Art, awesome!. They have a lot of different Angles but there's an Angle i hated which is straight face to the camera. 4/5

Characters, every character has its own unique details!, which i love it. 5/5

Enjoyment, as i said it's interesting. And furthermore we might see an amazing arcs (High hopes). 5/5

Overall, 8 out of 10.

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