May 8, 2013
miyuchi (All reviews)
STORY [9/10] It was a great story. I won't re-tell the summary again here, since you can basically read it yourself. But anyways, the story is great! I love how it doesn't really went as fast like the other typical shoujo mangas do. I also love how they actually really fell in love with each other. Although the guy's action and behavior is already obvious and predictable. The girl too. But it ends with a happy ending, so why not?

ART [10/10] The one main thing why I want to read this manga is probably because of the art. The art is super adorable, the guy looks amazingly cute and cool at the same time. While the girl looks cute, innocent, and although she's a bit of a cry-baby- but that's normal. I also love the bold statement of the eyes and their blush. That's all.