Sep 25, 2007
cutepiku (All reviews)
Lucky * Star is about highschool girls and.. ummm, well, that's about it. It basically revolves around the lives of four girls (later on, more people are given some time) and the random conversations they have.

This series is not incredibly plot filled. Actually, there really is none. It's not even really character driven. This anime, however, doesn't need much of a story. It still works out in a cute way. However, the rating IS for story, and in all fairness, there really was none. I think this is a fair, if not quite high rating for what was presented.

The best animation is definitly in the opening sequence. Everything flows nicely in it, and it throws money around to give a flawless performance. Once you get to the actual show, however, there is basically no movement what so ever, save the talking.

The art style isn't top notch. It is kept with the original 4-koma's style, but I still think they could have coloured it a bit better. Maybe make the girls atleast look more their age.

I did really like that opening song. Quite catchy. The in-show music was also fairly well done, aside from the fact that I didn't really notice it. The music just kind of melted into the background. That's the only reason why it's not higher on my rating. It was good, but nothing to write home about.

This was my biggest issue. The series had INCREDIBLY 2-dimensional characters. They did not develope, they did not change. We did no see any different sides to them. The closest to this was with Konata, and... whatever her name is. The older of the twins.

This may have been alright, because this would seriously screw up the nature of the anime, but because of the 2-D element to them, I couldn't really connect to any of them. Except maybe Konata. I'm a big nerd too.

While I did have a few giggles, I did not either really like this series, or really dislike it. I can see why people like it, but I don't understand the overwhelming popularity. I was told it was funny, but it wasn't a comedy. It was slice-of-life. I was told it was meaningful. That was a load of bull. I watched the series with no expectations, and I ended it with none. I don't see myself rewatching this anytime soon.

Overall / My Comments / My Feelings
I know people will be angry, but it wasn't an overall amazing show. It has no story, the art was pretty boring, the sound disappeared, and the characters were 2-D. The only thing this series had that I liked was the otaku jokes. Other than that, I couldn't relate. Highschool isn't like this for me. Not at all. And I don't know people who are so stereotypical. I was a little disappointed, I think.

I can't say anything but, sorry fans. I just couldn't get myself hooked. I atleast pulled through all the episodes, but it was becoming a little draining towards the end. I had no real drive to finish it...