Nov 11, 2008
Skadi (All reviews)
For a show titled He is My Master I am not sure what I expected. I had just finished watching a rather long series and I was in the mood for something light hearted and short. In the end this wasn’t that bad of a show at all.

The story isn’t anything really special but it does have charm in its own way. Basically Izumi and her sister movie in to Yoshitaka's mansion to become live in maids because they have run away from home, presumably because they won’t let Mitsuki keep her pet alligator there. Yoshitaka insists on them calling him master and of course he is a pervert and makes them wear all kinds of skimpy clothes, spies on them in the bath, etc. We will forget the fact that these are like 13 year old girls, I mean this is anime if you’re offended by lolicon you probably aren’t watching anymore. Izumi is clumsy so she ends up breaking a lot of stuff in the mansion which Yoshitaka makes her responsible for in order to keep her in the mansion. So much of the story revolves around how much debt she is in and her getting out of it. It’s nothing really special but it enables enough jokes to make it fun. The humor gets a little repetitive at times but not so much that I lost interest.

Izumi and her sister Mitsuki are fun characters. Most of the story revolves around embarrassing Izumi, either with the outfits she has to wear, or the work she has to do, or getting her clothes ripped off by the love crazy alligator or the 3rd maid Anna who is madly in love with her. There is not really a lot of character depth, besides getting to know their basic personalities that’s pretty much all you learn about them. But I did find them all to be likable.

Meh. The animation is all I can say. I really find it to be pathetic. They talk out of the sides of their faces when in profile, they constantly have blush under their eyes and the colors used seem to be washed out and dull. I was going to punish this show in my final rating because of the crappy art but in the end I decided not to. The voice acting is pretty good and the music is ok but it’s not anything really great.

Overall I wasn’t sure what I wanted to give this show for its final grade. I had initially leaned towards a "6", but after thinking about it some I decided to go one better. Visually it isn’t much to look at but it did have a lot of comedy moments in it and is not too perverted. If you want a harmless little piece of fluff that will give you some laughs then I recommend He is My Master.