Mar 28, 2013
Mauno (All reviews)
Holy crap! I mean who thought that an anime with poor CG graphics, bland setting straight out of saturday mornings girls' cartoon and an animation studio nobody has ever heard of, could actually be kinda... good?

In my case, it all begun with a youtube video "Piku Shiru Can't Stop", which is a mash-up of a Red Hot Chili Peppers song and gdgd Fairies. I found it strangely entertaining and annoying at the same, and after a while I noticed that the 2nd season was among the on-going series. I watched some random episode and was pleasantly surprised how amusing it was, and right after got hooked on the 1st season.

To make it clear, this is no My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic kinda series that was targeted to little girls, but somehow grown men got around watching it. Gdgd fairies' forte is the constant flood of references and humour, most of which younger audiences wouldn't get in all its Japanese weirdness.

Most episodes go by the same formula: The opening, sitting around a table chatting (plenty with sit-com humour and tsukkomi), the room of might and magic (I think it was called something like that), where the fairies e.g. invent new sports such as bungee jumping from space and trying to catch a bread roll with your mouth at the same time. This represents the more physical and weird type humour much like the one you see in Monty Python.

Then there's also the magic spring that serves as a Teletubbie Screen that shows us another worlds that bear frightening similarities to Garry's mod videos. Then the seiyuus try to improvise and dub over these videos of naked old men soaring through the sky. This is literally improvising so the characters' ways of speech chages notably. The voice actors do a great job.

Finally, after the ED, is the next episode's preview, which actually is just a spoof of some popular anime such as Haruhi, Higurashi or Oreimo. It's way too easy to miss these, considering the relatively high entertainment value they have.

Overall, this is a better anime that anyone could reasonably expect. It's strange and funny as hell, but the animation is nothing to speak about and storyline non-existent. Many will definitely think gdgd fairies is just plain awful, but as many or more willl find it strangely addicting. Just watch some random episode like I did and find out.