May 4, 2013
Ariray (All reviews)
It doesn't take much for an anime to get me excited. BB2 is no exception to this. It starts off action packed and consistent from where it left off from BB1. The scenes still help us visualize the fact that Hodr's Kingdom is truly falling and is truly at a disadvantage when compared to the platoon of Zess. The story is nevertheless brilliant, and this is all because of the wonderful execution. Truth to the matter is, it can be quite typical at times. However, the story and characters all develop beautifully to the fact that it makes you want to know more about the story, especially the characters of Zess and Rygart.

Again, sound and art are both fantastic, contributing to the overall enjoyment of the series. In comparison to BB1, it does get more of the plot in it since BB1 could be said as the foundation, or a teaser some may say.

The flashbacks shown in BB2, in my opinion, are well put and necessary for the enjoyment of the viewer. It's a way of letting the viewers know why the characters do this and that, especially Zess and Cleo. It gives us a better understanding of the characters and of the whole story as well.

All of the old and new elements found in BB2 are both very engaging yet insufficient. The mecha battles are all fantastic yet some animations can be inconsistent at times, having to replay a whole minute in order to catch full sight of the action. Nevertheless, BB2 works with BB1 and makes you want to crave more of the series. Especially since both leave a cliffhanger by the end of the movie, which works its magic quite well.