Mar 16, 2013
Cruzader93 (All reviews)
2012 Film Directed by Mamoru Hosoda
Co-Produced by Studio Chizu and Madhouse
Licensed by Funimation Entertainment
Review from my POV (w/personal biases)
(Sp)oiler "Lite"

+ A very appealing concept: Mom raises children who are wolf/human hybrids and emphasizes on the struggle and social problems that the whole family has to go through.It's an out of the ordinary Fantasy element mixed in with a very alluring Slice-of-Life/Coming-of-Age Formula.
+ I felt that the Hana was amazing. (Sp) She's basically wonder woman cause she can do anything :P
+ The 2 children are very diverse from the get go, and continues to diversify with a steady pace of character development as the film goes along.
+ The animation AND art is pristine (Some designs were from Yoshiyuki Sadamoto :D)

- (personal...somewhat) It can get a bit predictable. within 20 min of the movie I called on one specific conflict, revolving around the development between both children.
- I felt a sense of miscommunication towards the end.
- (personal) Hana and Ookami "do" it, while Ookami is still in Wolf form...... this really ain't a CON. Idk, it just seemed weird to me :P

Final Note: It's a really heartfelt film throughout and (just like Pixar's "UP") manages to tell a better love story within 10-15 minutes than the whole Twilight Saga.

Recommends to: Those who like Hosoda's previous works
Those who like pretty set pieces
Those looking for a family film.