Apr 2, 2013
Cruzader93 (All reviews)
1st Film from the Tiger & Bunny property
2012 Anime produced by Sunrise and licensed by Viz Media
Review from my POV (w/ personal biases)
I've seen the TV series and will include comparisons between Film and Series.

+ Its storytelling is much more cohesive, which gives a more movie-like feel.
+ There's a good balance of screen time for the all other heroes (with the exception of one)
+ They use that extra screen time to further explain some of the heroes and their respective abilities (although short, there's a significant scene involving Rock Bison)
+ Last 3rd of the movie was all new material.
+ The design of the new villain looked pretty cool

- The new villain felt 2-Dimensional and was only being used as an obstacle for the heroes to conquer.
- Origami Cyclone is probably the only one that didn't get enough screen time and yet he's the most different from his "TV" counterpart. (why the hell did he get so emo?)
- Kotetsu is still too much of a pushover and Barnaby is still a jackass at first.

Final Note:
New material and a more balanced plot might pull viewers of the 2011 Anime Series back into the city of Stern Bild while also attracting new viewers for simply its wonderful premise. I mean, who wouldn't want to watch a Super Hero Game show?

Recommends to:
Fans of the show
Those looking for a drama involving Super heroes.