May 15, 2013
RedgraveGilver (All reviews)
Hunter X Hunter is a series known to many people especially to shonen fans. It's one of those shonen anime that proved that the mainstream shonen genre can also be intelligent yet exciting. Hunter X Hunter has been serialized for a decade now and spawned two anime adaptations, one being a remake. As the popularity of the series rises again because of the remake, the series finally now have a film that many hunter x hunter fans would be excited about. Is this movie worth the hype for us fans? Let's check it out.

Hunter X Hunter phantom rouge is about Kurapika one of the main characters of the series who wants to take vengeance against The Phantom troupe. A notorious group of criminals whom have massacred kurapika's entire clan, the Kurta clan. Although in search for the troupe and for the eyes of his comrades which is said to be stolen by the the troupe, Kurapika's eyes has been stolen by a another surviving member of the Kurta clan. The whole film's story revolved for kurapika regaining his eyes so to speak. Many of the fans would expect that Kurapika would have the spotlight in this film although the film mostly revolved to both Gon and Killua. Killua probably had the most characterization in this film as he can't still forget his dark past as an assassin and his brother Illumi's word that in the end he would kill his own friend. As weird as it is, this have become one of the most focusing theme in the whole film. Gon is still the typical naive but lovable kid we mostly get to see in the TV series and so he didn't get any development in this film at all. Kurapika is still the same as ever and we did get some background during his childhood along with his blind friend pairo who would only serve as a plot device in this film. Leorio, probably the most forgettable protagonist out of the four, is still forgettable in this movie as usual. He is just there to help his friends and nothing else. Barely any development and didn't even get any spotlight in the fights in the movie. We are introduced to two new characters in this film. Of course, that would be the former number four of the troupe, Omokage who is known as the master puppet god and Rentz, a beautiful girl who is pretends to be a boy. I have to say that i was pretty disappointed at Omokage. Most of Yoshihiro Togashi's villains are all top notch in characterization but here, Omokage comes up to me as only a one-dimensional villain. I also feel that his presence as a villain is unintimidating and underwhelming. Rentz on the other hand interests me and finally a girl who is the same as Gon and Killua's age who is beautiful. She had the potential to be a great character although i feel that her potential has been wasted due to poor execution. Hisoka and some of the notable members of the phantom troupe are here such as Machi and Nobunaga and are badass as usual but had barely any screen time at all which probably also one of my main gripes in this film. So if you're expecting a good phantom troupe awesomeness, i am sorry but you will be disappointed. If this film have only focus more on Kurapika and his relationship with the Kurta clan then i think this movie would have been better. They could also make Leorio to have some spotlight in this film. We always get to see Gon and Killua in the TV series so honestly why focus on them especially Killua? It really felt out of place to be honest.

Hunter X Hunter is also known for having smart and analytical fights. The fights in this movie are mediocre compared to the TV series itself. The fights may entertain a bunch of people but to me i find it boring compared to the TV series. The animation and visual is still the same as the TV series only much smoother in some cases. Nothing spectacular about to be honest and i think it could have been way better considering this is Madhouse. This nothing like the original Fullmetal alchemist where the already good visuals was upgraded higher in it's movie Conqueror's of shamballa. One of my main gripes in the Remake is the soundtrack. It pales in comparison when it comes to the 1999 TV series. Not saying that the soundtrack is that bad, but mediocre when it comes to it's another anime adaptation. Why am i talking about the TV series soundtracks? Because most of the soundtracks in the TV series are also in the film with some new ones with guitar metal madhouse style OST.

In the end Hunter X Hunter: Phantom rouge is a pretty okay film but it's definitely underwhelming. Out of Naruto: Road to Ninja, One Piece Film Z and this, i feel this is the weakest. Most people would probably be disappointed in this film but then again die-hard Hunter X Hunter fans will probably also gonna enjoy this film. I also did enjoyed this film but not that really much that i sometimes wants to sleep into most of the fight scenes. The pacing are fine and i didn't noticed much problem with it. But still, if you are a fan of the TV series and really like it, i'd say go and still give this movie a try and decide for yourself.