Jan 29, 2007
Xinil (All reviews)
First, let me point out the fact that if you don't like crude humor, don't bother watching Suna Bouzu (Desert Punk). This anime is filled with perverted, ecchi, and all around hilariously funny jokes (which may or may not offend some people). Don't let the comedy be the deciding factor though, as this show has some great action scenes. Kanta seems like an original Joe Blow, and quite the idiot at times, but when the going gets tough, he pulls through with some miraculous skills and finesse.

The story lacks a little somewhat through the middle of the series, but picks up a lot towards the end. Animation isn't top notch but it's plenty good to enjoy. The music is fun and suits the action sequences well (though it isn't anything memorable).

The characters are by far the biggest attraction to Suna Bouzu. Kanta is the most perverted guy on the planet and it's rolling on the floor funny. Kosuna (his apprentice girl) has quite a few great moments too.

For the most part, this is a happy "feel good" series. You'll enjoy the time you spend with it, and you'll enjoy the laughter it brings you. Giving this series a 9 is without a doubt warranted on my part.

So, in conclusion, if you're not put off by insanely crude humor and ecchi jokes/scenes (the scenes aren't too terrible, nothing more than underwear at times), definitely give Desert Punk a try. The Japanese voice cast is amazing, so don't settle for English dubbed.