Apr 9, 2013
KunoYuna (All reviews)
- This story confused me greatly at 1st. I tend not to read the smaller texts in the manga, but in this case, if you didn't read every little thing in the manga, you'd probably be lost. For me as a reader, I skim read. I read, but I skim at the same time. I did that with 'Wuthering Heights' and understood the series pretty well. And yet with 'Hakushaku to Yosei', I was confused at the end of the manga which I finished not too long ago (due to the fact that I read online and the updates are a bit slow at times). So after rereading, the plot itself didn't entice me b/c I saw no real purpose behind it all. I wasn't convinced of why Edger did what he did and why Lydia did what she did. I couldn't see their justification for most of their actions. -

- As for any review that I do (and I've only done... 10 or so) I always give the art a 10. Why? Well, I can't draw any better. I reference the art maybe, but that doesn't make me better. I can't draw any better and the fact that the mangaka drew such a drop dead gorgeous viscount is enough to give it a 10. -

- I couldn't relate to any of the characters. They may have been well drawn, but I felt that the mangaka could've put more time into the character development. I didn't care for Lydia since the start of the series. I also had a hard time understanding the human logic of why Lydia and Edger were doing what they were doing. Honestly, if they had died at the end of the series, I wouldn't really give a shit. I'd just be like, "Oh.. it's over. Next manga." I felt no empathy, no sympathy, no likeable emotion towards them. I just read the 15 chapters. After that, not a single fuck was given.-

- As you can tell from above, I did not enjoy the series as much as I had hoped. It was recommended to me as well so it really disappointed me that a friend kind of... over exaggerated a lot of the plot. -