Sep 24, 2007
Venneh (All reviews)
Title: Kino no Tabi: In Order to Do Something -Life Goes On-

Anime: The Kino no Tabi movie was released on February 19th, 2005 in Japan, and was directed by Takashi Watanabe, who also directed Ikki Tousen. It has yet to be licensed or released Stateside.

Story: The movie is a prequel of sorts, focusing on Kino when she was younger and living with Shishou, who was mentioned in passing in the series. We see her learning to protect herself with guns, and learning how to ride Hermes, which makes for some nice laughs. It also focuses on her guilt over a death that she caused, and her first journey to the country of the one she killed, to tell that person's family what happened.

This is a really nice continuation of one of the episodes in the series, not to mention an expansion on another person mentioned in passing in the series, and a great origin story in general. We get to see how Kino became... well, Kino.

Again, as in the series, there is some blood; nothing too significant, but it's still there.

Art: No different from what we saw in the series; see my review of Kino no Tabi for my opinions on that.

Music: Again, no different from what we saw in the series, except for the ED. The new ED was sweet, but I like the series' ED better.

Seiyuu: Once again, no change from what we saw in the series. It was nice, hearing more of Shishou's seiyuu, because we heard so little of her in the series. She was exactly what I expected her to be: warm, comforting, motherly in general.

Length: I'm not real happy with this, as it clocked in at just under a half-hour. I was expecting something a bit longer than the typical episode length, and there was so much more that they could've done. It was nice, but still...

Let's just hope that the second movie is actually full-length, and not this short.

Overall: An excellently written, if slightly short, origin story, with many similarities to the series.

Story: 8/10
Art: 8/10
Music: 7/10
Seiyuu: 8/10
Length: 8/10

Overall: 39/50; 78% (C)