Apr 30, 2013
fatmacman (All reviews)
Tags: Big Breasts, Domination, Group, Orgy, Harem, Loli, Lust, Old Men, Rape, Small Breasts, Students, Urination, Virgins

Here we go with the fourth installment of the Kansen series, do not look for Kansen 4 as it does not exists. The Kansen series is about a virus called Unkown Level 4 that causes people to lose their inhibitions, become violent and crave sex above all else. This series follows that same story line and focuses on a small group of girls that are trapped in a locker room where they are raped by some pretty nasty guys while one girl's boyfriend is forced to watch.

There is not much to the story this time around, the existence of the virus is barely mentioned and it is pretty much straight up rape sex for the entire series. This is the shortest of the four series having two 15 minute episodes rather than the standard 30 minutes, so not a lot of bang for the buck. The overall quality is good, with nice character designs and plenty of H content. Like all of the Kansen series, this one is censored, and I would say the censorship is not too horrible.

So the overall positives are that the girls are all hot and have a range of looks from the little loli type to the big amazon girl. The graphic quality is good and the animation is nice and smooth. The actual hentai content is well done and appealing.

The negatives would be the short length of the series, the lack of much story (for those who are interested in stories anyway), and the censorship which you cannot get around anyway.

Overall it is a reasonable watch, but I would have liked more from it. Anyone familiar with the rest of the series will feel right at home with this edition, but it may be a little light on the info for those who have not seen the rest. At any rate it is worth the watch.