Mar 12, 2013
Asfaria (All reviews)
Tripeace follows a boy named Nana who wakes up one day with amnesia (not really a new idea but, hey, not a bad one). He's basically forgotten everything that isn't necessary to sustain life for himself. He soon meets some young kids who want to get Seisui, a liquid that can heal any injury or illness, for their younger sister who was injured when the small country they live in was attacked by a large neighboring country. I'll stop here to avoid much more spoilers even though most sites already do that, but basically things happen, Nana crossdresses disturbingly well, and he eventually joins the group known as Tripeace which is trying to rid the world of war through 1) love 2) peace, and 3) whatever you want to go with as your last one.

The art is very interesting and gets better as it goes along and the fight scenes get more intense. Just as a warning it gets fairly bloody later on though it's not the bloodiest manga of it's kind.

This manga has a pretty large character cast led by Nana and Shiro. Shiro is a great female lead who is a tsundere who shows much more of the "beating up Nana" than feeling compassionate towards him. Other good characters are Belial, the really big and powerful guy who is like Lee from Naruto when he gets unleashed, and Shitori, a smaller girl who uses chains and any other weapons she can store in her seemingly infinite-space clothes. The minor characters and few villains that have been shown so far are also great and have pasts that interconnect with each other (one villain in particular has a great story with Shiro).

I really like Tripeace. It's only main fault is the ending which seems a little rushed despite not being that bad. There's just too much added into the last few chapters. Other than that, it's a great story of trying to save the world through peace filled with amnesia, great backstories, and crossdressing.