Nov 8, 2008
Hayamin (All reviews)
Story: The story is focused on baking. It sounds like an odd thing to base an Anime upon but it's one of the reasons this series is great. This is quite a unique and very enjoyable take on a show. I really liked the way it was going from the beginning. It had great potential with hilarious jokes, weird but clever puns and great (For the most part) characters, but then it started to get boring. Each new arc kept getting dryer and dryer because it's just bread-making tournament after bread-making tournament with several re-used jokes that aren't funny. Then again, I don't know where the series would go if it wasn't like that. The educational facts are interesting and the explanations of how the characters win are as exciting as a Detective Conan mystery. Unfortunately I don't know what they're talking about but hey, nothing wrong with that. The end of the series was a little disappointing but overall a fine story.

Art: Some episodes looked great, a few were pretty bad. I hate those little black vertical scratches under the characters' eyes, if those ever make it into an Anime, it'll force me drop the score for art. They serve no purpose, they just mess up the character's face... Overall though, the animation was simple but not horrible.

Sound: Nothing worth getting the Ost(s) for, a couple of the tracks are memorable but that's because they play it so often. A few of the Openings and Endings got my attention. You can find several cool songs here. Voice actors did a fine job, no problems there. However one character called Mizuno, was so annoying to listen to.

Character: Almost a perfect 10 if it wasn't for what they did to Kawachi. In the beginning he knew what he was doing as a baker but around the last arc and a bit before he was failing big time (Like Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho, but the failures aren't funny, just pathetic). The last arc pretty much used him as a filler character, he didn't even get to participate in his team anymore. He was just there to reuse bad jokes.

As for the characters overall, I really liked them and you really feel for them because a few of them have difficult pasts. The characters that receive development did gain some respect from me so I'd say things worked out in that department. Most of the characters are just for jokes though and support Azuma from the sidelines but I still think they're entertaining to watch.

Enjoyment: I kept watching it episode after episode when I started. I was pretty hooked. Then it got repetitive at the end, I had to force myself to finish the last 5 episodes but for a 69 episode series, me watching consistently for so many episodes is rare which shows how much I liked it.

Overall: It was a fresh take on Shounen Anime and I really enjoyed it. I need to thank the guy who recommended it to me. It's also interesting to go back and re-watch some of the episodes. It made me want to become a baker because it was so cool to watch them make such amazing creations. I'm sure it has that effect on many people who have seen it.

Thank you for reading my review. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Hope this helped.