Mar 22, 2013
KingsofLeon (All reviews)
I figured that I would give my $0.02 on Freezing after catching up to the latest chapter, especially since the plot has thickened in the last 10-20 chapters. The initial setting that the reader is introduced to is our male lead Kazuya Aoi, who enrolls at West Genetics (think of it as a fancy synonym for high school) where he meets our female lead,Satellizer el Bridget. Anyway, the story originates from other worldly beings called 'Novas' that appear on Earth every 3 or so years and go on a rampage of destruction. Female warriors termed 'Pandoras' are the weapons to defend mankind.

Story - 7
It's not original, but it's not something that's been done enough to assume how it will unfold. My main gripe with the story is how much Pandora - Pandora conflict there is (although I understand that some of this conflict is necessary, I find some of it isn't). It seems that this type of conflict has a larger emphasis than the Nova - Pandora/human conflict that should be the greater concern. I find it silly that so much of the story line had to do with Pandoras fighting Pandoras. Other than that, I did say the plot is thickening so hopefully Dal Young surprises readers with some plot twists.

Art - 9
Kwang Hyun Kim actually does the art for the Freezing manga and it is quite good. Many characters get introduced rather quickly in the beginning to deepen the plot, but the detailed artwork helps you keep track of who's who. Also, the fights are quite 'busy' with lots of detail that could make it hard to follow, but the drawing and detail really clear up most of the confusing parts. Facial expressions are easy to read and when Pandoras/Limiters approach their limits it is definitive by looking at the detail on their bodies.

Character - 9
As I previously stated, many characters are introduced throughout the manga. Accompanying this is the amount of development made to all these supporting characters and it really keeps things interesting with the amount of politics and Pandora relationships being made. Strong development is made with both male and female leads as well early in the manga so that their relationship doesn't feel rushed/forced overall.

Enjoyment - 8
I have to say that watching the way the characters interact is interesting and fun, but the plot is steady for the most part with little deviancy. The stage is set for some interesting plot twists so I hope that comes through. The fight scenes are quite nice, but at times I feel that there is too much dialogue (mostly about personal beliefs, ideals, etc). Still, I found myself enjoying the different aspects of Freezing because it's not one dimensional, there's many sides to the characters and there's still questions to be answered.

Overall - 8
If you enjoy sci-fi/action mangas then Freezing should be something to consider. I can say that there's a pinch of Mecha, a good serving of Romance, and a generous dash of psychological drama. I believe there's quite a bit of potential in Freezing and since it is Dal Young's best work, I'm looking forward to the conclusion whenever that may be. If you're even somewhat interested, I suggest you check it out! Let me know how you like Freezing :)