Apr 27, 2013
Patches1980s (All reviews)
I can imagine many people bashing their heads against the wall trying to write a review for this anime without revealing spoilers; so I'm going to do this as best as possible...

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. One thing for sure is that this is one masterfully written and awesomely portrayed bit of story telling. In the twenty six episodes you'll find that you keep saying to yourself: "just one more episode", since it is almost impossible to watch just one episode at a time. (I gave the story a solid 10/10).

The art and sound department did a superb job (the opening theme "Karma" in particular is amazing, I'm ordering the OST that's for sure). English Dub fans will recognize most voices too.

The characters are like none other. Character development is amazing, all are brilliantly depicted and each has their own unique 'aura'. The relationships between characters, the twists & turns; it's all is part of this awesome bit of story telling. Character design was without a doubt engineered towards stirring emotions, you will unknowingly become immersed in their world(s) and be eager to find out what happens next (going back to what I said earlier).

The way it throws you around with plot twists, action, betrayals and emotions... it truly is one awesome roller coaster... to carry on with that analogy: just imagine this superb roller coaster, a few aches and pains from the ride, you're left feeling euphoric, only to realise it's still not quite over.
I'll leave it at that. sorry, but that's just one of the ways this anime really does it's magic.

It's hard to nit-pick but there are a few minor things here & there, but they're all easily forgotten. For example it's fairly evident who the real 'baddy' is early on (it would involve spoilers too so please excuse if I don't elaborate). loose ends are definitely my only main grievance with this anime. Believe me you will say: "did I just hear that!?" at one point...
So if you're a fan of action, hit-man/criminal syndicate, psychological thrillers; or if you just needed convincing, you will not regret picking up this anime.