Apr 5, 2013
Tyrel (All reviews)
Despite Gintama': Enchousen being shorter than its previous seasons, it still brings the action and comedy part of the show, never leaving, but always staying one step ahead. By doing this, the emotional impact the show brings into the series in some of the small and major arcs is shown in great detail, this leaves the viewers speechless at how perfectly it's put together.

Comedy isn't that strong in series as of late, even in most of the series airing the comedy was either pretty bad or they started out great, but than ended up as failures from becoming great. Knowing when to be funny in a show is essential to making a series great. If you just half-ass your way it won't become funny anymore, instead it will just be a generic show trying too hard. From the Fall and Winter seasons numerous shows tried doing this and they just burnt out near the end. Some recovered themselves near the end, barely.

However, Gintama is able to keep its comedy approach, knowing when to do it at the right time and not forcing itself too much. This gives the show a strong appeal to the fans that look for laughs.

We can't just talk about the comedy of Gintama though, the action and emotional part of the show is able to perform so well that its surprising. It makes you think, "How can a show be so funny, yet so great in so many vast amount of genres?" It really is speechless to say, at least from my standing and maybe you'll be able to question this yourself sometime too.

When it comes to Odd Jobs, also known as Yorozuya in its Romanized name, great hardships befall them. This ranges from running out of money due to the lack of jobs—to putting themselves into greater danger more so than the Shinsengumi, also known as the "Special Police Force." By going to such great acts of danger they're able to overcome and help the people they hold dear as friends.

Another great thing about Gintama is its characters. Gintoki, Shinpach, Kagura, and don't forget about Sadaharu, their pet dog; If it can even be classified as a "dog," have if not the best and unique characters in Anime. Despite Gintoki being the leader his personality takes a 180 turn from being serious, to trolling the viewers by picking his nose and always reading manga. Like Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura have pretty much the same type of personalities of Gin but show it in a different way.

The general theme of Gintama has no boundaries, right? Right. It's able to clash from fighting Aliens known as the Amanto that harm their beloved country to fighting corrupted Shoguns that only seek power. This also relates to its artwork by going into an Olden historical setting and even space.

In the soundtrack department, Audio Highs who's worked on all of the previous seasons and this one also shows how she/he is able to compose and arrange the music in the correct places throughout the series. While Amoyamo who played the first opening song, "Let's Go Out" of Gintama Enchousen and SPYAIR who performed the second opening song, "Sakura Mitsu Tsuki" as well as many other songs from the previous seasons is able to show a calm but catchy beat in all of their songs. The ending song is rather catchy as well, performed by PAGE - "Expect."

In the end Gintama lives up to being a great classic to the viewers. A show that can bring comedy, emotion, action and an historical type setting all into one, while keeping strong to its general based theme is Gintama. Odd Jobs will never be forgotten, they shall return one day and when that day comes, prepare yourself.