May 15, 2013
tsuyo_sama (All reviews)
[Spoiler Warning]

NOTE: This is my first review at MAL, so please bear with me. Also, I haven’t read the manga AT ALL, and I don’t know if the manga’s story is similar to the anime’s. Consider this as a point of view of someone who just watched the anime. There are some spoilers along the way to explain my point in the review, so read at your own risk. :)

I remembered watching the first few episodes of Code:Breaker (together with a few more anime) when it was still being aired last year. I got curious since I thought, “Hey another super power-themed shonen anime! Cool!” After watching those few episodes, I stopped watching it and simply waited for the series to finish since I got tired of waiting for a new episode, which was released weekly.

While watching the last episodes of Code:Breaker, I got disappointed to this anime due to various reasons, but mainly I got disappointed because of the plot. Well, it started good, but how the series ended is just bland and generic. Perhaps most of us (if not all of us) have seen a story with a character betraying the good guys, working for the bad guy, and then in the end, betraying that bad guy and saying that he has been in league with the good guys all along. Well, we have that kind of cliché here. How about the Big Bad showing up after the bad guy gets defeated? We also have it here. The great presentation made at the start of the story was wasted by how they ended this series, which is cliché-filled, and done in a bad way at that.

Another thing here is the characterization of, well, the characters, which doesn’t seem real and human enough for me, and it shows more as the series progresses. Come on, someone who really IS evil doesn’t say he’s evil; rather, he would say that he’s the hero of justice (or something like that). Besides that, there are also some dialogues in this anime that I find weird and/or just simply wrong. And being an adaptation of a manga, the series’ ending is rather inconclusive, since 1) the manga is not yet finished and, 2) the adaptation is only 13 episodes long, which is very short. What I find wrong about its ending is that it never left me wanting for more.

With that said, the anime isn’t all bad points and no good points at all. Just as I said earlier, the way the story was presented in the beginning was great, with a certain number of people with superpowers (called Code:Breakers) are working for the government to eliminate (i.e.; kill) people that the government sees as evil. The character designs are also great, although the design for the Code:Breakers have varying touches of bishounen-ness in them.

So if you’re looking for a groundbreaking new anime, this certainly is NOT it. Maybe if you haven’t watched a lot of superpower-themed anime, you might enjoy this. Just “might”, though.