May 3, 2013
Ariray (All reviews)
Coming from common knowledge of mecha animes, Break Blade 1 doesn't go that far from reintroducing different viewers to what is really appreciated as a great genre of anime.

To start things off, I could say that BB1 is something very typical of an action/military that contains a hero. It's cliche, as some of the reviews had already said. However, I admired how it was implemented well. There's great character development which helps the movement of the story. Rygart, who I can describe as an unconventional hero since he lacks the ability that all of the people around him possess, shines out. His lack of power is what makes him that distinct from the other pilots, as well as his own Golem that only he can control. Given this foundation for the story, BB1 leaves us hanging for what Rygart can do as an unconventional pilot in a city that seems like on the brink of losing the ongoing war.

The art in BB1 is very detailed and stunning. The sound and animation are also top-on since they make the mecha battles and normal scenes very engaging and exciting. The caliber of the art and sound all contribute to the enjoyment of the movie as one. Some scenes which seem ordinary and normal are all elevated to somewhat a grander level because of the voice acting alongside the art.

I didn't expect for the protagonist to have close connections with royalty since we are used to stories having heroes serving the king out of duty and responsibility. In BB1, we see Rygart serving in the army not only because of his duty, but because of the idea of friendship behind the war. This must be the first time I experienced this type of story which is very refreshing to watch and experience.

I am quite excited to watch the remaining five movies after BB1. It serves as a great teaser or introduction which is very effective in making the viewers crave for some more mecha action and perhaps a romance story out of the blue.