Apr 6, 2013
Draconalis (All reviews)
Things you should know about this series:

a) The side antics and filler episodes, while humorous to a degree, feel exactly like what they are, side antics and filler. The story as a whole doesn’t suffer because of them, but you suffer through them mostly to get the tid bits of character progress they hide within them.

b) The core story should be strong enough to keep you interested, but where I feel this series kicks it up a notch is within the last two to four episodes. The drama starts to build up, and the ending is refreshing in the way it breaks from the cliché way slice of life harems usually end.
There are little things here and there that make you wonder, and some of those questions never get fully answered, but even with what you end up with, it’s satisfying.

Ultimately, I really liked this series. Right after I post this, I’m going to go see if there is a manga associated with it in an attempt to get maximum story exposure.
I recommend it, even if the overall score is low… but ultimately… who am I, but some guy on the internet. Those are my two cents, take them or leave them, but don’t give them back to me… I don’t like pennies.