Apr 21, 2013
ChildHatchling (All reviews)
Let's see... Shakugan no Shana III...

To start off, I would assume you watch SnS and SnS II already. As we know, our mate Yuji have been the fight of Shana and Kazumi. And, we would all expect that in SnS III he would clarify who he wants etc. etc. And when the release was one year late, (It was supposed to be released in 2011, but the original SnS website say it will be late) I expect them to shoot out some quantum awesome thing.

However, I was left disappointed, very very disappointed. First of all, SnS III barely touches Shana's tsundere side or even the love triangle. The small bit of school life is also gone and the original side characters barely made an appearance. New sub characters were introduced (well, it is a war) and let me tell you, I don't even remember half of them and their purpose.

In SnS and SnS II, the story emphasize on Shana and Yuji fighting Tomogara and trying to make progress in their 'love'. All is lost when Yuji disappeared. In the end, they all march to war and the place looks like a permanent Fuzetsu. To make thing worst, while the first part of the war is going on, Shana is MIA (inside Yuki's castle).

She later appeared on while an insane amount of power, even though she have been training with Margery for what? Two weeks?

The plot is so boring and it revolves around a lot of talking and talking. SnS III in my opinion should just shorten itself to 12 episodes instead of dragging on for 24 episodes.

The characters seems different somehow, Shana became as she is in SnS and Yuji became ye ol' villain. Kazumi appeared once in a while and Sato and company rarely appears.

The Music, namely Light my Fire and One, is quite enjoyable. Well, at least they maintain the standard like Hishoku no Sora from SnS and Joint from SnS II.

The art is the same and the fighting sences are more pro since Shana became extremely powerful (in the second part), same goes for Yuji. So, epic fight.

Basically, I feel that they could have done a better job. Hopefully, this does not kill all the fans of SnS, SnS II and SnS S. But, it killed me.