Nov 3, 2008
Rumiclub (All reviews)
A person needs good taste and a sense of humor to enjoy Ranma ½.
If you possess these attributes then Ranma ½ should appeal to you.
Don't expect it to be like Akira or Death Note because this is a true comedy.
If you enjoy Monty Python then Ranma ½ will entertain you.
If you aren't amused by it then you have no sense of humor.


The episodic format often prevents a long story arc from developing
but most of the story arcs that occur throughout the series develope
the overall plot with the character learning new techniques
although some of the story arcs bring the story back to square one.
The main form of plot developement that happens is cast expansion
which means more and more characters are introduced that can later be
used in subsequent episodes.

This massive cast of characters eventually developes a complicated web of relationships that change very little but the web does continue to get larger.
In other words the situation grows more than it actually progresses.


The art quality was magnificent early on in Seasons 1 and 2
and later on in Seasons 6 and 7 but Seasons 3, 4, and 5 were inconsistent.
This inconsistency is because different animators with varying levels of skill
animated different episodes throughout these middle seasons.
Asami Endo worked on way too many episodes and her style detracts from the quality of the seasons that she worked on extensively.
Atsuko Nakajima was the greatest animator and every episode she made
was entertaining and her style of art and animation was perfect in every way.
Yuka Kudo and Chi Isono were also excellent animators.


The sounds effects and music are perfect and they fit the series well.


Above all else the characters are hilarious, charming, and unusual.
The characters are actually extremely deep and most of them have extensive
back stories that provide extensive information about their past.
Whoever said they're not deep is completely wrong and obviously didn't pay any attention to the comprehensive background information that was given to tell about the events that led up to the ongoing circumstances of
the series and give depth to the characters by telling parts of their life story.
The characters are extremely eccentric but they have believable personalities
because they almost always act in character.

The characters have consistent personalities that make them believable and insanely hilarious. The characters are this anime's best characteristic.


Enjoyment is what this anime is all about.
You should chill out and make sure you have a sense of humor before you watch this anime.