May 2, 2013
SethAL (All reviews)
"Ore Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru" Quite a long and complicated name. As the name states it, yes, it's a warzone between a childhood friend and the girlfriend with the addition of another two comic relief character.
Story, 6/10:
For the story, well, people may thought, 'Hey, this must be another simple harem show again. whatever, i'll just watch it for fun'. Yeah, at first, i was like that, then, after a certain episode, the story was getting even more exciting. And to think that each and every one of the girls were given fair chances in getting the guy.
One thing that i really like about this show is that, it didn't feel rush. Everything went smoothly with the flow. Although there were moments where you would be like, ' whuh?' but it was still good.
I gave it a 6/10 score because the story didn't reached the climax where it should have been. And a few other scenes that should be so powerful, but ended up with a 'meh'

Art, 8/10:
One good thing about this anime is the art style. Some people might be disturbed by the light coloured theme, but for me, i loved it! It was so refreshing and so cheerful. God, the opening was so full of colours, i was caught by the colours myself.
The character design was okay i guess. Although there were some scenes where the character's face was a bit weird.

Sound, 7/10:
I would say that the Sound in the anime played a not-so-much part in most of the massive scenes, where it should be. So yeah, maybe that's one of the reason why i feel the climax didn't reach the peak where i think it should have been.
The OP and ED played a major role in setting up the cheerful atmosphere. I love the OP. Hahaha.
For the second last episode, the ED played a major role in setting the mood for the last episode. I can't tell you what it's about, but it was aweesome.

Character, 8/10:
So in this harem, we have the genki girl, Harusaki Chiwa, the tsundere, Fuyuumi Ai, the chuunibyou, Akishino Himeka and the beauty, Natsukawa Masuzu.
Usually, in a harem anime, the main guy would be a total clueless dumbass that didn't even notice a girl likes him even after that girl confessed to him. But Eita, is not like that. he may be clueless at times, not because he is dumb, it's because of the family affairs which made him not to trust love.
And yes, i would believe that kind of reasoning, family problems could turn a person into anything.
Then, there's Chiwa, the childhood friend, fell in love with him after a certain incident(I won't spoil it). Also, has a bulletproof reason to love him.
Masuzu in the other hand, doesn't have any reason to love Eita, but she develops feelings for him later on. and i must say, watching Masuzu grew from the beginning to the end is really fun and sweet at times. although she can be a jerk.
Himeke and Ai, were practically the comic relief love interest. But even so, their reasoning to fell in love with Eita were both solid rock. Yes, even for a side character, i was rooting for Ai at some point.
A bunch of 'the usual' harem character but with interesting backgrounds and solid reason to why they like the same guy. Trust me, you won't get bored with any one of these characters, ever.
If only, every harem makes sense like this one...

Enjoyment, 8/10:
When the episode is getting dull, or the start of a new mission, behold! The Burning Fighting Fighter Notebook of Darkness!
YES, It was so embarrassing, i can't stop laughing.
Anyway, besides that, watching every singe one of the characters(including the aunt) developed at a same rate was really enjoying. every single one of them had a fair chance, even Kaoru. Yes, Kaoru. If only Kaoru was in the harem circle....

Overall. 7/10:
Like it's title, 'My girlfriend and childhood friend fight too much'. i agreed on that 100% percent. Because, it was all about a childhood friend and his gilrfriend. Ai and Himeka were just there. One of my favourite thing about the anime was watching Masuzu and Chiwa fought.
*cough* *cough* the last scene in the final episode, yup. i love that scene. eventhough there were no sparks between them, i swear i saw them inside my head.
it was so intense that it was so good.
Credits to the huge character developments in Masuzu. And yes, now i'm stuck between both of them.
If the harem is bad, you'll like every characters in the harem circle, if the harem is okay, you would like only one of them but if the harem is good, you would stuck in choosing which one is the best.
Yes, even now, i didn't see any winners yet. Not common for an anime but it's OreShura, where everything were for a reason.

I am rooting for second season!! No notebook, less comic relief, more love pentagon. Instead of being 80% comedy 20% romance, my guess, it would be 25% comedy, 25% serious and 50% romance for the next season. I wanna know more about Masuzu's family.

If you really like something refreshing to watch, watch OreShura. But if you think too much and more towards serious stuffs, don't watch it.