Mar 26, 2013
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First of all, if you have strong impressions for this show, then refrain from reading any further. It might save you some time as well as brain cells that may be lost when watching this show. Trust me, time is worth saving.

Well, if I had my say, this series right here known as Amnesia is one anime that I have one HELL of a trouble following. It's not the part related to the story but rather the concept of the entire series. Even behind the scenes, Amnesia is what I see as a title that can easily be forgettable, just like an Amnesia. It's a series that just doesn't click right and was not enjoyable for me. As a matter of fact, this series is like a beauty without expression. It's a presentation without the delivery. It's a story without intelligence. And to be honest, I didn't like it one damn bit.

The series is based off a Japanese visual novel of the same named produced by Idea Factory. The game is considered of the otome genre and thus is targeted towards more of the female audience. As such, the series stars a main female protagonist as she encounters several hot guys that represents a different suit of a card deck. She becomes the center of attention with her bonds involving the other guys in several supposed routes/arcs that proceeds the story.

So from the very first episode, viewers may ask themselves: What the hell is going on?

I sure did because the story begins with the main character (named Heroine with no real definite name other than what's being addressed by) with no memories. She is about 19 years old and we know almost to none of her backgrounds from the get-go. Well, we do know a few things. She is apparently lost with no memories prior to August. She is unnamed in the series. She apparently has a job at a local bar. She is clueless with little to no knowledge of the world or even herself. And to add to the injury, Heroine is unable to complete a full sentence most of the time! It's hard to take her character with these sort of ideas from the very beginning but the series must be doing something right to attract the fans, right?

Well, perhaps that part comes with the gentlemen of the series~

Among several of the characters are the bishonens. They are presented as the guys that the Heroine has prior connections with. Each of them represents a different suit symbol such as Shin (Heart), Ikki (Spade), Toma (Diamond), Kent (Clubs), and Ukyo (Joker). All of them are dressed in a flamboyant way with their stylish clothing that can be very appealing to the ladies. Unfortunately though, they don't seem to hold any more meaning to that. The main problem here is the story. Yes, it's based on a game so there would be alternations but I feel like the series is rushed way too fast.

Let's break this down a little and see where it goes.

The series takes place on August 1, which is in the middle of dog days. Does that hold any sort of significance? Whether it does or not, the series doesn't present itself too well especially after the thrilling ending of the pilot episode. Because immediately after that, Amnesia shifts to the romance aspect of the series as Heroine seems to be already in relationship with one of the guys. As the episodes progresses, we learn that Heroine in fact has connections with several of the guys – all romantically in some way. The main problem is though how, when, where, and why? Finally, there's the supernatural part of the story with a curious little (and to add..annoying) pixie named Orion. The show in my opinion reached a new level of annoyance the second he opened his mouth. He is a creature that is only visible by Heroine herself and he seems to be the most mysterious of them all. Maybe he is able to recover Heroine's memories. Maybe he is the one who caused them in the first place. Maybe he knew Heroine prior to her amnesia. Maybe he knows the other guys as well. That's a lot of maybes.

The story itself also has problems with being a bit rushed in particular one of my favorites later on. As a matter of fact, each of the main male characters only gets so little to explore their connection with Heroine. Of course, this doesn't come as a major surprise as result of the show's given length. Regardless though, the story comes as a rushed narration and one that lacks flavor. YUCK.

Speaking of which, Heroine herself has many problems besides just her amnesia. In fact, she is presented as being foolish, deficient, unintelligent, and literally a BAKA. Her foolishness even puts herself at dangerous situations such as being nearly drowned and falling off a cliff. At first, it looked serious but at many times, it's almost laughable. That and the fact that she can rarely complete a full sentence further enhances such criticism of her weak character.

The series does bring in some interesting concepts though. In fact, it seems that all the routes will be explored despite their rushed sequences. As such, all the main male characters get their own spotlights with Heroine. The mysterious atmosphere brings a majestic feeling as well with its strange delivery. It makes viewers wants to know what happens next rather and hoping some of their questions will be given answers. That and the fact that the characters' designs are visually appealing can be attractive for the audience. Furthermore, I feel like the seiyu did a terrific job with their voice acting. Even Heroine who can rarely complete a full sentence is portrayed in a direct way to show how real she is that of having an amnesia. All the other male characters' voices fits their personality as well and in general makes some sense.

Unfortunately though, these factors added together do not justify enjoyment for me in this series. The story is just too unbelievable with too many things going on at once. Some of these things makes little sense such as a group of girls attempting to bully Heroine on a daily basis out of jealousy (?). Among others, there is a mysterious female and another seemingly antagonist who often seems be a thorn to Heroine's quest to regain her memory. Even so, Heroine herself lacks motivation and often relies far too much on her boyfriends. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyways), she is useless. She is considered a joke and not even funny. In fact, this show has no humor and for whatever reason, it tries to force it through its dialogues. Speaking of which, the dialogues all follow a monotone like sequence. They lack flavor or an entertaining style. Hell, I can watch the New York stock exchange for more entertainment.

In terms of artwork, this series did well. The way the characters are dressed are very appealing and has that majestic feeling. To add to the mix, their eyes are decorated with stylish outlines and a creative touch. It keeps some of the audience interested but at many times, it just looks like a distraction that has little to do with the actual content of the story.

The music/soundtrack is mediocre for the series from my perspective. The OP song, "Zoetrope" by Nagi Yanagi is quite catchy as it depicts a montage of the main characters with the male protagonist. However, at many variances, it only seems to be appealing with no merit to any morality. In fact, Amnesia itself has no real value in its story besides a Heroine being a useless girl. Such a pity to be honest.

Overall, Amnesia is a series I hope I will forget. Well, if it comes to visuals, it caught my attention but beyond that leads to nothing more than a palm in the face. When watching the Heroine, it's almost like telling yourself 'why, just why is she so useless?' That source even puts her own life at danger in various circumstances until her knight in shining armor can save her. And of course, that usually happens in this series anyways. Let's not also forget that annoying pixie by the name of Orion as well with mystery written all over it. I wished this series was good. Honestly, I did but this series dropped the ball. If you do plan on watching it, I do hope you enjoy it. However for me, I just want to forget it...forget it like an Amnesia of no tomorrow.