May 12, 2013
purin_oO (All reviews)
I'lll just get to the point here: it wasn't very good. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I did NOT understand any of it???? Like firebird357 says, the plot for the main characters, Hanako and Ryoji, were rushed in WAY too fast but at the same time I understand why the auther did this. It's just like a movie; when the plot for the main character(s) isn't directly shown or said, we instead get flashbacks with bits and pieces of what happened until everything comes together and we understand why the main character(s) are the way they are. But even then, I don't understand why or why the author wrote it this way. I DO NOT want to spoil the ending but I'm guessing there was a twist in there, which threw me off and made me even more irritated with this manga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Overall, the characters leaned toward pretty good, but because of the plot, sadly, it ruined good characters. I thought the art was absolutely flawless, capturing every emotion the characters felt, so I definitely gave the art rating a 10/10. Giving an overall rating for this manga was very hard for me because the characters were good, the art was outstanding, but the story was so lacking and disappointing???? So I almost dropped it after chapter 2, but decided not to in hopes of it getting better, which it never did in my opinion. Oh! I almost forgot one more thing...the what were supposed "exciting" and "suspenseful" scenes never came. I never felt neither of those emotions nor the feeling you get in your stomach when reading horror manga and you can't click the next button fast enough. I read there will be an Anorexia: Shikabane Hanako wa Kyoshokushou 010?? And to be honest with you, I'll probably read that because knowing me, I have to finish reading something no matter how awful it is. Maybe we will get more insight to everything? More clarity? Ugh...hopefully...So all in all, don't waste your time on this manga...Or do to find out for yourself? I wish a chapter 10 would be released so I can have some closure. At least.