Mar 25, 2013
Preliminary (55/? chp)
Since, there wasn't a review written for the particular manga I felt there was one needed. ( be wary this is my first review )
The manga itself is a bit shaky since the English translations aren't up-to-date if you want to watch or read more watch the anime online, or read the light novels at baka-tsuski.
Now to the review,
Story 7/10;
The story is wonderful, it includes your average MC and is a great pick for those of you who like characters who are really dull when it comes to 'love'. It also adds the drama elements not strong enough to tear up about, but enough to make me think and sit about it the next day. Although there has been a debate on religion, which really doesn't affect me negatively or positively, since I'm an atheist ( please don't rant it's just fiction ).
Art 8/10;
Aw yes, the art hmm.. Not much to say about it, it does have it's eye-candy, but the action-sequences are average (not saying that I dis-like fights), great detail on backgrounds, but none-the-less from what you'd expect from an average manga.
Character 9/10;
The characters, there are TONS of them, but all of them seem to have enough background story for them to fit in the actual story, each one of them have their own little thing which makes them difference. Gotta love that tsundere character ( yes, I am a big tsundere fan so go ToumaXMisaki ).
Enjoyment 8/10
Ahh, for me it was a 8/10 because to be honest, I watched the anime first, and decided on burning time, by reading the manga, which had made me fall in love all over again. It might not be the same for everyone but sure did affect me. But, it was a bit bland for me considering I had already knew what was going to happen since I watched the anime. :P
Overall 8/10
Guess, I gotta sum everything up I guess, it really is a wonderful story check it out yourself.
( I'm free to any constructive criticism since this is my first review, second time announcing ).
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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