Nov 1, 2008
Stormy_77 (All reviews)
Generally I review only the anime that haven't been reviewed but Code Geass R2 affected me so much I had to write a review. RL Context: Work and other RL obligations had kept me from anime for a while. Coming back to anime and starting with .Hack/Sign wasn't the smartest thing to do. Thank god the next anime I saw was this one, or I would probably have gone on another anime hiatus.


This anime is quite difficult to describe without spoilers since the plot is one of the best I've seen to date and each episode has many talking points - just look at the sheer number of posts in each episode discussion. Overall, it's complex, full of twists and fast paced. There is a perfect blend of tons of action, cool mecha, comedy, romance, emotion, drama - you want it, it's here in this series.

There is no possibility to get bored with this anime. I was guessing and most of my guesses went wrong! There were many "Whaatt??", "I don't believe it!" and "Nooo!" moments. This anime pulls you in and doesn't let you go till it ends. Every episode leaves you wanting more. I was sad when it ended. Now that's a good story. Kudos to whoever wrote the manga - thank you for this gift.


The amazing thing about this anime is there are no "throw away" characters. Every character is well realized and developed, even the small minor ones. Just when you think you have them figured out something happens that opens your eyes anew! They all provoke a reaction from the watcher, whether negative or positive, or negative turned to positive, or positive to negative, but there is a reaction which mostly changes over time. They engaged me so much I got INVOLVED in this anime. Wow, it's been a long time since I felt so much emotion, anticipation and enjoyment from watching an anime.

Art/Animation and sound

The animation was awesome. There's none of the Super-deformed kawaii/joke mode. Fingers, eyes and hair are particularly well drawn, as is the cleavage of Kallen and Millay in particular (hey, I may be female but I still recognize fan-service). Just look at the ending animation - it's just beautiful. No other word for it.

The ending song wasn't that good or this would have had all perfect 10s. That being said the sound effects were perfect especially when combined with the well realized mecha in all the fight scenes. Overall, those were brilliant.


Code Geass R2 blew me away. This anime reminded me strongly WHY everyone should watch anime. In total, it is a joy to watch. If I have time I will rewatch it. Episode 19 in particular. Genius. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed an anime so much.


This deserves it's place as the #5 ranked anime on this list. I liked season 1 but R2 is even better. Up to the last episode and they're still coming up with twists. There's really nothing I disliked about this outstanding anime. For those who haven't seen it, please watch this (after seasion 1 of course). Part of me wants a season 3 but the other half of me fears it might detract from the satisfying conclusion of R2. Perfection sometimes doesn't require a third act.