Mar 28, 2013
BigOnAnime (All reviews)
Trees destroying the world. Now this is interesting, not.

Blast of Tempest is a show where nothing matters, absolutely nothing. It's simply pretentious BULLSHIT!

It's got all powerful magic trees that pop out of nowhere, uninteresting and hardly developed characters, quotes from Hamlet for no reason, people just standing there for FIVE EPISODES debating about nonsense (Where the villain even helps his enemy, and later the villain and his enemies for NO REASON all of a sudden become friends), absolutely atrocious pacing that goes from way too fast to way too slow, and more things.

I can't even begin to really describe the story because of how much of a mess it is (It's almost as messy as BONES' last awful work, Eureka Seven AO), which is the result of the pacing being ridiculously fast in the beginning, and there being absolutely NO COHESION. The events don't flow well together whatsoever. It starts out with something about Mahiro's sister being murdered, a half-naked mage being left on an island to die, and other stuff that later does not matter much.

It then rushes through everything, and does not even spend time to have you get to know the characters well (And no, the backstory does not count because that backstory did not prove to be relevant enough to the "plot"), or have you get to know the setting. How am I supposed to care about anything in this show if they don't even bother to take the time to build up their characters and setting? You can not even really tell what the hell is going on because of how it jumps from event to event in an atrocious way, with there being no cohesion as I've stated earlier. This is really something that shouldn't be that hard to mess up. One of the most important things in a show is pacing, and placing of events. You need to have a story flow well so the viewer knows what is going on, and is getting a good deal of storytelling.

So come around halfway through the first half of the show, we then have humanity trying to stop a magical tree from destroying the world. All of a sudden the two groups that are fighting each other then engage in a pretentious debate about time travel, the murder, and other crap for no reason. It seems like this stuff matters, but in the end it doesn't because after FIVE EPISODES of this crap with them just standing there, debating, another tree pops up, and saves the world, so their debate DIDN'T EVEN MATTER! Yeah, let's debate and let a tree interrupt our pointless conversation. Oh and apparently that magic tree ends up dictating everything humanity does, stops crime and other stuff, but we never learn one bit about how that's supposed to work.

After that, the show goes under a genre shift, from some "serious" adventure where people are trying to save the world to just your ordinary school setting (Minus the school), and them trying to find some wimpy guy known as the Mage of Exodus, which they later find, but have no clue if he is it when it's clearly obvious he is. Let's not forget how this show wasted time AGAIN with one of the most stupid things I've ever come across in anime. Two full episodes are spent on the character's going "Who's his girlfriend?!!!" when they should have known ALL ALONG! This just goes to show this show doesn't use its time wisely.

In the end, this show is a total failure that trolls its viewers, and the only thing is has going for it are the visuals (And just because a show has pretty visuals DOES NOT mean it's good, what really matters in the end are the story and characters, something this show doesn't have), and the soundtrack. Those that appreciate good characters, story, and shows that actually take the time to make you care about those things (Ex: One Piece, Nodame Cantabile, Eureka Seven, Neon Genesis Evangelion), avoid this at all costs. It is not worth the time.