Mar 13, 2013
maddfish (All reviews)
This is one of those animes that most of you mega anime fans can finish in about a day if you have the time. I never have that much time so it took me a bit but this is an overall great anime. The characters can be loved or hated it just depends on where you stand. I stood thinking both guys were great and Momo was an amazing person. She deserved either of them and they both worked hard to get their girl. The ending was something you probably wont see coming and the last few episodes are very suspensful. The show is laughing funny sometimes and shocked or crying serious at times. You will more than likely hate Sae. Unless you have issuse with the fact that Momo is an angel that gets in the devils way. If you have a heart for soory ones though then you may just change your mind.

Story 8: When most of you review writers out there write a review you look at the big outline that forms the anime. Well when I judge a story I look at the little changes it from anything else bits. For those of you who want an outline, this is a story about the basic two guys get a chance with a girl and in the end she has to choose which one she wants. For those of you who enjoy a story that seems unque when you look at the little bits here you go, this is a very unique anime. Its about a misunderstood girl who manages to meet a horrible friend who is extremely jealous of here but our girl the one most root for cant see it. I mean our girl is so insequre and yet so amazing all at once but she cant see how special or beautiful she is. She then gets to guys who are madly in love with her by the end and take note these are some pretty great guys. We get to the end she chooses you love it or hate it and there you have it. Oh and did I mention theres also a sleazy brother, an epic nurse, a school who will fall down on its hands and knees for a pretty face, a supermodel who gos for the wrong girl and a group of highschool girls who will follow whoever is the best? Yeah youre gonna find a story you cant even believe. And by the end of it there will be a character made story so interwoven you wont even see how some of them are connected.

Art 7: I liked the art it was good. Not to complex and brain hurting but very good and led to good entertainment.

Sound 8: The sound and music type stuff was good. I loved the oppening and ending songs. Whenever I remember hearing them after an episode of the show I can smell the beach and the melody is soft for the ending so you always end feeling relaxed. Its good that the ending theme is so quiet because sometimes the shock of an episode is so great you need something to help you cool down.

Character: I loved the characters they were great and very important to the story even the lower non-main rolls. The noodle shop guy was probably my favorite minor roll. He made me laugh. Its very easy to create a bias against the characters in this anime. I have always found this to be a very good thing in an anime because its easier to be happy, excited, angry, upset, or even a little shocked when you take up the side of a character in an anime. A very wise person once told me that if it doesnt make you laugh, or cry, or get angry, or feel any emotion at all then it isnt worth your time and you could be doing something better with your time.

Enjoyment 9: I thought this anime was very enjoyable and it brought up some great points in life. It showed the amazing things anime shows and it is a true representation of what and why anime is so important to things like life and love and courage.

Overall 9: This anime is definitely worth your time and attention. Its amazing and a truly great thing.