Mar 25, 2013
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EDIT2016: Please take into consideration that this was written 3 years ago and the things I've written here are quite biased from an otome game fan side. It was meant to be taken as a defense to the reverse harem genre as a whole which was a lot less popular during the time I wrote this than it is now. I must mention that I changed a lot of opinions during the past three years, I've started to want to give more objective opinions, even if sometimes, it's, of course, unavoidable to not be biased; that doesn't mean that I'm discrediting this review. I am still convinced that Amnesia is NOT the worst reverse anime and most definitely NOT bad, but take mostly the first part with a grain of salt. I'm keeping this review up to note down my own personal growth. Have a nice day!


I'm one of those people that gave a high rating to Amnesia. Why? some of you may ask. Simply because Amnesia is NOT.BAD. Not as bad as people tend to label it. First fact about Amnesia: it's an otome game (dating simulation for girls) adaption, people! Girls are finally getting more fanservice and smexy bishies! The focus on it it's quite new so nobody can and will invest that much into smexy bishie animes for girls as they do invest in smexy girls with big boobs animes for boys! But this did good even with the low capital!IT HAD A STORY! I've seen adaptions that are really bad, with no story, no development, no anything and I recognize it, but Amnesia doesn't deserve a 2 or a 3. The setting is nice! The art is nice and quite original! The music is the best of the season! The characters are a bit sketchy and hard to get through but they're not stereotypes. The heroine is a dead fish with no emotion, yes. But still, the other factors make up for it.

Story - 8
With all the time traveling we got last year this comes right at the right time. The story started off with a lot of potential and continued holding on the suspense factor till the last episode. Why are you people complaining about it? Do you like plots where you know everything from the first minute of the first episode? I personally enjoyed making theories about what the hell is happening while drooling over some bishies and have my heart thump because of some sweet, cheesy lines I'd never recognize I like in real life. The explanations we got in the last episode was quite well made and we slowly managed to connect everything piece by piece. The last regression clip to when the heroine first died was nicely made too. It would have been nicer if the heroine seemed more alive.

Art - 7
Am I the only one that remained astounded by the character design? I was sad the quality seemed to drop sometimes though, like there started to be too many closeups, the characters stopped moving that much and it all went static like in the last episodes and sometimes the guys seemed taller than how they usually are which made me make fun of them quite a lot. Example: Ukyo and the trees in the alleyway, Ikki in the hospital room, Ukyo when laying down.

Sound - 9
Great! just great! If i could i'd buy the soundtrack. I'm addicted to the ending and opening of this anime. The first time I actually abuse the replay button on my mp4 in a while.

Character - 6
They are not stereotypes. They start off as stereotypes but they're not and the most obvious example is Toma for very obvious reasons, obvious reasons that probably paralyzed you in your chair having an amused or surprised "oh god" expression on your face. The guys were all characterized pretty beautifully. The only problem is the heroine. And I once again complain about her. She has no will of her own, no actual impressions, average amount of feelings. If I could dress a doll as the heroine and replace her with the doll then you won't even notice the change. She just goes from "eh" to "oh" and then "O-O" and then "staaaaaaare*. I hated how Orion was removed from almost all the anime. He could have made her a little bit more enjoyable.

Enjoyment - 7
counting how Amnesia was the only anime that managed to keep me waiting in anticipation each Monday for the raw version, then Yes I enjoyed it.

Overall - 7
It tried to follow the otome game as much as it could afford. I liked how all characters had their route animated. FINALLY. And all the jumping in time actually had sense so every fangirl had their love love scenes with their favorite guy and everybody's happy. Anyway, I'd like to ask of those who read this review...please don't bash it too hard. Amnesia it's really misunderstood and underrated. Somebody that didn't play the game might find it harder to enjoy it as one that already played it. I also felt disappointed at some scenes, but overall, it is not a failure with no sense at all to deserve a rating from Bad to Horrible and Pathetic. Try looking at the bright parts of it too and not only at the few bad parts.