Mar 26, 2013
EmperorDemonGava (All reviews)
I've decided to write my first review on what I consider the best anime movie ever made. Now I doubt anyone else will agree with me on that statement but I truly feel this movie is a masterpiece. It was this movie that introduced me to the genius that is Osamu Tezuka. I expected to like this movie but I didn't expect it to be this good. It was excellent in every way, certainly better than any other cartoon movie at the time. With that being said its very sad to see this great film fall into obscurity the way it did. Any way on with the review.

1001 nights is the first film of three films known as Animerama. The others were Cleopatra and Belladonna of Sadness. These films were among the first attempts at cartoons aimed for adults this one being the first full length animated feature made for adults. As you can expect their is quite a bit of nudity, sex, and Violence however it is not done in a sleazy way in fact it's quite light hearted feeling. The thing that truly makes this movie so great though is not as much the content as the Master story telling by Tezuka. This whole story is so deep and complex and even though at points it seems like it's going off the rails at times it all comes together perfectly in the end. The story is basically a twist on the story of Alladin with additions to it like Sinbad the sailor and the tower of Babel among other crazy stuff. It's hard to really explain the story without spoiling anything but it's largely a tale of rise and fall where many peoples lives intertwine. All the Characters are quite interesting and memorable and most have a strong amount of Character Development most notably Alladin.

The art is also quite good for it's time and often mixes real in life images. There is is some nice psychedelic sex scenes which are quite mesmerizing. The music is awesome classic rock and proto-metal type stuff and is very catchy. The main theme often ends up stuck in my head in fact it is at this very moment. The whole movie is outstanding in everyway.

Yeah that's my opinion and even though i'm plrobably alone on it I would suggest you watch this film if your cool with oldschool anime. It really is by all means a great film.