May 16, 2013
Cruzader93 (All reviews)
2012 Series directed by Tomohiko Ito
Produced by A-1 Pictures
Review from my POV (w/ personal biases)
(Sp)oiler level: Meduim

PROS/what I liked:
+ That 1st Theme song is pretty FN cool. LiSA knows how to pump a show up.
+ The animation for the most part was consistent with it's smooth flow (hair waving, action sequences, running, etc.)
+ (personal) the concept may be old (Main dude plays VRMMO. Dude and everyone else is trapped in it. Beat the game to be free and stuff) but it would be my first time being used in an anime.
+ The first 2 episodes made this show looked very promising............

CONS/what I disliked/hated:
- ....... The rest of the series (23 ep) ranges from "meh" to borderline "unwatchable"
- (Sp) this show would feel more cohesive if level 40+ Kirito cared a bit more about completing the SAO mission. but nah, he just dicks around the lower levels, slowly making his own harem as the episodes go by.
- Romance element was too "Tween-y" for me.
- (Sp) "Mama" "Papa"? WTF is this? Can i please have an A.I. w/o feelings?
- ALO arc loses the danger from the 1st half. At this point, the whole story is 100% emotional driven (which isn't good cause i don't like ANYONE at this point)
- Leafa/Sugu's whole existence is irrelevant to Kirito's ALO mission and becomes a waste of time
- The fanservice in here is insulting.
- (Sp) the last scene of the show involving Kirito's avatar makes almost no sense.

Final Note:
Trust me, this shit's overhyped. The 1st Arc's concept is cool, only to be shitted on with feelings and the 2nd Arc is............. i dont even know.

Consider a must see? - no